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Immediate Code has gone viral in 2023 with its user base growing exponentially in the last two months.

But what has made it so popular and is it legitimate and worth a try? Our investigative team has scrutinised Immediate Code AI to determine if it’s legit and if traders can make money with it.

Please note that all forms of online trading are risky. Never put all your savings in online trading.

What is Immediate Code AI?

Immediate Code

Some posts claim that Immediate Code is a multi-asset trading robot. However, this is not true. Our investigation reveals that it’s a tools and resources provider for multi-asset trading.

The tools under this platform reportedly automate some aspects of trading research. However, this doesn’t qualify it to be an automated trading platform. Immediate Code is reviewed as a powerful resource center for traders from all levels of experience.

Its tools allegedly help newbies build price action and news trading strategies and convert them into signals. If users’ feedback is anything to go by, the signals delivered through the Immediate Code AI tools are top quality.

Price action involves a study of historical price trends to forecast future price behaviour. This technique is popular in all asset trading. On the other hand, the news trading technique derives signals from the prediction of the impact of certain information on volatility.

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Immediate Code – Steps to Start Trading

Immediate Code Create an account

We conducted a demo test to find out if Immediate Code is as easy to use as alleged. A statement on the trading platform’s official site indicates that it’s on a mission to make crypto trading easy for all.

It claims to do so by providing tools that simplify the research process and improves the accuracy of trades. These tools supposedly automate 80% of the trading process. Immediate Code is also a top-rated crypto trading education center.

Its users allegedly access the best courses in crypto trading. The courses are tailor-made to meet the specific trader’s needs. You are only required to follow a few very simple steps to use Immediate Code AI. We’ve explained each of these steps below.

STEP ONE: Registration

Visit the Immediate Code website here and submit the registration details in the provided form. Secure your account with a password and verify your email and phone number as required.

It takes less than five minutes to complete this step. The personal information provided on registration is verified in the next step.

STEP TWO: Verification

You are instantly linked to a financial broker when you create an account. The tools offered under Immediate Code AI can only be used through this broker. This platform claims to only connect users to a regulated broker.

The linked broker is subject to global anti-money-laundering regulations. Consequently, they must take all their users through a KYC process. The process involves ID and payment method verification.

STEP THREE: Account Funding

You can fund your account before or after verifying your account. It may take the broker a couple of hours to verify your information. You don’t have to waste time waiting since you can deposit and trade on an unverified account.

The broker may require a minimum of USD 250 in trading capital. There are many unverified claims about traders using Immediate Code to build fortunes out of such a small investment. The linked broker supports multiple payment methods.

STEP FOUR: Tutorials and Demo

You need to take this step quite seriously since failure to apply the settings as required could lead to a negative outcome. Immediate Code offers tools to automate at least 80% of the trading research.

But you need to set the tools to conduct the trading research appropriately. The provided tutorials offer guidance on the settings. You can test if the settings are working through the provided demo.

STEP FIVE: Live Trading

You can reportedly automate the execution of the trades generated by Immediate Code AI. There is also an option to implement the trades manually. For newbies, the experts recommend the automated option.

The manual option allows traders to select the trades that should be executed in their accounts. Only traders who understand how the trades are generated should place the trades manually.

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Who Founded Immediate Code?

Immediate Code claims that it’s based on the trading wisdom of tens of highly successful ex-WST traders. Its tools are reportedly built around the trading genius of these traders.

A statement on the platform’s “About Us” indicates that it’s always recruiting new talent to join its team. We aren’t sure if they are still recruiting new members to join their team.  

Immediate Code AI is reportedly managed by a London-based private limited company. A statement on the platform’s homepage indicates that it has achieved its global reach through partnerships with brokers. Traders are reportedly assigned to a local financial broker when they register.

Is Immediate Code AI a scam?

3d rendering robot analyze stock market big data

Immediate Code has passed many expert tests on legitimacy. The platform is, therefore, likely genuine. Below are the top 5 reasons why we believe that Immediate Code is legit.

  1. Top-level transparency
  2. Quality partnerships
  3. Great feedback from users
  4. Secure trading environment
  5. Responsive, friendly, and knowledgeable customer support

We will discuss each of the reasons in detail below. Please note that we are merely elaborating on the conclusion of third-party investigators. This review isn’t an endorsement and it’s not financial advice.

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Top-level transparency

Transparency is the first thing you should look for when determining the legitimacy of a trading platform. A trustworthy platform operates in full transparency by disclosing all the crucial information.

Such information includes its partnerships and pricing. Immediate Code AI has shared a list of its partners and disclosed all its fees. We didn’t find any red flags indicating that this platform withholds crucial information.

