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Entering the crypto niche is now easier than ever before thanks to the inception of trading robots. More and more people from all walks of life are now putting some of their extra cash on the line in the hopes of not just a significant financial payoff, but also earning a passive income. 

With so many out there in 2023, it can be difficult to know which one will be viable, maximize the potential for the individual’s needs, and even if the platform is legitimate. So, let’s take a look at Bitcoin Apex and everything you need to know to make an educated decision.

Bitcoin Apex Key Points

Bitcoin Apex

If you are hoping to see some success from your trading endeavors with little input, Bitcoin Apex could be a worthwhile selection, especially if you want an additional level of support outside of simply setting parameters and leaving the software to work. Bitcoin Apex claims to connect users with an account manager upon signup that will offer trading insights, and advice and help to facilitate leveraged trading between yourself and crypto brokerages.

Here is what Bitcoin Apex users can expect:

  • Access to Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin, Dash, and a host of crypto assets
  • 24/7 customer support
  • 24-hour withdrawals
  • 250 initial deposit to unlock all available features
  • Demo trading mode

Bitcoin Apex doesn’t have a mobile app, doesn’t currently state a win rate, or give users a clear view of the fees associated with using its software or platform. As the crypto niche is widely unregulated, it can be important to look at features such as these to determine whether the platform is a scam before signing up. 

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How to start trading with Bitcoin Apex

Bitcoin Apex new account

  1. Step 1 . Simply visit the Bitcoin Apex website where you will find a quick sign-up form. This requires prospective users to add their name, phone number, and email address. Bitcoin Apex suggests that an account manager will contact you within 5 minutes of initial sign up and they will help you to complete the verification process.
  2. Step 2. Users should now make an initial deposit of $250 and this will open up the Bitcoin Apex site, tools, and features to allow users to set up the trades that they want to make. While the success rate is claimed to be ‘high’ there isn’t a specific number attached, so you will need to set parameters and practice risk management to help maximize your potential.
  3. Step 3. It is advisable to begin using the demo trading feature no matter your skills or experience before moving on to real-money trades. This will ensure you have the right level of exposure to the crypto markets, the intrinsic volatility, and even the tools on offer at Bitcoin Apex before risking your actual funds.

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What does Bitcoin Apex do?

As a trading platform, Bitcoin Apex is one of the newer robots to enter the niche, so details seem to be limited right now. The website should provide users with everything they need to know about its features and functions, but unfortunately, there is little information to go on. This means that users may be better off finding a site that is more transparent about their services for better peace of mind. 

With limited data, we understand that Bitcoin Apex is a trading software that claims to bring a blend of automated trading tools and expert assistance so that trade-for-trade, profit potential will be greater (in both volume and value). The website states that its services can help users to become millionaires – and any claim like this should be met with a degree of skepticism.

The website also suggests that it provides trading tools alongside a host of AI-generated projections gathered by machine learning protocols. This means that deep market analysis is behind the auto-trade mechanic and will provide the software with the ideal time to execute trades.

The website, once registered and unlocked with an initial $250 deposit (which is solely the trader’s to use and not considered a fee), is believed to supply a straightforward, easy-to-use design that is beginner friendly (as well as being functional for more experienced traders), has a real-time Bitcoin price chart and connects traders with brokers for leveraged trading opportunities via CFDs (contracts for differences).

The pros and cons of Bitcoin Apex


  • Automated trading
  • Free sign up
  • Demo trading account
  • Fast transactions (within 24 hours)
  • 24/7 access to crypto markets
  • An account manager
  • Simple UI
  • Leveraged trading capabilities using CFDs via broker integration


  • Fee information undisclosed (there is mention of deposit and withdrawal charges, but not how much)
  • No proprietary mobile app
  • Little information of the site’s features and legitimacy

How does Bitcoin Apex work?

Bitcoin Apex, just like other automated trading robots, works to scour the cryptocurrency markets using AI and machine learning technology to determine the top conditions for executing trades. In-app mechanics and algorithms determine both high and low market shifts in order to carry out buy and sell orders when at their most profitable. 

As there is limited information both on the Bitcoin Apex website and around the web in general, users are advised to do their own research before making the decision to sign up.

Bitcoin Apex features

Demo trading

One of the best and most trustworthy features a trading robot can have is a demo trading account and the good news is that Bitcoin Apex does provide one. Demo trading allows the platform’s users to test out their trading strategies, parameters, and more without putting any real money at risk. Once you are confident in how Bitcoin Apex works and are more familiar with the nuances of crypto trading, you will be better equipped to trade using your hard-earned cash.

Trading support

Bitcoin Apex claims to assign new users an account manager that will assist them with their trading endeavors and provide support should they have any questions or encounter issues. These are reportedly experts in the crypto niche and can act as an additional avenue of customer support. While those new to trading can benefit from their knowledge, so too can more advanced traders, so it’s an attractive feature to have.

