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Immediate Definity AI is a recently launched trading program that claims to offer automated crypto trading services.

The program allegedly provides both semi-automated and fully-automated services. This explains why it’s popular with newbies and experienced traders. The bot is arguably an excellent performer thanks to its AI-driven algorithms.

But is Immediate Definity AI legit? Also, is it as profitable as it alleges to be and is it a good choice for newbies? Find out by reading our detailed Immediate Definity AI review to the end.

 What is GPT Definity?

Immediate Definity AI

Immediate Definity AI is a web-based program that reportedly trades crypto on behalf of its users.

It claims to work with quality CFD brokers to access the best crypto CFD products. These CFDs are executed in top-notch liquidity for the best trading outcome.

Users with little capital can reportedly enjoy mouthwatering returns since the bot executes trades on high leverage. The bot is also said to magnify the returns by implementing up to 10 trades simultaneously.

Users access the tradable products via the assigned broker. You are assigned to this broker when you sign up on the official Immediate Definity website. The bot claims that its brokers are tightly regulated and have a track record of providing top-notch trading results.

However, users must treat the assigned broker independently since the trading bot is not liable for actions performed via the broker.

Trading platform type Automated crypto trading
Ease of use Beginner
Minimum deposit USD 250
Potential profits Unspecified
Tradable instruments Crypto CFDs
Customer support 24/7
Deposits and withdrawals Free
Safety Military-grade encryption

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Immediate Definity AI algorithms


Immediate Definity AI is reportedly equipped with Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms capable of generating accurate insights from big data.

Its algorithms are quite powerful and can study both qualitative and quantitative big data. Qualitative data study includes news analysis. This bot claims that it’s always ahead of the markets.

This means that it’s able to capture news trading opportunities and act before the markets can adjust to the new information. GPT Definity claims that its algorithms improve themselves as they interact with data.

Immediate Definity AI for beginners

As stated in the intro, Immediate Definity AI provides both semi-auto and fully-auto trading functions.

The fully auto option serves newbies as well as traders with limited time. This option requires very little input from the user and hence they can continue with their daily business as it works for them.

Users should specify the option on the trading dashboard before getting started. The Immediate Definity AI trading dashboard is quite user-friendly.

GPT Definity for experienced traders

Intermediate and experienced traders who prefer controlling the trading can use the semi-auto option. This option requires skills and hence it’s not for everyone.

Users who select this option are required to specify the trading strategy to apply and choose the signals to execute. You need significant crypto trading experience to sort through the signals and identify the best.

Some reviews claim advice against this option since the fully automated option has always outperformed it. We couldn’t verify if these claims are true.

Immediate Definity AI trading platforms

AI trading platform

This platform supports web, mobile, and desktop trading. Its web trader is accessible via Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Brave.  Other browsers may work but those listed above are the safest.

The GPT Definity desktop trader is also top quality. It’s only compatible with Windows, Linux, and MAC Operating Systems. Users who prefer mobile trading can use the Immediate Definity AI mobile app.

This app should work on Android, iOS, and Windows phones. You can only access the Immediate Definity AI apps on their website.

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Who founded Immediate Definity AI?

Immediate Definity AI is reportedly a product of a company known as GPT Technologies.

The company is said to be registered under the company laws of the UK. However, there is scanty information about the company and they have not disclosed their registration number.

But you shouldn’t be worried since what matters is the trustworthiness of the underlying broker. Immediate Definity AI is expert-tested and proven to deliver. This is evident via the testimonials published by verified users.

Is Immediate Definity AI a scam?

Our team has combed through vast data to determine the truth about this crypto robot. Immediate Definity AI stands out quite well in the key areas that determine the legitimacy of a platform.

The table below shows how we rate the bot in the five key areas that determine if a trading platform is legit.

We rate the bot on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being the lowest score and 10 being the highest score.

Legitimacy determinant Score
Transparency 9
Partner broker regulation 8
Reputation 9
Fees 10
Customer service 8
Safety 9


This robot appears committed to transparency and hence it’s highly likely genuine.

We’ve fact-checked the disclosures on the Immediate Definity AI website and found them accurate. The info on the website is enough for the investor to make an informed choice.

Partner broker regulation

Another proof that GPT Definity is legit is its strictly regulated brokers. Only a genuine trading platform can secure partnerships with such brokers. We couldn’t verify if these brokers are indeed regulated in tier-one jurisdictions.

Tier one jurisdictions include New Zealand, Japan, Norway, Switzerland, Sweden, Singapore, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Hong Kong, Israel, and Luxembourg. It’s unclear whether the brokers behind the bot are regulated in any of these countries.

 User Feedback

Immediate Definity AI reviews are quite good. A simple search of this bot on the internet reveals thousands of reviews.

