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Immediate Evex AI is a viral crypto trading bot allegedly founded by a team of ex-WST traders and software engineers.

This crypto bot has earned itself a huge following due to its alleged performance track record. Our research team reports that this crypto bot has tens of thousands of reviews.

These reviews are published on Trustpilot and Reddit amongst other review sites. But is Immediate Evex a legit or fraudulent crypto trading bot? Find the truth in this in-depth investigative report.

Immediate Evex AI Review – Introduction

Immediate Evex

Before taking a deep dive into Immediate Evex AI, we must clarify several things.

  • Immediate Evex AI is a famous crypto robot with superb trading results but it’s quite risky to use. It’s riskier to trade crypto than traditional assets. You shouldn’t put all your savings in high-risk investments.
  • This crypto robot has all the hallmarks of a genuine trading system. Even so, our team didn’t do any live tests on it and therefore we don’t guarantee anything.
  • There is also a possibility that this crypto robot is profitable given its positive testimonials.
  • Our report presents facts and opinions. The report shouldn’t be perceived as an endorsement or financial advice.
  • You don’t need much to trade with Immediate Evex AI. The minimum trading capital is USD 250. You can use the reinvestment strategy for growth.
  • Immediate Even AI is now available globally with a presence in 120+ countries. The bot is not accessible in countries where CFD trading is prohibited.

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What is Immediate Evex AI?

Immediate Evex AI is a trading software that allegedly brings the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to crypto trading. AI is the technology behind advanced automation.

This technology has made it possible to automate technical functions in most sectors. In finance, AI is enabling the automation of online trading and investment. Fintech organisations across the globe are investing billions of dollars in AI-driven algorithmic investing and trading platforms.

Immediate Evex AI claims that it’s the leading automated trading platform for crypto. Its algorithms are said to execute news trading and price trend analysis at a high level of accuracy. These techniques are quite profitable when executed accurately.

It takes a high-speed algorithm to execute these strategies accurately. Immediate Evex AI alleges that its algorithms can execute these strategies simultaneously and accurately. Some experts allege that the Immediate Evex AI algorithm has 88% accuracy. We can’t confirm these claims since we never did any technical tests.

Is Immediate Evex AI legit?

trading robot thinking

This in-depth report is based on an in-depth analysis of the available data about Immediate Evex AI.

We determine if a crypto robot is genuine or not by answering the following questions.

  1. Is the crypto robot transparent?
  2. Does it have a good reputation?
  3. What are its partner brokers and are they reputable?
  4. How is their customer service?
  5. Does it have any complaints relating to withdrawals?
  6. Are its platforms safe?
  7. Does it have a strong social media presence?

We have answered all these questions in our review of Immediate Evex AI. Find a discussion on each of the above questions below.

High-level transparency

Immediate Evex has adequately demonstrated its dedication to transparency. The crypto bot has made substantive disclosures on its official website. For instance, it has disclosed all its fees in a guide published on its resources page. As we will see later, Immediate Evex only earns money when its users are profitable.

Its fee guide shows that it takes a commission of 2% on every profitable trade. This is nothing compared to the 20% charged by competitors. Immediate Evex AI has disclosed other vital information including the identities of all its partner brokers.

Amazing reputation

The reviews posted on the Immediate Evex AI website and its social media pages show that it’s highly reputable.

This crypto robot is also reviewed by many traders on Trustpilot. We have also come across many Immediate Evex AI reviews on Reddit. The reviewers rate this trading platform highly in the areas listed below.

  • Performance
  • Affordability
  • Ease of use
  • Reliability
  • Customer support
  • Risk management
  • Online Safety

The many experts who have reviewed Immediate Evex AI agree with the user testimonials.

Reliable partner brokers

Crypto bots such as Immediate Evex AI operate under CFD brokers. The type of CFD brokers in partnership with the trading platform should tell you a lot about it.

Authentic and reliable crypto robots are backed by reputable brokers. Research done by the experts shows that Immediate Evex is backed by reputable CFD brokers.

