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Trading is a very lucrative option for those who want to earn good money in little time. If you know well about the financial market and the various options it offers, you can invest a little and make good profits. However, to trade in the financial market, one must know about the instruments and the market itself.

Today, cryptocurrency has become the go-to investment option for those who want to earn quick money. What can a person who has no idea about cryptocurrency or trading do? Do they just let go of the opportunities to make some good money? Will they have to pass up the chance to earn high profits in a short period?

The introduction of cryptocurrency trading bots has removed this worry for all those who wanted to enter the cryptocurrency market but could not do so due to a lack of knowledge. Read on our digital Yen Coin review to find out more about this crypto.

Digital Yen Coin benefits: no hidden fees, free live trading, zero commissions

 What is Yen Coin: computer software Based on advanced blockchain technology

 Minimum deposit: $250 or Є220

 Security: high-end SSL encryption. Yen Coin is partnered with multiple registered brokers


Why Trade-In Cryptocurrencies?

Yen Coin Official Website

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency. In today’s digitally advanced world, digital currency is gaining more importance by the day. As more and more people enter the market to buy and use digital currencies, trading in cryptocurrencies has become more lucrative than before. 

It is a highly volatile market with excellent returns. It can be easy for those who know and understand trading in cryptocurrencies to study this volatile market and make trades based on their assessments. They can invest a little money and earn back a good return the same day.

How Can Auto Trading Help You?

Are you looking to earn some good money without having to spend too much time or effort on it? Do you want someone to do all the work but give you the profits? Then these auto trading options are just what you are looking for.

The cryptocurrency market can be very quick and move up or down in no time. You won’t have to waste any precious minutes with automated trading software. The bot will place trades quickly, in real-time. The algorithms are designed to take in all influencing factors and make calculations to predict the market’s movement. The bot will place trades without taking time like humans as the market moves.

You get to cash in on this quickness and earn better profits than those trading in real-time, either on their own or through brokers. Even a little can go a long way in the crypto market.


What Is a Yen Coin?

Crypto trading software

Yen Coin is a software specifically designed to help traders invest in digital yen. It uses complex algorithms carefully created to take in all factors in the market and make calculated moves to maximize profits. 

If the bot recognizes a good trading opportunity with all the factors involved, it will place a trade on your behalf. Similarly, when it senses a dip in the market, it will exit accordingly. You don’t have to sit and follow the market movements constantly. The robot helps you forget it all but reap the benefits.

What You Need To Know About Yen Coin

The Yen coin is a free trading platform that does not charge you to create an account. The platform is easy to use and offers customer support 24 hours a day. 

However, you can use this platform to only trade in Yen coins. You cannot trade with other cryptocurrencies through this medium. Also, there is no mobile app for this platform. So it limits your use if you are keen on trading in various cryptocurrencies.

Why Choose Yen Coin For Your Trading Needs?

Yen Coin Platform

When there are multiple cryptocurrency bots out in the market., why choose a Yen coin? How is it better than others, or why is it a good option for you?


When it comes to money, everyone wants it to be safe. No one will invest their money in a place where there could be security issues. Yen coin uses military-grade SSL encryption to provide top-level security to its traders from intruders. Some random hackers cannot pry into your trades and see what you are doing with your money or take your money. 

Yen coin is connected to multiple brokers who help their customers. Each of these brokers has this encryption used by Yen coins. With this double security, your money is safe, your data and trades are very secure.

Commission Free

The commission is one of an investor’s biggest expenses when trading. With auto trading in the crypto  market, this is reduced considerably. Yen coin is one of the few automated platforms that charge 0% commission on its trades. This means you don’t have to pay anything for any trades the robot places for you. 

Now, is this good or bad? It is definitely good news from a trader’s perspective because you don’t have to share your profits with the broker or the trading platform. Though the computer is making all the trading decisions and profits for you, you can take it all and enjoy it. 

Quick Pay-out

When you make a good profit, you would want to take it with you. Not many would let it lay with some trading account. Many automated platforms take a few days to process your withdrawal request and transfer the money to your account, but not Yen Coin. 

Here, when you want your money, you can raise a withdrawal request, and it will be processed within 24 hours. You can have your money safe in your account within a few hours of asking for it.

Easy To Use

Just because a computer program places all the trades and takes all the decisions, the platform is not complicated for a layman. The interface is very simple, and everyone can use it without difficulties. You can customize the dashboard to your preference and have all the details you want to keep track of at your fingertips.

You need not surrender all your choices just because it is automated. With Yen Coin, you can opt for manual or automatic. This is a big advantage you will have over other auto-bot users. You can make the best of this dual-use option and get a better trading experience than your peers using different trading platforms. 

Easy Registration

The registration process to start trading with Yen Coin is quite simple. It takes just a few hours to open an account with your broker’s guidance. You can begin trading once your account is activated. All this takes less than a day. 

So if you are keen on starting your trading in cryptocurrency, you can do so with Yen coin in just a day’s time.

Demo Account

For all those new to cryptocurrency trading and have no idea what happens in the market or what moves to make, you can make the best of the demo account. This demo account uses real trade values from the past. So if you make a move based on those trades and calculations, you will get a first-hand feel of what your moves can do to your money in the real market. 

You can learn about various trading methods, experiment with various moves, etc. This demo account is free for account holders, and you can use this for as long as you want. You can switch to live to trade once you better understand the market.

