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Richard Branson is a British billionaire and the founder of the airline company, Virgin Atlantic. He is invested in many other companies in the hospitality, entertainment, technology, finance and media industries.

Richard Branson has disclosed owning some bitcoins in a past interview with CNBC. He claims he bought Bitcoin because he likes to learn about things. Branson is quoted in another interview saying that people have made off fortunes via Bitcoin by speculating on its volatility.

He concludes that people could make money off the volatility but they shouldn’t forget about the risks. The volatile nature of bitcoin makes it quite risky to trade especially when traded through leverage.

We have come across posts suggesting that Richard Branson could be invested in some Bitcoin robots. We will find out if these claims are valid in this in-depth post.

Richard Branson Bitcoin – Viral Trend

Richard Branson

Richard Branson is one of the billionaires who have expressed interest in Bitcoin and crypto in general.

He is also rumoured to have invested in innovative crypto-related projects. A report on WeInvests suggests that he has invested about $25 million in crypto-related projects. He is also rumoured to have invested about $2 million in NFTs.

Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are unique assets that are stored on the blockchain ecosystem. Blockchain is also the technology in which cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are founded.

Sir Richard Branson Bitcoin Robots News

A Google search of the key phrase “Richard Branson Bitcoin” reveals that there is fake news around this subject. Branson has warned the public about this fake news and even taken legal action against the social media platform peddling them.

What Crypto Robots Are Legit?

Our investigation shows that the fake claims are used as bait to cloned sites of genuine Bitcoin robots. The genuine Bitcoin robots that have fallen victim to these clones include Bitcoin Gemini and Bitcoin Aussie System.

These two robots are popular among crypto traders and have been reviewed many times by experts. We conclude that they are legitimate after going through many expert publications. Find a snapshot review of each of these bitcoin robots below.

Bitcoin Aussie System

Invest now with Bitcoin Aussie System

This bitcoin robot is trending in many countries with thousands of traders alleging that it’s profitable. The bot is allegedly a consistent performer with daily profitability rates of up to 25%.

But is Bitcoin Aussie System a scam? Also, does it deliver the mouthwatering profits as the reviewers allege? We have done the necessary background checks to determine the truth about the platform.

We find Bitcoin Aussie System legit. Moreover, it’s highly likely profitable even though it’s hard to determine its daily profitability rate. 

Advantages of Bitcoin Aussie System

We have compared Bitcoin Aussie System to other top trending bitcoin robots and it seems superior.

The bot has a superb track record with thousands of users reporting that it’s a consistent performer. Find below the top pros of trading the digital currencies market with Bitcoin Aussie System.

  • Superior performance
  • Easy and fun to use for newbies
  • No registration or license fees
  • Only $250 is required to get started
  • Trading fees are competitive
  • Provides a safe trading environment
  • Offers 24/5 customer support

The PROS of trading with Bitcoin Aussie System are many. But the robot is risky and traders must only invest what they can afford to lose.

Visit Bitcoin Aussie System 

Did Richard Branson invest in Bitcoin Aussie System?

The rumours about Richard Branson pumping millions of dollars into the development of Bitcoin Aussie System are fake.

These fake claims are bait to divert traders from the authentic Bitcoin Aussie System website to the cloned sites. Avoid any social media post making such claims like a plague. Always verify the authenticity of any information published on social media by visiting the official Bitcoin Aussie System website.

Getting Started with Bitcoin Aussie System

Bitcoin Aussie System is genuine and it’s probably a good idea to give it a try. Please note that we do not endorse any platform and we do not provide financial advice.

Anything mentioned in this post is, therefore, for informational purposes only. Moreover, the conclusions made are based on an in-depth analysis of expert feedback and not live tests on the platform.

Bitcoin Aussie System is described by users as a newbie-friendly platform. This explains its popularity among the masses. The steps to get things rolling with this crypto robot are listed below.

  1. Register with Bitcoin Aussie System
  2. Verify ID to authenticate your account
  3. Fund your Bitcoin Aussie System with at least USD250
  4. Test the trading program on the demo
  5. Start a live session

Trading the crypto markets via this trading software is quite easy for those who can follow simple instructions.

Visit Bitcoin Aussie System

Bitcoin Gemini

Invest now with Bitcoin Gemini

TheBitcoin Gemini trading system uses similar algorithms to Bitcoin Aussie System. The only difference between the two robots is that the latter has been around for more than ten years.

Bitcoin Gemini was launched in 2021. It has become popular very fast given that it’s a close competitor to industry behemoths such as Bitcoin Aussie System. There are many Bitcoin Gemini reviews on the web and most conclude that it’s genuine.

Please remember that we’ve not performed any live tests on this platform. Our conclusion is based on nothing else but an aggregation of tens of expert reviews. This post, therefore, doesn’t endorse any robot. We are also not qualified to provide financial advice.

Conduct thorough due diligence before committing any money to Bitcoin Gemini or any other robot.

Advantages of Bitcoin Gemini

Many have asked us to highlight the features that make Bitcoin Gemini stand out from competitors. This crypto robot is popular thanks to its alleged profitability.

