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Bitcoin Evolution is an automated trading platform specializing in cryptocurrency markets that allows you to trade bitcoin and all other major cryptocurrencies. It has a solid reputation as a profit-making platform. Bitcoin Evolution software works by adjusting trading parameters in real-time.

It can automatically identify profitable opportunities and execute trades on your behalf. It has managed to secure a fantastic win rate of 85% to 88% for the users. Read on our Bitcoin Evolution review to find out everything you need to know about this cryptocurrency trading platform.

 Minimum deposit: €220 (£200), free trading account

 How does it work: Bitcoin Evolution works by adjusting trading settings in real-time to match  the volatile cryptocurrency trading market

Success rate: up to 88%

Introduction to the Bitcoin Evolution Software

The accuracy of automated crypto trading bots makes them successful and profitable. However, not all automated trading software is the same. When you are choosing a trading system, you need to look at what each one offers. Many fakes make tall promises but don’t deliver on these promises, and you may have read or heard about many crypto scams.

Bitcoin Evolution Official Website

The Bitcoin Evolution app offers excellent features, works smoothly, and is easy to operate. It uses an advanced, powerful algorithm along with trading signals to make significant profits. The trading software has been designed and developed by expert software engineers. The automated cryptocurrency trading system comprehensively scans the crypto market 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, throughout the year. Bitcoin Evolution software keeps track of rates in all crypto markets, all upsurges, and downfalls in the prices. This way, it can predict the price movements very precisely. This is extremely important because Bitcoin Evolution can make money both ways. It does not matter if the prices go up or down; you can make profits on the platform either way.

You do realize that with such a great auto trading robot working for you, you are in possession of super-intelligent software that transacts on your behalf without any break.

So, what role do you play in this process? All you need to do is choose the desired trade settings and then sit back and watch the automated trading software do the work. You can check from time to time to make sure everything is fine, and once you decide to call it a day, you can ask Bitcoin Evolution to stop. It is simple and easy to use.


Risk management

Cryptocurrency trading is highly volatile, and in a matter of a few seconds, you could lose a lot of money. Bitcoin Evolution platform offers a risk management feature for trading. It lets the users decide how much they want to risk in trade transactions. You, the user, become aware of the risky side of each trade transaction. The thumb rule is not to risk more than 10 % of your investment on every trade. This goes for all types of trading, be it crypto or the stock market. If you risk more, you will get more profits if things go in your favor, but you will also risk losing more. As a beginner, it is best to stick to this thumb rule.

Key Features of Bitcoin Evolution

Crypto trading platform

Bitcoin Evolution is not like the other crypto trading robots. What sets it apart are its key features which can help you make more profits and more money. Some of these features are:

You don’t require any experience or special skills to start trading Bitcoin Evolution. New users can enter the crypto trading market without any problem, thanks to the advanced trading software. You only have to sign-up and complete the process of account opening.

There is no licensing fee for joining Bitcoin Evolution. It will only ask for a minimum deposit amount at the time of starting. This amount will activate the main features and will be used for executing the trades for you.

The cryptocurrency market is highly volatile, and the price changes rapidly. Only an automated platform like the Bitcoin Evolution can trade at super-fast speeds. It can enter and exit trades within 1 millisecond of the market movements.

Registering with Bitcoin Evolution is simple & easy. Fill the form with the required information and then verify your account. It will not take more than 20 minutes to complete this process.

You don’t have to pay any extra money to trade on the Bitcoin Evolution platform. A small commission of 0.01% on the profits is charged to incentivize the brokers who manage your account. This makes the brokers try their best to make profits for you.

Bitcoin Evolution allows you to make spot transactions with funds borrowed from your broker. This is called leverage trading. With Bitcoin Evolution, you can leverage trade 5000:1 and pay the broker once you earn profits. For new users, it is quite risky and best not used. Experienced users can use this feature to make big profits.

As long as you have an internet connection and browser, you can access Bitcoin Evolution from anywhere and everywhere. You can log in with your details and password quite easily.

Many trading platforms only trade in one or two cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. However, the Bitcoin Evolution system allows you to trade in several cryptocurrencies, including some rare and exotic ones.

It is effortless to make deposits in Bitcoin Evolution. You can use bank transfer, credit, or debit cards to make a deposit.

The demo trading feature is very useful for new users and even for experienced traders who want to brush up and practice new strategies. This is not compulsory but advisable before starting live trading.


How good is Bitcoin Evolution?

Once you decide to trade in cryptos, the first thing that comes to your mind is selecting the right trading platform. Some inefficient trading software platforms can destroy your confidence apart from losing your money. We tested Bitcoin Evolution thoroughly and have a list of pros and cons of this automated trading platform.


