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Featuring cutting-edge technology and providing a wide range of excellent features to its users, it’s not hard to see why BitcoinX has been gaining some popularity in the crypto community. However, with a variety of scams and less-than-genuine and secure websites, it’s always important that you do your research before putting your money on the line.

With that in mind, we’re here to give you a better idea of what BitcoinX is all about and whether or not it will be worthwhile for your trading needs.

BitcoinX Benefits:

  1. Free demo account, no trading fees
  2. Legitimate trading robot for the crypto market
  3. Advanced trading strategy based on AI

A quick overview of BitcoinX

BitcoinX official website

Before we get into the full review of BitcoinX, we wanted to first take a glance at what this site has to offer to give you a quick idea of what’s in store for you. 

  • With this advanced algorithmic bitcoin trading bot, you’ll get to automate the crypto trading process and potentially see success on the majority of investments made
  • BitcoinX claims that its users could potentially earn up to £1,000 a day using its trading signals (we’ll look closer into that later)
  • There are 4 popular cryptocurrencies supported on this site; Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and DASH
  • With a minimum deposit requirement of $250, the barrier of entry on BitcoinX isn’t too high at all
  • You won’t have to worry about any commissions or trading fees when using the trading services of Bitcoin


Why is BitcoinX an efficient auto trader?

BitcoinX cryptocurrencies

While there are many automated trading robots on the cryptocurrency market, it might just be worth considering everything that BitcoinX has to offer. This trading system may be fairly new to the market, but it already shows a lot of promise with everything that it has to offer. Even with the risks of trading crypto, many of those who use BitcoinX software will find that they won’t have to worry.

From just a few points mentioned in the overview, you may already have an idea of why BitcoinX has been gaining popularity – and that’s not all it has to offer. Signing up is easy, the fees are non-existent and the chances of success are high. What more could you ask for?

What is BitcoinX Automated crypto trading platform
Cryptocurrencies available for trading Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Ripple
Withdrawals less than 24 hours
Deposit amount $250 or € 220

How to get started with BitcoinX

Registration form

Interested in taking a look at what BitcoinX has to offer? If so, you’ll be glad to hear that signing up and getting started isn’t generally going to be too much of a hassle. Here are the 3 quick and easy steps to begin your journey with BitcoinX:

Step 1: Create an account for free

First of all, you’re going to need to sign up for a BitcoinX trading account. There are a few reasons why this can be great for investors; from the fact that you can register for free, to the simplicity of the process. Just provide your name, contact details and password on the BitcoinX website, wait for verification and you should be good to go – usually, all in the space of a few minutes.

Step 2: Make your first deposit

Once your BitcoinX account has been made, you can put some funds into it. If you’re just starting out, we’d suggest sticking to the minimum amount of £250 until you feel more confident to go higher. Usually, you’ll discover that depositing cash won’t be too difficult and transactions should only take about 24 hours to be processed, so you won’t have to wait too long until you can make your investments.

Step 3: Set BitcoinX up to start trading

Finally, with all this done, you’ll be able to adjust the trading settings of this site to your unique needs and enjoy the wide variety of benefits that BitcoinX has to offer. Once you’ve given the algorithms your commands and instructions (from stop-loss limits to trading pairs), you’ll be able to sit back, relax and leave the robot to do its job.


Key features and benefits of BitcoinX

While we have already mentioned a few of the advantages that BitcoinX has to offer, there are still many important points that we haven’t discussed yet. Here are some of the biggest benefits that can come with using BitcoinX for your trading needs: 

A win rate over 95%

Boasting an incredibly high chance for success on investments, most users will find that they’ll be able to earn a profit on their trades most of the time on BitcoinX. While there is still a chance to lose, the odds are generally going to be significantly in your favour – and since there are risks and varying chances of success when trading crypto on your own anyway, the minimal risk is generally a small price to pay for higher chances of profit.  

The live feed of trades made on BitcoinX

While mentioned a little earlier on, the live profit and loss feed of BitcoinX goes hand in hand with the high success rate. Essentially, you’ll be able to take a look at the wins and losses of other investments as they happen, which could help you to get an idea of how the crypto market’s currently moving and how to adjust your trading settings accordingly.

For example, if you see that several people have lost money on Ethereum trades, you may want to consider reducing your trading amount on ETH until it picks back up again.

Advanced trading technology

Of course, you can’t mention the advantages of this site without noting the technology that the trading robot is based on. With smart AI, excellent algorithms and much more, BitcoinX is generally going to be a great choice for practically any investor looking to make a profit and save time.

There are even other benefits that this offers, such as the fast trade execution – being 0.1 second ahead of the market. Overall, features like this certainly help to make BitcoinX worthwhile. 

There are a number of trading pairs

When using BitcoinX, you’ll have access to BTC, ETH, XRP and DASH. Unlike many trading platforms, you can not only trade these against each other, but also against fiat currencies – with trading pairs like BTC to USD, XRP to ETH, DASH to AUD and many more. Essentially, you’ll often find that making your investments will be fairly simple thanks to the numerous pairs that are on offer on BitcoinX.

