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With the popularity of cryptocurrencies on the rise and many investors showing keen interest in this field, numerous online trading platforms are emerging on a regular basis. To avoid being left out, China has taken the plunge in creating its own digital trading company.

By mid-2014, the Yuan Profit began to form and launched the first crypto trading platform in China. Using this platform, you need not become an expert to trade in the online digital market. These trading bots allow even beginners to trade efficiently using cryptos. 

Now, you must be wondering if these automated trading systems are safe? In this Yuan Profit review, we will uncover everything you need to know about the platform and check how reliable it is.

What is the Yuan Profit Platform?

Yuan Pay Group App Landing Page

Yuan Profit is a digital platform that enables investors to invest in cryptocurrencies, including digital yuan, once it hits the market. E-Yuan is a crypto payment solution targeting the Chinese population and will soon be launched by the Chinese government in the coming months. 

It is anticipated that e-Yuan will increase in value to surpass the prevailing cryptos, even Bitcoin. Using the Yuan Profit app, you can take advantage of this crypto volatility that will take place once e-Yuan is launched.

With the help of advanced trading algorithms, this bot acquires massive market data, analyzes them, and makes predictions about the price fluctuations in crypto markets. This system is easy to operate and works using a trading bot; it serves as a user-friendly platform for experienced and novice traders.

This AI-powered app helps in machine learning and the development of accurate predictions to trade efficiently. Additionally, users have the flexibility to configure the system to execute trades on their behalf after getting the signal. This enables investors to gain profits from digital assets by trading in the crypto market throughout the day.

Minimum deposit: $250 (€220)

Success rate: up to 90%

Trading: sophisticated algorithm for trading cryptocurencies and digital Yuan

Security level: high (regulated brokers and SSL encryption)


About the Founding Team

Founded by a team of trading market experts, Yuan Profit was developed in collaboration with the Chinese government regulators to oversee e-Yuan trading. Being able to offer the best blockchain-powered trading system, this bot enables the trade of e-Yuan and other fiat and cryptocurrencies. With the Chinese government adopting e-Yuan as their digital currency, it will result in insane profits for the investors. 

The founding team created this platform to establish a network of skilled and inexperienced investors. Here, each trader can earn around $1000 to $1500 daily as returns without much effort. 

Yuan Profit Platform: Key Features 

Yuan Pay digital currency

With many crypto trading platforms and e-Yuan trading bots to choose from, only a handful of them offer excellent features like the Yuan Profit app. Let’s have a look at some of the features that make Yuan Profit worth investing in. 

Demo Account:

The platform has a demo account that aids novice traders in understanding the bot’s working. Both seasoned and new users can use this account to test various trading strategies and see how they would work in an actual market condition before implementing them. Once new users understand how things work in a trading market, they’ll be all set to plunge into the typical crypto world. 

Trading Features:

Yuan Profit app enables users to trade using different cryptocurrencies on the futures or current market. This helps them to leverage their capital and earn higher returns. The different features being clearly labelled on the dashboard make it easier for beginners to navigate while being visually appealing. 

Verification System:

While signing onto this platform, it is a must for traders to verify their identities. This is one of the basic requirements imposed by the Chinese government regulators when dealing with e-Yuan. However, the verification process is relatively quick and simple. The requirements include:

  1. Uploading your passport or a photo of your ID.
  2. A selfie.
  3. Residence proof. 

The team will review all the submitted documents, and if no issue persists, the Yuan Profit account will be verified, and the user will be free to trade cryptos. 

Activate Crypto Trading Signals:

Unlike other online trading apps, Yuan Profit remains focused on providing objectives and strategies for the well-being of its potential users. This system enables investors to analyze the trades while viewing the live online trading market.

Furthermore, this bot is responsible for providing users with market insights concerning the profits and transactions made by each trader. This trading bot was recognized and promoted by many expert traders due to its efficient crypto trading results. 

Success Rate:

As per their official website, Yuan Profit claims to have a more than 98% success rate. This indicates that out of every 100 trades executed, 99 of them end up yielding returns to the user.

Though it appears to be impressive, fresh traders must be cautious. Wondering why? The success rate is determined by the experience level and amount of capital invested by the traders. 

Incredible Customer Support Service:

While comparing with other crypto trading platforms that do not have proper consent for their traders, you will come across an active ‘contact us’ page on the official website of this app. This bot provides professional 24/7 customer support that is responsive to user queries. 

Quick Payouts:

Being an auto trader, the app claims to provide immediate returns, which happens to be true. On closing the trading positions, the rewards are shown in the account balance. Users have the liberty to withdraw the payouts anything they need. Once the company team receives the withdrawal requests, each of the requests takes 24 hours to get processed. 

Multiple Cryptocurrencies:

In addition to providing access to trading with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and other cryptos, Yuan Profit also offers exclusive access to trade using e-Yuan. This fascinating aspect is that Yuan Profit is the only system that provides access to the Chinese Crypto. This has created hype among traders who wish to trade using e-Yuan. 


