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Immediate Future is one of the viral crypto trading systems in 2023. This platform has made news headlines as the most newbie-friendly bitcoin robot. It’s also praised for safety and reliability. But what is Immediate Future and does it work?

Our investigative team has carried out in-depth tests on this platform to find out if it’s worthwhile. We have also analyzed many of its reviews on Trustpilot and other sites. You will learn whether the robot is a scam or not and if it’s as profitable in this review.

We will also discuss the pros and cons of using this automated trading platform. It’s important that you read the entire review before signing up with this platform.

What is Immediate Future?

immediate future

Given the volatility of the cryptocurrency market, traders are increasingly drawn towards automated tools that can handle the heavy lifting involved. AI-driven automated trading platforms have emerged as a popular option.

However, trading on such platforms does come with risks. Some platforms, like Immediate Future, claim to be better than the rest by making it easier for traders to trade CFDs on trending digital currencies. The robot claims to ensure fast-paced trading by connecting to the best liquidity pools.

It also alleges to cut down trading risk by more than 50%. Risk management is the key to successful trading. You can’t hit the home run in crypto trading if you don’t know how to manage risk. Immediate Edge is equipped with trading research and risk management algorithms. Find below a list of the key features of this bitcoin trading robot

  • Fully automated trading
  • Variety of tradable instruments
  • Machine-learning driven algorithms
  • Multi-device trading
  • ECN partner brokers
  • AES-256 encrypted login page

We will discuss each of these features in detail later in this review. Please note that Immediate Future is a completely newbie-friendly trading system.

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How does Immediate Future work?

This relatively new cryptocurrency trading bot claims to draw inspiration from social trading platforms. It also uses advanced tools to evaluate the market and place bets on behalf of users.

The Immediate Future software uses over 100 technical analysis tools, a dozen drawing tools, and risk and reward ratio calculations to derive insights from market data. Our review has found that while the signup process is easy and the registration page works, most of the platform’s features remain unverifiable.

Even so, the feedback from happy clients is enough proof that the platform lives up to its promises. Immediate Future claims to offer a powerful demo for users to practice before going live. The demo is exclusively available to registered users.

Signing up with this robot is easy and you can get started with as little as $250. Information on the official Immediate Future website shows that it takes a small commission on profitable trades. It’s reportedly among the most affordable bitcoin robots in the crypto market.

Below is a summary of the points discussed in this section.

  1. Immediate Future is a fully automated robot
  2. The robot trades through powerful CFDs brokers
  3. It applies sophisticated trading techniques for the best trading results
  4. Many clients confirm that it lives up to its promises
  5. Immediate Future offers a powerful demo for practice
  6. New users report that the robot is easy to use

Getting Started with Immediate Future

You only need to create an account on the official Immediate Future website and fund it through the underlying broker to access the trading area. This robot outshines its competitors in most areas including ease of use.

We have unearthed enough proof to show that this bot is the best bet for newbies. Immediate Future claims to offer a game-like trading experience. This explains why most users describe the trading platform as addictive. Signing up with Immediate Future follows four simple steps as explained below.

1. Sign up on the official Immediate Future website

create an account on immediate future

Visit the official Immediate Future website and look for the Register form. The sign-up process is fast, and will only take a few minutes.

Fill out the registration form and verify your email and phone number to authenticate the account. It’s important that you follow the password creation guide provided by the bot for full account security.

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2. Fund your account with USD 250 or more

Once you’ve registered, you will be required to deposit at least $250. The platform supports several deposit methods including bank transfers, debit and credit cards, and e-wallets.\You have a guarantee of billing information safety since the trading bot implements top-level safety measures.

Please note that deposits happen via a broker assigned on registration. This broker operates under strict regulatory guidelines. They observe measures such as deposit segregation and external audits to ensure high-level transparency.

3. Practice on the Immediate Future demo platform

Go through the tutorials accompanying the bot and try it on the demo before applying it in live trading. The tutorials are easy to follow for newbies. You should prepare for at least an hour to master all the settings.

4. Trade on a live account

After the demo test, you can proceed to live trading. Immediate Future comes with a user-friendly trading interface. The trading process is reportedly easy and fun. The bot analyzes the markets and places trades on autopilot. This makes it quite easy to use for newbies.

Is Immediate Future a Scam? Our Findings

trading robot 2023

Immediate Future is reviewed as a superior bitcoin robot that delivers better results than competitors. The robot reportedly uses powerful AI-driven tools to analyze price charts and study the news for the best trading results. We are convinced these claims are true after going through the Immediate Future reviews on Trustpilot.

Some reviews claim that it comes in semi-automated and fully automated versions. Expert traders can reportedly switch its modes to enjoy the semi-automated version. We have fact-checked these claims and found them accurate. Reliable information sources rank Immediate Future among the best semi-automated trading bots.

This robot is said to offer enough tutorials to help users to master its features. Also provided is a state-of-the-art demo for testing settings before running them in the live account. Only a legit platform would offer such a powerful demo. The expert reviews claim that this is the only bot that comes with a demo.

Another proof of Immediate Future legitimacy is its customer support services. This bot offers multilingual 24/7 customer support. Users can contact their agents by email, live chat, call, and callbacks. Emails and callbacks should only be used for less urgent inquiries.