High Success Rate

Yen Coin boasts a success rate of 95%. The rate of success of an investment depends on various factors such as:

  • Amount deposited
  • Time traded
  • Risk level decided
  • Market volatility
  • Accuracy of the app

As we can see, the algorithm’s accuracy plays a vital role in the rate of return on your investment. The success rate is not just the money you earn but the rate of profit. The Yen coin has a very high success rate, and its users earn an excellent profit daily. 

Yes, the 95% may seem a little less when compared to other trading platforms that boast 99.9% or even 100% accuracy. 

Though the robot is doing all the calculations, the algorithm is designed by man. The robot can make 100% right calculations but not 100% accurate trades. Since the market’s movement is not completely predictable, a 100% success rate is not possible.

Customer Service

When you deposit your money, and a robot is handling it, it can be quite concerning. Especially when you are unsure about the market or why certain things are happening. It can get quite frustrating when you have to keep clicking on various options, navigate through instructions and spend a lot of time getting an answer about your money. 

Yen Coin understands that supporting its customer is very important and offers customer service all around the clock. Be it day or night; you can always get answers to your queries.


Get Started With Yen Coin

Yen Coin account

Starting your trading journey with Yen Coin is quite simple.


First, you need to create an account for yourself on Yen Coin to trade on their platform. You need to give your name, email address, and contact number. Once you fill in the details on the website and submit the form, you will get a call from the team. This person will gather the required details for authenticating your account. You need to give the details asked for; they will take care of the rest.

After collecting your details, an account manager will be assigned to you. They will guide you through the registration process.

Deposit Money

Yen Coin requires you to deposit a minimum of $250 to start trading on their platform. You can use one of the many payment options given on their website. With multiple payment options, it takes very little time for you to transfer the money and get access to trading features. 

Since different countries have different rules and restrictions for online payments, check which method of payment and withdrawal is allowed in your country. Withdrawing your money has to be in the same manner as depositing. 

Demo Trade

Once you deposit the minimum amount, you access your Yen Coin account and all its features, including the demo trading account. As mentioned earlier, you can practice and understand the various nuances of trading in cryptocurrencies.

Even if you are not new to cryptocurrency trading, you can always use this demo account to try different trades or strategies before trying them with real money.

Start Trading

Once you are comfortable using the platform and understand the app’s various features, you can start trading live. You can sit back and watch the robot make all the trades for you. If you feel the need for intervening, you can always use the manual option and place the trades yourself. 

Now, that is an exciting combination, isn’t it? You can trade when you feel like it and let the computer take over when you want to focus on something else.


Is Yen Coin Legit?

With digital money gaining importance and recognition as a mode of payment, many show interest and are getting into cryptocurrency trading. Despite the high volatility, the market gives you good returns. Hence people are ready to jump right in.

Many predators are waiting to pounce on the gullible, especially the new traders who have no idea about trading and depend entirely on bots to help them earn money. Several scams have swindled people’s money in the name of auto trading.

In such a case, it is all but natural to wonder if Yen Coin is legit or just another scam to rob you of your money. Be rest assured that Yen Coin is indeed legit. 

The Bank of Japan is venturing into digital currency as it is the call of the hour. It plans to launch digital Yen Coin as a digital alternative to cash. The digital Yen is a central bank digital currency that will enable the public to access the state monies in the form of cryptocurrencies.

Exercise Caution

Yen Coin investing

With a number of cryptocurrencies entering the market and different countries introducing and accepting digital money, a trader needs to exercise caution. It is your hard-earned money, and you need to ensure you are investing it in the proper channels.

The cryptocurrency market is highly volatile. The returns are very tempting, too, especially if you have a primary job and want to earn a little extra without investing much time or effort into it. 

With automated trading, you are not required to spend more than 10 minutes a day. All you will have to do is set your trade limits and begin the trade. You can end the trade when you want to. The computer will take care of it all in between. You can go, focus on your primary job, and the robot will be making money for you.

As simple as it may sound, it involves many risks too. Many people fall prey to scams that promise excellent returns for free. They don’t have to pay for creating the account, for the robot to make the trades, or even share their profits. Many people fall for this and invest their money, only to lose it eventually.

You need to be cautious and do a thorough check before you can trust a trading platform with your money. Check out the website, the customer reviews, and the frequency of reviews/ updates. This will give you a fair idea of whether the app is active and legit or just a scam.

Why Opt For Auto Trading?

With automated trading, the algorithm is such that the robot will make a set of moves for a set of actions. No breaks or emotions can affect this. So, no matter what you are occupied with, your money will be in trade, in safe hands where there are no calculation errors or time lag. The trades are made in real-time, getting you the best of your investment.

Digital Yen Coin Review Conclusion

Trading in cryptocurrencies like Digital Yen using automated platforms like Yen Coin can be beneficial. You can earn a lot of money in a short period without putting in much effort. When used with caution, such platforms can be a real boon for those trying hard to increase their earnings and change their life for the better.



Why is cryptocurrency trading more profitable than other instruments?

The market is highly volatile. As a result, the returns are high too. Only those ready to take big risks enter this market and try to make the best of it.

Why is the cryptocurrency market so volatile?

Since there is no governing body, there are no caps or rules fixed like other markets. There is no limit or control over how high or low the market can go. If you have the money, you can trade in this market. There are no restrictions.

Who governs cryptocurrencies?

The concerned bodies govern cryptocurrency trading in each country. However, these are digital monies and are not issued or backed by the country’s treasury. This is why investing in digital currencies is riskier than investing in currencies.