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The online trading environment is wide and varied, and with so many things to consider with cryptocurrencies, online platforms, digital advancements and even financial markets, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Industry regulation is also a hot topic, so it can be worthwhile to understand exactly how reputable a website is before signing up. 

There are hundreds of trading platforms out there and new ones are being established seemingly every week, so finding one that is not only reputable but supportive of the features and functions you’re looking for can be a huge task. Today we are looking at the Immediate Connect automated trading platform, so without further ado, here’s everything you need to know.

What is Immediate Connect?

Immediate Connect website

Your decision to trade with Immediate Connect will require some research and it will need to meet your individual trading needs. 

As a platform, Immediate Connect has been designed to bring a higher level of automation to trading on the crypto market. Its AI and algorithms are said to be capable of scanning the markets, identifying the trades with the most potential and executing them automatically to minimise the input of the trader – and can be used in conjunction with a range of assets outside of cryptocurrencies, like CFDs, major forex pairs and stocks.

It has a host of tools that can benefit both new and well-established traders, and these are paired with a user-friendly website that can be easy to navigate, trade on and manage your trading endeavours.

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How to start trading with Immediate Connect

Creating an account

Sign-up processes are often similar across crypto trading platforms, but it can be worthwhile to know the steps involved. 

1. Go to the Immediate Connect official website

Here you will find a registration form at the top of the homepage. It asks for you to submit your first and last name, email address and phone number.

2. Fund your account

Next, you’ll need to deposit £250 into your account (this is the industry standard amount). Immediate Connect supports wire transfers, credit cards and PayPal with no fees attached.

3. Begin trading

Start by using the demo trading feature and then work your way towards live trading for the best results.

A note about withdrawals:

Users will be able to withdraw funds instantly and for free at any time. As Immediate Connect will make a profit on the amount you withdraw, it is suggested to make smaller transactions to minimise your outgoings.

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Immediate Connect features

  • Beginner-friendly platform

Immediate Connect seems to put a main focus on its potential for new traders, without excluding more seasoned professionals. As it promotes its automated trading capabilities, users will be expected to set their parameters and leave the software to do exactly as tasked. There is still the option for manual trading however, so users will have the ability to tailor their experience to meet their needs.

  • Software

As Immediate Connect bot isn’t very forthcoming with the information they provide about how its platform functions, success rates, or even historical performance, we can only assume how it works in terms of its software. Its biggest selling point is that traders won’t need to be actively involved in their efforts when trading with Immediate Connect, as the software takes care of everything, but let’s take a look at how this type of trading platform typically works.

Generally, algorithms are trained to define the most worthwhile trades using price patterns based on the asset’s price data and this will be the benchmark for whether value is more likely to increase or decrease (typically in the short-term for crypto). Trades will automatically be placed in a matter of seconds and may be executed just as quickly.

  • Support for multi-asset trading 

While you may only be interested in cryptocurrencies, Immediate Connect does support multi-asset trading and this can be a good feature for those who want to eventually diversify their portfolios. This capability could impact a trader’s decision to sign up to the platform and may even boost its credentials (after all, its audience isn’t simply limited to crypto, therefore it may be less likely to be a scam). 

Yet again, the immediate Connect software does itself a disservice, as it doesn’t outline exactly what Forex pairs, stock types, or CFDs can be traded. This includes no information on whether leveraged trading is an option and if this is an extremely relevant aspect of these types of trading, it doesn’t look good. Note that while you won’t need leverage to trade crypto, this may act as an indicator of reliability.

  • Demo account

While we mentioned the demo trading account earlier on, there is the additional benefit of being able to learn exactly how Immediate Connect’s algorithms will perform under current market conditions, which can be a worthwhile aspect of trading on this platform.

  • Mobile support and cross-platform capabilities

A potential drawback of the Immediate Connect trading platform is that it doesn’t currently have a mobile app, but this isn’t always a deal breaker for many traders. The platform can be used across all devices on the web, so there are cross-platform capabilities to take advantage of. Users can access Immediate Connect’s platform anywhere in the world (excluding the US) with a reliable internet connection.

  • Security protocol

The Immediate Connect website claims to use military-grade encryption in order to secure users’ data and trade information when signing up and trading. Yet again, there isn’t any supporting information of how Immediate Connect stores funds in users’ accounts, so it may be a good idea to do some research and find information from users who already have active accounts.

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What to keep in mind when signing up to Immediate Connect

Automated trading

One of the first considerations for this review is the fact that Immediate Connect doesn’t boast a success rate – and while this may seem like a red flag at first glance, the reality is that many trading platforms that do feature a significant percentage are often considered to be inflating their stats. With this in mind, having no success rate can be an indicator of a more reputable platform, as they are not promising huge numbers that may not exactly deliver. The only factor going against Immediate Connect is the fact that they also don’t display any data regarding past performance and this isn’t likely to be a good thing.

