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Oil Pro 360 claims to offer the tools and resources to turn a complete beginner trader into an expert.

Some experts claim that the platform is the best bet for speculating on the rising oil market boom. Oil Pro 360 is supposedly equipped with tools for technical and fundamental analysis.

These tools reportedly boost the trading outcome dramatically. Oil Pro 360 has made headlines as the most newbie-friendly commodities trading platform. It appears at the top of experts’ list of the best oil trading platforms.

But is Oil Pro 360 a con or a legitimate commodities trading platform? We have the answers for you in this detailed post.

Oil Pro 360 Review – The Facts Revealed

Oil Profit

Oil Pro 360 has been around for years even though it seems to have become more popular in 2023. Expert reviewers attribute the sudden popularity to its new trading tools.

The new tools reportedly make it easy for newbies to ride the oil markets like pros. 

Our investigative team found adequate proof in support of Oil Pro 360 legitimacy. The platform seems to have the potential to turn newbie oil CFDs traders into pros. But trading with Oil Pro 360 is also quite risky and users should be ready for any trading outcome. While many traders allege profitability, many have also lost money through the platform.

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How to trade with Oil Pro 360

Oil Profit create new account

Trading with Oil Pro 360 has never been easier thanks to its tutorials, educational materials, and highly intuitive demo. Some reviewers claim that Oil Pro 360 is an automated trading bot.

However, our investigation shows that it’s a resource platform for manual trading. Its tools reportedly help traders implement manual trading strategies fast and with high accuracy.

Oil Pro 360 has received a windfall of positive feedback in 2023. While there is a huge possibility of hitting the home run with the platform, there is also a high likelihood that you could lose money.

As you will see in the steps below, Oil Pro 360 is quite a newbie friendly.  It takes a beginner a few hours to master all its tools and use them in trading research.

Signup with Oil Pro 360

Signing up on the official Oil Pro 360 takes less than a minute. Fill out the form in the top right corner and secure the account through a password.

Oil Pro 360 automatically takes you to a broker’s page upon completing this step. Upload the verification documents with the broker to authenticate your trading account.

Deposit trading capital

Trading capital is money you will use to bet on the price swings of oil and energies. Oil Pro 360 tools and resources are used through a CFDs broker providing oil and energies trading.

Deposit, therefore, happens through these brokers. You will receive a list of accepted payment methods on signing up. Select the preferred method and follow the steps to fund your account. The minimum required to trade through the assigned broker is USD 250.

Take the tutorials and the demo

The tutorials explain every trading step in layman’s language. Newbies are also required to complete the first level of the provided trading courses before going live. It takes less than 3 hours to complete the beginner oil trading course.

Oil Pro 360 offers a demo to help traders test their understanding of the provided tools. It takes less than an hour to test the tools on the demo.

Start a live trading session

Use the Oil Pro 360 tools to build strategies and follow its guide to place trades via the broker. You can analyze and trade the US and UK oil and LPG like a pro through the tools offered under this platform.

Oil Pro 360 has received many positive reviews in 2023. While this oil trading platform could be profitable, trading with it involves high risk.

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What is Oil Pro 360?

Oil Pro 360 is marketed as a resource centre for all oil trading needs. The platform reportedly helps users speculate on oil price swings through CFDs.

A Contract for Difference (CFD) is a unique financial instrument that derives its value from the underlying asset. The asset in the case of Oil Pro 360 is the US Oil, UK Oil, and Liquefied Natural Gas.

Trading these commodities via the resources offered by CFDs brokers is hard for the newbie. Moreover, the tools and educational materials provided by the underlying broker are not enough.

Oil Pro 360 is a third-party platform providing superior trading research tools and educational resources. The platform provides these tools and resources via select brokers. You need to register on the Oil Pro 360 website to get connected to the broker offering the oil and energies CFDs. Most experts endorse the brokers linked from the Oil Pro 360 website. We didn’t find a comprehensive list of the brokers in partnership with this trading platform.

How Oil Pro 360 Works

Trading robot concept

The oil price volatility has shot dramatically as a result of the political uncertainty in Europe. Experts also attribute the rising volatility to OPEC cutting down production amid rising demand for oil products.

The volatility is expected to keep rising due to the USD stability issues. Oil has a negative correlation with the USD with a strengthening greenback leading to lower oil prices. A weakening USD, on the other hand, leads to high oil prices.

Oil Pro 360 claims to offer tools and resources to help traders profit from the relationship between the USD and oil. The tools offered under this platform help the trader analyze the USD and predict its patterns.

The trader can use the USD patterns to place bets on oil volatility. Trading oil by analyzing the patterns of the greenback is hard when done through traditional tools.  Oil Pro 360 eliminates all the complexity by providing easy-to-use trading research tools.

The platform also comes with educational materials to help the trader to master the oil trading process fast. Users are matched with educational materials that match their trading experience on signing up on the official Oil Pro 360 website.

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Oil Pro 360 Trading App Features

Traders can reportedly access the Oil Pro 360 tools and resources on their desktop and mobile devices. The platform comes in web, desktop, and mobile versions.

Its web version can work on any browser even though they recommend using safe browsers such as Chrome, Brave, Firefox, and Mozilla. You can use the web version as a hybrid mobile app too by downloading it through the provided link.

Oil Pro 360 is also available in native Android and iOS app versions. You can access the Oil Pro 360 mobile app download link on the footer of the resource’s dashboard. This platform is also accessible via a native desktop app.

