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Crypto speculation via AI-driven trading robots has grown tremendously in the last few years. Quantum Flash is among the most popular crypto robots in 2023.

The robot reportedly uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automate the trading of hundreds of crypto pairs. Many reviewers claim that it’s developed to make sophisticated trading easy for newbies.

It’s also alleged to deliver superior results than most expert traders. We are also amazed by the many traders alleging that it’s profitable. But the reviewers also warn about the risk involved in trading crypto with it.

But is Quantum Flash legit and does it deliver the alleged profitability rate? Also, is it a good investment for a new trader with limited trading capital? We have answered these and many other crucial questions in this post.

Quantum Flash Review – Introduction

This review is based on a thorough analysis of all the available data about this robot. All the conclusions made in this post are supported by thousands of user reviews. We have also made conclusions from the feedback of expert reviewers.

Quantum Flash is reviewed by experts in many mainstream and alternative publications. The expert reviews confirm that it’s genuine and totally worthwhile. Find summarized below the key things to note about this bot.

Robot type Crypto robot
Minimum trading capital USD 250
Supported devices Mobile, web and desktop
Registration fees None
Trading commissions 2% per profitable trade
Safety features Website and server-side encryption
Customer support 24/7

What is Quantum Flash?

Quantum Flash Official Website

Quantum Flash is a popular automated trading program. The program reportedly trades hundreds of highly volatile crypto pairs. Some reviewers allege that it trades up to 300 pairs including crypto paired against crypto or crypto paired against fiat.

The traded pairs are selected based on volatility with high-volatility pairs being traded on the accounts of traders with a high risk appetite. High volatility maximizes profitability but it also increases the trading risk. Only traders with a high-risk appetite should bet on pairs with a high-risk appetite.

The Quantum Flash trading platform allows users to define their risk tolerance during the registration process. This ensures that they are only exposed to pairs that match their risk appetite. The reviews analyzed during our investigation confirm that this robot is easy to use.

No trading experience is required to use the Quantum Flash fully automated version.  Some reviews claim that it’s working on a semi-automated version to support traders who prefer controlling the trades executed in their accounts.

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How to trade with Quantum Flash

Creating a Quantum Flash account

Trading with Quantum Flash is said to be easy and fun. The robot is reportedly developed for all traders including beginners. This crypto robot only offers a fully automated version.

Some reviews claim that it’s in the final stages of launching a semi-automated version. We were not able to confirm if this is true. Find explained below the four simple steps to follow to trade the markets with Quantum Flash.

1. Register with Quantum Flash

Registering on the official Quantum Flash website is easy. Visit the site here and use their registration form to claim your free account.

As explained earlier, this platform is among the few free crypto robots in the cryptocurrency market. The bot claims to only charge a small commission on profitable accounts. Many expert reviewers conclude that this trading platform is safe for all users.

2. Fund your trading account

Quantum Flash is reviewed as one of the most affordable robots on the crypto market today. The minimum trading capital required to trade with this Bitcoin robot is USD 250.

You only need to select a payment method from the provided list and follow the prompts to complete the process. The account funding process is facilitated by the supporting broker. This broker implements the trades delivered by the bot in the world’s best liquidity pools.

3. Test the bot on the demo

The Quantum Flash platform comes with video tutorials to help you master its setting. You must watch all the tutorials to master the settings. Set the trading program as explained in the tutorials and test it using the underlying broker’s demo.

The demo simulates live trading by running on historical market data. Many expert reviewers recommend that you only apply the settings that pass the demo test on a live account. Everything about the demo is explained in one of the provided tutorials.

4. Start a live trading session

Running the Quantum Flash robot in a live account is said to be easy. According to experts who have tested the bot, anyone can use the trading bot. You are only required to follow simple instructions to set the robot for trading.

The bot allegedly uses AI algorithms to automate research and execute trading signals. Some reviews allege that it generates up to 20 signals per minute and executes them simultaneously. The reviewers attribute its alleged profitability to its speed and accuracy.

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Advantages of Quantum Flash

We have compared Quantum Flash with many other trending robots and it appears superior. This robot’s popularity is enough proof of its superiority.

Many expert reviewers rate Quantum Flash highly in all the crucial areas. These include transparency, performance, safety, customer support and ease of use. We have also been amazed by the many positive user reviews.

You can read the Quantum Flash AI reviews on Trustpilot or Reddit. The bot is also heavily reviewed on Twitter and Facebook among other social media sites. Below are the key advantages of speculating on Bitcoin and other cryptos through this robot.

  1. Superior performance
  2. Safe trading environment
  3. Variety of tradable instruments
  4. Affordable trading program
  5. Newbie-friendly trading program
  6. Transparent deposit and withdrawal methods
  7. 24/7 customer support

The Quantum Flash automated software has many pros than cons and it could therefore be a great bet. However, users shouldn’t assume its risk disclaimers. The likelihood of losing the invested capital with this crypto robot is high especially when the trading tutorial is not followed to the letter.

