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Altrix Edge is a trending online trading solutions provider founded in 2022. Traders can reportedly access tens of superior trading research tools on this platform.

These research tools support the trading of up to four asset classes but most traders use it for crypto trading. Altrix Edge claims to bring fun to online trading. Moreover, its tools are said to make trading easy and make the trader master the ropes of trading fast.

Some of the tools offered under this platform are reportedly Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven. AI-driven tools are said to improve the accuracy of trades by a huge percentage.

But is Altrix Edge legit and does it boost the trading outcome as alleged? Our investigative team has answered these and other important questions in this review.  We take an unbiased deep dive into this trading tools provider to help you stay informed.

Please do not mistake this post for endorsement or financial advice. Do your due diligence well before investing your hard-earned cash with any platform.

Altrix Edge – Introduction

Altrix Edge

Altrix Edge claims that it has disruptive powers. The testimonials by thousands of traders show that it’s indeed worthwhile.

This in-depth review separates the facts from the fiction. But before we get started, find a summary of the facts about Altrix Edge in the table below.

  Type of platform Trading tools and education provider
  Success rate Unspecified
  Minimum investment USD 250
  Availability 120+ countries
  Supported platforms Web, desktop, and mobile
  Withdrawals wait time 24 hours
  Customer support 24/7
  Tradable instruments FX, crypto, commodities, stock, and market indices

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What is Altrix Edge?

Altrix Edge calls itself a one-stop shop for trading tools and resources. The third-party platform claims to offer trading solutions through select CFDs brokers.

Among its product offerings are tools for trading research, trading courses, a news feed, and a blog. The resources under this platform allegedly help traders boost the trading outcome tremendously.

Altrix Edge is popular with crypto trading even though it supports the trading of other asset classes. Its website shows that it offers resources for trading CFDs on stock, crypto, forex, commodities, and market indices.

Users agree that it makes CFD trading easy and fun. Newbies with zero trading skills can reportedly master the tools within hours and trade successfully. Interestingly, the trading research tools provided under the platform are said to provide a game-like trading experience.

We didn’t test them and therefore can’t verify if they are as fun to trade with as alleged. But the amazing testimonials from verified users convince us that are as claimed. Altrix Edge is top rated with verified users sharing an amazing trading experience with its tools.

Its trading education courses are reportedly among the best in the industry. Amazingly, the platform is said to help traders earn while they learn. Please note that these are claims we couldn’t verify.

How to trade with Altrix Edge

Altrix Edge was reportedly founded to make online trading easy. Many traders report that its tools are easy to use.

The tools allegedly make it easy for newbies to get into the trading game and succeed right from the start. It only takes a few simple steps to use Altrix Edge. Each of these steps is explained below.

#1. Registration

Altrix Edge create an account

Creating an account on the Altrix Edge website is easy. You only need to fill out the registration form and click submit. Users automatically signup with the attached broker when they create an account with Altrix Edge.

#2. Account Verification

ID verification is part of the security measures implemented by this platform. Users must upload proof of ID with the broker to be verified. This measure is also a requirement in global anti-money laundering laws.

#3. Account funding

Funding your Altrix Edge account can happen before or after ID verification. The payment methods allowed by the assigned broker include;

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Alipay
  • Wire transfer
  • Skrill
  • Webmoney
  • Neteller

You won’t be charged any deposit or withdrawal fees. Some reviewers allege that only verified payment methods can be used. 

#4. Tutorials and demo

Tutorials are presented in videos and are only available after deposit. You instantly redirect to the tutorials page on deposit. Watch all the videos to master each of the Altrix Edge tools.

#5. Demo and live trading

Apply the tools in trading research and build trades accordingly. Test all the trades using the Altrix Edge demo before going live. The reviewers strongly advise that you only execute the trades that perform well on the demo on the live account.

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How does Altrix Edge work?

Robotic hand analyzing financial data

Altrix Edge is not an online trading broker or a trading robot as some posts claim. It’s a tools provider that claims to offer trading solutions to all online trading needs.

The trading platform allegedly links its users with quality third-party CFDs brokers. Its tools and resources are used through the linked broker. As we will see, traders who sign up on the Altrix Edge website instantly connect with the broker.

The linked broker receives the trader’s deposit and facilitates the trading process. Users are taken to a dashboard where they can access all the Altrix Edge tools on registration. Tutorials are available to help users master the tools and navigate the trading process.

A demo is also said to be available. Traders can test the signals developed through Altrix Edge on the demo before going live. The signals that show positive signs on the demo are reportedly likely to generate positive results in live trading.

Altrix Edge in itself doesn’t fall under any regulations. However, the trading signals built through it are executed through regulated brokers. Our investigative team wasn’t able to verify the identity of the said partner brokers.

Key features of Altrix Edge

Altrix Edge boasts trading tools with superior features. These superior features give the platform a competitive advantage over other platforms.

Altrix Edge tools reportedly help users to easily implement sophisticated trading strategies. Some of the strategies you can build and execute through the resources offered under this platform include:

  1. News trading
  2. Price trend analysis
  3. Arbitrate trading
  4. Short selling
  5. Scalping

Any newbie can reportedly use the tools to implement these strategies even without understanding the trading lingo.

We couldn’t verify if Altrix Edge supports all these strategies and if it makes them as easy as alleged.

News trading

This trading approach is highly recommended for high-volatility assets such as crypto and forex.