While the above points can be extremely important to keep in mind, there are other features that may entice crypto traders, like the fact that there are reportedly no account fees, trading fees, nor any commissions when trading, so it can be simple to not only get set up with little collateral, but also to maximise any potential profits that you may make (this could lead to better budgeting and the ability to make larger trades once you have built up some funds).

A worthwhile feature that does lend to its credibility is that it supports demo trading, which allows users to test out the site, so that everything is fully understood before any real money is put on the line. This can be a good option for traders of all calibres, as the platform will vary from its counterparts and you may want to familiarise yourself with how the algorithms function, alongside other aspects like how to set up and manage risk management protocols.

The benefits of Immediate Connect

One of the first benefits to consider is that Immediate Connect is compatible with both the Meta Trader 4 and Web Trader platforms, so you can access the additional functionality of these when trading. Here is a quick list of the other benefits on offer:

  1. Supports a host of financial instruments, including stocks, Forex and CFDs alongside Bitcoin
  2. Fully automated trading capabilities
  3. Easy to use platform for traders of all skill levels
  4. Completely free to use
  5. Demo trading account available
  6. Fast, intuitive UX and AI software
  7. Option for manual trading
  8. 24/7 trading everywhere but the US

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Cons of trading with Immediate Connect

There seems to be a wealth of information missing from this website and this applies to not only its ability to help you make more successful trades, but also on some exclusive functions that should really be listed to give you a better idea of what’s on offer. It is rather unusual for a trading platform to omit this kind of information, so this is worthwhile to keep in mind before signing up.

In terms of other cons, there don’t seem to be many reasons not to use the Immediate Connect trading software , outside of the fact that it doesn’t have a mobile app.

A quick word on crypto trading 


When you decide to trade crypto, it can be a good idea to have a grasp on the wider niche and the possibilities that using your hard-earned cash can present. First of all, even with the most well-appointed trading platform, tools and in-depth insights, no trader will have a 100% success rate when trading on cryptocurrency markets. The losses can come just as quickly as the profits, so be sure to practice risk management where possible. This can mean setting up a trading strategy (different platforms will pair better with some strategies over others, so keep this in mind when selecting the right one for you), creating a defined trading plan (set out your goals, budget, how many hours a day you want to commit to trading, etc.) and play around with your trading parameters so that the software available functions as you’d expect.

Remember that the crypto trading environment is still extremely volatile and isn’t widely regulated, so there are a host of scam websites out there that are looking to take your money. Even though Immediate Connect states that its software can perform with no human interaction, always check in on how it is performing and change any areas that may improve how it works.

Is Immediate Connect a legit trading platform?

Online trading

Immediate Connect does seem to have some plus points, the biggest being that you can set parameters and leave it to work, but there is a lot of missing information that may be an indicator that it is a scam. 

One of the best ways to find this out for yourself is research, and third-party reviews and testimonials could give you some key insights. Social media can be a good place to start, as you will want to ensure that the information you gather comes from real users and that the opinions haven’t been paid for to make the site look good.

From our research it is hard to tell just how reputable Immediate Connect is or how big of a part it can play in the success of your efforts, but the ability to set it up and sit back is an advantage that not many platforms can boast. If you are looking to minimise your time and effort when trading, it could be a good selection – and as it has no fees, it will not only be accessible for those on a tight budget, but also for those who want to maximise the amount they earn from trading cryptocurrencies. hbb v6 rolex day date m228396tbr 0026 mens rolex calibre 2836 silver tone automatic forum was hard at superior quality not to mention solutions. offer a wide selection of the top quality om rolex daytona mens mingzhu engine 116568 automatic hands.

Always be sure to never put more funds into trading than you can afford and start small; you can always make more expensive market moves once you have the right experience and a better budget.

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Immediate Connect FAQ

How does Immediate Connect work?

Immediate Connect works by implementing an algorithmic trading tool that acts upon a set of trader-determined parameters to buy and sell cryptocurrencies and more. It executes automatic trades with little to no management and will open trades, close trades and deposit funds (or deduct losses) to the user’s account automatically.

Who are the founders of Immediate Connect?

In keeping with the theme of this trading platform, there is no information available about the developers behind Immediate Connect (but this isn’t unusual for the niche).

Are there any celebrity endorsements?

Many trading platforms boast endorsements from celebrities like Elon Musk, but Immediate Connect doesn’t make these claims. In most cases, these are found to be untrue.