This robot also scores highly in experts’ safety tests. It reportedly uses unbreakable encryption on its official site. This is important since most cyberattacks start on a compromised website and login page. The Immediate Future data privacy policy is enough proof of its commitment to safety.

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Immediate Future Pros and Cons

Please keep in mind that while Immediate Future claims to provide multiple analytical tools for assessing the markets before trading, no tool can guarantee perfect results.

Before diving in and trading on this platform, it’s important that you consider its pros and cons. The advantages and disadvantages are listed below.


  • Relies on the most advanced automated trading technologies
  • Supports fully automated and semi-automated trading
  • Trades up to 600 crypto CFDs
  • Doesn’t charge a trading license fee
  • Only requires a minimum of USD250 to get started
  • Trading with this bot is less risky than trading manually


  • High risk – Trading crypto in general involves high risk
  • Not available in some countries
  • The demo is only available to registered users

What Features Make Immediate Future Competitive?

The best currencies to trade right now

Immediate Future is a powerful crypto trading robot with many amazing features. This robot stands out against the big names in the industry in many areas.

We will discuss these features in this section. The table below compares Immediate Future with other less known bitcoin robots.


Immediate Future Other trading robots
Superior trading results Unverified performance claims
Affordable trading capital requirement High trading capital requirement
No trading license fees Most charge registration fees
Newbie-friendly trading platform Complicated user interface
High-quality partner brokers Sham offshore brokers
Safe trading environment Unsecured websites and platforms

Below is an in-depth discussion of the features that make Immediate Future worth a try. Please note that this review is not an endorsement. We are merely stating the facts.

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 Superior trading results

Many reviewers allege that this AI-powered crypto trading robot can analyze the market with high accuracy. Its accuracy is evident in its profitability claims. The robot reportedly has a history of turning newbies into wealthy traders. Many reviewers attribute its success to its superior AI-driven algorithms.

These algorithms improve accuracy by learning and aligning themselves with the highly dynamic cryptocurrency markets. We haven’t done any live tests on the Immediate Future trading system and therefore can’t confirm if this is true. But we are almost convinced since this bot has many great ratings.

 Affordable trading platform

Immediate Future has a transparent fee mechanism. We’ve gone through their fee guide and confirmed that this robot is free.

They don’t charge any registration or account management fees. Trading fees apply via their partner broker. Many reviewers claim that the bot works under purely ECN brokers and hence the trading fees are insignificant.

Immediate Future reportedly takes a small commission on profits earned. The company behind the bot only earns money when you are profitable. This model is superb since it encourages them to offer the best to make money.

 Powerful demo trading feature

The Immediate Future demo platform allows traders to test the bot before going live. Only a few trading robots come with a demo platform. Many experts have tested the Immediate Future demo platform and concluded that it’s superior.

The demo seems to simulate the live trading experience accurately. This means that it gives you a real feel of live trading without risking your trading capital. Some reviews insist that you only trade with the settings that yield positive results on the demo.

Free and fast withdrawals

You can withdraw any profits generated through this bot anytime. All withdrawals are reportedly facilitated within hours. A statement on the official Immediate Future website indicates that you can only withdraw through a verified payment method.

The payment method verification process is extremely easy.  Please note that the underlying broker handles are trading-related transactions.

Immediate Future Review Verdict

Immediate Future is a premium crypto trading platform that generates superior returns for users. The bot utilizes the power of AI and advanced trading tools to make crypto trading more fun and easier.

They also claim to charge low commissions on profitable trades. This is amazing since most of their competitors charge license fees on top of trading commissions. The brokers supporting this trading bot are reportedly ECN.

ECN brokers offer the best trading terms at the lowest fees possible. Immediate Future trades the markets through these brokers. We’ve tested this bot and it’s definitely newbie friendly and worth a bet. Its alleged profitability rate makes it the best platform for trading crypto in 2022.

But don’t put all your money in crypto given the level of risk involved. It’s always prudent to diversify your investment portfolio. High-risk ventures such as Immediate Future should take less than 10% of the portfolio.

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What is the minimum deposit on Immediate Future?

To access the various features offered by Immediate Future, you are required to make a minimum deposit of $250. It appears that the platform has restricted access to its tools and resources to only those who have deposited this amount.

How accurate is the Immediate Future platform?

The accuracy rate of Immediate Future is claimed to be approximately 85%. Note, however, that this figure is just an approximation and hasn’t been verified by a trusted source.

How do I join Immediate Future?

So, you’ve decided to join Immediate Future. But how do you go about it? Well, to become a member of the platform, simply visit the official Immediate Future website and register. It’s that simple.

Are there any risks associated with Immediate Future?

Yes, Immediate Future is a high-risk platform. It’s important to remember that there may be opportunities that it fails to identify, so it’s essential to monitor your positions, strategize, and apply risk management controls.

Is Immediate Future endorsed by celebrity influencers?

There is no evidence to support the rumours of celebrity and media endorsements of Immediate Future. Our review of the platform suggests that its popularity is based on its excellent services and the endorsement of its developers.

How do I restore a dormant Immediate Future Account?

Is your Immediate Future account frozen? No need to worry. Simply write a message to the support team via email or live chat. Their customer support team is responsive and will guide you through what is required of you to restore your account.