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It’s no longer news that cryptocurrency is one of the most lucrative investments in today’s world. However, the main challenges of crypto investment are its inherent volatility and the complexity of navigating the market. To overcome this flaw, investors are shifting from manual trading to auto traders, which uses artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze the cryptocurrency market and perform profitable trades. 

One such automated trading platform making waves in the crypto world is Bitcoin Bank Breaker. The founder advertised it as a software that trades profitably on behalf of its investors, allowing them to earn thousands of dollars daily without spending hours on their PC executing crypto trades. Is this claim true? Is Bitcoin Bank Breaker a legit trading software or a scam? 

To answer this question, our expert took Bitcoin Bank Breaker under the microscope to ascertain whether it works as advertised. This Bitcoin Bank Breaker Review 2023 will highlight all we discovered while scrutinizing the platform. You will find out what the auto trader is about, how it works, and whether it is genuine or a scam. In addition, we’ll walk you through all the key features of Bitcoin Bank Breaker and answer some frequently asked questions about it. 

What is Bitcoin Bank Breaker?

Bitcoin Bank Braker

Bitcoin Bank Breaker is a relatively new trading platform that claims to use AI, sophisticated algorithms, and robotic technology to analyze the crypto market and carry out trades on behalf of its users. According to its website, its objective is to make it possible for every Tom, Dick, and Harry to make passive income from crypto trading. Its developers claim the platform eliminates the need to spend hours researching the market, studying charts, or trading manually as it gets everything done for its users. 

The founders of the Bitcoin Bank Breaker automated software advertised it as a free-to-use platform that does not impose fees or hidden commissions on users. They claimed you could register on the website for free without paying a dime and that they only charge a small percentage of your profits to sustain the system. Additionally, the platform offers novice traders a free demo account to test the software and learn the ropes. Are these claims genuine or bait to lure investors to the platform? Continue reading this Bitcoin Bank Breaker to find answers to all your questions and clear your doubts.

Before we dive into the details, we would like you to know that the platform is accessible by traders in almost all countries. However, those in the USA can’t access the website due to regulatory restrictions. That said, here is a table to give you an overview of the Bitcoin Bank Breaker autonated trading platform. 

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Auto Trader Name Bicton Bank Breaker
Type of platform  Crypto Auto Trader
Account Registration Fees None
Deposit/withdrawal Fees None
Minimum Trading Capital $250
Supported Assets BTC, LTC, ETH, XRP, and more
Free Demo Account Yes
Customer Support Yes
Win Rate  Unspecified

How to create an account on Bitcoin Bank Breaker?

Bitcoin Bank Braker create an account

One of the upsides of Bitcoin Bank Breaker is its simple registration process. In less than ten minutes, you can create an account on the platform, deposit funds, and start trading cryptocurrencies. If you are interested in making passive income with Bitcoin Bank Breaker, below are the steps on how to get started. 

Step 1: Complete the registration form

To begin, you must visit their website to complete the registration form on the page. Please ensure you register on the platform’s official site so you don’t fall victim to cloned sites. That said, input your full name, phone number, and email address, and press the register button. 

It is crucial to provide correct information during the registration as the company verifies every user on the platform. After registration, one of the brokers working for the company will call you on how to verify the information you inputted. Usually, this verification involves providing a copy of your government-issued ID card and recent utility bill. 

Step 2: Deposit the minimum trading capital

Once the registration and account verification are completed, the next step is to deposit $250, the minimum trading capital. You can pay this amount in your local currency; you only need to ensure you are paying the equivalent of $250. The deposit process is straightforward, and the platform has many banking options.

We made payments using our bank debit card when we tested the site. However, other options we saw on the site include credit cards and electronic wallets like Neteller, Skrill, and PayPal. In addition, you can also pay using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. To deposit using cryptos, you only need to send digital assets worth $250 to the company’s wallet. 

Step 3: Practice with the demo account

After depositing the minimum trading capital, you will get access to all Bitcoin Bank Breaker’s features, including its demo account. If you are a novice, we recommend using this demo account to master how the platform works. 

Specifically, you should use it to perfect your strategies before trading with real money. The demo account operates precisely the same as the real auto trader, with the only difference being that you aren’t using real money.

Step 4: Start trading

After learning the ropes with the demo account, the next step is to trade with real money. To do this, click on the live trader or Go live button. After that, you will get a prompt to set up your trading parameters, including how many dollars you want to trade with and your risk level. 

If you like leveraging, you can also use the leverage feature on the platform to trade with an amount over what you deposited. Although leveraging is a quick way to make more profits, we advise that you stay away from it, especially if you are a novice in the crypto world. 

Step 5: Withdraw your income

After each trading session, the software will credit the trading capital and profits to your account. We advise withdrawing your profits regularly and keeping only your capital on the platform. This way, you will keep your risk down if the unexpected happens. 

Withdrawals from Bitcoin Bank Breaker are almost instant, depending on the payment method you want to use. If you withdraw to your crypto or electronic wallet, you will get the funds in less than one hour. However, if you are withdrawing to your bank, it could take up to 24 hours.

