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Jeremy Clarkson is a celebrity Journalist best known for the Grand Tour show on ITV. A rumour has emerged claiming that this celebrity is invested in Bitcoin. Some viral social media posts also allege that he is invested in trending Bitcoin robots.

The mentioned Bitcoin robots include BitGPT and BitAI Method. These robots have gone viral in the last few months. We have come across many social media posts associating them with celebrities.

But did Jeremy Clarkson invest in Bitcoin or any of the above Bitcoin robots? Our investigative team has done thorough background checks and presented in-depth findings in this post.

Jeremy Clarkson Bitcoin – A viral trend

Jeremy Clarkson

The claims about this celebrity investing over $1 million in Bitcoin are rampant on leading social media sites.

Background checks reveal that most of the posts are published on Reddit and Facebook. We have also found trending Tiktok videos about this subject.  Most of the posts are about Jeremy Clarkson investing in or endorsing Bitcoin.

A few posts allege that he is invested in or has endorsed popular Bitcoin robots. As mentioned above, our investigative team didn’t find any proof to support the claims. But why are some people associating Jeremy Clarkson with Bitcoin or the mentioned trading robots?

The motives behind these rumours are addressed below. As we will see later in this post, all the robots falsely associated with Jeremy Clarkson are popular. We will offer a snapshot review of each of these robots later in this review.

Jeremy Clarkson Bitcoin Reddit

Reddit is a powerful social media platform for building communities around interests. Many of the trending crypto-related subjects have threads on this social media site.

The claims about Jeremy Clarkson investing in or endorsing Bitcoin or Bitcoin robots are discussed in detail on this social media platform. We have gone through the most popular posts and didn’t find any proof of these rumours.

Further background checks reveal that unscrupulous marketers may be using the claims to market clones. The most popular Bitcoin robots have been cloned many times. Signing up on the clones is likely to lead to the theft of personal information.

Crypto Trading Robots

The only way to avoid the cloned sites is to sign up with the Bitcoin robot through a link shared on authoritative publications such as this one. Below is a snapshot review of each of the robots associated with Jeremy Clarkson.

Please note that we do not endorse any Bitcoin robot. This post should therefore not be mistaken as a recommendation. It’s important that you seek professional investment advice before trading crypto or any other financial asset.



This trading robot reportedly applies similar technologies to ChatGPT to trade digital currencies. It’s arguably the most powerful AI-driven crypto trading robot. Some reviews claim that it’s fully automated and therefore completely newbie friendly.

BitGPT algorithms reportedly generate trades from big data. The bot claims to implement technical and fundamental analysis at a high win rate. Technical analysis in crypto trading involves price trends study. On the other hand, fundamental analysis is all about news trading.

We find BitGPT to be highly rated on Trustpilot and Forex Peace Army. It also has many positive reviews on Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook. This trading bot is therefore likely to be legitimate.

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Did Jeremy Clarkson invest in BitGPT?

We have come across viral Reddit posts alleging that Jeremy Clarkson is invested in BitGPT. These posts claim that this celebrity is among the top entrepreneurs behind this Bitcoin robot.

But are these claims true? We didn’t find proof to support these claims in our investigation. Avoid the Jeremy Clarkson BitGPT claims since they could be used as bait to cloned sites.

How to trade with BitGPT

BitGPT is reviewed by experts as a legit Bitcoin robot with a high win rate. It’s also ranked among the best crypto robots for newbie traders. Trading the crypto markets through BitGPT is quite easy.

But you must follow its trading instructions closely to get the best returns out of the bot. Find below the simple steps to follow to run this Bitcoin robot.

  1. Visit the BitGPT website and signup for free
  2. Verify the provided personal information with its supporting broker
  3. Fund your BitGPT account (minimum of $250)
  4. Set the BitGPT trading system as required and start a live session

Advantages of trading with BitGPT

BitGPT is reviewed as a superior Bitcoin trading system. We have analyzed expert reviews and highlighted their key advantages.

  • Superior performance
  • Doesn’t charge registration fees
  • Easy to operate for newbies
  • Only charges a small commission per profitable trade
  • Available in mobile, desktop and web versions

The only drawback associated with this Bitcoin robot is the level of risk associated with trading with it. Users are encouraged to only trade with an amount they can bear to lose.

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BitAI Method

BitAI Method

This is another trending AI-driven crypto trading system. BitAI Method is reviewed as a profitable and newbie-friendly crypto robot. Many expert reviewers also rank it among the most affordable Bitcoin trading systems.

Information on the official BitAI Method website shows that it trades 300+ crypto CFDs. The traded CFD pairs are selected based on volatility. Highly volatile pairs reportedly deliver superior returns albeit at significant risk.

BitAI Method users are offered the option to align their trading goals with risk appetite. Those with a low-risk threshold can only trade the less volatile pairs. Many reviews classify BitAI Method among the most beginner-friendly robots in all categories.

We didn’t subject BitAI Method to any live tests. This post doesn’t endorse any Bitcoin robot and shouldn’t be perceived as financial advice.

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Did Jeremy Clarkson invest in BitAI Method?

BitAI Method is one of the crypto robots associated with Jeremy Clarkson. We have ascertained that the posts associating this Bitcoin robot with this celebrity are fake news.

