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Crypto trading programs have gained massive popularity in the investment community. The most successful crypto traders today use powerful trading programs.

Profit Builder is one of the most popular Bitcoin robots. This program reportedly applies Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms in trading research and order execution. Many reviews claim it’s the most newbie-friendly Bitcoin robot on the cryptocurrency market today.

But is Profit Builder a scam or is it legit trading software? This review is informed by thorough research conducted by our team. Please read the entire review to capture all the important information about this crypto robot.

Profit Builder Review Summary

Profit Builder official site

We will summarize the main points discussed in this post in this section. From our investigation, it’s evident that Profit Builder is legit.

It’s also highly reputable with amazing ratings on Trustpilot. The Profit Builder trading software has also gone viral on Reddit and other social media sites. The rising popularity is a result of its groundbreaking performance. This Bitcoin robot can reportedly deliver a daily profit of up to 25%.

Further background checks on the Profit Builder website indicate that the platform is secure. Its site and login page is built on unbreakable encryption. This is crucial since the majority of attacks start through data stolen on the login page.

Our research also reveals that this robot is backed by quality brokers. Preliminary checks confirm that all the brokers are reputable. They also seem adequately regulated in all jurisdictions of operation. The table below summarizes the facts about the Profit Builder automated trading platorm.

Robot type Fully automated
Tradable instruments Crypto CFDs
Supported devices Mobile, web, and desktop
User experience level Newbie, intermediate, and experienced
Potential profitability Up to 25% daily
Risk level Moderate
License fees None
Trading fees Small commission on earnings
Withdrawal charges None
Safety Adequately encrypted

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What is Profit Builder?

Profit Builder is a game-changing crypto trading system designed for traders of all levels—even those without any prior knowledge or experience in the field.

All you need to do is to sign up for the service, make a deposit, and voila—you’re ready to start trading in the exciting world of crypto. The Profit Builder software owners didn’t just set it up and forget about it. They claim to keep upgrading their platform to make sure all their traders get the most out of trading opportunities.

Plus, their security measures are top-notch, following AML and KYC rules to keep the platform safe. They have even teamed up with brokers reportedly licensed by tier-one authorities. Their partner brokers reportedly offer trading leverage of up to 1000x. This helps you place huge bets with little capital.

Trading with leverage is risky business given that it magnifies all outcomes. That’s why you must use Profit Builder’s Stop Loss and Take Profit tools to manage risk. It’s also extremely important that you evaluate your risk appetite and only place bets on what you can afford to lose.

How to trade with Profit Builder

create an account at Profile Builder

Profit Builder is allegedly the most profitable and newbie-friendly Bitcoin robot in the market. This platform utilizes powerful AI algorithms to deliver quality trades.

These trades are reportedly executed in the best liquidity. This liquidity is availed by the robot’s market-maker partners. This Bitcoin robot is extremely easy to use. The steps to follow to use it are elaborated below.

Create an account with Profit Builder

Creating a trading account with the Profit Builder trading bot is straightforward. Use the signup form on its official site and follow the provided information to authenticate your account. This Bitcoin robot observes strict confidentiality and stores all user data safely.

Fund your trading account

After registration, an agent from the Profit Builder support team will call you to take you through the account setup process. They will also take you through the account funding process. A minimum of $250 is all you need to run the bot. Select your payment method from a list provided by the robot’s partner broker and complete the funding process.

Familiarize with the bot and go live

You will access the robot’s tutorials, demo, and live trading dashboard on funding your account. Familiarize yourself with the bot through the tutorials and the demo before going live. Proceed to the live trading platform when you are ready.

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How does Profit Builder work?

As mentioned earlier, Profit Builder is an automated trading robot for crypto. It reportedly uses Artificial Intelligence algorithms to automate the trading process.

The platform’s algorithms scan the crypto markets for new trading signals by analyzing all market data. It reportedly uses sophisticated news trading and price trend analysis to detect and capitalize upon opportunities.

trading and robot

By analyzing historical data and market trends, the platform identifies cyclical price trends and uses them to predict future direction. Profit Builder allows traders to trade crypto volatility without the hassle of analyzing the news or market trends manually. The automated system does all the heavy lifting, making it easy for newbies to get in the game.

Profit Builder claims to have an algorithm that boasts an accuracy of approximately 88%, which can be an advantage when trading in a volatile cryptocurrency market. We couldn’t verify the accuracy claims since there is no published data to support them.

All the orders generated by Profit Builder are executed through third-party brokers. These brokers are reportedly tier-one and hence provide the best trading terms in the market.

It’s interesting to note that Profit Builder users have the freedom to customize everything from their risk per trade to the frequency of trades. This robot is reportedly working on a semi-automated feature that will allow users to select the signals they prefer to implement.

Is Profit Builder legit or a scam?

This crypto robot meets all our expectations and we therefore conclude that it’s genuine. We have read many Profit Builder reviews on independent review sites and social media platforms. It’s evident that many traders find the robot useful.

The reviews show that it’s a superior performer with daily profits of up to 25%. This profitability level can build a fortune out of a small deposit when compounded. Profit Builder reportedly comes with a feature that enables users to automate compounding.

You must compound at least 80% of the profits if you start on a deposit of $250. Many expert reviewers recommend investing more money if you intend to withdraw a portion of the profits from the first day of trading.

