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Cryptocurrency trading isn’t a new concept, but it is an activity that is helping a whole host of individuals around the world to make use of their savings or even excess income to potentially boost their bank accounts. The niche itself isn’t highly regulated and markets can be extremely volatile, so there is a lot to be taken into consideration – both for those new to trading and individuals with a wealth of experience. 

The good news is that trading software has been developed to tackle the issues faced when trading and improve a user’s efforts, but the bad news is that there are plenty of scam platforms out there that are designed to drain as much cash/coins from account holders before closing the site or leaving it to continue to trap new signups. As this happens all too often, we’re here to talk about Immediate GP and whether it’s a trading robot you can trust.

What is Immediate GP and what can users expect?

Immediate GP

Immediate GP is a trading software that was recently launched with the aim of helping users to automate their crypto trading endeavours – and is already touting itself as one of the best platforms on the market for fast, secure multi-asset trading. 

As it is a new provider to step into the fray, those considering its potential may want to keep in mind that the information currently out there and even reviews are limited, so research is going to be key before making the decision to use this software over others out there. Let’s take a look at the features on offer right now:

  • Support for all of the major cryptocurrencies, as well as altcoins and even some newer coins
  • Intuitive AI that is reported to have some of the best algorithms in the niche, for fast and worthwhile automated transactions that will require little input or effort for those trading
  • Secure trading on Immediate GP with SSL encryption, fraud protection, KYC (know your customer) verification and access to a well-appointed customer services department via email and live chat
  • No signup, trading, account, or deposit/withdrawal fees; alongside a free demo trading account
  • Self-reported win-rate of 92%
  • Integration with leading trading software providers including MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and Web Trader
  • Access to a wide range of trading tools, risk management protocols, charting patterns, in-depth historical analysis, advanced trading data and more

While this information may lend to Immediate GP being a worthwhile selection, there is also little information on the website that explains exactly how the trading software works, who is behind the platform, or its policies – and this can be a major red flag considering the nature of the niche.


How do you start trading with Immediate GP?

create an account at Immediate GP

The signup process for the Immediate GP trading software will be similar to that of other trading robots, but it can still be worthwhile to know what to expect. Here are the necessary steps for account creation as we understand it:

  1. Visit the Immediate GP homepage. Here you will find a quick signup form that simply asks for your first and last name, email address and phone number.
  2. Fund your account. Make an initial deposit of $250 to gain access to the trading software. This is a good time to go to the demo trading section of the website, where you’ll have the ability to practice trades, gain some familiarity with both the crypto trading markets and the way everything functions on Immediate GP and test out trading strategies. When you feel comfortable with your experience and have a better grasp of the volatile markets, set your trading parameters and let the software do the hard work for you.


Key features of the Immediate GP Trading Software

Educational materials

Immediate GP reports to offer premium educational materials for learning about trading protocols and maximising the potential for successful trades, including backtesting with detailed market data, analytics charts, performance records and more.

Cross-platform capabilities

There is currently no mobile app for Immediate GP, but the trading software is supported on Windows and Mac devices, as well as on Android and iOS operating systems.

Risk management protocols

Users of Immediate GP will be able to create worthwhile trading strategies and perform risk management with adjustable trade sizes, the ability to set stop loss orders and trailing stops and the ability to close their account at any time; simply visit the menu option and delete your account. While there’s no guarantee of the permanence of account deletion, many websites don’t offer this option as standard.

Payment options

Immediate GP supports debit and credit cards, as well as PayPal. Other review websites suggest that deposits and withdrawals can also be made via eWallets, but this isn’t made clear by the website itself. Users will need to make an initial minimum deposit of $250 to access the full features on offer, but this is the standard amount across the industry.

How automated trading works

trader and robot

Automated trading with Immediate GP will require users to create an account, make an initial deposit and set a host of trading parameters before leaving the software to do its job. While you won’t have to spend hours performing manual trades (there are still options for this, if you’d prefer), you will need to check in on its performance to ensure everything is functioning as you’d expect (if not, adjust settings accordingly).


Important information about leveraged trading with Immediate GP

One of the biggest attractions of crypto trading for many individuals is the ability to make use of leverage when trading with their own funds. Leveraging typically requires partnership with a broker who will offer a loan amount to set alongside the user’s margin (financial percentage of the trade) to increase positions and increase both the level of trades entered and the potential for profit. 

When it comes to the Immediate GP software, there is actually no information on the website at all about whether or not it facilitates leveraged trading, although many review websites out there suggest that it has integration with trading software providers that do.