The users’ testimonials and expert reviews are quite good. It seems that more than 90% of this robot’s users have had a positive trading experience.

  • Immediate Definity AI Trustpilot – This trading program is among the trending trading-related products on Trustpilot. It is among the top-rated bots on this platform with over 5k reviews and a 4.7 stars rating.
  • Immediate Definity AI Reddit – This social media site provides the best environment for traders to share their experiences with different products. Immediate Definity AI has made followers on this platform.

Fees transparency

We can confirm that signing up with Immediate Definity AI is free. The only fee charged is a 4% commission on profitable accounts.

Trading charges are applicable via the partner broker. The brokers allegedly adopt a purely ECN model where they charge a small spread starting from as low as zero pips.

Immediate Definity AI has nothing to do with these charges. This means that it can’t be held accountable for fees charged via the broker.  Users claim that the fees are insignificant compared to the potential returns.

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Customer service

Customer support services

Immediate Definity AI is heavily invested in customer support services. Its agents are reachable through email, live chat, calls, and callbacks.

You can email them directly or through the contact page on their site. Emails aren’t recommended for urgent inquiries since they may take a couple of hours to get a response.

For urgent inquiries, you should use the live chat feature on their site or call them. You should get connected to an agent within a minute. Immediate Definity AI support services are available in 12+ languages.

User safety

This bot has adequate online safety measures in place. The official Immediate Definity AI website is protected through the top-quality SSL protocol.

Some experts allege subjecting the site to penetration testing and finding it impenetrable. They also claim that the platform’s servers are secured via military-grade encryption.

GPT Definity adheres to strict user protection measures as directed by its data privacy policy. You can download this policy via a link published at the footer of its official site.

Advantages of Immediate Definity AI

This trading program stands out against many other crypto trading programs in the market. Find below the key advantages of Immediate Definity AI as identified by the reviewers.

  • High profitability potential
  • Easy to use for newbies
  • Doesn’t require licence fees
  • Friendly and knowledgeable support
  • Secure platforms
  • Reputable supporting brokers
  • Up to 1000 crypto CFDs

Immediate Definity AI has great reviews and is, therefore, quite likely to be profitable. It’s definitely easy to use since most of its users don’t have a trading background. The bot alleges trading up to 1000 CFDs on crypto.

Disadvantages of Immediate Definity AI

Immediate Definity AI is an amazing trading platform but it’s not without disadvantages. These disadvantages are listed below.

  • High trading risk
  • Not available in all countries
  • Only trades crypto CFDs

Immediate Definity AI’s closest competitors provide forex, stock, commodities, market indices, and crypto CFDs.

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How to trade with Immediate Definity AI

Trading with Immediate Definity AI is easy. You should use their fully automated version if you have no trading experience. The semi-auto version is for intermediate and experienced traders only.

 Register with Immediate Definity AI

Register with Immediate Definity AI

The official Immediate Definity website can be accessed here. Complete the registration and secure your account with a password.

Verify your account

Click the verification tab on the broker’s page and complete the simple steps as required. The broker only takes a couple of minutes to verify your data.

 Fund your account

The minimum trading balance required to run Immediate Definity AI is USD250. You can access all its features on funding your account. The supported payment methods include wire transfers, e-wallets, and debit/credit cards.

 Test the platform on the demo

Take the Immediate Definity AI tutorials to understand its features and settings. The tutorials should take about 2 hours. Determine if you’ve mastered all the settings by testing the bot on the demo.

 Start a live session

It’s quite easy to run Immediate Definity AI on a live account. Adjust the settings as per the guide and start the session by toggling the live button. You will be required to select the signals to execute in the live account if you opt for the semi-auto option.


Immediate Definity AI ratings are generally good. This means that it’s likely a profitable crypto CFDs trading program.

However, it comes at high risk and therefore you can’t be sure of the trading outcome. Immediate Definity AI reviews indicate that it’s affordable, easy to use, and secure.

You can use it on the web or through its desktop or mobile apps. Find more information about its trading platforms on its official site.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is GPT Definity a scam?

No! This bot has proven itself as legit. The platform is quite transparent given that it has disclosed everything that an investor needs to know before investing.

Does Immediate Definity AI charge any fees?

Signing up with Immediate Definity AI is free! You will only pay a 4% commission when you earn through the platform. Trading fees are charged via the broker.

Does Immediate Definity AI work in my country?

You can access Immediate Definity AI in up to 120 countries. Its official site can only be accessed in the supported countries.

Is Immediate Definity AI profitable?

Immediate Definity AI has many great reviews and it’s therefore likely to be profitable. But this can’t be confirmed with 100% certainty.

Is Immediate Definity AI safe?

Immediate Definity AI is transparent and secure. Their site has the best SSL and their servers are reportedly built on military-grade encryption.