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How cryptocurrencies distribute among industries

As ICO projects have been mushrooming over the last couple of years, each of them is aspiring to occupy a certain niche to gain a foothold. There are platforms and currencies that belong to the cloud storage sector, e-book publishing, telecommunications, and even the cannabis industry. Consequently, the loyal customers and native currency users of those platforms are mostly connected with other business sectors. If normal currency is closely related to your geographic location, then in a world of cryptocurrencies, it may depend on the direction of your business or social activity. Therefore, here is a review of 7 currencies that fall into different industries and have the potential to become a required instrument for those who work in those spheres.


Cryptocurrency: Patientory (PTOY) Exchange platform: TokenMarketHitBTCICObazaarLiqui Patientory is a provider of blockchain solutions for healthcare. The platform empowers patients, clinicians, and healthcare organizations to safely access, store, and transfer medical information, thus improving care coordination while ensuring data security. Patientory interconnects with any EHR system and enables doctors, consumers, and care providers to connect on a single platform.


Ambrosus Currency: Amber token Exchange platform: Tokens will be listed after the final sale The Ambrosus platform aims to refine global supply chains by creating a trusted ecosystem where an entire history of products can be reliably recorded and executed with commercial transactions accordingly. The project team builds a secure and autonomous supply chain that improves distribution processes and allows consumers to see where their products come from and what is really in them.


AdEx Currency: ADX Exchange platform: Liqui, HitBTC, EtherDelta AdEx is an ad serving network aimed at disrupting the existing online advertising landscape and addressing its significant problems: advertising fraud, privacy and consenting to receive sponsored messages, etc. It is a decentralized ad exchange platform built on smart contracts and state channels.


DMarket Currency: DMarket Token Exchange platform: Tokens will be listed after the final sale DMarket is a cross-platform marketplace solution on blockchain and smart contracts that empowers gaming companies and the gamers they serve to unveil a new global market economy of tradable digital items. The decentralized platform enables the exchange or sale of virtual items between all games on any platform integrated to the market. Blockchain technology and smart contracts provide security for every transaction.


SolarCoin Currency: SolarCoin Exchange platform: Bittrex, Livecoin, Bleutrade The goal of the project is to provide an incentive to produce more solar electricity globally by rewarding generators of solar electricity. SolarCoin is an alternative digital currency that works like air-miles for solar electricity generation. The platform is intended to shift the cost of electricity, thereby reducing the payback time of a solar installation.


Musicoin Currency: Musicoin Exchange platform: Bittrex, Cryptopia Musicoin is a decentralized system for the publication and consumption of music that combines cryptocurrency with a peer-to-peer file sharing network. Musicoin allows musicians to license their content directly to a decentralized database. This automates the collection and distribution of royalty payments and keeps them in the control of the artists themselves. Listeners can access a global catalog of music stored on a peer-to-peer network and pay artists directly using digital currency based on their usage.


Chronobank Currency: Labour Hour (LH) token Exchange platform: Lykke Time-based cryptocurrency initiative ChronoBank is a project that aims to change the short-term recruitment sector by connecting employers with freelancers on a peer-to-peer basis. The key to the project’s operation is Labour Hour (LH) tokens that will be the native unit of currency companies use to purchase labor from professionals. The main targeted professions listed by the venture span building and construction, e-commerce, finance, industrial, warehousing, and freelancers. No one can deny that 2017 became a year of ICOs and event trends toward growth in this direction. In a couple of years, we will see how cryptocurrencies will be distributed among industries and how market leaders crystallize from the whole mass. Moreover, it may well be true that the strongest cryptocurrencies will be used for all processes inside their corresponding industries. This review is supported by DMarket. To stay in touch with this project, follow DMarket on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and visit us on Bitcointalk. For more details, follow the DMarket ICO here. Note: This article has been published exactly as submitted by the DMarket PR Team.
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