The benefits of using Immediate GP

Let’s take a quick look at the benefits of Immediate GP:

  1. Simple user interface and straightforward signup process
  2. Well-designed UI for simple site navigation and easy access for both new and experienced users
  3. A decent range of tools and resources available once the initial deposit is made
  4. Free demo account accessibility
  5. No fees
  6. Available in a host of locations around the world
  7. Fast transactions (typically within 24-48 hours)
  8. Support for fiat currencies, including USD, EUR and GBP – as well as all the leading crypto coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, XRP, Cardano and more

Immediate GP‘s profit potential

Trading using cryptocurrencies online has its own pros and cons outside of the trading platform you use, so it can be worthwhile to understand these before considering the profit potential of Immediate GP in particular. For example, the market is going to rise and fall no matter your endeavours – and things can change so quickly that even the most advanced trading software can miss out or make mistakes. 

This means that on the face of it, Immediate GP’s software will not only be subject to fluctuations in market conditions, but the trading parameters you set, the level of interaction you have with your efforts (checking and adjusting your presets) and even how much you invest in your trading efforts will all play a part in how much money you could potentially make when trading. 

Immediate GP does report a win-rate of 92%, but this number isn’t supported by any relevant information on the website itself or across the web.

Quick trading tips for new traders in the cryptocurrency market 

As there is undoubtedly some worthwhile potential in the crypto trading niche, more and more individuals are getting involved in 2023 than ever before. With this in mind, it can be a good idea to read through our quick trading tips:

Build familiarity

Always make use of the demo trading features available, no matter which website you use to trade with. All websites will have their own UI, features, parameters, integrations and more, so being familiar with how everything works can save you time and potentially even money in the future. 

It can also be in your best interests to do your research on different trading strategies and define the one(s) that best suit your budget, preferred trading style and more – some websites will pair better with certain strategies, so this can be a consideration for Immediate GP too. 

Start small and gain experience

As the trading markets are volatile, always start small and never trade with more funds than you can comfortably afford. While Immediate GP has a minimum deposit amount of $250, don’t put all of this towards your first trade, or even initial collection of trades. Gaining experience will undoubtedly be a good idea, but remember that even the most experienced traders can fall foul of significant losses, so always practice risk management.

Research, research and research some more

Research will be your biggest asset when it comes to trading successfully – and this shouldn’t stop once you have your trading robot set up. It can still be worthwhile to keep on top of general market sentiment and news for your chosen crypto, so you can adjust your trading software to keep up with the industry. Luckily, Immediate GP does have some decent features and tools that can help with this.

Consider your chosen asset and overall goals

Many traders enter the crypto markets to diversify their portfolios, but others are simply interested in using digital coins to make money. In any case, you should do some research on the cryptocurrency you hope to trade with, for example, Bitcoin may seem the most lucrative and safest option, but entry prices can often be too high. 

The right trading robot for your needs should support your chosen token, but also a good range of tokens, as this will add to its overall credibility and give you the option to use multiple assets should you want to (the good news here is that Immediate GP supports a diverse amount of coins that you can trade with in one place).

Is Immediate GP a scam or legit?

With just a cursory look, there isn’t a lot to suggest that Immediate GP isn’t a scam website, but that’s not to say that it isn’t a reputable provider either. As you will be putting your own money forward to trade using it, you’ll want to be sure before signing up and taking any risks.

In our opinion, you may want to proceed with caution, as there is very little information on the website itself to help you make an educated decision. Then there is the fact that there are little to no third-party reviews or testimonials out there from users, but this could be down to the fact that Immediate GP hasn’t been in the niche for long (we couldn’t even find a release date, in fact). 

In the last few years, social media platforms like Reddit have been a good place to look for relevant information regarding real people’s opinions and experiences with trading robots, but unfortunately even these platforms aren’t bringing the usual goods.

Verdict: Is Immediate GP worth it?

trading risk

One of the biggest things holding us back from suggesting that Immediate GP is a legitimate platform is that not only is it new to the niche, but the information provided by the site itself is limited. After all, transparency can be crucial in the crypto world – and especially when you are expected to deposit your own money. 

On the opposite side of the coin, it is free to use and has no fees associated with trading or platform use, so signing up may be more attractive when compared to a similar platform that charges on a host of levels. The key thing to keep in mind when choosing Immediate GP will be to do your own research and draw your own conclusions before making a decision that could potentially affect your success and your funds.


Immediate GP FAQ

How does Immediate GPwork?

While the information on how this platform works is limited, the website suggests that it uses a combination of advanced artificial intelligence, trading insights and smart technologies to perform scans across the top financial markets to execute the best possible trades on your behalf within seconds.

Who are the founders of Immediate GP and are there celebrity endorsements?

Unfortunately, there is currently no information on the founders or developers of Immediate GP and while there is talk in the community of celebrity support, there is no evidence to suggest that the likes of Elon Musk or similar industry names affiliate with the software.

How much experience do I need to trade with Immediate GP?

The good news is that Immediate GP has enough features and functions and is simple enough to use that you won’t need to have an extensive level of experience with crypto trading to get involved. Having said this, it can be in your best interests to have a least some familiarity with trading and the financial markets before you put your money on the line.