It has many great reviews and is rated highly on sites such as Trustpilot. Some reviews attribute its popularity to its ease of use. Bitcoin Gemini is reportedly the best choice for newbies with zero bitcoin trading experience.

Some reviewers describe its trading experience as game-like. All its trading functions are initiated with a click of a button. Find the pros of riding the bitcoin price swings with Bitcoin Gemini below.

  • High-level success rate
  • Easy to use for newbies
  • Affordable for the majority of traders
  • Available in web and mobile versions
  • High-level safety measures
  • Superb customer support

The advantages of trading bitcoin or any other digital currency with Bitcoin Gemini are many. According to the reviewers, the only risk associated with this bot is the level of risk associated with trading with it.

Visit Bitcoin Gemini

Did Richard Branson endorse Bitcoin Gemini?

This is another trending crypto robot that has falsely been associated with Richard Branson. The social media posts claim that the billionaire has endorsed the platform and even invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in it.

But there is nothing to prove these claims. Richard Branson has distanced himself from any robot-related claims. Bitcoin Gemini is also said to have released a statement warning the public against the social media posts associating it with celebrities.

According to a statement on the robot’s website, scammers may use the clickbait headline to divert traders to cloned sites. Bitcoin Gemini is among the popular bitcoin robots that have been targeted by the clones.

Getting Started with Bitcoin Gemini

Many traders describe the Bitcoin Gemini trading experience as easy and fun. Setting the bot for trading is reportedly easy. But you must pay close attention to its settings guide to get the best results. Find below the fun and simple process to follow to trade with Bitcoin Gemini.

  1. Create a free account
  2. Fund your Bitcoin Gemini account with at least $250
  3. Set the bot and test it via the demo platform
  4. Start a live session

Bitcoin Gemini is described by experts as a high-risk bitcoin robot. Risk has a strong positive correlation with profitability. So you should expect losses when trading with a highly-performing bitcoin robot.

Other Fake Headlines Trending on social media

The Rumours about Richard Branson’s investment in crypto robots are rampant on Reddit. We have gone through many subreddits and identified hundreds of posts peddling the fake Richard Branson crypto robot claims.

Some of the most popular posts allege that Branson disclosed his crypto robot investment during primetime TV shows. We have discussed these fake rumours in detail below.

Richard Branson Bitcoin on Good Morning America

Richard Branson conference

Good Morning Britain is one of the most viewed TV programs in Britain. The show involves a discussion on the latest developments in politics, technology, finance, nutrition, fashion, and showbiz. The show airs on the ITV network and is hosted by celebrity TV personalities, Ben Shephard, Kate Garraway, and Susanna Reid.

Viral social media posts associate Kate Garraway with the Richard Branson bitcoin claims. These posts claim that the TV personality has commented on the claims in a recent TV show. But there is no proof that Kate Garraway has made such claims. Avoid any claims associated.

Visit Bitcoin Gemini

Richard Branson Bitcoin on This Morning

This Morning is another popular British TV program. The show is aired on ITV across British Islands and on Virgin Media One in Ireland.

Its hosts include TV stars such as Phillip Schofield, Holly Willoughby, Allison Hammond, and Dermot O’Leary. The show involves a casual discussion on trending subjects in politics, entertainment, health, finance, technology, and d many other areas. This Morning also features celebrity interviews.

The fake Richard Branson cryptocurrency-related posts claim that he has disclosed his latest crypto robot investment in a recent This Morning episode. We can’t insist enough on the need to avoid such claims like a plague.

Richard Branson Bitcoin on BBC Finance

BBC Finance is a popular TV program aired in Britain. The show features a review of investment products in forex, stock, crypto, and market indices.

Some of the Reddit Richard Branson bitcoin posts claim that the billionaire disclosed his favourite crypto robot on this show. But there is no proof that the Virgin Atlantic entrepreneur has invested in any crypto robot.

Richard Branson Bitcoin Review Disclaimer

Please note that we do not endorse any crypto trading robot. This post only highlights the conclusions made by other reviewers. Our team is fully convinced that the expert reviews are factual. However, we aren’t financial advisors and therefore do not take responsibility for actions taken after reading our posts.

You are 100% responsible for all your investment decisions. Please conduct extra due diligence if not satisfied with the information presented in this post. Each of the genuine robots presented in this post operates under a financial broker. Some reviews suggest that you treat the assigned broker independently.

Always conduct enough background checks on the involved parties before investing. Also, it would be quite imprudent to trade crypto with all your savings. While crypto trading can make you rich, it could also make you bankrupt. The possibility of losing your crypto investment is always high.

Richard Branson Bitcoin Scam – The Verdict

While Richard Branson has interests in crypto and other digital currencies, he isn’t into crypto trading systems. He made this declaration in a media interview with leading mainstream media platforms.

Richard Branson has gone ahead to label all the crypto robots falsely associated with him as scams. But not all the crypto robots involved in fake news campaigns are false. Most are genuine but have been cloned by scammers.

Visit Bitcoin Gemini

The scammers are using celebrities as clickbait to divert unsuspecting traders to the clones. You can avoid fake sites by visiting genuine robots through the links shared on authoritative sources. We have shared the links for Bitcoin Aussie System and Bitcoin Gemini in this post.