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Many traders are wondering whether Immediate Momentum is a scam or a legit autonomous trading system. This platform has gone viral in August 2023 as its users continue to share their amazing experiences.

The trading software boasts of a huge following on the web with thousands of traders discussing it on Reddit. Immediate Momentum is also rumoured to be trending on X in many European and Asian countries.

It also has superb reviews on Trustpilot and many other consumer review platforms. But is it a legitimate trading software and can you generate profits with it? Our highly experienced team hasn’t left any stone unturned in investigating it.

Read this post to learn the exciting facts about Immediate Momentum. Please note that this is not financial advice or a recommendation to use this trading software. You are completely responsible for all your investment choices.

Immediate Momentum Overview 

Immediate Momentum

This platform has been trending since January 2023. Its popularity keeps increasing as it continues to roll out more interesting features.

But is Immediate Momentum the perfect bet for anyone interested in CFDs trading? We will find out in this in-depth review.

But before that, let’s summarize the crucial things you should know about this bot before getting started.

Robot type Fully autonomous
Tradable instruments Forex, stock, market indices, and crypto
Trading platforms Web, mobile, and desktop
Profitability rate Unconfirmed
Minimum deposit USD 250
Withdrawals wait time Up to 24 hours (alleged)
Customer support 24/7 and multilingual
Trading risk level High

Immediate Momentum seems like the best bet for all traders. But you shouldn’t assume the risks associated with CFDs trading. Evaluate your risk appetite carefully before trading and invest what you can afford to lose.

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What is Immediate Momentum?

Immediate Platform claims to be AI-driven autonomous trading software. An autonomous trading system automates some or all of the trading functions.

Some reviewers claim that Immediate Momentum is an advanced fully autonomous trading program. Being fully autonomous means that it’s quite easy to operate for the beginner trader.

Immediate Momentum claims that it trades hundreds of assets through CFDs. Some reviewers claim that it provides exposure to 600+ assets in forex, stock, market indices, commodities, and crypto.

But the platform has made a name for itself in crypto trading.  It seems that over 80% of traders use this platform to trade crypto. Immediate Momentum also claims to be a resource center for traders who prefer manual trading.

Traders can reportedly use it for trading research and build and execute the signals manually. Our investigative team couldn’t establish the type of trading resources provided by this trading platform.

How Immediate Momentum Works

Automated stock trading concept

Immediate Momentum is not different from other autonomous trading software. It’s reportedly powered by algorithms capable of generating quality insights from big data. The big data is both quantitative and qualitative.

According to a white paper published on the official Immediate Momentum website, the software uses NLP algorithms to analyze qualitative data. The NLP algorithms allow the bot to read and glean insights from the news.

This approach is known as news trading and involves placing trades based on the prediction of a certain piece of news on volatility. News impact volatility since they trigger buy and sell orders.

Many buy orders translate to a price increase while the sell orders translate to a price decline. Immediate Momentum also applies a trend analysis technique. This technique involves studying historical price patterns for insights.

The trading software executes all these techniques on autopilot and hence no skill is required to use it. Like any other trading bot, this bot operates under financial brokers. The tradable products and the trading terms are provided by the broker.

We couldn’t establish the identities of Immediate Momentum’s partners. Other expert reviewers claim to investigate the brokers and find them quite reputable.

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How to trade with Immediate Momentum

Immediate Momentum new account

Immediate Momentum claims that it offers an amazing opportunity to generate profits out of CFDs trading.

CFDs are quite profitable to trade when the right strategies are implemented. This autonomous trading system reportedly uses AI algorithms to implement sophisticated trading strategies.

The bot is quite newbie-friendly since it automates all trading. Below are the simple steps to follow to trade volatility through this platform.

1. Signup for free

It will only take you a couple of minutes to create an account on the official Immediate Momentum website.

You are taken to a contact details verification and password creation page upon finishing the registration. The signup process is secure since users’ data is encrypted right from the registration page.

2. Verify your ID

The verification requirement is in line with the global Know Your Customer (KYC) regulation. You will be taken through the verification process by the assigned CFDs broker.

Take a clear photo of your government-issued driving license or identity document and upload it with the broker. The verification process could take a couple of hours to complete but you don’t have to wait.

3. Deposit trading capital

Immediate Momentum uses your trading capital to place bets in the market. The minimum investment required to access this trading system is USD 250. Account funding happens through a broker. The supported payment methods are listed at the footer of the deposit page.

Select the payment option of your choice and complete the process. This platform safeguards your billing information via top-level encryption.

4. Test the platform on the demo

Immediate Momentum provides video tutorials to help users master their settings fast. These tutorials explain the few settings that must be adjusted manually before running the bot on a live account.

You should test the trading system on the provided demo platform before running it on a live account. The demo is reportedly provided under the CFDs broker.

5. Start a live session

Running the Immediate Momentum program on a live account is quite straightforward. You don’t need any experience to run this bot in a live account. But you should take the trading instructions seriously since a mistake in the setup could lead to losses.

Please note that our investigative team didn’t run Immediate Momentum on a live account. Most of the information shared in this post is derived from other expert reviews.

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Is Immediate Momentum a scam? The findings

The experts have rated this trading platform as the most newbie-friendly trading software in the market.

Immediate Momentum claims that it automates the whole CFDs trading process. But is this true and is the bot as profitable as some posts allege? We have used advanced tools to analyze the available data in our fact-finding mission.