Quality Partnerships

Immediate Code like other tool providers operates under financial brokers. As stated above, the platform has shared a list of its partner brokers.

The expert reviewers claim to conduct preliminary checks on these brokers and find them reliable. According to the reviewers, the brokers are tier-one monitored. This means that they are observing the best user safety practices.

Great feedback from users

The reputation of this trading platform is enough proof that it has helped many traders achieve their goals. Immediate Code AI is among the trading platforms with the highest number of reviews on the internet.

You can find its reviews on Reddit, Trustpilot, and Facebook. Some reviewers allege that Immediate Code receives hundreds of reviews daily.

Secure Trading Environment

Online safety should also be a priority when selecting a trading platform. A platform that fails the experts’ safety tests shouldn’t be considered. All the popular trading platforms are expertly tested and the feedback is shared through popular blogs.

The Immediate Code website, login page, and servers are reportedly secured through military-grade encryption. We haven’t found any complaints relating to the safety of this platform.

Great customer support services

Immediate Code AI customer support services are rated highly by most experts. The platform claims that its support agents are reachable 24/7. This is great since most trading platforms offer 24/5 customer support.

Immediate Code is reachable through phone, live chat, and email. Most competing platforms only offer support via email and live chat. Immediate Code AI is reachable within a minute and its agents are friendly and knowledgeable.

Immediate Code AI Vs Other Trading Platforms

You have probably come across many other similar trading platforms and don’t know which one to choose.

The expert investigation reveals that Immediate Code beats competitors in many areas. These areas are noted in the table below.

Immediate Code Other trading platforms
Great reputation Poor reputation/ few reviews
Partnership with quality brokers Partnership with offshore brokers
Secure trading platforms No provable safety measures
Expert-tested trading tools Not tested by an expert
Newbie-friendly tools and education Only for experts
24/7 customer support 24/5 customer support
Multi-device trading Supports web trading only

 Immediate Code has won the hearts of many traders. We’ve based our review on the feedback shared by verified users.

This post doesn’t qualify as a recommendation or financial advice. You should take the responsibility to do further research and evaluate your finances before investing.

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Advantages of trading with Immediate Code

digital technology robot for trading

What makes Immediate Code worth a try? Our team has studied its reviews and summarised the advantages of this platform as follows.

  • Users claim that it’s highly profitable
  • Newbie traders find it easy to use
  • Expert reviewers rate it highly on transparency
  • Our investigation shows it’s a secure platform
  • They seem to offer great customer support services
  • You can use the platform on your mobile

The advantages listed above are highlighted in many users’ reviews. The expert reviewers we have looked at also confirm them.

Immediate Code AI Verdict

The positive reviews published on Trustpilot and other popular consumer review sites are enough proof that the platform is genuine. Users rate Immediate Code positively on ease of use, safety, reliability, transparency, and customer support.

These five areas are the pillars of a genuine trading platform. On transparency, the platform makes important disclosures on its sites. These disclosures are supported by the experts who claim to test the platform. There are also unverified claims that it works with reputable brokers.

This perfectly shows its commitment to transparency. Scam trading bots are known to operate in cahoots with sham offshore brokers. There are many unsubstantiated claims on the official Immediate Code website but these shouldn’t discourage you from trying the platform.

As explained in this post, many have tested Immediate Code AI and shared their great experience. You can ride on their feedback and give it a try. But don’t take this post as financial advice or recommendation to trade with this platform.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which assets can I trade with Immediate Code AI?

Immediate Code claims to help users trade up to 700 assets in all four asset classes. This review has determined that the platform is popular with crypto traders. But it's also gaining fast as a resource for trading forex, stock, and commodities.

How much do I need to get started with Immediate Code?

You don’t need much to use Immediate Code AI. It’s free to sign up with the platform and no trading fees are charged on unprofitable accounts. You need to fund the account with a minimum trading capital of $250 to access all the tools.

Does Immediate Code offer crypto trading education?

Some reviews claim that Immediate Code is both an automated trading program and a trading education resource centre. Background checks indicate that Immediate Code AI is not a trading bot in the traditional sense. It’s a trading resource that offers tools and education to help users trade better.

Is Immediate Code safe and reliable?

There are no user complaints about the safety and reliability of Immediate Code. The experts claim to test the Immediate Code AI website and find it adequately secured. Background checks also confirm that users find it reliable.

Does Immediate Code work on mobile?

Immediate Code AI claims to enable its users to bet on their favourite financial assets from anywhere across the globe. Registered users can access its desktop and mobile apps through links shared in the welcome email.