  • Across multiple social platforms, you will find great testimonials and positive reviews about the Bitcoin Evolution bot.
  • It performs at a high level and has a success rate of over 88%
  • Demo trading feature suits new as well as experienced traders
  • Offers both manual and automatic trading options
  • A helpful team of experts support the users 24/7 and solve issues quickly
  • Quick processing of withdrawals and deposits
  • Risk is part of any trading, and so it is with Bitcoin Evolution
  • It is still not available for trading in all countries

How do you join and register a Bitcoin Evolution account?

Bitcoin Evolution Registration

After seeing all the features and advantages of Bitcoin Evolution, we are sure you want to join it and start making money. There are just a few steps between you and profits.

If you want to trade on Bitcoin Evolution, then you need to register yourself on the platform. There is no registration fee and no other fee for signing up. It is completely free of charge, and the process is simple:

Signing up is the first step. Creating a Bitcoin Evolution account on its official website is quite straightforward. Go to the Bitcoin Evolution website and click on the register or sign up option. This will open an account registration form, which will ask for the following details:

  • Full name
  • Valid email address
  • Phone number
  • You will need a strong password for the account

So, you can see how simple the process of opening an account is. One important thing is a good high-speed internet connection.

Ensure that the information is correct and there are no errors. Bitcoin Evolution will verify your information before creating an account for you. It will only take a few minutes, and you should have your phone by your side. They also ask if you want to receive emails, and you have a choice in this matter. Bitcoin Evolution does not ask for other personal information such as bank details, trading details, etc.

Depositing money: for trading, you need funds, and Bitcoin Evolution asks you to deposit $250. This is the minimum amount required to activate your account. You have several choices in the ways you can make the deposit payment.

  • Master card
  • Visa card
  • Credit cards
  • Debit cards
  • Wire transfer
  • Skrill

There are no charges on deposits and withdrawals or any other hidden charges on Bitcoin Evolution. You can add more money to the initial deposit at any time.

Start Trading: experienced traders can now start trading and making money. However, if you are a new trader, Bitcoin Evolution gives you a chance to hone your skills on the demo account. You can get familiar with the trading functions and see and experience for yourself the whole trading process. Any money you gain or lose in the demo account trading sessions is not real.

Once you have the confidence and feel ready to take on the real thing, start trading live. Make adjustments to the stop loss and take profit settings. Decide as per your risk appetite and investment capacity. Check the settings once carefully before pressing the start button. Stick to small amounts initially and see how Bitcoin Evolution works. Bitcoin Evolution is an automated trading platform, but still, it is better to monitor and keep track of the trades and ensure that the settings are as per your wishes.


Bitcoin Evolution: Legit or Scam?

Bitcoin Evolution Reviews

Very often, we come across crypto scams, and it stops us from trading. Several other trading platforms indeed give a bad name to even the genuine ones like Bitcoin Evolution. Before choosing an automated trading platform, you must do your research and look carefully at all options.

Bitcoin Evolution is a 100% legitimate platform. It works on your behalf to make maximum profits in every trade opportunity. We did a thorough analysis, checked users’ testimonials, and concluded that Bitcoin Evolution is genuine and legitimate. Our analytics tools showed that this trading software has a winning rate of 85 to 88%. This means that every time you use it, you can make some decent profits.

Apart from the accuracy, another great thing about Bitcoin Evolution is that it only connects you to reputed and regulated brokers. The results of your live trade depend on the quality of brokers to a large extent. They are responsible for making good decisions and watching the performance delivery of the trading robots. Only a legitimate crypto trading platform will employ genuine and good-quality brokers.

Bitcoin Evolution follows all the rules and regulations of the trader’s location. It works within the limits of the regulatory framework. The trading sessions take place as per the laws, and users’ funds are safe and secure.

All the user’s information is protected with SSL technology on the Bitcoin Evolution. This technology ensures complete protection through encryption. The level of security and privacy on Bitcoin Evolution is excellent.

Some Trading Tips

Here are some trading tips which can help you trade better and make more money.

Start with a small amount: new investors will be better off investing small amounts in the cryptocurrency market. This gives you a chance to fully understand how the crypto market works and see what mistakes you can make. The fluctuations are too fast and drastic, and with small amounts, it is not too bad to lose money while learning to control your transactions.

Stop loss & Take profit: You should check two trade settings before starting live trading: stop loss and take profit. This will ensure that the trading robot will not lose all your funds when the crypto market starts going down.

Regular withdrawal: it is best to withdraw your profits regularly. Remember that the crypto market is highly volatile, and the prices can drop off quickly. So, when the prices are good, and you make profits, it is wise to take it out and keep it safe.

Save before you invest: every time you make a profit, ensure that you at least save 50% of this and only invest the remaining 50%. This way, you will manage your risk better and always have money to invest in good crypto trade.