Neither Jeremy Clarkson nor BitAI Method has confirmed these claims. Our investigation shows that the posts making these claims have links that do not lead to the official BitAI Method website.

How to trade with BitAI Method

Trading with BitAI Method is also quite easy since you don’t need to conduct trading research or execute the trades manually.

The bot reportedly conducts all the research for you and sends the derived signals to a partner broker for execution. All the orders are reportedly executed in quality liquidity to avoid slippage. Slippage happens when a trade is delayed and placed at a price that is different from the order price. Trading with BitAI Method is easy and you can get started in a few steps as explained below.

  1. Register with BitAI Method on its official website
  2. Authenticate the registration with a partner broker
  3. Fund the trading account with USD250 or more
  4. Familiarize yourself with BitAI Method via the demo platform
  5. Run the bot on a live account

Advantages of trading with BitGPT

This AI-powered trading system outperforms its competitors in all areas. These areas are highlighted in our in-depth BitGPT Review. The core advantages of trading the crypto markets with this bot are highlighted below.

  • Reliable performance
  • Easy to use for beginners
  • Supports multi-device trading
  • Doesn’t require license fees
  • Operates in transparency
  • Trades under reputable brokers

Many reviewers conclude that BitGPT is worth a try even though it comes at high risk. Traders should diversify their portfolios adequately and only trade with what they can afford to lose.

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How do I verify the Jeremy Clarkson Bitcoin claims?

You can verify any Bitcoin-related celebrity claims by following the simple steps listed below.

  1. Do a simple search engine search to determine if the rumours are confirmed by any authoritative publications.
  2. Visit the celebrity’s personal website and check if they have confirmed the rumours.
  3. Also, check if the rumours are confirmed on the official website of the Bitcoin robot associated with the celebrity.
  4. Check if the claims have appeared as a news item in leading mainstream or alternative news publications.

Any claims not confirmed on the authoritative publications or the celebrity’s personal website is likely to be fake news.

Jeremy Clarkson Bitcoin Interview – Is it true?

A search on Google and YouTube shows that many people are looking for the Jeremy Clarkson Bitcoin Interview.

The search shows that the phrase “Jeremy Clarkson Bitcoin Interview” has been searched over ten thousand times in the last one month. We have done in-depth search engine searches and didn’t find such an interview.

As explained earlier, the posts alleging that this celebrity disclosed investing in Bitcoin or Bitcoin robots on This Morning or BBC News are fake news. The fake news intends to divert traffic from the official Bitcoin robot’s websites to cloned sites.

Jeremy Clarkson Bitcoin – BBC News

Further background checks unearth rumours alleging that Jeremy Clarkson has disclosed investing in Bitcoin on a BBC show. The posts further allege that the celebrity has endorsed the popular Bitcoin robots in a BBC interview.

Jeremy Clarkson BBC

We have gone through the mentioned robot’s website and didn’t find any information to support these claims. There is also no confirmation on the official website of this celebrity.

Some of the Bitcoin robots have released statements warning readers about the fake celebrity-linked news. According to the statements, these claims could be used to market cloned websites. Trading robots such as BitGPT and BitAI Method have been cloned many times.

You should, therefore, be extra careful to avoid being tricked into signing up on the cloned websites.

Jeremy Clarkson Crypto – This Morning show

This Morning is a TV program aired on ITV Britain. The show is hosted by celebrity TV stars Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby.

A viral rumour alleges that Jeremy Clarkson disclosed investing in Bitcoin in an interview with Phillip Schofield. The posts further claim that Clarkson endorsed some popular Bitcoin robots during the show.

Our investigation didn’t find any Philip Schofield – Jeremy Clarkson Bitcoin interviews. Further investigation reveals that the posts making these allegations provide links that do not lead to the official websites of the said Bitcoin robots. The fake celebrity endorsement claims are therefore clickbait to cloned websites.

We can’t stress enough the need to only signup with your favourite Bitcoin robot through links shared on authoritative sites. Avoid the links provided on social media since they could lead to cloned sites.

Jeremy Clarkson and Bitcoin App

A Facebook rumour alleges that Jeremy Clarkson has endorsed a recently launched Bitcoin trading app. The rumour claims that this celebrity has disclosed trading with the app in an interview with Holly Willoughby.

Holly Willoughby is a British TV personality and the co-host of the This Morning show.  Our background investigation didn’t find anything to support the Jeremy Clarkson Bitcoin App rumours.

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Jeremy Clarkson Bitcoin – The Verdict!

We have stumbled upon viral social media posts linking Jeremy Clarkson to popular Bitcoin robots. Some of the viral posts also allege that he has invested over $1 million in Bitcoin through popular exchanges.

Jeremy Clarkson is a TV star with a net worth of over $70 million. The social media publications claim that his net worth has nearly doubled since he invested in Bitcoin or Bitcoin robots.

Avoid the rumours associating this TV personality with crypto or crypto trading platforms. Our investigation reveals that these posts are used as clickbait to cloned sites. The only way to avoid these clones is to only register with your favourite Bitcoin robot through links shared on authoritative sites.

Avoid the links shared on viral social media posts since they are likely to lead to fake websites. Crypto is among the riskiest financial assets to trade and hence you should only trade with an amount you can afford to lose.