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Trading with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has been a well-loved activity in the last few years. Accessibility to markets has grown, and in 2023, anybody with a little extra income will be able to enter the niche and potentially see some worthwhile returns. Markets are still volatile however, and an increase in trading has seen oversaturation levels that make it imperative to select and enter trades quickly. 

This has led to a rise in the popularity of crypto trading robots. There is one issue that arises with these, and that’s the fact that regulation is still under par, so scams are just as prevalent – and are sometimes even harder to spot. With this in mind, here is a review of Immediate Revolution 360, to help you determine whether or not it is a scam or legit.

Immediate Revolution 360 – Overview

Immediate Revolution 360

When trying to discern the reputability of a crypto trading robot, one of the first indicators can be the landing page. Those that prioritise informing potential users of their software, its capabilities and even the risks involved with trading are more likely to be trustworthy than ones that have nothing more than a signup form. Immediate Revolution 360 falls into the former category and has a well-designed homepage that has plenty of information that will help individuals in their decision to create an account.

This page kicks off with a signup form but goes on to talk about its exact features in detail. This includes everything from how the software works to security measures and even the different types of risks that users may encounter when crypto trading,

Immediate Revolution 360’s top features at first look:

  1. Comprehensive cryptocurrency analytics
  2. Ease of use for both new and experienced traders
  3. Instant deposits and 24-hour withdrawals
  4. Demo trading section
  5. Automated client/broker pairings 
  6. Trading accessibility in over 150 countries 
  7. A stated 85% accuracy rate

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How does Immediate Revolution 360 work?


Immediate Revolution 360 claims to be a feature-rich and fully secure trading platform that gives users a unique insight into screening, charting and trading for deep cryptocurrency analysis. The functionality of the platform provides access to online asset markets and can help traders to mitigate risks while building the right strategies for their needs. With a seamless and secure approach to trading. Immediate Revolution 360 combines AI and machine learning protocols for reliable and smart trading decisions to create more flexibility and less downtime in crypto efforts. 

This trading robot aims to take the complexity out of trading and bring actionable insights. These are driven by the latest in AI reasoning and determination, so trades that exit at a loss will be far less common. Users will be able to tailor their experience to their needs whether they want to utilise fundamental or technical trading strategies.

Immediate Revolution 360 claims to have a user-friendly website that will give new traders the ability to not only easily navigate the different areas of the platform, but also simply set an array of parameters. This will help them to make a profit on a higher percentage of trades, even if this is small and not on all of them. 

More experienced traders will be able to let the software take the helm with their needs in mind and to have a better approach to managing asset portfolios. One of the biggest advantages of trading robots that attracts potential traders is their intuitiveness and functionality, and Immediate Revolution 360 seems to be ticking all of the right boxes.

How to start trading with Immediate Revolution 360

Immediate Revolution 360

When it comes to signing up, even though it is widely accessible across a significant number of countries, the process is straightforward.

  1. The Immediate Revolution 360 website has a quick signup form that simply needs your first and last names, email address and an active phone number. 
  2. Moments after clicking the register button, users will receive a confirmation email that opens up access to the platform. You will be prompted to make a $250 deposit to be able to use the demo trading feature and start real trades. This is also common in the niche and the money is entirely yours to use freely (this isn’t a fee).

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The advantages of Immediate Revolution 360


  • 24/7 access to crypto trading and markets
  • No account fees from sign-up to deposits
  • Fast transactions
  • High-end security as a priority
  • User-friendly design for beginner use and great portfolio management
  • A host of supported cryptos
  • Access for 150+ countries
  • User risk controls
  • Additional educational materials to support trading
  • Partnerships with CySEC licensed brokers
  • 24/7 customer service desk


  • No mention of a mobile app
  • Daily log in required for minor admin tasks
  • Not accessible for US users (without a VPN)
  • Unspecified withdrawal fees

A closer look at Immediate Revolution 360’s features

AI capabilities

Immediate Revolution 360 will perform all of the basic trading functions expected of a robot of its kind, except it has a more secure approach to online efforts, additional information and a cutting-edge AI approach. Users can expect candles, tech patterns and graphs that use real time information on prices for instant access to breakout moves.

This can connect trading strategies with robust and accurate data analytics and tools. The trading signals provided by Immediate Revolution 360 are seemingly reliable (of course no trading robot will be correct 100% of the time). The website states a more objective approach to crypto decision making.


When you’re looking for cutting-edge security protocols to keep both your personal data and your funds secure, Immediate Revolution 360 is going to be a good selection for a trading robot. There is evidence to suggest that this platform partners with CySEC registered brokers. It also has advanced SSL and encryption, two-factor authentication for accounts and an experienced security team that has worked in the cyber security industry and understands how to protect all aspects of digital data.

Demo trading

When it comes to determining the legitimacy of a trading robot, the ability to trade in a demo environment is a good sign. Even those who have experience in crypto trading should take a look at this before moving onto real trades, as some platforms may operate differently to others. Taking advantage of demo capabilities can act as an additional layer of risk management.

