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Bitcode Method is a new automated CFDs trading platform. The platform helps users earn handsome profits daily, speculating on hundreds of volatile financial assets.

Over 90% of the thousands of users who have reviewed it report daily profits of up to 80%. The trading bot consistently delivers a daily profit of 15% on normal trading days. Many users have exploited its compounding tools to build fortunes out of the daily return.

The Bitcode Method algorithms are AI-powered. This enables them to glean insights from big data at high speed and accuracy. The robot’s superior profitability is only possible through accurate and high-speed trading.

But is Bitcode Method legit, and does it deliver the profits as alleged by the reviewers? We will find out below!

Bitcode Method Review Summary

Bitcode Method Website

This algorithmic trading software outshines its competitors in all areas. Please find a summary of everything you should know about it in the table below.

Robot type Fully automated CFD trading bot
Legitimacy Expert-tested and proven
Minimum deposit USD250
Potential profits Up to 80%
Registration or account fees None
Trading fees None
Required skill level None
Mobile trading Android and iOS
Desktop trading Windows, Linux, and Mac

 What is Bitcode Method?

Bitcode Method is an algorithmic crypto trading platform built for CFD trading. An algorithmic trading system is also known as a trading robot.

This robot trades up to 650 CFDs on asset classes such as stock, cryptocurrency market indices, commodities, and crypto. However, Bitcode Method is mostly known for crypto CFDs trading. This trading bot is straightforward to use.

This explains why it’s super popular with ordinary people without prior trading experience. The robot is also popular with experts, given its superior performance. Since all trading is automated, we won’t go into the nitty-gritty of how the bot works.


How do I get started with Bitcode Method?

Bitcode Method account

Your journey to online profitability is shorter with this trading bot. Bitcode reviews from verified users confirm that it’s extremely easy to use.

Most users had no prior trading experience before trading with this robot. We have gone through the steps you should follow to get started and found them straightforward.

You can get started with Bitcode Method in five simple steps, as explained below.

1. Register with Bitcode Method

Please follow the link shared in this post to access the verified Bitcode Method website. Please be careful since following unsolicited links could lead to cloned sites. Register by filling up the form on the top right corner of the site and click the proceed button. Upon completing this step, you should instantly redirect to a local broker’s page.

2. Verify your identity with the broker

Bitcode Method links to reputable and safe CFDs brokers in the background. These brokers are its trading execution partners. Furnish the matched local broker with additional information and upload a photo of your ID for verification. The broker may take hours to complete the verification. You don’t have to wait for the process to complete. Proceed to the next step.

3. Fund your account with at least USD250

Navigate to the broker’s funding page and specify your preferred payment method. Click the proceed button to be taken to the deposit page. Fill out the payment form and click the proceed button to complete the deposit. The funding should reflect in your trading account instantly.

4. Familiarize yourself with the platform through the tutorial video

Bitcode Method offers trading preparation materials through the broker. Navigate to the broker’s trading education page to access these materials. Watch the 15-minute video explaining the setting and the trading process. Set the bot and test it on the broker’s demo platform.

5. Adjust the settings and start live trading

You should sail through the live trading process if you have followed step four closely. Bitcode Method allows you to define the risk parameters. The robot has various tools to help you determine your risk profile and align it with the trading process.


Is Bitcode Method a scam?

Bitcode Method Platform

Our highly experienced team has conducted in-depth background checks on Bitcode Method to determine its authenticity.

We have tested the automated crypto trading platform through the demo trading account offered by the underlying broker. The demo account  tests confirm that the bot is built on AI and derives trading signals from big data.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) enables it to simulate the intelligence of the world’s best CFD traders. The bot can analyze swaths of data at the speed of lightning. This allows it to trade all opportunities. The tests further confirm the robot connects to quality brokers.

Only a genuine automated crypto trading technology can secure partnerships with highly reputable brokers. Preliminary checks on all the brokers backing this trading system indicate that they are well-regulated. We couldn’t verify if any of them is regulated by the said tier-one regulatory bodies.

Bitcode method is a popular CFD robot with amazing testimonials from thousands of users. The testimonials are adequate proof that the majority of users find it worthwhile. We can also confirm that the trading system is well rated by the experts.

This robot’s legitimacy is also evident through its heavy investment in safety features. The official Bitcode Method site is foolproof from attacks, given that it’s secured through military-grade encryption. We will discuss all the safety measures in detail later in this review.

Finally, the legitimacy of this bot is apparent through its investment in customer support services. Most expert reviewers confirm that the bot provides high-quality customer support services. Their support team is multilingual and reachable 24/7. Moreover, they offer easily traceable contact information.

Advantages of trading with Bitcode Method

Hand holding Bitcoin

Bitcode Method has made headlines in over 60 countries across the globe in the last three months. Its popularity is linked to new features that have propelled its profitability.

The robot has received a deluge of positive feedback from thousands of users. You can find this feedback on Trustpilot, Reddit, and many other sites. Bitcode Method is also rated top by experts. Our team of experts ranks this algorithmic trading system top in the list of leading automated crypto robots.

Bitcode Method is also praised for ease of use. Many reviewers describe it as the perfect bet for the beginner trader. The platform is also recommended for entrepreneurs interested in building a passive online income. Any beginner can master all its features in less than an hour and start earning profits from the first day of trading.

This algorithmic trading system is also highly transparent. We can confirm that it offers a blockchain-based trading ecosystem for 100% transparency. Our investigative team also confirms that it has made all the vital disclosures on its site.

Bitcode Method also outperforms its competitors in customer support services. We didn’t find any complaint about its customer support services. Their customer support team is available 24 hours a day, Monday through Monday. Their support team is easily reachable, knowledgeable, and friendly.

