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In 2023, there is no shortage of ways to enter the cryptocurrency niche and endless amounts of trading software and robots out there that are making digital finance more accessible than ever before. This has created a surge in popularity for the everyday trader, no matter their skills, knowledge, or even funds, but an influx of cash means growth in scam providers – and little regulation isn’t helping new or even established traders determine the best platforms to use. 

This is where we step in with a review of a growing name in the industry, Bitcoin Billionaire, so let’s take a look at whether this platform is a scam or legit before you make the decision to sign up.

Bitcoin Billionaire – an Overview

Bitcoin Billionaire

Bitcoin Billionaire is an automated trading platform that aims to make trading easier and facilitate the efforts of individuals around the world no matter their skill level. It claims to use AI to scour the crypto markets, find and execute the most lucrative trades and exit the markets at a profit. The website states a win rate of 99% and boasts user protection by not only exiting before losses are accrued, but also offering software that can be integrated with brokerages for additional support, maximum opportunities and more. 

While all of this may sound good at first glance, the reality is that some of these points may spell a scam – especially as none of them are backed up by facts. For example, a high win rate can be a red flag (and 99% is the highest it can claim) – and without user reviews to support this, it shouldn’t be taken at face value. With Bitcoin Billionaire, it states that brokerages use its software, but it also does not state which – and when putting your money on the line, transparency is often key.

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Start trading with Bitcoin Billionaire

Invest now with Bitcoin Billionaire

Many crypto trading robots will have a similar signup process that is simple and straightforward and with Bitcoin Billionaire, this involves:

  1. Step 1. Going to the Bitcoin Billionaire website and filling in the quick sign-up form. You will be asked to add your first and last names, an active email address and your phone number. Some review websites suggest you will have to follow an additional KYC verification step whereas others suggest you will get a phone call to complete verification.
  2. Step 2. Credit your account with an initial deposit of $250 to gain access to the full website/software and go to the demo trading account to gain some experience (this is also advisable for those with prior experience in the niche, as the software and its functions are likely to differ from other software that they may already be familiar with).
  3. Step 3. Once you are confident, you can then set your preferred trading parameter, connect with your broker and get started making your real-money trades.

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What to expect from automated trading with Bitcoin Billionaire

Trading robots are often used to both take the human element out of trading and to lessen the time and effort that needs to be put in with manual trading. For many, the speed with which software can execute trades and the minimised risk of error that is commonly caused by emotionally-charged decisions is well worth signing up for, even without all of the additional features on offer. 

Bitcoin Billionaire allows users to select their preferred cryptocurrency (choosing between Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and Basic Attention Token), set some parameters (in accordance with their strategies, budget and more) and sit back while the robot does the hard work. The good news is that this software claims to monitor how trades progress and make adjustments in real-time without any outside input. The additional element of integration will connect traders with brokers that will have their own features and protocols and may even offer leveraged trading (this will depend on the individual provider, however). 

It states that it makes use of high-performance AI protocols that can be used for profit and increase your chances of success on more trades than if you were to undertake to trade alone.

Top features of Bitcoin Billionaire

robotic hand holding gold coins

Demo trading

A great way to determine if a trading robot is legit is to see whether it provides a demo trading feature. Bitcoin Billionaire does – and this section of the website will allow you to test out the software and get a feel for trading and the features on offer before you risk your real funds.

This can give you peace of mind and some worthwhile experience – as well as protect you from unnecessary, otherwise avoidable losses and give you the opportunity to test out a host of strategies to see what works best for you. 

No fees or transaction costs

Users can expect to make an initial deposit of $250 to activate their account after registration, but this is yours to trade with and isn’t considered a fee (this is common for almost all trading robots in operation). There are no signup fees or transaction costs – but if you make the decision to use Bitcoin Billionaire via a brokerage, you may have to take a look at their commissions and fees to ensure you won’t be paying out anything unexpected.

Trading statistics and educational resources

Not all trading robots will provide more than the software you need to perform automated trades, but Bitcoin Billionaire has a host of detailed trading statistics and educational resources that will help you not only keep on top of your progress but also learn more about cryptocurrencies and the wider market as you progress with your endeavours. 