We didn’t sign up to access the full list of the brokers in partnership with this platform. Consequently, we can’t verify if they are regulated and reliable.

Great customer support services

Immediate Evex AI’s customer support team is reachable 24/7. You can chat with their agents in up to 7 languages.

Navigate to the flag tab on the top right corner of the Immediate Evex AI website to change the language. You can use their service in English, Italian, French, Dutch, German, Spanish, and Japanese.

Their support agents are available on call, live chat, and email. We can confirm that they respond to inquiries via phone call and live chat in less than a minute. Emails may take up to five hours to get a response.

Free and fast withdrawals

We didn’t identify any complaints about the Immediate Evex AI withdrawal process. All withdrawals are reportedly free. Moreover, it takes less than 12 hours for the funds to reflect in your account.

This is superb since most platforms take up to 48 hours to process withdrawals. As discussed below, Immediate Evex AI secures users billing information through military-grade encryption protocols.

Military-grade data encryption

The official Immediate Evex AI website is secured via the best SSL certificate. This platform boasts military-grade data protection measures. The robot’s data privacy policy demonstrates its commitment to transparency. You can find this policy at the footer of their resources page.

Immediate Evex AI alleges that the policy is aligned with the GDPR requirements. The GDPR is the world’s most comprehensive data protection policy.

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How to trade with Immediate Evex AI

Immediate Evex AI is a newbie-friendly crypto robot. You can start speculating on crypto with this bot in a few simple steps. No technical trading background is needed to use the platform.

Moreover, the majority of traders can afford it since the minimum trading balance required is USD 250. The steps to follow to use Immediate Evex AI are elaborated below.

  • Create an account

Immediate Evex new account

Visit the verified Immediate Evex AI website and fill out the signup form. The signup form captures your name, email, and phone number. You are required to use your best email and a working phone number since the agents behind the bot will contact you through these channels.

  • Verify personal information

You need to adhere to KYC requirements by verifying your identity, payment methods, and contacts. The immediate Evex AI verification process is quite a breeze. The ID verification process is facilitated by an underlying broker.

  • Deposit at least USD 250

You will be redirected to an underlying broker’s funding page after creating an account on the official Immediate Evex AI website. The broker requires a minimum investment of $250. Up to ten deposit options are available.

  • Take the tutorials and the demo

The tutorials page is available on signup. Watch all the tutorial videos and practise what you learn on the demo. The tutorials explain all the Immediate Evex AI settings. You can test your understanding of the settings on the demo platform.

  • Start a live trading session

Running Immediate Evex AI on the live markets is reportedly easy. You need to apply the right settings as determined in the previous steps before going live. The bot reportedly trades on autopilot and is, therefore, quite easy to use.

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Advantage of Immediate Evex AI

Immediate Evex AI has demonstrated its superiority over other crypto trading robots. The advantages of using this crypto robot are listed below.

  • Superior performance (as reported by users)
  • Easy to use for beginners
  • Affordable (doesn’t charge licence fees)
  • Provides advanced risk management tools
  • Transparent (No hidden charges)
  • Committed to user safety
  • Quality customer support
  • Reputable partner brokers

Immediate Evex AI attributes its success to its advanced AI algorithms. These algorithms can automatically improve themselves through ML technology.

This crypto robot automates all trading research and it’s, therefore, quite newbie-friendly. Many users report mastering its settings in less than an hour of demo practice. As discussed earlier, Immediate Evex AI has shown its commitment to transparency.

Its partnerships with regulated crypto CFD brokers are also a big plus. Our research also confirms that it provides the best customer support services.

Disadvantages of Immediate Evex AI

Any review claiming that Immediate Evex AI is perfect is lying. This platform, like any other, has its disadvantages. These disadvantages are listed below.