Risk Capacity: who does not want to make profits? However, big profits mostly come from big investments. When the market is unfavorable, the same big investments can lead to huge losses. Know and understand your risk capacity and transact accordingly. Never allow profits and excitement to make wrong trading decisions.

Advice from the broker: Bitcoin Evolution offers unlimited access to CySEC licensed brokers to the users. Not all trading platforms have such qualified brokers. These brokers will advise and support you in trading and make profits for you quickly.

Keep the account statements: Bitcoin Evolution allows you to download your account statements every quarter. This will be convenient when you need them for the tax returns at the end of the financial year.


How does Bitcoin Evolution help you trade better?

BTC on a keyboard

Bitcoin Evolution is an automated cryptocurrency software platform and needs very little effort from the users. It makes generating profits look very easy.

High-speed trading: the cryptocurrency market is very volatile, and Bitcoin Evolution allows you to enter and exit the trade at a very high speed. All high-quality trading bots will have this feature. Hundreds of key factors are taken into account in a matter of seconds on this platform.

Trading with emotions: this can cause huge losses in your portfolio. With Bitcoin Evolution, there is no reason to worry. It runs exactly as per your instructions. You can set the parameters for risk and profits, which it will follow fully. Any decision the software takes will be within these parameters.

Focus: the whole focus and objective of Bitcoin Evolution are to achieve your trading goals and meet your expectations. Nothing will distract it from this aim. No opinions, impulses, or any other external influences can make it sway from laser-like attention.

Continuous trading: however hardworking you may be, you will find it difficult to trade manually in the cryptocurrency market. Unlike many other markets, crypto markets are open to trade 24 hours a day and 7 days a week throughout the year. Bitcoin Evolution is hard at work even while you sleep. It will try to find profitable trades for you all the time.

You control the trading: if you want Bitcoin Evolution to work during specific hours, your broker will help you set these limits. It is the same with setting a stop loss limit and setting time for opening and closing the trade. The controls are in your hands, and you decide how the trading session should work for you.

Back test strategies: Bitcoin Evolution can backtest strategies. This means that it can predict past price movements of a specific crypto pair based on historical data. Then it uses this information to assess the viability of the trading strategy.

Final verdict

We spent a lot of time researching and analyzing Bitcoin Evolution. We used it in different scenarios and concluded that it is a 100% genuine platform. From multiple reviews, you can see that Bitcoin Evolution delivers what it promises. It gives profits at the success rate of 88%, and that is high. Making an account and depositing money is easy on the platform.

Bitcoin Evolution is full of amazing features such as high-tech Artificial Intelligence-based algorithms, transparent charging structure, no hidden fees, both automatic and manual crypto trading options, great customer service, and many more. Even new users with no experience will find it easy to use. There are no hassles, and the brokers are always there to support and guide you. It is enough to say that trading with the Bitcoin Evolution app will help you make more money in a faster way.

Another important thing about Bitcoin Evolution is its safety and security levels. Your personal as well as trade information is completely private and handled carefully. Hackers will not be able to reach your money or cryptos, however much they may try. Keep in mind that the crypto market is volatile, and you need to be well informed before deciding to trade in this market. Using your common sense and approaching it with care, the Bitcoin Evolution trading platform can give you huge profits.


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How good is the customer service of Bitcoin Evolution?

You will get excellent customer service and support from the team at Bitcoin Evolution. The customer care staff are available by chat, email, and phone at any time of day or night. Any problems you may face while registering or trading will be solved in no time and to your complete satisfaction.

Does Bitcoin Evolution offer a choice to open long or short positions?

Yes, all traders on Bitcoin Evolution can take long or short positions. You have the option to define the parameters which the system will follow. If you think the value of the crypto will rise, you can choose to open long, but if you think the price is going to go down, you opt for a short position.

Is it worth investing in cryptocurrencies?

They seem to be always in the news. You listen to people making a lot of money, and you would like to make the jump too. However, many are not sure whether it is a good decision to buy cryptocurrencies. These are, after all, digital currencies and very different from the physical currencies we are used to. Do you know Cryptocurrency has many benefits?

Some of these include:

Crypto is a decentralized currency, and it is not owned or issued by any government. Its value depends on what people are willing to pay for it. It operates on a distributed ledger and is thus difficult to manipulate. Everyone owns it.

Cryptocurrencies operate on blockchains or distributed ledgers, and each block on the blockchain has a unique code. Blocks of information get added chronologically. This happens at the same time all over the world on millions of computers. Any forgery or manipulation will require a change in all the computers holding copies of the blockchain ledger. So, forgery is almost impossible.

The transactions with cryptocurrency occur mostly anonymously. The ledger is open to public viewing, but the parties are more private. Cryptos are held in digital wallets, and the owner has the key to it.