These highly volatile assets are highly news-sensitive. Any piece of industry-related news triggers significant price shifts. Altrix Edge helps you capture the relevant news and generate trades from them instantly. We couldn’t establish how it achieves this.

Price trend analysis

This technique is also highly effective in volatile markets. It involves the application of advanced charting tools to detect trends in price data.

The trends are translated into trades and placed through the broker. The Altrix Edge research tools reportedly help users implement this technique. We couldn’t determine how the research tools implement the price trend technique.

Arbitrage trading

We are also amazed by the reports that Altrix Edge has tools for arbitrage trading. This sophisticated trading technique involves profiting off price discrepancies in different markets.

Altrix Edge tools reportedly make this technique quite easy to implement. You don’t have to master the lingo behind this technique to apply it through the tools.

Short selling

The short-selling strategy is quite important since it ensures profitability in plummeting markets. Altrix Edge claims to offer tools and resources to help newbies and experts build and test short-selling strategies.

The strategies developed through these tools are reportedly quite accurate. Once again, we couldn’t verify if Altrix Edge helps its users build short-selling strategies.

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Is Altrix Edge a scam? The Results

Our investigative research didn’t find any red flags to make us doubt the legitimacy of this tool provider. We determined the following:

  • Altrix Edge operates in high transparency
  • The platform is powered by reputable brokers
  • Thousands of users rate it highly
  • It offers quality customer support services
  • The Altrix Edge website is secure

The five points noted above sufficiently prove that Altrix Edge is not a scam. We will discuss these points in detail below.

High-level transparency

Altrix Edge claims to operate under high-level transparency. This is evident through the disclosures it has made on its official site.

Our investigative team confirms that they have disclosed all the crucial information including pricing. Most of the info on the Altrix Edge website has reportedly been fact-checked by third-party experts.

Quality partnership with brokers 

Altrix Edge’s legitimacy is further proven in its partnerships. As mentioned earlier, this tool provider is backed by reputable brokers. Unconfirmed reports show that Altrix Edge works with tier-one regulated brokers.

These brokers observe strict regulatory measures. For instance, they segregate users’ deposits to prevent the funds from being used as their working capital. Moreover, they conduct regular external audits as instructed by the regulators.

Quality support services

Our background checks further confirm that this tool provider offers quality support services. The Altrix Edge support team is reachable by phone, email, and live chat. They can be contacted 24/7 in up to 12 languages.

The support services provided by the platform say a lot about its legitimacy. Sham platforms tend to provide support through emails only. Moreover, they are not easily reachable and their support agents are unknowledgeable and can turn hostile if you delay investing.

Great reputation

Altrix Edge has some amazing reviews on the web. We are surprised by how viral the platform has gone despite being around for less than a year. As mentioned earlier, this tools provider was founded in 2022.

Altrix Edge testimonials are published on Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter. The platform also has many 5-star reviews on Trustpilot. A search on popular SEs unearths tens of positive expert reviews. The amazing feedback reveals an amazing platform with a proven track record.

Safe trading environment

Safety is an important determinant of a genuine platform. A sham platform won’t pay any attention to user safety. The website is always the first line of defence against cyberattacks.

A serious tools provider must demonstrate its commitment to online safety. Altrix Edge has done so by securing its site and login page via advanced SSL. The platform also claims to store all users’ data in encrypted servers. A GDPR-anchored data privacy law reportedly dictates how Altrix Edge handles clients’ data.

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The Pros and Cons of Altrix Edge

Altrix Edge is a reliable trading tool and education provider. The reviewers claim that it’s quite superior compared to other platforms in the market. Find below the pros and cons of Altrix Edge as highlighted by the reviewers.

Advantages Disadvantages
Superior returns (unconfirmed) High-level trading risk
Easy to use Unavailable in some countries
Affordable (minimum investment USD 250)  
Available in web, desktop and mobile versions  
High-quality partner brokers  
24/7 customer support  
Robust online safety measures  

Final word

This review concludes that Altrix Edge is legit. We conclude so after a thorough scrutiny of data published from various sources.

Our analysis shows that all the tools under this provider have undergone and passed third-party testing. Altrix Edge provides tens of superior trading research tools. It also claims to offer superior educational materials.

This tool provider’s reputation says a lot about its credibility. Many traders seem to get the best results out of its tools.

Our reviewers couldn’t verify some of the claims published on the Altrix Edge website. Nonetheless, there is nothing to make us doubt its legitimacy. There is a chance that Altrix Edge will boost your trading outcome but nothing can be guaranteed at this point.

Treat all online trading as high risk and invest as little as you can afford to lose. Invest wisely!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Altrix Edge a genuine trading program?

Yes! Altrix Edge is authentic since it operates transparently and has a great reputation. The platform is becoming a social media sensation with many users reviewing it on popular sites.

Is Altrix Edge good for newbie traders?

Newbies can try their luck with Altrix Edge since it was developed to make trading easy. Some traders claim that it only takes a couple of hours for a newbie to master all the tools under this platform.

Does Altrix Edge work on mobile devices?

Altrix Edge reports supporting multi-device trading platforms. This means that it can be used on the web, mobile, and desktop devices.

Does Altrix Edge charge hidden fees?

No! Altrix Edge is straightforward in its fees. The platform claims to publish all its fees on the resources page. We didn't find any complaints about its fees.