Yuan Profit Scam Investigation

While researching, it was found that Yuan Profit works with regulated trading brokers to offer features and services in trading crypto assets, which appears to be reliable. The combined power of machine learning and AI provides better returns in the highly volatile crypto trading market. But, some sites make bold claims of it having a trading accuracy of 100%, which cannot be true. 

The website also proposes the higher possibility of e-Yuan rising to $5,000 per coin once China accepts digital Yuan as the country’s crypto coin. This can create increased volatility in the crypto trading market to generate vast amounts of profits. However, these claims are pure speculations – as the emerging Chinese crypto will take time to roll out into the online trading market.

Though it’s safe for users to set the auto trading parameters and use the demo trading account, it is advisable not to rely on the app’s claims of yielding profits of $10,000 daily. However, this software has a real support system available 24/7 via email, black phone chat, or telephone. This enables the traders to contact the support team anytime in case of any issues.

How To Start Trading On The Yuan Profit Platform?

Signing up with Yuan Pay Group

The user experience and navigation of the Yuan Profit are relatively simple. This makes it easier for fresh traders to find the various features and start trading using cryptos. 

Also, creating an account on this auto trader does not take more than a few minutes. Below is the step-by-step process on how to get started with the Yuan Profit. 

  • Registering the Trading Account:

In the initial step of opening an account, you need to log onto the Yuan Profit website and tap on the register button. Here you have to fill and submit the form with your basic information, which includes:

  1. Name. 
  2. Valid email address. 
  3. Phone number.

Also, remember to create a strong personal password for your account. During the registration process, you are required to submit the credit card details. Once you have submitted your personal details accurately, this bot assigns a personal account manager to guide you through the trading account setup and verification procedure.

  • Verification Process:

Before you can start investing, you need to get your account secured. Once the registration is complete, the assigned manager will connect with you within 30 minutes. This call is to verify that a user is a real person. You also have the choice to schedule the call based on your convenience, only after which you can start investing. 

Next, a confirmation email and an SMS will be sent to your registered email address and phone number for verification. The email will contain all the necessary verification procedures you need to follow.

  • Making an Initial Deposit:

After registration, you will be directed to a page where you can make a deposit. This enables you to access the entire software and start trading in the crypto market. 

Uses must make a minimum initial deposit of Є250 using the payment modes supported by Yuan Profit. The standard payment modes are:

  1. Bank transfers. 
  2. Credit cards. 
  3. Digital wallets such as Skrill, etc.

Traders can use this minimum deposit to execute their initial trade on Yuan Profit. Once you start generating profit, you can invest more into the capital. Before you start trading, you will have to verify your account by providing your proof of residence and your passport copy or photo of your ID.

  • Practice using Demo Account:

Yuan Profit allows its users to practise trading using their demo account. As this account is similar to the live trading market, investors get a chance to trade cryptos without worrying about facing risks. 

  • Live Trading:

Now that you practised using the demo Yuan Profit account, you’ll be excited to learn how this bot works in the live trading market. Using your verified account, proceed to the trading dashboard. Here, you can execute trades in the live crypto market and earn actual money as profits in your account.

This is when the user-friendly interface of this bot stands out among its competitors. Yuan Profit software’s easy-to-navigate platform makes it suitable for both novice and expert traders.

Once you finish executing a trade, the gained profit is immediately transferred to your virtual wallet and converted into Yuan Coin. Due to the price fluctuation of the Chinese digital currency, investors need to pay keen attention to the volatility in the international digital market while trading.


Benefits Of Using Yuan Profit System 

Crypto Coin

With various unique selling points, some incredible benefits make Yuan Profit appealing to investors. 

Easy to operate:

With Yuan Profit being a user-friendly digital currency trading platform, it is best suited for beginner traders to generate large profits using this bot. All one needs to do is stick to the automated trading strategy to enable the system to trade on your behalf after receiving the signals.

Most trading bots do not permit novice traders to execute online trade and generate profits without prior know-how or expertise. To enhance your profitability ratios and broaden new possibilities, novice investors can easily trade with cryptos using this app.

Excellent security:

This automated system was designed with a secure interface that allows users to trade without losing their hard-earned income. In this platform, each screen is coded with high-level security protocols. 

It works on a blockchain that provides all users with transparent trading options. The safety measures of Yuan Profit includes:

  1. Top protection with data encryption. 
  2. User verification.
  3. Website security measures. 

Hence, all personal information of traders on this system remains well-protected against cyber threats. 

Powerful AI trading system:

As the app runs using an effective algorithm, it can detect relevant signals when announced. This algorithm is capable of collecting and analyzing the data from the trading market within a short time. Each of these data is evaluated to understand the ongoing market trends and track profitability using the advanced optimal solution.

