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Bitcoin Prime Detailed App Overview

Bitcoins on a keyboard  
Cryptocurrency trading platforms that use manual trading tools are being replaced with intelligent robot technology. Bitcoin Prime is one such platform that is intelligent, fast and accurate. There are always risks when dealing with the cryptocurrency market because it is volatile, but you can also make good profits.

Bitcoin Prime Application Review 

You do not need to be an expert in trading to use Bitcoin Prime. The technology on the app is fully automated and gives users the ability to trade on price movements and underlying assets. It allows you to skip the complicated crypto buying process.
It is still possible to make profits in free-falling markets on Bitcoin Prime as it also focuses on contracts for difference (CFD) trading. The platform has market strategy technology that allows for speculation of falling prices. You can set trading parameters and limit loss-making. The application gives you the ability to start and stop trading sessions as you see fit.
As with most cryptocurrency trading platforms, there is a tendency to overstate people’s profits on Bitcoin Prime. It is better to experience the technology and see the gains for yourself. You can withdraw the deposit you put into Bitcoin Prime with all your profits at the end of a live trading session.


Registration is straightforward on Bitcoin Prime. After entering your name, email and phone number, an account manager takes you through verification. The platform uses encryption technology and regulated brokers to ensure security.

Minimum Deposit

You must deposit a minimum of £250 into your account to start trading. The deposit remains available for withdrawal after a trading session with your profits. It takes a few moments for the money to reflect, and then you will be ready to begin your cryptocurrency trading experience.

Live Trading And Demo Account

After registering and depositing funds into your account, you can choose to go straight into live trading. There is a demo account available on the platform to train yourself. While you will not get any actual gains on it, you can take as much time as you need to acquaint yourself with markets and trading.
With automated live trading, a robot does all the work for you by finding and completing the best deals in the cryptocurrency market. You can trade at any time, with deals concluded within seconds. You can set trading sessions to your convenience on Bitcoin Prime.
After completing your successful deals, it is up to you to continue or close the session. The profits are calculated and transferred to your Bitcoin Prime account, allowing you to reinvest or withdraw.


It is up to you, the account owner, to either reinvest your profits or withdraw. If you choose to withdraw, fill out the withdrawal request form on the app. The payment process takes about 24 hours, with funds appearing into the bank account that you link when registering.     

Bitcoin Prime and Amazon Rumours

There have been widespread rumours that the
Amazon company launched Bitcoin Prime. No one has ever confirmed the stories, so they remain baseless gossip. Any similarities with Amazon and its brand are coincidental, at most. 
A lot of misinformation surrounds cryptocurrency trading platforms, and Bitcoin Prime is no exception.
There have been other reports of celebrities endorsing or associating with Bitcoin Prime, but none of these stories have ever been confirmed. It is up to you, the trader, to do your own research and separate fact from fiction.  

Is Bitcoin Prime Worth Trying?

The platform has received a lot of positive reviews across the internet and social media. Bitcoin Prime has proved to be a legit technology to use when trading in cryptocurrency markets. Trading on any platform comes with risks, and you must always be aware.
Some traders have made losses on this platform, while others testify to large, life-changing profits.

Advantages of Using Bitcoin Prime

The trading robot on the platform is very accurate, ensuring a high probability of profiting on Bitcoin Prime.
Bitcoin Prime has a fully automated system, leaving you at liberty to do other tasks while profits accrue. There is no need for you to study market trends.
The Bitcoin Prime platform has shown to have consistent profit-making potential. You can build a healthy income by reinvesting your profits and keeping abreast of your wallet.

Customer Care

Customer support services are available on the telephone and via email at all times. Use the email for the not-so-urgent matters as it takes a little longer to get a response.
A live chat is always open for registered users, answering your questions within seconds.


Bitcoin Prime is an excellent platform to make an income through cryptocurrency trading. Trading on the site is simple. The registration process is easy. An account manager walks you through the functions as soon as you register. Payments are processed quickly and openly.
There is no mobile application, but the site works well on mobile phones and tablets. How much you earn depends on how much you invest and reinvest.


How much does it cost to open an account on Bitcoin Prime?
Nothing. Opening an account is entirely free of charge.
How much must I deposit to begin trading on Bitcoin Prime?
The minimum deposit amount is £250.
How many hours a day do I have to spend on Bitcoin Prime?
It takes a few minutes to set your account to live trading then the intelligent robot does the rest.
Is there a maximum limit on my profits on Bitcoin Prime?
No, there is no limit to the amount of profit you can make.
Does Bitcoin Prime have a mobile app?
No, there is no mobile app available at the moment.
Is Bitcoin Prime a legitimate trading platform?
Yes. Bitcoin Prime creates automated trading services through technological tools that allow you to gain profits.