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Bitcoin Aussie System is marketed as an AI-driven trading program for crypto CFDs. The program is said to offer an easy and highly effective way of speculating on crypto volatility.

Thousands of traders review the robot as transparent, safe, and profitable.  The experts also rate it highly in most of the areas that define a good crypto robot.  But is Bitcoin Aussie System a scam or an authentic crypto robot?

We have analyzed the available qualitative and quantitative data to unearth the truth about this trading system. This review of Bitcoin Aussie System is based on the conclusion made by many other expert reviewers.

This review should not be mistaken as an endorsement or financial advice. Crypto trading in general is risky and the likelihood of losing the invested capital is always high.

What is Bitcoin Aussie System?

Bitcoin Aussie System Website

Bitcoin Aussie System is a crypto trading software initially founded for the Australian market. The robot has recently expanded its reach to more than 60 countries globally.

A crypto trading system is a computer program that automatically speculates on digital currencies on behalf of the user. Bitcoin Aussie System reportedly takes automated trading to the next level by leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven algorithms.

These algorithms supposedly derive trading signals by analyzing trading-related big data. It’s through data-driven trading that the bot can deliver the alleged profits. Thousands of reviews on Trustpilot report that the Bitcoin Aussie System is a superb performer.

The positive feedback is also shared by the experts. This trading robot alleges to trade up to 350 crypto/crypto and crypto/fiat pairs. It reportedly uses AI algorithms to scan the markets and identify the pairs with the highest level of volatility and the best liquidity.

High-level volatility and quality liquidity are the ingredients of success in fast-paced trading. Bitcoin Aussie System allegedly applies the news trading technique to capitalize on news-driven price swings. The bot is also said to derive signals from studying the price patterns of the tradable pairs. This technique falls under technical analysis.

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How to trade with Bitcoin Aussie System

Bitcoin Aussie System Registration

Bitcoin Aussie System is a user-friendly crypto trading program. We have read many expert reviews and they all conclude that it’s the best bet for newbies.

The robot is also recommended for the experts given that it outshines all forms of manual trading. Trading crypto with Bitcoin Aussie System is a breeze since the trading research and order placing are automated. The steps to kick-start your trading journey with Bitcoin Aussie System are explained below.

Step One: Register for free

Use the registration form on the Bitcoin Aussie System website to register. Please visit the official site and avoid links shared from unsolicited emails since they could redirect you to cloned sites.

You don’t pay any money to create an account with this robot. All registration information shared on signup is held in strict confidentiality.

Step Two: Fund your trading account

Bitcoin Aussie allows users to get started with as little as USD 250. Your investment is magnified through leverage provided by the underlying broker. All new users are assigned to a broker upon finishing the registration.

All trading-related transactions including account funding occur through the assigned partner broker. Choose a funding option from their list and proceed to fund your account.

Step Three: Test Bitcoin Aussie System on the demo

Bitcoin Aussie System provides tutorials to help users master its settings fast. Watch the video tutorials as required to learn to set up the bot. Use the underlying broker’s demo account to test the settings. The correct settings should reportedly generate positive results on the demo test.

Step Four: Start a live trading session

Trading with Bitcoin Aussie System is easy if you’ve watched the videos and practised on the demo. Set the parameters as directed and toggle a live trading button to run the trading system. You should let Bitcoin Aussie System do the rest for you as you continue with your day-to-day business.

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Is Bitcoin Aussie System a scam?

Many experts have conducted thorough background checks on Bitcoin Aussie System and concluded that it’s a genuine platform. We have also concluded that it’s reliable after using a sentiment analysis tool to analyze its feedback.

There are many positive Bitcoin Aussie System reviews all over the web. Many of these reviews are posted by verified users. Our analysis shows that users are happy with its performance. Moreover, many users praise it for being a newbie-friendly auto-trading system. Bitcoin Aussie System is one of the quite few fully automated crypto trading systems.

We have also checked what other experts have to say about this robot. All the expert Bitcoin Aussie System reviews are positive. Most of the experts who have reviewed this platform believe that it has revolutionary powers. But the experts also warn about the risk associated with trading with it.

It may be less risky to trade crypto with Bitcoin Aussie System but still a significant degree of risk remains. This means that the chances of losing the invested capital are high. As stated in the intro of this review, this post is not an endorsement of this crypto robot. The post should also never be mistaken to be financial advice.

Bitcoin Aussie System has passed our safety tests. Its official site is built on reliable encryption meaning that all data submitted through its login page is secure. The robot also claims to use top-level security measures on its server side. Find below a summary of the points to prove that Bitcoin Aussie System is legit.

  1. Transparent trading environment
  2. Quality partner brokers
  3. Great reviews from users and experts
  4. Safe trading environment
  5. Easily reachable customer support team

Is Bitcoin Aussie System recommended for newbies?

BTC trading on smartphone

Bitcoin Aussie System reportedly uses powerful technologies to execute sophisticated trading strategies. But this doesn’t mean that newbies can’t trade with it.

The robot is categorized by the reviewers among the fully automated trading systems. A fully automated trading system does all the heavy lifting on behalf of the trader. This includes trading research and order placing.