The desktop app download link is also shared at the footer of the resource’s dashboard.

Is Oil Pro 360 a scam or a legit platform?

Oil Pro 360 is reviewed as a disruptive oil trading platform. As explained in this post, the platform provides resources to help users trade oil CFDs successfully. All the trading happens through third-party brokers operating under this platform.

But is Oil Pro 360 a legit or scam oil CFDs trading platform? The platform seems genuine given that it meets most expert’s transparency and safety tests. Highlighted below are the justifications for Oil Pro 360 legitimacy.

  1. Oil Pro 360 is transparent – It has made adequate disclosures on its site
  2. The platform has an amazing reputation as is evident in its social media reviews
  3. Background checks show that its supporting brokers are reputable
  4. Oil Pro 360 adheres to strict online safety measures
  5. The platform’s customer support services are top-rated

The highlights above prove that Oil Pro 360 is genuine. No sham trading platform would secure the quality partnerships secured by this platform. Also, only a trustworthy and profitable platform would have such amazing user feedback.

Advantages of Oil Pro 360

Oil Pro 360 has received many great reviews in 2023. This platform was founded 2 years ago but has gone viral in 2023.

The sudden popularity is associated with its new tools and resources. These tools are reportedly more advanced than the older ones. Traders can supposedly use them to analyze multiple oil and energy CFDs simultaneously and place bets in quality liquidity.

Oil Pro 360 is good for newbies as well as expert traders. Newbies who try it enjoy a wide range of resources and mentorship from an experienced dedicated account manager.

The provided resources include research tools, a demo platform, and well-structured trading education courses. Find the pros of Oil Pro 360 listed below.

  • Superior performance
  • Excellent user feedback
  • Great expert reviews
  • High-level transparency
  • Affordable trading capital requirement
  • Secure trading environment
  • 24/7 customer support

We came up with these advantages after analyzing multiple expert Oil Pro 360 reviews. Our team didn’t test the platform on a live account and hence we can’t guarantee the trading outcome.

Oil Pro 360 Vs other trading platforms

Robot hand Artificial intelligence trading stock

Oil Pro 360 has very few competitors. These competitors are out of reach for many traders given that they charge hefty registration fees.

Oil Pro 360 doesn’t charge any registration fees. The competitors also charge a hefty commission per profitable trade. Some charge a commission of up to 40%. Oil Pro 360 only charges a 2% commission per profitable trade.

Background checks further reveal that the competitors only offer a web trading platform. Oil Pro 360 is available in web and mobile versions. The mobile app is state-of-the-art and highly intuitive. You can use Oil Pro 360 on your Android or iOS smartphone.

The table below summarizes the differences between Oil Pro 360 and other trading platforms.

Oil Pro 360 Other trading platforms
Minimum trading capital of USD250 Minimum trading capital of USD100
Doesn’t charge license fees Charges license fees
Supports oil and energies trading Only supports oil trading
Works on web, mobile, and desktop Only available in the web version
Trading commission of 2% only Charges up to 20% in trading commissions
24/7 customer support 24/5 customer support
Safe partner brokers Offshore partner brokers
Newbie friendly Supports intermediate and experienced traders only

 Oil Pro 360 Review – Final Word

Oil Pro 360 scores excellently in all our legitimacy tests. The platform’s popularity clearly shows that it has helped many traders navigate the complex oil CFDs trading.

Many users allege starting as newbies and achieving trading success from day one of trading. Oil Pro 360 equips traders with tools for fast and accurate trading research. These tools and resources are free to access but a commission is charged on any profit generated through them. 

Most of the Oil Pro 360 competitors are out of reach for many people since they charge registration fees and require users to deposit at least a thousand dollars to start. You can start trading with Oil Profit 360 for USD 250 only.

Oil Pro 360 is undoubtedly a reliable and reputable platform. You can read the platform’s amazing reviews on social media. This review isn’t an endorsement of Oil Pro 360 or any of its partner brokers.

Moreover, our conclusion shouldn’t be perceived as financial advice.  The conclusions made here are derived from an in-depth study of reviews done by the experts. You may need to consult a financial advisor before trading CFDs on oil or any other asset class.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Oil Pro 360 trading app compatible with Android?

Oil Pro 360 allows users to trade on the go through its intuitive native mobile app. Traders must sign up on its official site to access its mobile app download link. The app is available in Android and iOS versions.

Which assets can I trade with Oil Pro 360?

Oil Pro 360 helps users trade oil and energies through Contracts for Differences (CFDs). CFDs are unique financial derivatives that allow speculators to bet on the price of an asset without owning it.

Is Oil Pro 360 a good investment platform?

There are adequate reasons to conclude that Oil Pro 360 is a good oil and energies trading platform. The platform has amazing reviews from thousands of traders. These traders attribute their huge success in oil and energies trading to this platform.

Can a beginner use Oil Pro 360?

Oil Pro 360 makes oil and energies CFDs trading easy. Its main mission is to allow ordinary investors to make money off the world’s most volatile commodities. The platform comes with a boatload of resources for the newbie trader.

Does Oil Pro 360 charge hidden fees?

We have analyzed thousands of Oil Pro 360 reviews on social media and Trustpilot and didn't find complaints about its fees. This platform is free and reportedly profits from a commission deducted from users' profits.