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Quantumator Review 2023 – Is it a Safe Trading Platform?

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Quantumator introduces itself as the resource for all online trading needs. It claims that it provides tested and proven resources for beginner and experienced traders.

Newbie traders can reportedly learn the ropes of online trading within hours of using the tools. The tools under this platform are also said to help the experts boost the trading outcome by a huge percentage.

Our readers are asking whether Quantumator is a legit or scam platform. As usual, our experienced investigative team has done the background checks and presented the findings in this post.

Quantumator Review Summary

This post dives into all the features associated with Quantumator. We’ve analyzed data from various sources to unearth the truth about the platform.

The table below provides a summary of the important things you should know about Quantumator.

Type of trading platform Trading tools and resources provider
Regulation None
Minimum investment USD 250
Supported devices Mobile, desktop, and web
Availability 120+ countries
Tradable instruments Crypto, forex, stock and market indices
Trading risk involved Medium
Safety Military-grade encryption

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What is Quantumator?

Quantumator homepage

A statement on the Quantumator website indicates that it’s an online trading tools and resources provider.

It alleges that it supports all forms of online trading including FX, commodities, crypto, stock, and market indices. However, the platform has gained the most popularity in the crypto trading circles.

Quantumator claims that it makes trading easy for newbies by automating some of the technical trading functions. Its tools not only help the beginner trader execute the best trades but also facilitate their learning process.

Its testimonials on Trustpilot show that it has helped many newbie traders master trading fast. The platform also claims to improve the chances of profitability dramatically.

But we couldn’t determine how Quantumator helps users learn the tricks of online trading quickly. We also couldn’t verify how it boosts the trading outcome. However, the platform is likely not bluffing since many reviewers on Trustpilot have confirmed its amazing potential.

How to trade with Quantumator

Quantumator signup

Quantumator is quite popular with newbies because it’s quite easy to operate. Expert reviewers report that traders with zero background in crypto speculation can generate amazing results with this platform.

Our investigative team reports that it takes five steps to start trading with Quantumator. Each of these steps is discussed below.

#1. Registration

Visit the Quantumator website to create an account. Please only visit the website from authoritative sources since our investigation shows that their website is cloned many times. Quantumator promises all its users of high-level data privacy.

#2. Account Verification

Creating an account on the official Quantumator website will lead you to their partner broker’s page. Complete an ID verification process as part of the Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements. The broker will take you through the verification process.

#3. Account funding

Funding your Quantumator account is also easy. Select a funding method in the broker’s list and complete the steps. You can invest a minimum of USD 250 and reinvest the proceeds for growth.

#4. Tutorials and demo practice

Take the tutorials seriously and test each of the trading research tools on the demo before live trading. The demo should give you an idea of what to expect in live trading. Practice on the demo for at least an hour before building trades for live trading.

#5. Live trading

Building trades with Quantumator and implementing them in the broker’s trading platform is easy. This tools provider claims to offer everything required to hit the home run in online trading. We couldn’t verify whether these claims were truthful.

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How does Quantumator work?

Quantumator alleges that it provides tools and resources for fast-paced online trading. These tools and resources reportedly include;

  • News trading tools
  • Price trend analysis tools
  • Trading education tutorials
  • News and market commentaries
  • Demo account

These offerings are presented according to user experience. Online trading newbies have a lot to gain from the platform. We will discuss each of the offerings below.

News trading tools

The tools provided by Quantumator reportedly include NLP-driven algorithms for news trading.

News trading is a powerful strategy implemented across the trading of all five asset classes. This strategy involves capturing the news as they are released and placing trades based on the forecast of how it will impact prices.

News can lead to price gains when positive or declines when negative. A news trader builds trades by predicting how the news will affect prices. We couldn’t confirm if Quantumator provides the NLP-driven news trading tools since we didn’t do any live tests.

Price trend analysis

The platform is also alleged to provide price-trend trading tools. Price trend trading is another popular technique applied in all asset trading. In this strategy, the trader analyses historical price patterns for insights.

Quantumator claims that its users don’t require any technical background to trade. Its tools reportedly conduct most of the heavy lifting. We also couldn’t verify if the platform offers price trend analysis tools.

But the platform has superb reviews and hence it could be offering these tools. The expert reviewers concluded that it has the best price trend analysis tools. However, they do not substantiate how its tools differ from those of its competitors.

Trading education materials

Quantumator also claims that it’s the best resource for online trading education. It claims to offer the best trading tutorials covering beginner and experienced trader levels.

These tutorials are available in its educational centre and are only available to fully registered users. Our investigative team couldn’t verify if the tutorials were as good as alleged. But there is a high likelihood that they are since traders rate them highly.

News feed and blog

You need a regularly updated news feed to trade the news accurately. Quantumator claims that it provides that.

Its news feed is reportedly updated every few minutes. The updates help you stay updated and capture the relevant news as it happens. We couldn’t access the news portal since it’s only available to fully registered users.

Quantumator also provides a blog with expert commentaries on the markets. The commentaries help users understand the impact of the news on volatility.

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Quantumator and partner brokers

This trading platform is reportedly backed by globally-regulated brokers. These brokers act as its link to the markets.

The brokers are classified as tier-one with regulation in the world’s biggest economies. Unfortunately, our team couldn’t verify the authenticity of the brokers since their identities remain hidden until you register.

But the amazing Quantumator reviews indicate that it works with quality partners. The trading process in itself happens through these partners. Quantumator only provides tools to be used via these brokers.