Quantum Flash Review – Key Features

This crypto robot stands out against trending robots in the fiat and crypto trading categories. It has great ratings in all the review platforms we have studied. Its high popularity is reportedly as a result of its amazing features. These features include:

  • Offers exposure to over 300 crypto pairs
  • Supports web, desktop and mobile trading
  • Is quite easy to use for newbies
  • Implements both fundamental and technical analysis
  • Ensures fast order execution

Find below an in-depth look into the key features highlighted above. Please note that these are not the only features that make this bot worth a try.

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Tradable Instruments

Four Bitcoins

Quantum Flash trades a variety of crypto CFDs. The bot claims to offer exposure to hundreds of CFDs in trending digital currencies. The traded currencies include crypto paired against crypto and crypto paired against fiat.

Quantum Flash is said to select and trade the most volatile crypto pairs. These pairs have the highest liquidity and hence are executed instantly. Instant order execution is crucial in crypto trading given the speed at which the prices change.

A change in pricing before order execution is known to lead to negative slippage and hence losses. The Quantum Flash crypto trading platform reportedly trades at zero slippage. This robot allows users to trade emerging altcoins paired against well-established crypto and fiat.

Some reviewers claim that Quantum Flash trades crypto paired against USD, EUR, CAD, GBP, JPY, CHF, and CHN. These are the world’s most traded currencies.

Trading Platforms

Quantum Flash is reviewed as a multi-device trading program. The program supports web, desktop, and mobile trading. Its web trader works on most browsers even though users are encouraged to use Chrome, Firefox, Brave, or Safari for safety purposes.

The web trader is also accessible in HTML5 version and can therefore be installed on mobile devices as a hybrid app. A hybrid app is compatible with all desktop and mobile devices. Quantum Flash is also available in a native mobile app.

The mobile app is available in Android, iOS, and Windows versions. This robot also provides a desktop app that is compatible with Linux, MAC, and Windows devices. You must register on the Quantum Flash website and fund your account to access to access the trading software.

The Quantum Flash App download links are published at the footer of the trading resources page. Only registered users can access this page.

Trading research and order execution

Quantum Flash implements fundamental trading research through news trading. Experts claim that it uses an NLP algorithm to identify news with an impact on crypto volatility.

News trading is popular in crypto speculation since the prices of digital assets are mostly influenced by new info entering the markets. Quantum Flash captures this information and predicts its influence on market volatility.

The robot is also known to implement the price trend technique with high accuracy. This technique involves studying the price trends for insights. The Quantum Flash trading robot implements all the signals instantly through leading crypto liquidity pools.

User experience level

Quantum Flash is reviewed as a robot for everyone. It’s the most newbie-friendly trading software given that it automates trading research and order execution. Users are only required to adjust simple settings to trade.

Trading with the bot starts with a click of a button. Quantum Flash reportedly does all the trading on autopilot and delivers periodic updates to users. Users can monitor its performance through the trading interface.

As explained earlier, this bot comes in web, desktop, and mobile versions. Each version is built with the newbie trader in mind. This bot is also reviewed as a perfect bet for expert traders. Many reviewers conclude that it outperforms the world’s best manual crypto trader.

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Quantum Flash Review – Final Word

Our investigation reveals that Quantum Flash is transparent, safe, and worthwhile. We have concluded so after studying data published on the robot’s official website.

Our investigative team has also applied a sentiment study tool on the thousands of Quantum Flash reviews posted on Trustpilot and other sites. The analysis shows that most traders are satisfied with the results generated through this robot.

Quantum Flash could be the best bet for crypto trading but do not forget that trading involves high risk. Always diversify your investment portfolio accordingly and only trade crypto with what you can afford to lose.

Please note that our review is not a recommendation or financial advice. Always conduct enough due diligence before investing your money in any platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Quantum Flash a genuine trading robot?

Many experts review Quantum Flash as a legit crypto robot. The robot seems to operate transparently and has a history of superior performance. An analysis of its reviews on platforms such as Trustpilot reveals that it’s popular with traders from all levels of experience.

Do I need skills to trade with Quantum Flash?

You don’t need specific skills to use Quantum Flash. The bot claims to automate all the heavy lifting hence making it easy to trade for newbies. But users must put effort into mastering its settings for the best trading results.

Does Quantum Flash offer a demo platform?

You can test Quantum Flash trading software on the demo offered by the assigned broker. The demo helps you determine the best settings without risking your trading capital. Some expert reviewers claim that the Quantum Flash demo is highly accurate.

How much does Quantum Flash cost?

Quantum Flash is offered on a free license to all users. The only fee you should expect to pay when using this bot is a small commission on the profits earned. This commission is deducted automatically. The underlying broker provides highly competitive spreads.

Does Quantum Flash work on mobile?

Quantum Flash comes in web, mobile, and desktop versions.  It claims to offer both hybrid and native mobile apps. The hybrid app works on all devices while the native app supports Android and iOS devices. Traders must sign up with Quantum Flash to access the trading apps.