As we will see below, Immediate Momentum has proven itself to be legit and reliable. Below are the top reasons to prove that this platform is genuine.

  1. High-level transparency
  2. Great reputation
  3. Quality partner brokers
  4. Secure trading environment
  5. No hidden charges
  6. Quality customer support

These are enough reasons to confirm Immediate Momentum’s legitimacy. But don’t take our word for it. Do your due diligence! Read on for an elaboration of each of the reasons listed above.

High-level transparency

This autonomous trading system seems fully committed to transparency. Our team has gone through the data published on the official Immediate Momentum website and found it accurate.

It also seems that all the important disclosures have been made on this site. The disclosures include all its fees and trading terms. We couldn’t verify some of the information shared on the site.

Great Reputation

Immediate Momentum’s reputation also shows its seriousness. This autonomous trading system is among the most reviewed trading platforms in 2023.

You can find the Immediate Momentum reviews on Trustpilot, Reddit, Facebook, and other platforms. The ratings are generally positive with more than 70% of the reviewers praising the system for superior performance.

Immediate Momentum’s great reputation is also evident through expert reviews like this one.

Quality partner brokers

This platform has also proven its genuineness by partnering with quality partner brokers. While we couldn’t verify the identities of these partner brokers, there is enough proof that they are worthwhile.

Other experts claim to investigate them and find them dependable. They are reportedly well-regulated and adhere to strict user protection measures. Among these measures are deposit segregation and regular external financial audits.

Secure trading environment

Immediate Momentum also seems committed to online safety. The safety measures executed by this autonomous trading system can only be executed by a legitimate trading platform.

Our research shows that they secure your data on signup by encrypting it via powerful SSL. They also use military-grade encryption to secure your data at the server level. The Immediate Momentum data privacy policy explains the platform’s commitment to data privacy.

No hidden charges

Immediate Momentum has demonstrated its commitment to fee transparency. Our investigation shows that it discloses all fees. Traders need to sign up to access the comprehensive fee guide.

We can confirm that this platform only charges the fees included in the fee guide. Immediate Momentum has the right to change the fees but will give a one-month notification before implementing the new fees.

Quality customer support

The quality customer support provided by Immediate Momentum also proves its legitimacy. We’ve established that it’s quite easy to reach out to their support team. Traders receive a welcome call from a dedicated account manager immediately after signup.

You can reach out to the dedicated account manager via phone, email, or live chat. The general support is also easily reachable through phone, live chat, and email. But emails aren’t recommended for urgent inquiries since it can take up to 48 hours to get a reply.

The Pros and Cons of Immediate Momentum

white robot and crypto coin

Immediate Momentum’s popularity has gone through the roof in 2023. The platform was founded in 2022. Experts report that it’s among the most promising autonomous trading systems today.

Moreover, its reviewers praise it for ease of use, performance, transparency, and other things. The table below highlights the pros and cons of Immediate Momentum as identified by the experts.

Pros Cons
Superior performance (unproven) High-level trading risk
Newbie friendly Not easily accessible
Supports trading via multiple devices  
Wide range of tradable instruments  
Secure trading environment  
Easily reachable customer support  
Quality CFD brokers (partners)  

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Immediate Momentum vs other trading platforms

This autonomous trading software claims that outperforms its competition in many areas. The claims are confirmed in other reviews done by the experts.

Find in the table below a comparison between Immediate Momentum and other trading platforms.

Immediate Momentum Other trading platforms
Proven performance Unproven performance claims
Great reputation Poor reputation
High-level transparency Lacks transparency
24/7 customer support Poor customer support services
Superior risk management tools High-level trading risk
Supports multi-device trading Supports web trading only
Regulated partner CFDs brokers Sham offshore brokers

 The table above compares Immediate Momentum with less trustworthy CFDs trading systems.

As stated earlier, this autonomous trading system is similar to other highly reputable trading systems. But its algorithms are said to be superior to those of its competitors.

The Verdict

We have studied data from different sources and concluded that Immediate Momentum is a legitimate platform.

The platform has every great thing you would expect to find in a genuine and worthwhile CFDs trading robot. Firstly, the platform has demonstrated its commitment to transparency.

As discussed earlier, you will find all the crucial disclosures on the Immediate Momentum website. All these disclosures have been subjected to rigorous fact-checking by the experts.

This autonomous trading system is quite reputable. A simple Google search unearths thousands of Immediate Momentum reviews. An analysis of these reviews shows that the feedback is generally positive.

The positive feedback is also reflected in the experts’ reviews. A trading platform’s reputation should tell you a lot about what to expect from it. Always go for the platform with many positive reviews.

There is nothing to make you doubt the genuineness of Immediate Momentum. It seems like the best bet for newbies and experts and it’s probably a good idea to try it. But don’t put all your savings in Immediate Momentum or any other CFDs trading platform since the likelihood of losses is huge.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Immediate Momentum safe?

Immediate Momentum has a demonstrated commitment to safety. The platform is powered by reliable safety technologies and complies with global safety requirements.

What skill do I need to use Immediate Momentum?

You don’t need any technical CFDs trading background to run this autonomous trading system. The platform is reportedly completely autonomous with all the technical functions happening on autopilot.

How fast can I withdraw my profits?

Withdrawals reportedly happen within 48 hours. This is the typical wait time in the industry. Immediate Momentum doesn’t have any withdrawal-related complaints.

Can I use Immediate Momentum on a smartphone?

Immediate Momentum claims that it supports all types of mobile devices. It offers app download links for both Android and IOS.