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The cryptocurrency market has grown significantly over the years, with many investors from around the globe leveraging it to generate profits. But for many, especially investors with no trading experience, navigating the volatile crypto market and earning profits has been a daunting challenge. To help investors with no trading expertise to cash in on the crypto boom, several companies are launching automated trading platforms that they claim can trade profitably on behalf of their users. 

One such auto trader that’s making waves among crypto investors is CoinGPT. The developers claim it is an AI-powered solution that automates crypto trading and makes it easier for traders of all levels, including beginners with zero knowledge about the crypto market. Is this claim genuine? Can you use CoinGPT to trade cryptos and mint hundreds of dollars daily? You will find answers to these and all your other questions in this CoinGPT Review. 

Our crypto experts investigated CoinGPT to validate its claims, ascertain how it works, and help our readers decide if it’s worth their attention. This CoinGPT review covers everything we learned after an in-depth look at the platform. You will discover the trading software’s key features, pros and cons, and more. Let’s get started!

CoinGPT Summary


Before diving into the details of CoinGPT, let us give you an overview of the trading software.

Platform type Automated crypto trading platform 
Supported cryptos  BTC, ETH, ADA, SOL, XRP, LTC, and more
Registration fees None
Other fees None
Success rate Not specified
Minimum trading capital $250
Customer support Accessible to registered users only
Mobile application None

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What is CoinGPT?

CoinGPT is an AI-powered robot that trades digital assets automatically on behalf of its investors. According to its official website, CoinGPT does all the trading legwork for its users and generates steady profits for them. The developers claim the software can monitor market conditions, analyse charts, keep track of price changes, and execute profitable trades without requiring human input. In addition, the site says the CoinGPT software is handy for beginners and expert traders, as they can use the robot to earn passive income without having to spend several hours on their PC or phone.

Trading with this software is free. When our experts checked, the site required zero registration fee. Also, users won’t have to pay fees when depositing or withdrawing funds from the platform. Although the site didn’t specify its minimum trading capital, we discovered it is $250 after creating an account. Further, the founders didn’t mention the robot’s success rate. However, we believe the success rate should be over 80% considering our firsthand experience on the site.

CoinGPT supports multiple cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and more. In addition, the site has a demo account for beginners to learn to trade and get acquainted with the software. That’s not all, the company offers round-the-clock customer service, but only those registered on the site can access this feature. Additionally, the CoinGPT trading platform caters to a wide international audience. The website is available in multiple languages, including English, French, Dutch, and Arabic.

How to create an account on CoinGPT?

After reading this CoinGPT Review, if you decide to try this trading software, take the steps below to create an account, deposit funds and start trading. The process is simple and won’t take time to complete. 

  • Create an account on the official site

coinGPT create an account form

Visit the official CoinGPT site to register. The registration form is on the home page; all you need to complete the form is your first name, last name, email address and phone number. Many sham websites have tried to clone CoinGPT, so ensure you use only the official link. 

After registration, you may get a call or email from the company’s broker to verify your identity. The verification process is easy, and the brokers will guide you on how to complete it in no time. Once done, you can access your CoinGPT account anytime and from anywhere. 

  • Deposit the minimum trading capital 

Almost all crypto traders in the market require a minimum trading capital, and CoinGPT isn’t an exception. To access the platform’s trading dashboard, you have to deposit a minimum of $250. Though the system can accept a higher amount, we don’t recommend going above $250 as a first-time user. This way, you minimise your risk if things don’t go as expected. 

The CoinGPT automated software supports many payment methods. You can deposit the trading capital using debit cards, credit cards, crypto wallets, or electronic wallets like PayPal. The platform processes all payments instantly and does not charge any deposit fees. Once the system confirms your payment, the amount you deposited will show in your CoinGPT account, and you will get access to all the platform’s features. 

  • Learn with CoinGPT’s demo account

Before heading to the live trading session, we recommend checking the demo account. Users trading for the first time can use the demo account to learn the ropes and familiarise themselves with all the features of the trading software

The demo account has the same dashboard and features as the live trader. The only difference is that you don’t trade with real money on demo accounts. Once users master how the demo version works, we believe they won’t have any issues using the live trader. 

  • Start trading

After learning with the demo account, it’s time to start trading. Click on the live trade button and set parameters like trading capital, stop loss, currency type, etc. The robots will take over from there, and users won’t have to do anything else. 

CoinGPT will handle the whole process and send the profits it generates to your account after each trading session. From there, you can withdraw the profits and capital to your bank account, electronic wallet or crypto wallet. 

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Some key features of CoinGPT

new trading robot 2023

CoinGPT has modern features that make trading easier for its users and differentiate it from other crypto auto-trading platforms. Some key features of the software include

  • Intuitive and user-friendly website

The developers of CoinGPT did a great job in making the website easy to use for all categories of traders, including those without knowledge of cryptos. The site’s menu and trading interface are not complicated. We believe users won’t have to waste time figuring out how to use the website or its features. 

  • High win rate

Based on our firsthand experience, we estimated the robot’s win rate to be about 80%. In other words, users will mint profits from most of the trades the software executes from them. In addition, the auto trader’s trading speed is unmatched. Investors will likely make more money trading using the software than trading manually.

  • Hands-free trading

CoinGPT is 100% automated. The founders claim that it can execute multiple trades for users without requiring any action from them. We confirmed that this claim is legit. Thus, CoinGPT is the right way to go for investors looking to earn steady passive income from the crypto market. 