This Bitcoin robot also scores top in our other legitimacy tests. These include the safety tests where we have established that it’s built on powerful encryption. The Profit Builder website seems impenetrable with the AES256 encryption. This robot is governed by a powerful data-privacy policy. You can access the data privacy policy on their official website.

Finally, our research confirms that the Profit Builder crypto trading platformoffers quality customer support services. You can contact them via the live chat feature on their website and social media pages. They are also reachable by phone and email. Don’t use email for urgent inquiries since they may take up to 12 hours to respond.

Why is Profit Builder highly popular?

trading with robot

This robot claims to use advanced AI technology to build and implement trading signals. The signals delivered by the bot are top quality.

Some reviewers claim that they have a success rate of 88%. This is huge since most trading platforms only manage a win rate of less than 40%.

Profit Builder is also best known for being a user-friendly trading platform. It’s reportedly quite newbie-friendly. Beginners can reportedly generate superb returns from day one of trading. But nothing is assured since the crypto markets change fast.

It’s important that you get feedback from traders who have tested this Bitcoin robot. You can do so by following its social media pages.

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Profit Builder on Social Media

Profit Builder has a strong reputation in the cryptocurrency trading industry. The platform has received numerous positive reviews and high ratings on popular websites such as Trustpilot and Reddit. Additionally, Profit Builder has a substantial following on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Telegram.

Clients appreciate the platform’s success rate, ease of use, and safety measures. Profit Builder is dedicated to providing the best trading experience possible for its clients, and this commitment is reflected in its reputation. The team behind Profit Builder is committed to maintaining its excellent reputation and upholding its high standards.

Profit Builder Reddit

This Bitcoin robot has a huge community on Reddit. Google “Profit Builder Reddit” to find its Reddit threads. Follow the threads and read the comment to learn what other traders have to say about this Bitcoin robot.

Profit Builder Twitter

This crypto robot is also a sensation on Twitter. We can confirm that it has been trending in many countries mostly in Europe and Asia. Follow the official Profit Builder page on Twitter and read the feedback from its users on its wall.

Managing trading risk with Profit Builder

Remember that trading with Profit Builder or any other crypto trading platform is risky.  Taking the time to determine your risk tolerance can help you make an informed decision and potentially minimize your trading risk.

You should also do enough due diligence on the platform and probably seek expert advice before trading crypto. Alternatively, you can test the waters with an amount that won’t hurt if you lost it. A deposit of $250 is a good starting point for many traders.

Profit Builder provides a variety of risk management features. These include tools to help you determine your risk tolerance and align it with your trading goals. Also provided is an advanced Stop Loss and Take Profit feature.

These features should be extremely easy to use when you watch the Profit Builder tutorials. Their demo platform should help you master the features before staking your capital. Profit Builder stands out as the best bet for all crypto trading needs.

Advantages of trading with Profit Builder

  1. Highly profitable
  2. Affordable for most traders
  3. Fully automated trading
  4. Newbie friendly trading
  5. Doesn’t charge registration fees
  6. Operates under ECN brokers
  7. There are no hidden charges

Disadvantages of trading with Profit Builder

  1. High-risk trading
  2. Not available in the US and several other countries

Profit Builder Review – Final Word

After analyzing data about Profit Builder, we can confidently say that it’s legit. It’s also a super performer if the expert feedback is anything to go by.

As explained in this review, this Bitcoin robot has the best ratings in its category. This means that no crypto robot is as popular as it is. We encourage you to go through its reviews on Trustpilot and other sites to learn what its users say about it.

Most of the reviews on Trustpilot are reportedly from verified users. The many reputable experts who have reviewed Profit Builder agree with users. This robot has revolutionary powers and is best suited for all traders.  Newbie traders have a lot to gain from this AI-driven automated trading system.

Profit Builder has announced that it will introduce a semi-automated trading feature in the next few months. This feature is bound to attract professional traders interested in some level of control in the trading process. We will update this review as soon as this feature is introduced.

Crypto trading, in general, is risky and only recommended for traders with a high-risk appetite. Evaluate your financial standing carefully before trading and use the necessary risk management tools.

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How much should I invest with Profit Builder?

The least you can deposit with Profit Builder is $250. You won’t access its trading dashboard if you don’t meet the minimum capital requirement. Please note that you can invest up to $10,000 at a go. But we recommend starting small.

Does Profit Builder charge hidden fees?

Profit Builder doesn’t charge license or account maintenance fees. Only a small commission is deducted when you earn profits through the bot. Trading fees in highly competitive spreads apply through the underlying broker.

Does Profit Builder offer 24/7 customer support?

Profit Builder is known for its exceptional customer service. They have representatives available around the clock to address any inquiries that may arise during your trading journey. You should use their live chat and call options for urgent inquiries.

Is Profit Builder a secure trading robot?

Profit Builder has a perfect score on security in most expert reviews. This platform applies unbreakable technologies in website and login security. Their servers are also protected through powerful encryption.

Does Profit Builder offer a demo platform?

Profit Builder offers tutorials and a demo platform to help you prepare adequately. You only need to set it and hit the demo button to test the settings. The demo should tell you if the settings are likely to yield positive results during live trading.