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The cryptocurrency market is growing daily.  Prices of coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other digital assets are on the rise. More and more people are investing in industry to make profits and grow their wealth. While some investors are making thousands of dollars daily, others are getting their fingers burnt. Our experts found out the majority of those profiting from cryptocurrencies are leveraging automated trading software like Bitcoin Rush.

Many of our readers have asked us to share our opinion about this popular trading platform. So we decided to test Bitcoin Rush to determine its efficacy and provide you with detailed, unbiased feedback about the auto trader. Our cryptocurrency trading experts dug out information about Bitcoin Rush and scrutinized thousands of online reviews. Additionally, we got firsthand experience by registering on the app and trading with real money.

Continue reading this comprehensive Bitcoin Rush Review to learn all that we uncovered about the app. You will find out if Bitcoin Rush is legit or a scam. Furthermore, you’ll discover how the trading robot works and how to get started on it. What’s more, we provided answers to some frequently asked questions about Bitcoin Rush so you would have enough information to make an informed decision on whether to invest in the auto trader or not.

Is Bitcoin Rush legit: yes

How does Bitcoin Rush work: easy to use auto trading platform

Minimum deposit:  $250 (€220)


What is Bitcoin Rush?

Bitcoin Rush Official Website

Bitcoin Rush is an auto trading software that uses complex mathematical algorithms and artificial intelligence to identify opportunities in the crypto market and transact them to generate profit. It executes trades automatically on behalf of users and makes profits for them. Aside from registering, depositing, and setting trading parameters, you don’t have to do any other things on the app. The developers created this auto trader to help beginners who do not know anything about bitcoin trading to make money from the cryptocurrency market.

The founders claimed that Bitcoin Rush has helped thousands of investors gain financial freedom. The information available on their website suggest that you could make up to $750 daily by investing as little as $250 (€220) on the platform. What’s more, Bitcoin Rush has a 90% win rate, one of the highest you will find in the industry. Are all these claims valid? Can you make thousands of dollars monthly by trading on Bitcoin Rush? Read on to find out what our experts uncovered about the auto trader.

Bitcoin Rush Review – Is It Legit Or A Scam?

Bitcoin coin on a table

Based on our in-depth investigation, we believe the Bitcoin Rush app is legit and not a scam. Bitcoin Rush has been generating profit for its users for more than three years. It is one of the oldest automated trading platforms in the cryptocurrency market. Over the years, Bitcoin Rush has earned thousands of commendations from users who have grown their wealth through the platform. We started our research by checking what people have to say about the app on popular and trusted review websites like Trustpilot. We found thousands of positive reviews on this site and also on social media.

Most of the online reviews about Bitcoin Rush were positive, with many claiming they have been making at least $500 daily from the program. However, few people left negative comments. This set of users say they lost money trading on the platform. The good thing is that over 85% of those who invested in Bitcoin Rush made good money while only about 15% lost their investment. Overall, we can confidently say that your chance of making money is high with Bitcoin Rush.

As our readers know, we don’t rely on online reviews alone. We believe the best way to assess a crypto auto trader is by getting firsthand experience. So we took our investigation a step further by creating an account on Bitcoin Rush and depositing the minimum amount. After this, we used the demo account to get familiar with the program and master how it works. Then we proceeded to the live trade session. We set the trading parameters, and Bitcoin Rush got everything else done for us. The trading robots identified profit opportunities and executed profitable trades for us.

At the end of the trading session, we made hundreds of dollars as profit. The trading bot is indeed pretty straightforward to use. While knowledge of cryptocurrency and online trading would be an advantage, it is not a necessity. Every Tom, Dick, and Harry who can use a smartphone will be able to use Bitcoin Rush to make money.


How Does Bitcoin Rush Work?

Bitcoin Rush Life Profits

Bitcoin Rush works by using artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and robotic technology. First, the app scans the crypto market for profit opportunities by using AI and complex trading algorithms. Once it identifies an opportunity, it deploys its trading bots to execute the transaction. By analyzing billions of data every second, Bitcoin Rush can predict when the price of Bitcoin will go up and down. This way, the trading bot takes advantage of the price volatility of the cryptocurrency market to generate profit.

In turn, Bitcoin Rush eliminates the need for its users to research and analyze data themselves. Instead, the software sources data itself, analyze various charts, study trends, and make decisions for you. With a 90% win rate, you can be sure that nine out of every ten transactions it executes will be profitable. However, like every other form of trade, cryptocurrency trading has some level of risk. So we advise that you start with the minimum amount required ($250/€220) and increase your investment only when you become confident about the app.

How To Create a Bitcoin Rush Account

Bitcoin Rush Registration

Registering on Bitcoin Rush is straightforward. You can complete the registration in less than 15 minutes. In addition, the website is user-friendly, so you won’t have a hard time finding your way around the platform. Below are the steps to follow if you decide to create an account on the site.

