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Ethereum Code is a cryptocurrency trading platform that is reportedly built on Artificial Intelligence (AI). The program allegedly uses AI algorithms to automatically speculate on Ethereum volatility.

Ether is the world’s second most valuable crypto by market capitalization. Ethereum Code is said to trade ETH paired against other highly volatile digital currencies.

The program reportedly automates everything hence making trading easy for the newbies. Our readers have asked us to do a review of Ethereum Code to determine if it’s a scam or authentic crypto trading software.

We have done so and discussed the findings in this post. You should review to the end to decide whether to trade with this platform.

Ethereum Code Review – Disclaimer

Ethereum Code

Before we dive into Ethereum Code, it’s worth noting that digital assets trading involves high risk. This is not unexpected for such a volatile asset class. The high volatility is a double-edged sword with the potential of magnifying any trading outcome.

You take a big risk when you decide to invest in or trade digital currencies. Ethereum Code claims to reduce the risk significantly. However, a great degree of risk remains.

From the data we’ve analyzed, this trading platform is likely a great performer. Thousands of traders have expressed satisfaction with this platform through reviews posted on Trustpilot and Reddit.

This review is informed by an in-depth analysis of user and expert feedback. We haven’t tested Ethereum Code on a live account. This means that we can’t confirm the conclusions made with 100% certainty.

Our review of the Ethereum Code shouldn’t be perceived as an endorsement or financial advice.

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Getting Started with Ethereum Code

Ethereum Code Create an account today

Trading crypto with Ethereum Code is easy. Our investigation confirms that this platform is developed for the complete beginner.

Newbies can reportedly use it to bet on their favourite digital currencies at low risk and high profitability. The bot has a superb performance track record and is also recommended for the experts.

Start trading with Ethereum Code in four simple steps as explained below. Please note that crypto speculation whether manually or through auto-trading software involves high risk.

Register an account

Claim your free slot by filling out the signup form on the official Ethereum Code website. This trading system offers free signup slots in a few countries.

You may pay some license fees if you are not in the eligible countries. Check if the bot is available for free in your country by signing up here.

Fund your account

Depositing funds in your Ethereum Code trading account is also straightforward. Select the preferred payment method from a list provided by the assigned broker and complete the process.

Please note that you are automatically registered with the underlying financial broker on signing up with Ethereum Code. You must deposit a minimum of USD 250 to access the bot’s trading area. The deposit is what Ethereum Code uses to take market positions.

Take the tutorials and demo practice

The tutorials are easy to follow for all traders including complete beginners. They include PDF and video tutorials.

Test the various settings on the provided demo to determine what works. The settings that deliver good results should be applied in live trading.

Start a live trading session

Going live with Ethereum Code is easy if you’ve mastered its instructions. Visit the settings page and follow the simple guide to adjust the required parameters. Go live by clicking the “GO LIVE” button.

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What is Ethereum Code?

The rapid advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies has taken automation to unimaginable heights in the last few years. Technologies such as ChatGPT are proving to disrupt almost every sector in 2022.

The crypto trading sector is experiencing massive AI-driven disruptions in 2023. Ethereum Code is the latest technology to enter this space. This platform utilizes AI algorithms to automate every aspect of crypto trading.

Users are only required to adjust a few parameters to streamline their trading with their risk appetite. The settings are easy to understand and there is a demo to help the trader test them before going live.

Ethereum Code is reportedly managed by a reputable trading software provider. This trading software provider partners with leading brokers to ensure quality liquidity and the best trading terms.

Quality liquidity is important in digital assets trading since it ensures that orders are placed at the requested price. Poor liquidity leads to a delay in order execution hence leading to a bad trading outcome.

Tradable Assets

White robot with ethereum and red piggy bank on the table.

This auto-trading platform reportedly bets on hundreds of crypto assets. All the tradable crypto pairs have ETH either as the base or quote currency. A base currency/transaction currency is the first currency in a currency pair quotation.

Case in point, the base currency in the pair ETHUSD is ETH while the quote currency is USD. This currency pair implies that the trader is using ETH to buy the USD.

We won’t delve into much detail since you don’t need to understand the trading lingo to use Ethereum Code. The reviews we’ve analyzed suggest that the trading program is built for the complete beginner.

Ethereum Code claims to trade up to 460 digital currency pairs on its website. The reviewers allege that it uses AI algorithms to select and trade the pairs with the highest level of volatility.

The bot also reportedly gives users to specify their risk appetite level. The bot selects the tradable pairs based on the specific user risk appetite level. Users with low-risk tolerance are only exposed to less volatile pairs.

High volatility translates to higher profitability potential albeit at higher risk. Trading the less volatile risk means that you assume the lower risk for slow but sure growth. Even so, nothing can be guaranteed in crypto trading.