  • Supports multiple cryptos

Unlike other platforms, the CoinGPT website users are not restricted to a few numbers of cryptocurrencies. The website supports over 250+ digital assets, including popular coins such as Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, Binance Coin, Ripple, Cardano and more. Users that don’t want to put all their eggs in one basket can diversify and trade multiple assets with the software.

  • Instant deposits and payouts

There are no long waits when you withdraw or deposit funds on CoinGPT. If you deposit with cards, crypto wallets, or electronic wallets, you will immediately get the funds in your account. The same thing applies when you withdraw from the platform. 

  • Demo trading

The website has a demo trading feature that allows users to see what to expect from CoinGPT before trading with their hard-earned money. The demo account has the same interface and features as the live trader, so it is perfect for beginners willing to master how the platform works. 

  • Zero fees

According to the software’s official website, the platform has zero fees. Users won’t pay any charges when they register, deposit or withdraw. The founder claimed they only charge a small commission when the software makes profits for users. In other words, you don’t pay the company a penny if you don’t make profits. 

  • Round-the-clock customer support

If you ever have issues using CoinGPT, you can reach out to their customer support team. They were highly responsive, helpful, and friendly when we contacted them. We also like that their customer support is available 24/7. The only downside with their customer support is that it is only for those registered on the platform. There is no way for potential investors to contact the company’s representatives. 

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How does CoinGPT work?

CoinGPT works like other automated trading platforms. It leverages artificial intelligence to self-execute profitable trades. The software utilises machine learning technology to analyse historical market data, establish patterns in price movements and use this information to predict future price changes. Users start the process by registering, depositing funds, and clicking the live trading button. 

Once done, CoinGPT starts scanning the market for profitable opportunities. The robot buys digital assets when the prices are down and sells for profits when the prices go up. According to its developers, the robot uses the latest trading mechanism and can execute multiple trades in a minute. We confirmed that these claims are true. However, as mentioned earlier, trading with AI robots does not eliminate crypto trading risks. So don’t invest beyond what you can afford to lose. 

CoinGPT is responsive on both mobile and desktop devices. Users can access their accounts and trade using their desktop computers and laptops. Although the auto trader does not have a mobile application, it is accessible on the mobile browsers of most devices, including iOS phones, tablets, and Android phones. 

Pros and cons of CoinGPT

why invest in bitcoin

Below are the upside and downsides of CoinGPT to help you make an informed decision. 

Pros of CoinGPT

  • CoinGPT requires no crypto knowledge or experience
  • High success rate
  • No trading, deposit or withdrawal fees
  • Fast deposit and withdrawals
  • Supports multiple cryptocurrencies
  • 24/7 Customer support for registered users

Cons of CoinGPT

  • There is no information about the founders or developers
  • Customer support service is only available to registered users.

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Is CoinGPT a legit trading software?

Based on our in-depth research of CoinGPT, we believe the trading software is legit and not a scam. Our experts made hundreds of dollars in profit when they used the robot to trade. Plus, we didn’t uncover any red flags during our investigation of the platform. We started our research by scrutinising its official website and scouring the web for information. The site has a one-page design with info about the values the platform offers investors. However, information about its founders and development team is missing on the site. 

Likewise, we didn’t get much information about the trading software when we checked crypto discussion forums and reputable review sites. We found very few reviews on the internet. Though most of these reviews were positive, we were unsatisfied due to their small number. So we took our investigation further by creating an account on CoinGPT to have a firsthand experience and ascertain whether it is indeed profitable. Registering on the platform was easy. It took us less than ten minutes to set up the account and deposit the minimum trading capital. 

We confirmed that CoinGPT has a demo account users can use to acquaint themselves with the software’s numerous features. After learning with the demo account, we hit the ground running. The robots traded for several hours and generated profits for us. We didn’t do anything aside from watching it execute trades. In the light of this, we believe anyone can use CoinGPT to trade and make money. However, we recommend you take caution while investing as there is no guarantee. Crypto trading is risky, so only invest what you can afford to lose. 

Frequently asked questions

Is CoinGPT a legit trading software?

We believe CoinGPT is a legit trading platform. Anyone can use it to generate profit from the crypto market. Our experts didn’t uncover suspicious info indicating that the platform is a scam. Further, we were not disappointed when we signed up, deposited funds, and traded with the software. However, this does not mean that CoinGPT is risk-free. While you can mint profits with the robot, you can also lose money. 

Does Elon Musk, Martin Lewis or other celebs endorse CoinGPT?

When we investigated reports stating that Elon Musk and Martin Lewis endorsed CoinGPT, we found them to be false. As of the time of writing this review, we can confidently say that Elon Musk, Martin Lews, Jeff Bozos or other public figures have no connection with CoinGPT. We found no evidence suggesting that they own or use the auto-trader. 

How to register on CoinGPT?

CoinGPT’s sign-up process is straightforward. All you need do is visit the official website, create an account, deposit and start trading. Earlier in this review, we shared detailed information on the sign-up process, so we recommend checking it if you need help. 

How much does it cost to use CoinGPT?

CoinGPT is free for all users. You won’t have to pay a registration fee before onboarding. Furthermore, the company does not charge fees on withdrawals and deposits. Our experts didn’t uncover any hidden fees when we tested the software. However, note that CoinGPT charges a small commission on your profit.