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Arguably one of the best ways to get into the cryptocurrency niche is to find a trading software that can help you to make automated trades, maximize your profit potential and help you to earn a passive income with little input. Right now, there are a host of trading robots on the market that claim to do this, but as the industry is still widely unregulated, there are no guarantees which of these platforms are going to be legitimate. 

One such provider is Profit Maximizer – and as they’re relatively new to the niche, it can be a good idea to take a look at whether or not it could be the right choice for you. Today, we are going to take a look at the features, the pros and cons and what you can expect from Profit Maximizer. 

A quick look at Profit Maximizer

Profit Maximizer website

Profit Maximizer is a trading platform that combines AI and Machine Learning technology with a functional user interface, so that those hoping to trade cryptocurrencies will have the opportunity to enter the markets quickly and with little input. Everything is automated and left to scan the financial markets to define the most lucrative trades – and execute them faster than a human would have the capacity to do. 

Where some trading robots will partner with brokerages to provide leveraged trading when making crypto trades, on the face of it Profit Maximizer simply works to bring the best trades to users with little input.

These advanced AI programs are reported to run on a powerfully developed infrastructure that performs trades at 0.01 of a second, making them one of the fastest robots currently on the market. If you pair this with the fact that it performs technical analysis, fundamental analysis and scans all the current market trends in order to determine which trades will be the most profitable, you will see that there is certainly potential to using this kind of software.

One thing that stands out upon cursory research is that there is not much information out there on the Profit Maximizer automated trading platform, so in depth research is necessary to determine whether or not this website is a scam or legit.

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How to start trading with Profit Maximizer

Profit Maximizer account

Here are the steps you need to perform to open a Profit Maximizer account:

  1. Access the Profit Maximizer official website. If you go to the Profit Maximizer website, there is a quick sign-up form on the landing page. This asks you for your first and last name, your email address and lastly, your phone number.
  2. Make your initial deposit. Once you have filled in the form, you should get a confirmation email and should head on over to your account and make a deposit. As with most trading robots, this starts at $250 and will open up the website’s features.
  3. Utilise the demo trading feature. All industry experts advise using demo trading to at least understand how everything works and as this can act as an element of risk management, we’re inclined to agree.

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What you need to know about Profit Maximizer

There is some key information about trading robots and platforms that will help you to determine whether or not they are legitimate and worth signing up to. Let’s take a look at the top things you should look for in the Profit Maximizer trading software before making your decision to register.

Automated trading

Automated trading software was first designed to address issues that individuals making trades on the crypto market were facing in their everyday endeavors. The biggest of these issues was performing trades fast enough and beating other traders to the punch. 

The Profit Maximizer app has the ability to scan markets and execute trades, all with a small amount of input from the individual; in fact, all you will need to do is set some initial trading parameters and let the software do the hard work for you. While this is largely automated, users will still need to perform checks at least one to two times a week, to ensure that the software is doing as intended. 

A key thing to look out for when determining the success of a trading robot is to take a look at its reported win rate. Those that have a 90% (or higher) proposal can typically be considered with a wary stance and those that report anywhere between 60% and 80% are more likely to be telling the truth about their capabilities – and right now Profit Maximizer doesn’t state anywhere on its website the level of success that traders can expect across their transactions.

The developers

When it comes to the development teams behind  the Profit Maximizer trading robot, there are mixed feelings within the community as to whether this is an indicator of legitimacy. Going right back to the inception of Bitcoin, it isn’t uncommon for developers to keep their identity secret, but if you find a trading robot that clearly showcases the people behind their software, the more you will be able to trust that they offer exactly what they say they do.

Consumer reviews

One of the best tools in your arsenal, and one of the top things to use to decide whether or not a trading platform is worth signing up to, is whether it has consumer reviews. As the crypto niche is so wide and varied, there are plenty of people talking about their activities, endeavors and the tips and tricks they use to maximize their profit potential. 

Aside from third-party website reviews, social media can be one of the greatest places to find out everything you need to know about the trading robot you have in mind. Profit Maximizer is so new to the niche that there are currently no user reviews to back up the website’s claims – so it could be an idea to postpone sign up until there is some better information out there.

Profit Maximizer’s features

The next thing to take a look at when you are choosing which trading software to use is the features and tools that are on offer. As there are so many on the market, and not all of them bring the same services to the table, one will likely better suit your needs than another. Here’s what you can expect from Profit Maximizer:

No fees or transaction costs

From our research, we have determined that Profit Maximizer doesn’t charge any sign up fees, transaction costs, or have any trading fees. It’s not clear whether there are commissions for trades – although it does ask for the common $250 deposit fee to access the site.

Excellent customer service

As seems par for the course with this website, there isn’t any information regarding how the Profit Maximizer team can be contacted. Some review websites suggest that the customer service department can be reached via, phone, live chat and email. 