Additional factors

We came across some interesting things in our research, namely that an array of third party review websites claim that Immediate Revolution 360 has certain capabilities that are not mentioned on the website. This could be a case of tools being hidden behind the $250 initial deposit, which is becoming increasingly more popular in the niche. This could be a negative indicator, but we have no way of telling for sure. With this in mind, let’s take a look at the reported features that are not confirmed: 

The first is that the Immediate Revolution 360 website is supposed to partner with CySEC regulated brokers, which would suggest that there will be the ability to perform leverage trading. If this is the case, users will need to keep in mind the additional risks that can come with trading using CFDs and similar contracts. 

Next, there is some suggestion that immediate Revolution 360 offers both manual and automated trading capabilities and requires traders to spend at least some amount of time on their efforts per day. This could prove to be a downside for some traders, but could also provide benefits to others, so be sure to do your own research. 

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Important information about Immediate Revolution 360

Customer service

Immediate Revolution 360 claims to not only have a customer support desk  that operates 24/7 with email services, live chat and phone calls, but also that it has a security taskforce on the case should you run into any issues regarding account or fund security.


Accessibility is one of the factors that can affect a user’s decision to sign up to a platform, especially as regulation is still highly under question for the digital finance niche. The good news is that Immediate Revolution 360 is available in over 150 countries. Sadly, it’s not available in the US, but it is VPN friendly to broaden its scope (using location changing software can come with risks, so be aware of these).

Immediate Revolution 360’s developers

It’s not uncommon in crypto spaces for developers to keep their identities under wraps – and Immediate Revolution 360 is no different. There is suggestion of AI software developers and financial analysts teaming up to create the software, but no names are verified. 

Supported payment methods

Users can make traditional deposits and withdrawals via credit/debit card or bank transfer, but reviews suggest that these are the only options. This doesn’t help with determining legitimacy, as reputable sites will want to make their services as accessible as possible. There is also some question about the fees associated with withdrawals, as these are undisclosed.

Is Immediate Revolution 360 a scam or legit?

Virtual graph

We loved the fact that the Immediate Revolution 360website is full of information, as this niche seems to be becoming less and less transparent. Many will tell you that transparency is a key factor to keep in mind, as scam sites will do as little as possible and give less away that they could potentially get caught out on. There are those that will fill their landing page with word-salads and very basic information that looks worthwhile on the face of it, but the good news is that Immediate Revolution 360 isn’t one of them. 

There is a whole host of valuable content from insights into how some crypto processes work, to an FAQ. There is even a disclaimer at the bottom of the page about the risks of crypto trading and about the the website’s use (which is a very good sign).

There is some question about Immediate Revolution 360’s tools and potential withdrawal fees, but there seems to be enough good sentiment out there that this shouldn’t be a concern. There are plenty of positive reviews around the web, some mentions of the website on social media platforms and more. All of these add up to show that Immediate Revolution 360 is more legitimate than at least some of the alternatives out there.

Taking into account everything that has been mentioned so far, Immediate Revolution 360 seems to be a fairly safe choice when it comes to choosing an AI solution. However, as with any trading venture, you should always do your own due diligence and draw your own conclusions. The software certainly boasts a myriad of features and tools that can enhance your ability to turn a profit, especially when compared to manual trading. As always, your own personal risk assessment will be the biggest determining factor for potential gains or minimised losses.

Although there are plenty of opportunities to make a profit, there are no guarantees. Even the most prolific traders make mistakes at times and the same exact notion should be applied even to the most advanced and innovative AI technology. There is no surefire way to make a profit and you should still expect to incur losses occasionally. This means that Immediate Revolution 360 may be the right choice for you if it meets the criteria that you are looking for.

There are plenty of more time-tested ways to earn a passive income that can be lucrative, but there is certainly a big draw to the volatility and unexpected twists and turns of the digital currency market; especially for people who already have an interest in the more futuristic ways of trading. 

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How much experience does one need to utilise Immediate Revolution 360 in crypto trading markets?

Immediate Revolution 360 has been created to be used by the complete novice and professional trader alike, with help for new traders that may even enhance a more seasoned trading style. Boasting one of the highest win rates on its peer market and tools and features that don’t seem to currently be available anywhere else, it seems to be a worthwhile choice. This comes alongside a high level of security and no fees. It’s always good to keep the risk of losses in mind whilst trading, no matter what way you choose to do it. 

Does Immediate Revolution 360 have any celebrity endorsements?

When choosing between crypto trading robots you will no doubt come across a plethora of claims of celebrities endorsing or being involved in crypto or its surrounding structures, regardless of whether you trade manually or via a broker. However, this is purely conjecture and there is rarely anything meaningful or substantial enough to matter. Just like all of its predecessors, Immediate Revolution 360 also has no celebrity endorsements. 

Is there potential to earn a passive income with Immediate Revolution 360?

There are way too many variables to be able to succinctly answer this question in any meaningful way. As crypto trading robots have grown in popularity and advanced technologically, there are increasing ways to make a passive income from them. However, unfortunately, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be significant, consistent, or reliable – or potentially worth the effort at all. Taking your own risk assessment into account will always be key to turning a profit.