  1. High-level trading risk
  2. Not available in the US and other countries
  3. Signup slots are limited in the supported countries
  4. The identities of partner brokers are only disclosed on signup

Trading crypto on high leverage involves significant risk. That’s why you should treat Immediate Evex AI as a high-risk trading platform. High-risk investments should only take a small portion of your investment portfolio.

Immediate Evex AI has expanded its reach to more than 60 countries. This platform is not accessible in the US and a few other countries that prohibit crypto CFD trading.

Immediate Evex AI vs. other trading platforms

The table below compares Immediate Evex AI to other popular crypto trading systems. Some of these systems have been around for more than 15 years.

IMMEDIATE EVEX AI Other trading platforms
Great reputation Poor ratings
Tested and proven performance track record Unverified profitability claims
Easy to use for newbies Not newbie friendly
No upfront trading fees Charges licence fees
Doesn’t charge hidden fees Hidden fees
Multi-device trading Only available on the web
Quality partner brokers Some work with sham offshore brokers

 We conclude that Immediate Evex AI is more advanced than other trading systems. This explains why it has gained explosive popularity since its launch.

This crypto robot has over a hundred thousand users despite being around for 3 months.

Immediate Evex AI and celebrities

Robotic data analysis automation trading robot

Viral crypto trading platforms are likely to be falsely associated with celebrities. Immediate Evex AI is a victim of false associations with some posts alleging that several celebrities have invested in or endorsed the platform.

However, the platform hasn’t confirmed these claims. Immediate Evex AI doesn’t use celebrity influencers to market itself. Some of the fake news that associates it with celebrities includes links that redirect to cloned sites. Learn more about the intentions of these fake posts below.

Immediate Evex AI and Elon Musk

Elon Musk is the founder of SpaceX, Tesla, Numerai, and many other highly successful corporations. He is ranked by Forbes Magazine as the world’s second richest person.

Musk has interests in crypto but he doesn’t endorse any trading system. This implies that the news platforms associating him with Immediate Evex AI are fake.

Immediate Evex AI and Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos founded Amazon in 2000. He is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley. Amazon is the world’s most valuable company with an annual revenue of more than $500 billion.

Jeff Bezos has in the past shown interest in crypto. However, he hasn’t endorsed or invested in Immediate Evex AI or related platforms.

Is Immediate Evex AI a scam? Final word

Immediate Evex AI seems genuine because it operates in transparency. Its commitment to transparency is evident through disclosures made on its official website.

Another proof of legitimacy is its popularity. Only a genuine platform would attract such great feedback from traders. Immediate Evex AI has reviews all over the internet with amazing ratings on Trustpilot and Reddit.

Moreover, the crypto bot claims to secure partnerships with leading crypto CFD brokers. Only a genuine trading platform can receive the backing of such brokers. Immediate Evex AI partner brokers are authorised to operate in all its jurisdictions.

Lastly, this crypto bot offers easily reachable, knowledgeable, and friendly customer support services. This is evident in its great ratings. The support team is multilingual and accessible through email, live chat and phone. Learn more about Immediate Evex AI by visiting its site here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make money with Immediate Evex AI?

It seems that you could make money with this crypto bot since it has great reviews from users. Immediate Evex AI is one of the most popular crypto trading software in 2023. It's also the best-rated.

Does Immediate Evex AI charge hidden fees?

Immediate Evex AI has reportedly disclosed all its fees. The robot's fee guide is published on its resources page. Background checks reveal that it's among the cheapest autonomous trading systems.

Is Immediate Evex AI good for newbies?

Immediate Evex AI reportedly automates all the technical crypto trading functions. This makes it the best bot for newbie traders. Most of its users report not having any trading skills before using it.

Can I trade with Immediate Evex AI on mobile?

You can use Immediate Evex AI on your smartphone via its Android or iOS app. The app is exclusively available on the robot’s resources page.

Is Immediate Evex AI safe?

Immediate Evex AI is secure. Background checks by cybersecurity experts reveal that its site is built on powerful encryption. The crypto bot also adheres to global data privacy laws.