BitcoinX isn’t complex

Despite the advanced tech used to make all this possible, most individuals will find that BitcoinX is essentially open to anyone, even being simple enough for beginners to understand. That’s not to say that it won’t be beneficial to crypto enthusiasts – just that those who are just starting out will also be able to reap the rewards of this trading tool. Features like an intuitive and simple interface, clear design and a dedicated support team all help to further assist new users.

BitcoinX has incredible security

Concerned for the safety of your money and data? Don’t worry, as BitcoinX has taken the time to provide its users with some of the best security on offer. Better yet, BitcoinX is also compliant with all the necessary authorities, so you’ll be able to relax knowing that you’ll be safe when using this site for all your trading needs. 

You won’t need to worry about fees

There are many platforms out there that will ask for something in return for their services and while this is understandable, not everyone wants to take a cut in their profits. Understanding this, the developers of BitcoinX have made their platform completely free to use.  There are no deposit or withdrawal fees, no account fees, premium services locked behind subscriptions, or even commissions on successful trades.

All this means that you basically won’t need to worry about losing any of your hard-earned cash, which is something that many traders will find appealing. 

The demo trading features

Those who want to test the before they put their money (fiat or crypto) up for trade will be glad to hear that they can do just that. With the demo trader, you’ll be able to make dummy investments, using fake money. This can be perfect for anyone who wants to see what the algorithms are capable of, mess around with different trading strategies, or just see how it all works. 

Essentially, with BitcoinX live trading, you won’t have to put your money on the line without getting a chance to get some practice in – and this can only help to improve your chances of success with trading moving forward.

It’s a generally profitable auto trader

There are a variety of advantages that a good automated trading bot can offer, which only assists in making BitcoinX trading app an even better choice. Not only can you leave the complicated and simple decisions to the AI to solve, but you can also go about your daily business as the algorithms of BitcoinX are running, meaning that you can earn a profit even when you’re not there. 

While this is something you can enjoy with most good auto bots, it’s still worth mentioning in a list of things that go toward making BitcoinX a fantastic selection.


Downsides of trading with BitcoinX

Just as there are a variety of appealing aspects to this site, some may find that BitcoinX trading software isn’t perfect. Here are some of the issues that you might want to keep in mind before signing up for this automated trading platform: 

  • The selection of cryptocurrencies is limited

Despite the many things that help to make trading easy, even the number of different trading pairs, there still aren’t that many cryptocurrencies themselves supported on BitcoinX. While this isn’t an issue for those who want more secure investments (since Bitcoin, Ether, XRP and Dash are all fairly stable coins), it would be nice if there was a broader selection.

  • There’s no guarantee that you’ll earn a profit

While this is something that you’ll experience with essentially any auto trading platform, it’s still worth noting since there are some people who don’t realise that regardless of how high the odds are of making a profit, it’s impossible to guarantee a successful trade every single time. Because of this, you should often be wary of any auto traders that boast a 100% win rate.

Again, this isn’t exclusive to BitcoinX, so it’s something you have to expect if you want to use an auto trader.

Is BitcoinX a legitimate trading platform?

When you’re looking for tools and crypto trading platforms that can assist you in your crypto endeavours, it’s always best to do your research. Nobody wants to be scammed out of their digital coins or have their information stolen – so you really do need to be wary. That being said, BitcoinX looks to be trustworthy for a few reasons.

One noteworthy feature of BitcoinX is that there’s a live feed on the site depicting the trades made on the platform, including both the successful investments and the failed ones, showing you an accurate presentation of what they can do.

While it is hard to verify the claim of being able to earn £1,000 daily, the high success rates and positive reviews do help to at least show that using BitcoinX has been profitable for many users. Of course, everybody’s experience is different and not everyone is lucky enough to win on trades consistently. From our own research on BItcoinX though, we believe that it has quite a lot going for it.

So, is BitcoinX worth checking out?

From everything we’ve looked into in this review, you should have a better idea of whether you’ll want to use an automated trader like BitcoinX for your crypto needs. With everything that it has to offer, it’s not hard to see why there are many individuals who have chosen to sign up and start trading with it.


Frequently asked questions

What do I need to know about crypto trading?

There are often going to be quite a few things that you could do if you want to ensure that you get the best start possible in your cryptocurrency investments. For example, learning more about some of the different trading strategies, cryptocurrencies, tools and the crypto market overall could help you to make some decent headway when beginning your trading journey. Simply put, doing your research is often the best way to go about being a successful trader.

Is BitcoinX a good choice for beginners?

Cryptocurrency is an interesting choice, due to the fact that it’s very different from many of the more common assets people invest in. This doesn’t make it bad, nor does it necessarily make it better in terms of simplicity, as even those who regularly trade stocks will still need to learn a lot about crypto before they get on with investing. On the plus side, there are options that are better for beginners; namely the more secure ones, typically known as stablecoins. This includes BTC, ETH and several other popular names.

Can you get rich with crypto trading?

While everybody’s experience with cryptocurrency is likely to vary based on a broad range of factors, there’s no doubt that there have been a large number of people who have made a significant amount of cash from their investments in these digital coins. The truth of the matter is that some people win and some people lose – the best you can do is try to improve your chances of doing well.