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The crypto niche has had its ups and downs in the last year and even with the advancements in tech that can help to improve users’ potential when trading, it is still a volatile environment that needs to be navigated carefully. This can be especially true when it comes to trading robots. With this in mind, it’s time to take an in-depth look at Bitcoin XOX, to see whether it could be a scam or legit trading tool.

Important information about Bitcoin XOX

Bitcoin XOX website

The Bitcoin XOX platform has been designed to offer algorithmic trading tools to users as a more innovative way to invest in a host of cryptocurrencies. Setting it apart from other bots on the market, it uses an API that performs auto-trading with a suggested win rate that is larger than 50%. During our own research, it has become apparent that Bitcoin XOX is a trading service that partners with a host of brokers to provide users with the trading features and functions they are looking for (over 15, in fact). The Bitcoin XOX trading tool has been built with both the MT4 and cTrader trading platforms in mind, and supports the use of third-party software.

In the last few years, there has been a real focus on increasing regulation for digital finance and this is because the current industry standard doesn’t have the best level of support for crypto users or tight enough control over scam websites. Just a few short years ago, many of the trading robots on the market simply weren’t trustworthy and this has led to traders being extremely careful with their choices. One of the first things to do for any crypto trader is research and it can be worthwhile to look out for potential red flags vs features – and Bitcoin XOX is a name that just keeps on cropping up.

One of the biggest aspects giving users pause about Bitcoin XOX is the fact that, while there are no deposit fees, the site simply cannot be accessed after signing up without depositing $250 into your newly-created account. In the industry, this is relatively unheard of – users can’t typically trade without funding, but can access their account and get a feel for the site before putting any money forward.


The sign-up process

Bitcoin XOX registration

With the above in mind, it can be worthwhile to understand the sign-up process for the Bitcoin XOX software. More experienced traders will likely have their own experience in the niche to build on, and may feel that everything is legit based upon their own reasoning.

  • Create an account

The Bitcoin XOX trading platform has an online registration form right on the homepage. All this asks for is a first and last name, email address and phone number. Once this has been filled in, users will be asked to verify their Crypto Trend Trader account through the designated broker.

  • Make the minimum deposit 

The website suggests that users will be linked to the designated broker’s deposit page where the Bitcoin XOX account needs to be funded with a minimum of $250 (different brokers will offer varying payment options, but most support wire transfers, credit cards, debit cards and crypto wallets such as Skrill, Cash App and Google Pay). 

  • Move onto live trading 

Once a deposit has been made, users will be prompted to set some trading parameters to be matched with a host of tools that will be relevant to their needs. It is suggested that brokers will provide a demo account as opposed to Bitcoin XOX, so be sure to undertake some practice trading before using real funds if this is the case. 


The features available on Bitcoin XOX

The Bitcoin XOX robot claims to offer support for hundreds of crypto CFDs with tens of analytical tools to help traders make worthwhile trading decisions. These are developed using Artificial Intelligence and blockchain technologies, to provide deep insights and big data analysis. 

As a crypto robot, its main function is to scour the financial markets for the best trading opportunities based on the parameters set by the individual. This is undertaken using AI and machine learning and will execute automatically, so traders will simply need to input their preferred measures and sit back while Bitcoin XOX does all the hard work.

Users are encouraged to specify their trading experience when signing up, in order to be matched with the tools that will be of most use (these will be beginner, intermediate and experienced skill levels). As much of the functionality of the Bitcoin XOX bot is supported by partnered brokers, here is a quick look at the typical features that users can expect:

  1. Order placement
  2. Technical analysis, including data feeds and charting
  3. Automated trading
  4. Order management tools
  5. Analytical tools
  6. Access to Real-time data, news and research
  7. API integration
  8. Mobile functionality
  9. Demo trading feature

When using automated trading with the Bitcoin XOX app, always be sure to check in on your account and its performance to ensure everything is running how you want. As the Bitcoin XOX trading software partners with third-party brokers, there may be separate trading fees to consider. 

Is Bitcoin XOX safe?

So far, there doesn’t seem to be many factors to suggest that Bitcoin XOX isn’t a legitimate trading platform that will assist users in their crypto trading endeavours, but there also isn’t much to suggest that it’s not. To help you make your own decision, one of the best things to look at is the security measures in place – and Bitcoin XOX has built-in AES256 encryption throughout the official Crypto Trend Trader website. It has Amazon S3 encryption protocol for server-side encryption and all user data is secured in compliance with General Data Protection Regulation protocol (GDPR). Bitcoin XOX uses distributed ledger technology (DLT) to track account activity and trace any commissions that may be charged on trades that prove to be profitable. To add to this, all transactions on Bitcoin XOX are performed on a smart-contract basis, to ensure that trading parameters are properly met and wins correctly defined.

Bitcoin XOX also has its own API available, to allow developers to build their own applications, so this may be something to keep in mind when considering both usage and reputability.

User reviews and testimonials will be a great way to get a more well-rounded idea of how legit this platform may be – and as the Bitcoin XOX platform cannot be accessed without creating and funding an account, opinions should be coming directly from those with relevant knowledge.

Developers and celebrity endorsements of Bitcoin XOX

BTC trading

When you’re hoping to find a crypto trading platform that can suit your needs, you may want to take some time to get to know the developers. The bad news is that there isn’t any information out there about the people behind Bitcoin XOX. It can also be worthwhile to know that while there are stories suggesting that a host of reputable names are associated with the Bitcoin XOX platform, the truth is that Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Martin Lewis and similar celebrities aren’t actually affiliated with Bitcoin XOX.

Is Bitcoin XOX a good choice for crypto trading?

There is a lot to take into consideration with Bitcoin XOX, so research really is going to be key before making the decision whether or not to sign up. While there does seem to be a host of features, support from brokers and an extensive set of security protocols, there are also certainly some drawbacks, like no site access without a deposit.

One of the biggest features promoted by Bitcoin XOX is the fact that there are tools tailored to skill level, so as long as users are truthful about their experience, they will be connected with the tools that will best suit their needs. There are a host of longer-established, better-equipped websites out there that can facilitate trading for all needs, so this may not be a deal-breaking aspect overall.

When trading crypto, it is always advised to remember that the market is extremely volatile by nature and that profits are never 100% guaranteed. There are a lot of aspects that can increase or impact your chances, so always exercise caution and be sure to never trade more money than you can afford. 

Bitcoin XOX doesn’t have its own demo trading feature, but this should be available via the partnered brokers. It is suggested that the customer service on offer runs 24/7 and functions well, so be sure to reach out if you run into any trouble.


Bitcoin XOX  FAQ

How does Bitcoin XOX work?

Bitcoin XOX aims to provide an easy-to-use crypto trading platform that features both automatic trading and connection with brokers that can help to facilitate worthwhile trades. It has mobile functionality, a host of security implementations, trading tools and insights and much more. There are options for trading and arbitrage markets, with support for cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash.

How can you use Bitcoin XOX?

The Bitcoin XOX platform has cross-platform functionality and can be used on MAC, Windows and Linux operating systems, alongside a proprietary mobile app, but it may be worthwhile to keep in mind that different brokers may not have the same facilitation.

What are the fees associated with Bitcoin XOX?

As with most platforms, fees are typically charged via the broker per tradable CFD pair on Bitcoin XOX, so you may need to do some research of your own once a broker has been assigned. 90% of the tools are free to use (excluding those relating to professional wealth management).

Profitable trades are subject to a 2% commission and these are tracked through a blockchain-based system to ensure that everything is equated properly.