Visit the website to register a new Bitcoin Rush account

Go to the official website of Bitcoin Rush and click on the ‘Sign Up’ button in the upper right corner of the website. You can also use the ‘Invest Now’ button on the lower section of the website. Once you click on any of these buttons, it will take you to the registration page, where you are to input personal information like your name, email address, and phone number. After this step, you will get a prompt to verify the information you provided. Once done, you will receive an email that your registration is successful. These steps took us about ten minutes to complete. We believe anyone should be able to set up the Bitcoin Rush account themselves in less than fifteen minutes.

Deposit the minimum amount

After the registration, you will get a prompt to make a minimum deposit of $250 to access all the platform’s features, including the demo account. The website supports a wide range of payment methods. So just choose the most convenient banking option for you and go ahead to make the payment. All deposits to the platform are confirmed within hours. However, it may take a longer time, depending on the payment method you choose. We strongly recommend that beginners should not go beyond the minimum deposit. You should only consider increasing your investment after familiarizing yourself with the system.

Use the Demo Account

Bitcoin Rush offers players a demo account they can use to familiarize themselves with the system before trading with real money. With this demo version, you can learn how to trade on the software without risking your money. We advise you to use this feature before you hit the Go Live button. Also, you can use the demo account to study the outcomes for different trading parameters. Some people who lost money on the program jumped to the live version without using this feature. So we advise that you avoid this mistake.

Start live trading

After using the demo account to study how the robot works, we activated the live trading sessions with just a few clicks. We set trading parameters like trading volume and risk level and sat back to watch how the software works. Our first trading session lasted for a few hours, and we earned hundreds of dollars as profit. Based on our experience, we believe Bitcoin Rush is very effective at trading cryptocurrencies and generating profits. We can confidently say investors can earn passive income and grow their wealth by using this platform


Features Of Bitcoin Rush

Bitcoin Rush has some features every investor should know. We recommend going through the list of features below before registering on the platform.

100% Automated Trading

The app does all the legwork for you, from collecting and analyzing market data to executing profitable trades. You don’t need any knowledge about cryptocurrency or trading experience to use this auto trader. Additionally, the auto trading bot can complete multiple transactions within a minute. However, if you have some trading experience and knowledge about the market, it will be an added advantage for you. What’s more, novices would also be able to improve their trading abilities and skills by using this automated live trading software.


The website is user-friendly. All the pages are easy to navigate. You won’t have a hard time using any of the features available on the site. Bitcoin Rush is suitable for both novice investors and experienced professionals.

Multiple Payment Methods

Bitcoin Rush supports an impressive number of banking options. You can deposit funds to your account via bank transfer, credit cards, or debit cards. All the payment methods available on the website are safe and secure. In addition, the transaction processing time for deposits is impressive. Our deposit showed in the account within a few hours of crediting the company.

Secure Auto Trading Platform

There are a variety of security features on the website to protect users’ information and money. The site uses SSL encryption technology to protect investors’ data. You can be sure that your personal information will never be compromised on the platform. Another remarkable security feature worth mentioning is their verification system. All users are verified before they are accepted on the program to prevent hacking attempts. Ever since the platform was launched a few years ago, there has never been a complaint about loss of funds or data compromise due to security breaches. You can invest and trade on Bitcoin Rush without worrying about the security of your information.

Fast withdrawal Processing Time

After our live trading sessions, we made a withdrawal request for both our initial deposit of $250 and the accumulated profits. The request was processed almost immediately, and we got the fund in our account the same day. Other users also confirmed that they do not have issues withdrawing their money from Bitcoin Rush. This is also one of the reasons why we strongly believe the website is not a scam. It is a legit way to make thousands of dollars on the side and gain financial independence in no time.


At the moment, Bitcoin Rush is completely free for its users. You won’t be charged for registration, deposit, or withdrawals. The founders make money by charging a minimal amount from your profit. So until you start making money on the program, you do not pay any fee. However, information available on their website shows that the company may likely start to charge licensing fees soon. We advise that you enroll now while it is still completely free for all users.

Customer Support

Bitcoin Rush’s customer support service is fast and responsive. Our team contacted them, and we were impressed with how quickly they resolved our complaint. Their representatives were friendly and courteous. Also, they showed eagerness to help. If you encounter any issue while using Bitcoin Rush, you can contact their team via email or phone call.

Accepts Multiple Cryptocurrencies

Unlike other auto trading software that accepts and trades only bitcoin, Bitcoin Rush allows you to invest and trade multiple coins. Some of the supported cryptocurrencies on the platform are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Zcash, Bitcoin Gold, Cardano, Ned, Binance Coin, Ripple, and more. With Bitcoin Rush, you can diversify your portfolio, make more money and reduce your risk.

Demo Trading

This is one of the few auto traders in the market that offers a demo account. This feature allows you to practice trading without risking your money. We recommend making the most of this feature by using it to study how the robot works. Additionally, you can use the demo account to perfect your trading strategy before you go live.