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Trading Platforms

Ethereum Code claims that it’s on a mission to make profitable trading accessible to the masses. The bot has expanded its reach to more than 120 countries in less than a year. 

Ethereum Code became available in Europe in early 2022 and has reportedly partnered with more brokers to expand its reach to many countries in Asia, the Americas, and Africa.

This bot ensures easy access by offering an app that is compatible with Android and iOS devices. Traders can access the app by registering with the platform on its official website. Those who prefer using desktop devices can trade with its web trader or desktop app.

Its web-trader is also accessible as a hybrid app which can be used on desktop and mobile devices. The Ethereum Code desktop app is reportedly compatible with Windows, Linux, and MAC devices.

Ethereum Code Reputation Score

This platform has an amazing reputation with positive feedback all over the web. We have done in-depth searches on social media to unearth its user reviews.

Amazingly, more than 80% of its social media reviews are positive. Ethereum Code seems to be trending in most European countries. It’s also popular in Asia, Africa and some parts of the Americas.

Our team has also studied the Ethereum Code reviews on Trustpilot. As is expected, the robot is among the best-rated on this platform. Most of its reviewers on the site report profitability. Ethereum Code boasts a 4.6/5 rating on Trustpilot.

No trading robot in all the asset classes is as highly rated on Trustpilot as Ethereum Code. This robot also has many positive comments on Reddit. Reddit is a unique social media platform highly popular with investors and traders.

Advantages of using Ethereum Code

Ethereum Code is reviewed by experts as a disruptive trading program with more advantages than disadvantages. The main advantages of speculating on ETH through this bot are listed below.

  • Superior performance
  • Newbie-friendly trading software
  • Only requires little human input
  • Affordable for traders with a limited budget
  • Available in mobile app, desktop app, and web formats
  • 24/5 support via live chat, calls, callbacks, and email
  • User data protected via military-grade technologies

Ethereum Code has a great reputation with the majority of its users claiming that it outperforms all the other trading bots in the market. 

Please note that this review doesn’t guarantee any trading outcome. We are also not offering any financial advice in this post. You are entirely responsible for your trading decisions.

Is Ethereum Code a scam?

Ethereum coin on robot's hand

The data that we have analyzed clearly shows that Ethereum Code is legit. This crypto robot competes with leading brands in the automated trading space.

Find below the reasons why we believe that Ethereum Code is genuine.

  1. Transparent trading environment
  2. Reputable partner brokers
  3. Safe trading environment
  4. Great reputation from users and experts
  5. Owned and operated by a reputable company

We conclude that Ethereum Code is transparent after going through the disclosures on its official site. Unlike most of its competitors, this trading platform discloses all its supporting brokers.

Background checks reveal that all the brokers are credible. As we will see below, this bot trades through a financial broker. The broker offers the trading terms, facilitates order execution, and handles all transactions.

Ethereum Code Review – The Verdict

We didn’t find any red flags in our investigation to make us doubt the legitimacy of the Ethereum Code. Our findings agree with the feedback shared by many other experts. This trading robot is transparent as is evident through the disclosures on its site and that of its partner broker.

Preliminary checks on the financial brokers associated with Ethereum Code show that they are genuine. Only a genuine trading system can secure a partnership with such reputable brokers. All the brokers linked from this bot reportedly observe strict safety measures such as deposit segregation. They are also said to perform regular external audits as required by the regulators. 

Ethereum Code is reputable with many users rating highly on performance. If the reviews by the verified users are anything to go by, then this platform is totally worthwhile. But don’t take its alleged profitability as assured.

The crypto markets are highly volatile and largely unpredictable. This makes them quite risky to trade. Financial prudence dictates that you only trade digital currencies with what you can afford to lose.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ethereum Code fake or legit?

Many independent experts conclude that Ethereum Code is trustworthy. Background checks by our team confirm that the platform is genuine. Only an authentic trading program would get the backing of quality brokers.

Can a newbie succeed with Ethereum Code?

A statement on the Ethereum Code website indicates that it’s built for the complete beginner. Most of the robot’s success stories show that no trading experience is needed to use it successfully.

Does Ethereum Code charge trading fees?

Ethereum Code doesn't charge trading fees since the trading happens through a third-party broker. The trading fees apply through these third-party brokers. The expert reviewers claim that the third-party brokers backing the trading system offer highly competitive spreads.

Is Ethereum Code a good choice for the expert trader?

Ethereum Code is arguably a perfect choice for the experienced trader with little trading time. The bot automates all the functions and reportedly performs better than most semi-automated systems. It also outperforms the expert manual trader in many areas.

How much do I need to trade with Ethereum Code?

Ethereum Code shines on many areas including affordability. The bot is available on a free license to users in 20+ countries. You need to go to its official site to determine if it’s available for free in your country.