Finally, Bitcode Method implements verifiable safety measures. We will elaborate on these measures later in this review.

Disadvantages of trading with Bitcode Method

Bitcode Method is not without its cons. The biggest one is the level of risk involved in trading with it. As explained earlier, this platform offers highly leveraged volatility trading.

The more leveraged a trade is, the higher the risk of a capital wipeout. Bitcode Method offers tools to cut down the risk, but nonetheless, a significant degree of risk remains. The risk is worthwhile, given the likely earnings.

But this doesn’t mean that you should be careless. Always evaluate your finances before investing, and never invest more than 10% of your savings in high-risk investments. A $250 deposit is a good starting point. You can always use the Bitcode Method compounding tools to grow your trading account.

Another disadvantage of this crypto trading service is the limited number of signup slots. The bot has recently experienced a surge in demand, which has prompted it to limit the number of daily registration slots. You may need to visit its site many times before getting a registration slot.

The Pros and Cons in a nutshell

High-level profitability High-level trading risk
Easy to use Offers limited signup slots
Affordable trading capital requirement  
Supports mobile trading  
Provides a demo account  for practice  
Proven safety measures  
24/7 customer support  


Bitcode Method Deposit and Withdrawals

As stated earlier, minimum trading capital of USD250 is required to trade with this bot. This is your trading capital and is deposited via the assigned broker.

The USD 250 trading capital is funded through the broker. This is because Bitcode Method redirects the trading signals to the broker for implementation. The broker uses the trader’s deposit to implement the signals.

You can find your account through any of the internationally recognized payment methods. These include Visa and Master Card debit and credit cards. You can also do a direct bank transfer through ACH, Direct Debit, SEPA, RTGS, IMPS, and NEFT.

Also, the broker supports popular e-wallets such as Google Wallet, Venmo, Alipay, Skrill, Cash App, and many others. A small fee could apply for deposits made through the e-wallets. Deposits via debit and credit cards reflect almost instantly. You may need to wait up to 30 minutes for the deposits made through the e-wallets to reflect in your account.


Bitcode Method Customer Support 

Bitcoin on keyboard

The customer support services provided by a platform also tell you a lot about its seriousness. A genuine platform offers easily reachable and traceable customer support services.

Our investigative team confirms that the algorithmic trading system provides 24/7 customer support. Their agents are available in up to five languages, including English, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, and French.

The Bitcode Method website is available in the abovementioned languages. You will redirect to a site that is in your language, depending on where you register from. Moreover, the website language can be changed through the flag tab at the header.

You can contact the Bitcode Method customer support team via email, mobile phone, landline, and live chat. They are also available on social media, including the WhatsApp messaging app. Traders are encouraged to call or use the live chat tools for urgent inquiries. Emails and callbacks may take a few hours to get a response.

Bitcode Method Login Page Safety

Expert data shows that cyberattacks targeting trading platforms are on the rise. This means that any worthwhile trading platform must invest in the best online safety measures.

A serious trading platform should have verifiable security measures in place. Many experts have subjected Bitcode Method to penetration testing. Their tests indicate that the platform is built on foolproof technologies.

The Bitcode Method website is built on military-grade AES256 encryption. This encryption protocol is popular with big banks. Moreover, the robot’s server side is secured through the Amazon S3 encryption protocol. This encryption protocol is also foolproof.

Our team has perused the robot’s data privacy policy and found it detailed. We conclude that it’s based on the principles of the globally respected GDPR. Bitcode Method also seems committed to ensuring user password safety. This is crucial since this is where most attacks begin.

Bitcode Method has implemented measures to ensure that users create strong passwords. Its platforms are linked to third-party safety websites to flag weak passwords.

The Verdict

Bitcode Method is undoubtedly legitimate. Our investigative team has amassed enough evidence to prove so. We conclude that this algorithmic trading system observes high-level transparency measures.

All transactions under this bot are executed through a blockchain system. All blockchain-based transactions are public and easily verifiable. The blockchain is immutable, meaning that the transactions cannot be altered.

Bitcoin Method claims to execute all the trading terms through a smart contract system. This system ensures that the predetermined trading terms are observed in the letter. Another justification for this cryptocurrency trading platform’s legitimacy is the disclosures on its site. You will find all the important info on the official Bitcode Method website.

We have also gathered enough evidence to show that the robot is super profitable. Background checks indicate that the majority of its users are profitable. The bot has a history of explosive profitability during special crypto market events. Such profitability is only possible through highly leveraged volatility trading.

And as you might know, highly leveraged trading is risky. Bitcode Method has introduced tools to curtail this risk, but it remains.



How much does Bitcode Method cost?

Bitcode Method is affordable! You can run it with as little as USD250 in trading capital. There are no registration charges. Moreover, the trading fees are highly competitive. These fees are charged through the underlying broker.

How do I access the Bitcode Method app?

Bitcode Method offers a desktop and mobile app. You can only access the apps after completing the signup and account funding. Click the link to initiate the download. The Bitcode Method mobile app download link will also be shared upon completing the signup.

Do I need to be a skilled trader to use Bitcode Method?

Bitcode Method is popular among skilled traders as well as complete beginners. Any starter can find their way around the bot since nearly all functions are automated. The bot provides a comprehensive guide to help you navigate the manual settings. You can test the bot on the underlying broker’s demo platform before going live.

Does Bitcode Method offer free and instant withdrawals?

Bitcode Method supports up to 10 free withdrawals every month. Users can withdraw up to $10,000 per transaction. You will pay a 1% processing fee if you exceed the free withdrawals or the withdrawal limit.