The website has a section where you can read testimonials posted by the users every day. When we checked their testimonial page, we were impressed with the number of positive comments that satisfied users left there.

Tips For Making More Money On Bitcoin Rush

Following these experts tips can help you make more money and safeguard your investment. As earlier stated, cryptocurrency trading is not risk-free. Nevertheless, you can minimize your risk by taking precautions and following expert advice.

Always start small

Some beginners do start with a big amount with the hope of making higher profits. This strategy is very risky as you may lose all your investment at a go in the rare event that the unexpected happens. We recommend starting with the minimum deposit of $250/€220

and increasing it when you become more knowledgeable about the software. When you gain more experience, you can increase your initial investment and start making a higher income.

Invest only an amount you can afford to lose

Don’t be tempted to invest beyond your financial muscle. Note that all forms of auto trading are not risk-free, so you should only invest an amount you can afford to lose. You should always follow this golden rule religiously. Don’t risk your life savings by investing in an automated trading platform.

Withdraw Your Profit Regularly

We recommend using this strategy to maintain a positive cash flow. The cryptocurrency market is highly volatile and so unpredictable. Getting your profit out of the system regularly will help you limit your loss if the unexpected happens.


Benefits of Using Bitcoin Rush

Below are some of the benefits of using tested and trusted automated trading software like Bitcoin Rush.

Accurate and Fast Cryptocurrency Trading

Bitcoin Rush can execute thousands of profitable transactions per day. This is impossible even for the best human trader. With a win rate of 90%, you can be confident that almost all transactions executed by the software will be profitable. What’s more, you don’t have to study charts, analyze data, or do any of the hard work involved in the cryptocurrency market trading. The auto trader will handle all tasks and generate steady profit for you.

No Emotional Trading Risks

Sometimes, even the most experienced traders are guilty of trading based on their impulses. This mistake often leads to losses for the trader. Automated trading robots use artificial intelligence and complex mathematical algorithms to execute transactions, so there is no possibility of taking actions based on emotion or any other external factor. In simpler terms, the software cannot make mistakes like humans.

Works Non-stop

Bitcoin Rush works 24 hours a day. Once you set the trading parameters, it will work continuously without requiring any input from you. This means you can earn more profit by trading with Bitcoin Rush than by doing it yourself.

Less Risk

You can control your risks by setting the trading parameters. The software gives you the option to set your trading volume and risk level. In addition, there is a stop-loss feature that can help you end the trading session immediately after the app starts to record a loss.


Automated trading robots like the Bitcoin Rush allow you to test your trading strategy on historical data. This way, it becomes easier for you to predict the outcome of the strategy you want to use. With this feature, you can perfect your trading skills and make more money.

Drawbacks Of Bitcoin Rush

BTC logo

The main drawback of Bitcoin Rush is that it does not eliminate the risk of cryptocurrency trading completely. Even at a 90% win rate, there is still a tiny chance that you can lose your money. Another drawback of the software is that it is not available in all countries. It is only available in 165 countries around the world. The last drawback is that it requires a minor daily monitor. At least, you would need to set the trading parameters and check the app once in a while.

Bitcoin Rush Review – Our Verdict

Based on our in-depth research, we believe Bitcoin Rush is 100% legit and profitable. The company is not a fraud. You won’t get scammed by using the software. Thousands of people claim they gain financial freedom by investing in Bitcoin Rush. You can check out some of these positive reviews on independent consumer review websites like Trustpilot. We also tested the app to get a firsthand experience. We were impressed with how fast, and accurate the bot executed trades. Overall, we recommend Bitcoin Rush for our readers. You can make thousands of dollars daily by using Bitcoin Rush.


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Frequently Asked Questions About Bitcoin Rush

Is Bitcoin Rush legit or a scam?

Bitcoin Rush is a legit and reputable cryptocurrency trading platform. It is not a scam. There are thousands of positive reviews online about the system. The company has a 4.6/5 rating on Trustpilot. Our team also made profits when we tested Bitcoin Rush. We highly recommend this program for anyone who wants to make money through cryptocurrency trading.

What is the minimum amount I can invest?

You can register on the platform and start making profits daily with as little as $250/€220.

How much does it cost to use Bitcoin Rush?

Bitcoin Rush is presently free for all users. There is no registration fee, deposit fee, or withdrawal fee.

Bitcoin Rush App – Is it available on the Play Store or Apple Store?

No, there is no Bitcoin Rush app. You can only access their software through their official website. However, the site is mobile-friendly, so you can also register and trade by accessing the platform via the web browser on your phone.

Did Elon Musk endorse Bitcoin Rush?

There is a popular report online that Elon Musk endorsed Bitcoin Rush. We found this news to be false. Though Elon Musk supported the use of cryptocurrencies, he never made mention of Bitcoin Rush.