A statement on the platform’s site indicates that it’s not liable for the trading activities happening via its partners.

Quantumator availability 

Quantum trading

Many have asked us if they can use Quantumator on their smartphones. Our research reveals that the trading tools are available on mobile, web, and desktop devices. The mobile version supports Android and iOS devices.

You can download the smartphone app that supports the tools and resources via the assigned broker. Some reviews claim that Quantumator can also be used via Windows phones and tablets.

Those who prefer web trading can access the tools via the web trader provided by the broker. Quantumator claims that the web trader supports all browsers. However, traders should only use the platform on highly trustworthy browsers. 

The tools are also compatible with the desktop trader provided by the broker. Quantumator claims that the desktop trader supports Windows, Linux, and MAC devices.

Is Quantumator a scam? 

We have done everything necessary to find out the truth about Quantumator. Our investigation finds a lot of positive things about this platform.

This makes us conclude that it’s likely legit and could be the solution for all your trading needs. But you shouldn’t take our word for it since the liability to your trading decisions squarely falls on you.

Our research team outlines the following as the justifications for Quantumator’s legitimacy.

  1. High-level transparency
  2. Amazing user feedback
  3. Positive expert reviews
  4. Reliable customer support services
  5. Quality partner brokers 
  6. Safe trading environment

We will discuss each of the findings above in detail below. Please note that our conclusions are opinionated and may not represent the facts. Do your due diligence keenly before jumping on board.

  • High-level transparency

Transparency is the core pillar of any trustworthy product or service. This means that a good trading platform must demonstrate its commitment to transparency.

Quantumator has done so by publishing most of the crucial information about its product offerings on its website. The disclosures have reportedly undergone third-party verification.

But it hasn’t disclosed everything since users must sign up to access the list of its partner brokers. This could be a red flag but the platform’s great reputation makes us conclude that it’s not an issue.

  • Amazing user feedback

Quantumator has gone viral with thousands of reviewers praising it in all the important areas. These include performance, safety, and customer support.

You can read the superb Quantumator reviews on Trustpilot and Reddit. Most of the Trustpilot reviews are verified but those on Reddit aren’t. Trustpilot has a unique verification algorithm that ensures only those who have tested the product or service can review it.

Reddit is not very reliable since anyone can publish a review on it. Therefore, you shouldn’t take everything posted on this social media platform as gospel truth.

  • Positive expert reviews

A search of Quantumator on Google or Bing unearths many expert reviews. These expert reviews confirm that it’s a reliable online trading resource provider.

Some of the expert reviewers are quite authoritative. Their reviews are published in high-traffic publications such as this one. But the expert reviews alone aren’t enough proof of legitimacy.

We can’t reiterate enough the need to carry out your due diligence before trading. It may be a good idea to consult a financial expert if you aren’t sure about any investment.

You can also through caution to the wind try the platform with as little as USD 250. Take the trading instructions quite seriously to get the best trading outcome.

  • Reliable customer support services

The customer support services provided by a trading platform also say a lot about its legitimacy. Unreliable trading platforms usually offer shoddy support services.

Most only offer email support and rarely respond to inquiries. A good trading platform should provide highly responsive support. Our investigative team reports that Quantumator offers 24/7 customer support.

Users can reach out to them through a live chat feature on their website and social media pages. They are also easily reachable by phone and via email.

  • Quality partner brokers

The quality of brokers working under an online trading tools provider should also tell you a lot about it.

Only a genuine trading tools provider will partner with regulated brokers. Quantumator claims that it operates under high-quality brokers. These brokers are reportedly regulated in countries where this platform is authorised to operate.

Once again, our team couldn’t verify if this was true since we couldn’t access the list of partner brokers. But they are likely trustworthy since the expert reviewers allege so.

  • Safe trading environment

Quantumator has reportedly passed safety tests conducted by the experts. This includes penetration testing on its official site.

The official Quantumator website is equipped with SSL encryption to prevent data theft. Background checks also confirm that it operates under a strict data privacy policy. Some reviews claim that the policy is aligned with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We couldn’t verify if this is true.

The verdict

We have subjected Quantumator to rigorous testing to determine if it’s trustworthy. Our tests reveal that the platform can be trusted.

Quantumator is among the most reviewed online trading tool providers in 2023. Surprisingly, more than 90% of its testimonials are positive. The platform has also received amazing expert feedback.

Quantumator claims that it operates in transparency but we have found some gaps in the information shared on their site. But these gaps aren’t enough reason not to try the platform.

Please note that every conclusion made in this post isn’t an endorsement or financial advice. We always encourage our readers to do thorough due diligence before committing to any trading platform.

You can consult an advisor or throw caution to the wind and try Quantumator with a small investment of USD250. Be prepared for any trading outcome since online trading is generally unpredictable. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Quantumator a legitimate trading platform?

Quantumator legitimacy is evident given its transparency measures. Its partnerships with quality and well-regulated brokers also show its seriousness.

Does Quantumator charge hidden fees?

Quantumator appears committed to fee transparency given that it has published a fee guide on its resources page. This fee guide is accessible after the signup process.

Can I trade Bitcoin with Quantumator?

Quantumator supports the trading of hundreds of assets across five asset classes. You can trade Bitcoin and most other digital currencies with this platform.

How risky is trading with Quantumator?

Online trading in general involves high-level risk. Quantumator claims that it reduces this risk by almost half. Nonetheless, the possibility of losing the invested capital remains high.