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How does the trading software work?

trading robot fingers on bitcoin coins

The operation of Bitcoin Bank Breaker is simple. The software uses AI to gather crypto-related data online, analyze them, and use the information to predict the future movements of crypto prices. Using these insights, it deploys its state-of-the-art robots to buy assets when the prices are low and sell off immediately when prices are high. The software can analyze billions of information in a nanosecond and execute up to ten transactions within one minute. This way, the system performs thousands of trades for users daily, helping them earn over a thousand dollars each day. 

The platform has two main advantages over manual trading. First, no human trader can match the trading speed of Bitcoin Bank Breaker. Second, the software has a higher trading accuracy than a human trader. Plus, the auto trader does not trade with emotions. Unlike human traders, who may react to market news and make wrong moves, the software only executes trades based on its analysis of the crypto market.  

To get started on the Bitcoin Bank Breaker app, you must set up an account on the platform and deposit $250, the minimum trading capital. Once done, you can use its demo account to learn how the software work or start trading immediately if you are an experienced trader. The platform provides two automation options. You can either automate the whole process and allow it to execute trades on your behalf or automate only the market research such that the software suggests trade moves while you complete them yourselves. 

Some key features of Bitcoin Bank Breakers

Below are some notable features of Bitcoin Bank Breakers that may interest you as a crypto investor. 

  • Fully-automated platform

Bitcoin Bank Breaker trades crypto automatically on behalf of its users. With this automation, you can earn passive income from cryptos without having any prior trading knowledge or experience. Furthermore, the platform eliminates the need to follow market news, analyze charts or identify market entry or exit points. The software does all the work for its users. You only need to spend a few minutes on the platform daily to set your trading parameters and ensure the auto trader works as it should. 

  • Demo Trading

The founders of Bitcoin Bank Breaker added a demo trading mode to their platform to help novice traders learn and familiarize themselves with the software before trading with real money. With the demo account, you can try different trading parameters and see firsthand how they will play out. Our experts found the demo trader very useful when we tested it. 

  • User-friendly website

The team behind Bitcoin Bank Breaker did an excellent job making the trading platform user-friendly. We found everything simple and straightforward, from the registration page to the trading dashboard. Even though the site has several robust trading tools, we didn’t feel overwhelmed by them.  

  • Highly profitable

We confirmed that Bitcoin Bank Breaker has a high success rate. We believe making hundreds or thousands of dollars daily from the platform is possible, depending on the amount you invested. However, this high win rate doesn’t mean there are no risks. So we strongly advise that you invest with caution. Better still, follow the cryptocurrency golden rule – invest only an amount you can afford to lose.

  • Supports 100+ cryptocurrencies

Unlike some auto traders that restrict you to only a few popular cryptos, you can trade over one hundred cryptocurrencies on Bitcoin Bank Breaker. Some supported cryptos include Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Binance Coin, Ripple, Dash, Cardano, Ethereum Classic, and more.

  • Responsive customer service

If you encounter issues while using the Bitcoin Bank Breaker software, you can email their company’s customer support and service team. When we sent them an email, we got a response within the hour, and the team resolved our issue the same day. Our experts believe that the customer service provided by the company is top-notch. 

  • Zero Registration Fee

As mentioned earlier, Bitcoin Bank Breaker is a free-to-use platform. You don’t have to pay a dime to set up an account on the website. The company also doesn’t charge fees on deposits and withdrawals. Additionally, we didn’t uncover any hidden charges during our audit of the trading platform. 

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Is Bitcoin Bank Breaker a legit crypto trading software?

Bitcoin university

Our independent audit of Bitcoin Bank Breaker shows that it is a legit trading software with the ability to perform profitable trades on behalf of its users. We confirmed that the software could trade independently without requiring manual input from users. Based on our firsthand experience on the site, we believe the claim that investors can earn hundreds or thousands of dollars by trading with Bitcoin Bank Breaker is genuine. When we registered and put the platform to the test, we were impressed with the results as we made reasonable profits throughout the trading period. 

Although the platform didn’t specify its win rate, our analysis of its trades indicates that it is about 85%. In other words, you can expect to profit from at least eight of every ten transactions the software conducts. Further, our audit found that the claim that Bitcoin Bank Breaker is a free-to-use platform is valid. We didn’t pay a penny to create an account on the platform. However, we were requested to deposit $250, the minimum trading capital, to access the website’s demo account and trading sections. 

Aside from putting the software to the test ourselves, we went online to learn about the experiences of previous and current Bitcoin Bank Breaker users. Most of the reviews we found online were positive, with many claiming they have been using the software to earn thousands of dollars daily since its launch. However, a few people complained about their inability to navigate the platform and make profits. Overall, we believe Bitcoin Bank Breaker is not a scam. But be careful when investing in cryptocurrencies, as the market is very volatile.

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Is Bitcoin Bank Breaker a legit trading software?

Our detailed and independent audit shows that Bitcoin Bank Breaker is a legit trading platform. We don’t think it is a sham. 

Is Elon Musk the founder of Bitcoin Bank Breaker?

We didn’t uncover information suggesting that Elon Musk has links to Bitcoin Bank Breaker. We believe online articles claiming the Twitter CEO owns or uses the platform is false.