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The demand for automated cryptocurrency trading platforms has increased in recent years as more investors are becoming interested in crypto because of its huge profit potential. This trend has resulted in many auto trading software, such as Bitsoft360, flooding the market. Thus, it is increasingly difficult for investors, especially beginners, to identify which trading robots are legit, safe, and effective out of the myriad options available.

To help you avoid putting your dollars in the hands of the black sheep in the market, we regularly investigate trading robots to confirm whether they work effectively. Our crypto experts have thoroughly scrutinised Bitsoft360, and we will share all that we uncovered in this comprehensive and unbiased Bitsoft360 review. 

As you already know, we are always brutally honest about our opinions, and this 360 Bit Capex review won’t be an exception. Further, we’ll give you a clear picture of how it works, its features, and how you can start trading on the platform. Also, you will find out whether Bitsoft360’s promise of high profit is true. So before you jump on the bandwagon of people investing in Bitsoft360, we strongly recommend reading this review. 

What is Bitsoft360?

Bitsoft360 website

Bitsoft360 is a popular automated cryptocurrency trading platform. According to its developers, it was founded to help crypto investors maximise their profit. The platform employs artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and other bleeding-edge technology to analyse the market and trade for you. The founders claim everyone, regardless of their crypto experience level, can use Bit Capex Pro 360 to trade and earn profits. 

The platform eliminates the need for investors to trade for profit manually. Bitsoft360 handles all the trading processes for you, from scanning the market for trading signals and identifying the profitable ones to executing trades. The software is suitable for beginners with zero crypto knowledge and experienced traders who want to do something else with their time. 

Bitsoft360 is a web-based trading platform that works on all internet-connected devices. You can access the site, trade, and earn passive income using your smartphone, tablets, desktop computers, or laptops. Further, you don’t have to stay on the site for several hours. Once you set your trading strategy, the software can trade nonstop without requiring any input from you. 

Are the claims about the effectiveness of Bitsoft360 true? Can you make money by using 360 Bit Capex to trade crypto? Read on to find out what our review team discovered. But, before we answer the question – is Bitsoft360 legit or a scam? Let’s walk you through the platform’s pros and cons. 

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Bitsoft360


  • The developers claim Bitsoft360 has an 85% win rate
  • It supports almost all popular cryptocurrencies
  • Suitable for experienced and new crypto traders
  • Helpful and responsive customer support
  • User-friendly platform
  • Easy signup and account verification process
  • Eliminates the need for manual trading


  • Bitsoft360 is not available in some counties
  • It requires a $250 minimum deposit
  • Sometimes require phone call verification
  • Bitsoft360 does not have a mobile app

How does 360Bit Capex work?

As earlier stated, Bitsoft360 utilises advanced mathematic algorithms, robotic technology, and artificial intelligence to get trading done for its users. First, it deploys these tools to scan billions of information in the crypto market, analyse them, and spot opportunities for profitable trades. After that, Bitsoft360 executes these trades using its robots. When we used the software, we noticed that it could execute multiple transactions within minutes, a feat impossible for a human trader. 

Bitsoft360 makes it possible for users to trade faster and earn more profits. Except you choose to trade manually, the platform eliminates the need to spend hours keeping up with market trends and price movements. Further, Bitsoft360 users won’t have to worry about buying at the wrong time or selling too early, as Bitsoft360 will get all done for you. Another good news about Bit Capex Pro 360 is that it is simple to use. We believe you won’t have trouble finding your way around the website. 

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How to register on Bitsoft360

Bitsoft360 registration

Are you interested in trading on Bitsoft360? Below is a guide on how to use the platform to make money. The process is pretty straightforward and will only take you a few minutes. Follow the steps below to get started on 360 Bit Capex right away.

1. Create an account on Bitsoft360

First, you have to visit Bitsoft360’s website. Then complete the registration form on the top section of the site. The platform requires personal information such as your name, phone number and email address. After filling in these details, click on the “Open Free Account” button.

Please, ensure you provide accurate information while completing this form, as Bitsoft360 has a verification process in place to protect users. After registration, you will get an email or a call from Bitsoft360 to verify your details and walk you through the next steps. 

2. Deposit funds

Once you complete Bitsoft360’s verification process, the next step is to deposit funds. The minimum deposit you can make is $250. To pay, go to your dashboard and click on deposit. After that, click on your preferred payment method and enter the amount you like to deposit. 

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Some accepted payment methods on Bitsoft360 are debit cards, credit cards, bank transfers, and e-wallets. While you can pay more than $250, the minimum required, we do not encourage first-timers to exceed this amount. We recommend waiting until you have earned profits on the platform before considering increasing your trading capital.

3. Try the Demo account

Bitsoft360 comes with a demo account that allows you to acquaint yourself with the platform. The purpose of this feature is to help users, especially beginners, to learn how to use the software to trade profitably. On the flip side, those with experience trading cryptos can skip this step and start trading immediately after depositing funds.

4. Begin Live Trading

Go to the live trading section to get the ball rolling. When you click on “start live trade”, it will prompt you to input the amount you want to trade with and for how long. Here, you can also set how much risk you are willing to take. 