Demo trading feature

An extremely worthwhile tool to have on a trading robot is demo trading. This is offered to traders to not only get to grips with how these endeavors work, but also to test out the website in question to see if it has the necessary tools and trading parameters that typically provide the best functionality. Profit Maximizer does have demo trading, so it is advised to make use of this section before you put your real funds on the line.

UI and beginner friendly-design

One of the first things that traders will look for in a robot is how easy it is to navigate and how well everything is laid out for maximum usability. If a trading platform is difficult to use and doesn’t let traders perform all of the actions they want in as little as a few clicks, it might be time to look elsewhere, as there are plenty that do. As you need to make an initial $250 deposit to access Profit Maximizer, we are unsure as to the level of usability and how well the site has been designed.

Supported currencies

In many cases, the more cryptocurrencies that a trading robot supports, the better the chances of it being a legitimate platform, as it wants users to get involved. The good news is that with Profit Maximizer, you can trade with Bitcoin, Binance Coin, Bitcoin Gold, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Ripple, Cardano, NEO, IOTA and EOS so the options are certainly diverse.

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The pros and cons of Profit Maximizer

As all trading robots will have their own features and functions, it can be worthwhile to understand both the pros and the cons when using Profit Maximizer. This could help you to make the decision between signing up and going for another platform that may have more attractive attributes.

  • No fees
  • 24/7 trading using a host of cryptocurrencies
  • Free demo account
  • Fast transactions
  • Automated trading functionality for a passive income
  • Advanced AI and Machine Learning software

The cons of the Profit Maximizer trading robot are as follows:

  • Not a lot of available information on the developers, site, or features
  • Online trading only

Is Profit Maximizer a scam or legit trading platform?

3 Bitcoins on keyboard

Right now, there isn’t much information out there on whether a Profit Maximizer is a legitimate trading platform or not. One of the key things to keep in mind is that this could be due to the fact that it is one of the newer providers on the market, but of course not having a wealth of information on the website doesn’t help. If the effort was made to promote their services, win rate and more, then users would be able to make a more educated decision about whether or not this website does what it says on the tin.

It may be worthwhile to keep in mind the fact that as there are so many trading robots that actually have an array of support, reviews, information and more out there, will it really be worth taking the risk and selecting a newer platform like Profit Maximizer before it has had a chance to establish itself? It may be a smarter move to wait some time and come back to this website and see if anything has changed. Once you have the information to hand that will satisfy your curiosity, you’ll be better equipped to place your money within a trading platform that has the potential to bring you profits.

Why get involved with crypto trading?

Although crypto trading robots can perform trades on your behalf and you won’t need to have any significant experience in the niche, it can still be worthwhile to have at least a basic understanding of how everything functions. Crypto trades require an individual to buy and sell digital assets when the markets move in ways that provide a profit. The wider a position moves from the buy-in price, the more profit can be generated – but if it moves in the opposite direction however, losses will occur. 

Trading software uses advanced algorithms and Machine Learning to scour markets and spot the trades that are likely to have a profitable margin (this will often include using market analysis, historical data and even current news information) and all of this will be done in seconds so that the trade can be taken on before the market has the chance to change or for other traders to get involved and impact pricing.

Is Profit Maximizer a worthwhile trading robot?

When considering Profit Maximizer’s potential, the most obvious fact is that this website doesn’t have enough information available to allow you to make the most educated choice. As mentioned above, there are many websites out there that have been established for a long time and that bring so many features and services to crypto trading, with the support of both communities and review sites that simply can’t be overlooked. This is not to say that Profit Maximizer won’t be a name to watch for the future, so be sure to keep the feelers out and do your own research before you sign up to this trading robot.

A separate consideration is the fact that plenty of trading robots on the market partner with brokerages, so that traders will have access to leveraged trading. While this has its own pros and cons, it’s no secret that using borrowed money from expert brokers can impact the way you trade and your profit potential – not to mention helping with some aspects of risk management. Profit Maximizer doesn’t seem to offer this functionality.

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Profit Maximizer FAQ

Do I need experience to trade crypto with Profit Maximizer?

The good news is that users won’t need to have any prior experience when trading crypto, as long as they have the support of trading software.

Are there celebrity endorsements?

The niche is riddled with the use of celebrity endorsements to promote legitimacy and Profit Maximizer is no different. While many websites state that Elon Musk and Martin Lewis are affiliated with the site, there is no evidence to actually back this up.

Can you make a profit on Profit Maximizer?

This is a difficult question to answer when it comes to Profit Maximizer, as the website itself doesn’t boast a win rate. In general, trading robots do have capabilities beyond the actions that can be performed by manual trades, so there will be some degree of profit to be made – it’s simply not clear just how much.