High profitability:

Due to the successful and efficient trading algorithm, it is assumed that users will attain profitable opportunities by using this app. With a win rate of over 90%, it is assumed that the daily ROI is more than 60%. 

Only a handful of trading bots provide such a high amount of ROI daily. When trading with Yuan Profit, the average ROI is around 20%. 

Zero withdrawal fees:

With the absence of human interaction, the chances of failures are reduced. The built-in bot automatically executes and controls the direction of the trade. As a result, traders can enjoy better returns and request the withdrawal of their profits anytime. The withdrawal process of the Yuan Profit system is absolutely free. Within 24 hours, the gained profits are reflected in the trader’s account. 

Free Registration:

Being one of the leading crypto trading systems that offer free connectivity and sign-up to live trading markets, this app is a popular option among investors. New traders consider this platform to be the best option to gain maximum benefits.

To attain better results, users can make use of the entire navigation mechanism without paying any charges. Unlike other software, this system does not require any registration fees. 

Most of the other trading systems require license and registration fees which are quite high. Using the Yuan Profit is entirely free of cost! You also need not worry about losing your profits to the commission. Yuan Profit transfers the entire profit received by the user to their trading account. 

How To Maximize Your Returns Using Yuan Profit System?

As Yuan Profit is reviewed as the highly profitable trading bot by most users, there is no limit to the amount of profit you can acquire. The profitability mostly depends on your trading experience on the software and the initial investment you started with.

But, novice traders should start trading with a minimum deposit amount initially. Based on your expertise, you will be able to trade more effectively and gain better returns on any crypto trading platform. 

The Negative Balance Protection tool in the Yuan Pay App software prevents investors from losing their investments and trading into the negative. Still, the crypto trading risks prevail, and traders must be extra cautious. 

Tips For Beginners To Make Profit Using Yuan Profit

Here are some effective trading strategies that seem to work great while using this auto trading system.

  • If you’re new to the world of cryptos, it’s advisable to start small with a minimum deposit of not more than $300. After you figure out how the auto trader works and master the trading strategies, go ahead and increase your investment.
  • Avoid trading with just basic digital currencies knowledge. Instead, take the time to find out more about the specific crypto you wish to invest in. 
  • Following expert advice will help prevent numerous mishaps and provide you with insights on how to trade effectively under specific conditions. Find the right trading expert online and stick to what advice they have to offer.
  • Before investing in the live trading market, use the demo trading account to understand the features. Never invest money in any auto trader without being familiar with the features and services the bot has to offer.
  • It is advisable to withdraw your crypto trading returns as soon as possible to avoid losing them, as the crypto trading space is unpredictable.
  • Maintain proper records of all your online crypto trades if you happen to reside in regions where you need to file taxes for your crypto trading profits. 

Does This Trading Platform Have An App?

With Yuan Profit being a high-performance, AI-powered trading software, a mobile application is not required. Being an internet application, this trading bot requires a secure internet connection to facilitate a smooth trading operation. As for the software, it works seamlessly on all web-based devices.

By connecting to any Internet browser, users can avail all the features and tools available on the platform. Also, this auto trader is compatible with both iOS and Android platforms. This makes it suitable for traders to connect to the live crypto market and execute trade while on the go. 

However, those traders who need an app for trading can download the Yuan Profit from the link provided in the verification email.

What Are The Possible Risks Involved In Using Yuan Profit?

While pursuing the right trading strategy or technique, investors keep adjusting and altering their trading parameters every time. Even if you generate an incredible winning trade technique, there exist the risks of unfavourable results during the live trade runs. These inoperable techniques result in the risk of over-optimization.

Is Yuan Profit Software the Right Choice?

Cryptocurrencies on a map of the world

Yuan Profit is a high-performance crypto trading software that is beneficial for new and seasoned traders. Novice investors can use this auto trader to trade in the live crypto market and learn the basics of online trading. Due to the wide range of instructional resources and tools, it offers its users; the software helps them improve their trading strategies and abilities.

Furthermore, investors who are new to the world of digital assets can use the Yuan Profit platform’s virtual demo account to practice and understand how to use the various trading methods. It also helps beginners to gain a better insight into the highly volatile crypto trading market. 


Yuan Profit Review: Final Verdict

Yuan Profit claims to be one of the few trading systems that offer to trade using e-Yuan. This software uses sophisticated AI-powered algorithms to acquire huge amounts of market data, make predictions and conduct trade on behalf of the investors. As per their website, the payouts are instant, and the platform is supported by several trustworthy brokers who are licensed to provide their expertise.

With trading account funding being relatively easy, you need not worry about getting connected with the customer service agents if you get stuck while executing the trade. With an average rating of 3, the auto trading system faces issues when it comes to verification procedures. 

Though the overall experience seems smooth, trading on digital platforms is never devoid of risks. Always tread with caution and know your limits while investing your hard-earned money in any cryptocurrency market!

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