After setting the trading parameters, the software will take over from you. It will scan the market for signals and executes trades for you. After each trading section, the platform will move your profits to your Bitsoft360 wallet, and you can withdraw them to your bank or e-wallet anytime you desire. 

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Unique features of Bitsoft 360

Bitsoft360 has some key features that stand it out from the park. These impressive features are the main reasons why the platform is popular in the crypto world. Below are some of the unique features of Bitsoft360 that you should know. 

  • Automated trading

The most prominent feature of Bitsoft360 is its automated trading system. It performs trades for you without requiring any manual input. With this option, you don’t have to participate actively in the buying and selling of cryptos. Bitsoft360 makes it possible to earn steady passive income from cryptocurrencies.  

  • 85% Win rate

Bitsoft360 has an 85% win rate. It is one of the automated trading platforms with the highest win rates in the market. You will likely make profits on eight out of every ten trades the software executes for you. 

  • Emotion free trading

Bitsoft360 employs AI and trading robots, which means there is zero risk of human error. Furthermore, unlike human traders, the software does not make trading decisions based on impulse or emotions. 

  • Zero fees

Unlike other crypto trading platforms, Bitsoft360 does not charge you fees when you pay into their account or withdraw your profits. You also do not pay registration or maintenance fees. The $250 you pay during registration is your trading capital, and you can withdraw it anytime. 

  • Easy to use

Bitsoft360’s website is user-friendly. Its registration, fund deposit, and withdrawal process is simple. In addition, activating the live trading feature is pretty straightforward.

  • Multiple cryptocurrencies

The platform allows users to trade a wide range of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and more.

  • 24/7 Customer Support

Although Bitsoft360 does not have a live chat feature, users can contact their customer representatives anytime and any day using the contact form on the website. Based on our experience, their team is responsive and helpful. 

  • Fast withdrawals

Users can withdraw funds from Bitsoft360 and get them in their bank within 24 hours. Additionally, you can receive the funds via your preferred payment method – bank, e-wallet, or crypto wallet. 

  • Security

Bitsoft360 uses the most advanced SSL encryption to secure its website. Besides that, the platform has a verification process to ensure unauthorised users don’t have access to your account. 

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Tips for maximising your profit on Bitsoft360

  1. Invest and trade responsibly. Never invest beyond what you can conveniently afford to let go if things go down south. 
  2. Start investing with $250, the minimum accepted deposit. However, you can increase your investment after you start making profits.
  3. Spend at least 20 minutes on the platform daily to monitor your account.
  4. Withdraw the profits you earn regularly. Following this tip will help you minimise your risk or loss should anything go wrong in the cryptocurrency market. 

Is Bitsoft 360 legit?

Bitcoin investing

Our highly experienced cryptocurrency experts confirmed that Bitsoft360 is legit. It is safe to say that Bitsoft360 is not a scam. Based on our investigation, Bitsoft360 is a popular trading platform with several reviews and testimonials to its name. We believe the company is one of the few legit providers of crypto trading robots. We had first-hand experience with Bitsoft360 and can say with confidence that it works as advertised by the developers. 

Our experience registering, depositing, trading, and withdrawing from 360 Bit Capex was seamless. We did not encounter any difficulty using the platform. Further, we confirmed that the platform works well on Android and iOS devices. It is also worth mentioning that we earned profit from all our trading sessions on the platform. Thus, we have no doubts about the software’s ability to earn you profit and increase your wealth. 

We did not base our Bitsoft360 review solely on our experience. Instead, our experts went further to check what other users have to say about the platform. We checked popular crypto forums, online review platforms, and social media. Most of the comments and reviews we came across were positive, with some claiming they made thousands of dollars using Bit Capex Pro 360. 

That said, we also uncovered a few negative reviews. Some users claim they lost money when they registered and used the platform to trade. So kindly note that Bitsoft360 is not completely risk-free. Though your chance of turning a profit is high, there is a possibility that your investment may turn bad. Therefore, we strongly advise that you take caution whenever you invest in digital currencies, especially cryptos. 

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Bitsoft360 FAQ

Is Bitsoft 360 legit?

Our experts confirmed that Bitsoft360 is a reputable and profitable automated cryptocurrency trading platform. The software is 100% safe to use. Bitsoft360 works as promised by its founders. We did not discover any red flags that suggest that the company is out to scam you. 

What is the cost of using Bit Capex Pro 360?

Bitsoft360 is 100% free for its users. You don’t pay a dime to register on the trading platform. Further, Bitsoft360 charges zero deposit, withdrawal, and maintenance fees. However, you must deposit at least $250 to use the platform. This deposit is your trading capital, not an account opening fee.

Did Elon Musk and other celebs use Bitsoft360?

We did not find any evidence that suggests that Elon Musk or other celebrities use Bitsoft360. Although Elon Musk has tweeted positively about cryptocurrencies several times, none of it suggests that he has any connection with Bitsoft360. 

Does 360 Bit Capex have an app?

No, Bitsoft360 does not have an app you can download. However, you can access the platform using your phone or computer’s browser. 

Who are the founders of Bitsoft360?

There is no information online about the person or team behind Bitsoft360.