Market monitoring

The software and algorithms used by Bitcoin Apex collate a host of data (including historical charting) to generate automated projections that assist with making the best market moves possible. These are executed faster than a human could perform manually and provides future statistics and forecasts for trades moving forward. 

Fees and transaction costs

Bitcoin Apex does state that it has deposit and withdrawal fees, but it isn’t clear on how much or how these function. As there is a suggestion of connecting users with brokerages (but again, nothing on how this works), there may be additional fees that come with trading using leverage via CFDs. There are no signup fees however and no evidence of subscriptions. The $250 initial deposit to unlock the site’s features is common within the trading robot community, so this is not something to be concerned about.

Customer service

While account managers are seen as a level of customer support, there is also a customer service team on hand for registered users that can be reached 24/7 via live chat, email and phone. Unlike many other crypto robots, the live chat feature isn’t readily available on the website, so this is likely to be one of the services that comes behind the initial deposit paywall. From the limited customer reviews on third-party websites, the team is believed to be helpful and responsive.

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Key information about Bitcoin Apex

  • How to delete an account

If you want to delete your Bitcoin Apex account, reviews around the web suggest that all you’ll need to do is contact your account manager.

  • Supported countries

While it is not confirmed, Bitcoin Apex states that it is supported in around 150 countries and that customer support is available in multiple languages.

  • Payment methods 

Just like most crypto trading robots, Bitcoin Apex accepts payments via bank transfers, debit and credit cards and PayPal.

  • Bitcoin Apex’s developers

When it comes to finding out about the developers of Bitcoin Apex, there is no information on the website outside of a mention of a team of industry experts and software specialists. This isn’t an uncommon feature and shouldn’t be used as a checkmark for legitimacy, as many developers prefer to remain anonymous.

  • Celebrity endorsements

All Bitcoin trading robots have their fair share of rumors regarding celebrity endorsements – and as you’ll find in almost 100% of cases, names such as Elon Musk, British money expert Martin Lewis, Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson, and more haven’t put their hat in the ring with Bitcoin Apex as of yet.

Is Bitcoin Apex a scam or legit?

A white robot with the notebook and the bitcoins on the table

When trying to determine whether a trading robot is a scam or legit, it can be important to look at all of the features and tools on offer, as well as the claims made by the website, and come to your own conclusions. One of the biggest tells can be transparency and as Bitcoin Apex doesn’t have much in the way of information on its website, it can be wise to proceed with caution. 

In these instances, it can be a worthwhile idea to take a look at third-party reviews and user reviews on social media to fill in the gaps. Once again, there is little information to be found concerning Bitcoin Apex around the web and while none of this is to say that this trading robot is an outright scam, you may want to proceed with caution before signing up. 

The verdict

The crypto market is extremely volatile, so it can be important to select the right trading robot to maximize profit potential and minimize losses where possible. This means that users will want a platform that is legit, trustworthy, and has a host of features and functions that align with their trading needs. As different robots will provide different things, Bitcoin Apex may suit one trader and not another. The key is to do as much research as possible before signing up and risking your funds, but with this website, you may not get very far.

The claims that Bitcoin Apex does make are attractive and automated trades could in fact be profitable, but how much and how often remains to be seen. The more a trading robot offers, the more users will have to make use of, so the fact that Bitcoin Apex brings access to a dedicated account manager can be seen as a positive attribute that other websites may not have.

There are plenty of options out there, so it could be an idea to shop around and perform some comparisons before making your final choice.

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Bitcoin Apex FAQ

Can I use Bitcoin Apex with no experience in crypto trading?

On the face of it, Bitcoin Apex suggests a high win rate for users, without actually stating a percentage, so arming yourself with as much knowledge and experience as possible is likely to work in your favour. Users are likely to see at least some success just by the very nature of using automated software, so it is possible to use this site with no experience, but this isn’t advisable without at least using the demo trading feature first.

Is it possible to fully automate crypto trading with Bitcoin Apex?

As crypto trading robots are designed to take the pressure off of trading manually and perform better and faster than any human could hope to alone, it is possible to automate trades. Having said this, there is still a degree of input that traders will need to have before leaving the software to do its job. First of all, you will need to set trading parameters and it can be a good idea to check in at least once or twice a week to ensure that everything is functioning as you’d expect. The good news is that there will still be the option to undertake manual trading with Bitcoin Apex, should you want to.

Does Bitcoin Apex support leveraged trading?

There is some mention of Bitcoin Apex connecting users with brokerages that facilitate leveraged trading by offering CFDs, but as seems to be the theme, there is little information to suggest what brokers are supported, how connections are made between them and users, or any over crucial things that you should need to know before getting involved with this. Leveraged trading comes with its own risks, so be sure to do additional research if you think it could be of use to your trading strategy, budget and goals for the future.