Bitcoin Aussie System runs on autopilot but you must adjust the settings manually. The bot provides several video tutorials to help you understand the settings. You can test the settings on the provided demo trader before applying them in live trading.

Many traders describe the demo as highly accurate and reflective of the live trading experience. The experts recommend that you only use the trades that perform well on the demo on the live trading account. This crypto robot is also reviewed as a great bet for the experts.

The expert reviewers claim that it outperforms all manual traders including the highly experienced ones. We can’t authenticate these claims given that we did not conduct any live tests on the trading bot. However, we are convinced that it’s worthwhile given its amazing reputation.

Bitcoin Aussie System vs Competitors

Many reviewers conclude that Bitcoin Aussie System is superior after comparing it with many other trading robots. The robot allegedly outperforms top-rated robots in all categories including forex and stock trading. Bitcoin Aussie System is specialized to trade crypto CFDs.

Information on their website shows that they trade hundreds of CFDs including crypto/crypto and crypto/fiat pairs. The expert reviewers claim that this is the best bot for trading Bitcoin paired against the world’s most traded fiat currencies. These currencies include the USD, EUR, CHF, GBP, CAD, JPY, and CNY.

Only a handful of crypto robots can compete with Bitcoin Aussie System in product offerings. As explained earlier, this crypto robot is hailed as newbie friendly. The experts rank it top in the list of the best crypto robots for newbies.

According to the reviewers, it’s easy to use given that it automates the entire trading process. Users are required to adjust their settings for trading as instructed through the provided tutorials. Most of the Bitcoin Aussie System reviewers describe the tutorials as quite easy to follow.

Also unlike most of its competitors, this crypto robot provides 24/7 multilingual support. Most competitors offer 24/5 support in English only. Moreover, they are only reachable via live chat and email. You can reach out to the Bitcoin Aussie System customer support team via live chat, phone and email.

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Advantages of trading with Bitcoin Aussie System

Bitcoin Aussie System’s pros far outweigh the cons if the reviews by users and experts are anything to go by. As explained above, this auto-trading system outshines its competition in all the areas that matter.

  • Superior trading results
  • Easy to use for beginners
  • Free deposits and withdrawals
  • Affordable minimum trading capital requirement
  • Offers trading tutorials and demo
  • No registration or license fees
  • Charges a small commission on profitable trades
  • Supports mobile trading
  • Offers 24/7 customer support
  • Safe trading environment

This robot reportedly delivers superb results when the right settings are applied. Users are required to follow simple instructions to set the robot for trading. These instructions are explained in the video tutorials that accompany the robot.

Bitcoin Aussie System is reportedly among the few crypto robots offering a demo platform. The demo platform allows traders to test different settings until they find the best ones. According to the experts, the settings that yield great results on the demo are likely to succeed in live trading.

The only disadvantage of trading crypto with the Bitcoin Aussie System is the risk level involved. While the bot claims to reduce the risk of crypto trading by more than 20%, a significant degree of risk remains.

Consequently, you must be extra cautious when trading digital currencies. Evaluate your financial status before trading to determine the best amount to invest. Only commit less than 10% of your investment portfolio to crypto trading.

Disadvantages of Bitcoin Aussie System

We would be lying if we said that this trading platform doesn’t have some disadvantages. Any trading platform that claims to be perfect is likely, not genuine.

The biggest challenge with trading with Bitcoin Aussie System is the level of risk involved. This crypto trading system uses leverage to increase the size of the trade. Leveraged trading increases the bottom line but it also magnifies the losses.

Another disadvantage of Bitcoin Aussie System is the tedious registration process. You will be taken through multiple verification stages before being able to trade. Embrace the process since it’s meant to protect you.

Bitcoin Aussie System is only accessible from a few countries. The bot is reportedly in the process of partnering with more brokers to reach more countries.  

Is Bitcoin Aussie System legit? The Verdict

We amassed enough evidence to confirm that Bitcoin Aussie System is genuine. This crypto robot trades in high-level transparency and has a great reputation.

We conclude that it’s transparent after analyzing the disclosures published on their website. Bitcoin Aussie System has disclosed all the information traders require to make an informed choice. The disclosures include the identities of their partner brokers and their trading terms.

This robot is one of the few with great reviews all over the web. The Bitcoin Aussie System reviews on Reddit and Trustpilot are enough proof of its authenticity. Thousands of active users have shared their experience with this trading robot. The reviews are generally positive.

You have all the reasons to try Bitcoin Aussie System but please do not ignore its risk disclaimer. Crypto trading is risky and hence it would be unwise to put all your savings in it. Please avoid investing more than you can afford to lose.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Did Bitcoin Aussie System feature on Shark Tank?

Bitcoin Aussie System has never been presented in the Shark Tank or Dragons Den shows. The social media posts claiming so are misleading. Avoid fake posts since they are likely to include links that lead to cloned sites.

Is the Bitcoin Aussie System website safe?

The website of the Bitcoin Aussie System is secure through powerful encryption. All data submitted during registration is therefore encrypted instantly. This prevents data theft and hence protects the user from cyberattacks.

How much do I pay to use Bitcoin Aussie System?

Bitcoin Aussie System is marketed as a license-free robot. The bot reportedly charges a commission on profits to maintain its operations. This means that only profitable accounts pay a fee.