You can make use of e-books and video tutorials alongside trading tips, market news and information regarding your profits and losses, all in one place. Affiliated brokers will also likely give you access to market insights and trading support via experts and possibly even account managers.

Customer service

The level of customer service on offer can help to give you peace of mind when you are looking for a trustworthy site – and Bitcoin Billionaire has live chat, phone and email options that are accessible 24/7 so you won’t need to wait to have any issues addressed.

Fast transactions

Bitcoin Billionaire states that deposits are instant and withdrawals will be executed within 24 hours, so you will have access to your funds with little fuss. A great way to minimise the potential of losing cash is to withdraw regularly, to ensure you don’t dip into your winnings unnecessarily or incur fees that may be associated with large withdrawals.

Access to brokers and leveraged trading

While there isn’t a lot of information regarding exactly what brokers Bitcoin Billionaire integrates with, they are reported to be licensed and regulated by industry giant CySEC (the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission). Some reviews suggest that you will be given a dedicated broker when creating an account, but this is also not clear from Bitcoin Billionaire themselves. 

If you are assigned or you select a broker yourself, you will be able to use CFDs (contracts for difference) to trade crypto – and this involves leveraging a margin amount of your own funds against a borrowed amount from the broker to enter larger trades (or a greater volume). Leveraging comes with additional risks, so it can be worthwhile to do some extra research on this before getting involved. 

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The pros and cons of Bitcoin Billionaire


  • Automated trading
  • No fees
  • Fast transactions
  • Demo trading account
  • 24/7 access to crypto markets
  • Simple UI
  • 90% win rate
  • Passive trading
  • Leveraged trading capabilities using CFDs via broker integration
  • Additional insights and educational materials 


  • Limited number of cryptocurrencies on offer
  • No proprietary mobile app
  • Leveraged trading comes with separate risks

It is important to note that the website itself is currently unregulated and has no operational licenses and as a result, is reliant on the reputability and security of its integrated brokers. This could be a major red flag, as there are plenty of trading robots out there that do hold the necessary licensing themselves.

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Is Bitcoin Billionaire a scam or legit?

Robot's Hand Stacking Golden Coins

This isn’t a simple thing to determine, as there are so many factors to take into consideration. The industry itself isn’t widely regulated and some attributes that may look like reg flags on the face of it are widely accepted even with the most reputable providers (such as little information on the developers of the $250 initial deposit to gain access to a website’s full features). A great way to tell legitimacy is to look at user reviews – and these can be found not only around the web from third-party sites but also via social media and forums such as Twitter and Reddit.

As nothing can be confirmed from browsing the website itself, about the software, integrated brokers, supporting info for the win rate and similar, the verdict doesn’t look good, but there is potential there that may become apparent in the future if more users reviews pop up around the web.

Note about trading cryptocurrencies

Before venturing into the often volatile world of cryptocurrency, it can be a good idea to first know more about trading, the platform you will be using and the risks involved, before you ever expose your hard-earned cash. Crypto trading can be changeable at the best of times, so researching before investing will always work in your favour. 

The aim is to try to time market volatility for your own benefit (profit), but there are certainly a host of risks involved that could be costly. When utilizing a broker, you will be entering CFDs that will require you to place a small sum of your own capital towards a trade (or multiple at the same time) with the support of borrowed funds from said broker. While this will help you to maximise profits (as you will be able to enter trades with higher values than with your own collateral), it also exponentially increases risk due to the fact you can potentially be liable to owe more money than you originally invested.

Bitcoin Billionaire provides a demo account for you to practice risk management without putting your own capital on the line, so you can help to minimise the chances of taking a loss when you trade in real-time. Something to keep in mind is to only put forward what you can afford to lose and never risk anything that could play a detriment to your day-to-day life.  

The cryptocurrency market is still a wholly unregulated place, therefore it is easy for scams and such things as pumps and dumps to happen without anything to prevent them, therefore doing your own due diligence is a must before investing in any coin or token. Remember, that even the most seasoned traders are not infallible and can still lose out despite their skills.

Conclusion: Is Bitcoin Billionaire a worthwhile choice?

Among the many crypto trading platforms, Bitcoin Billionaire seems to stand out as a fresh new way to facilitate all of your trading endeavours, but there is little information on the host website and the general internet to truly determine if this is legitimate or a scam. This means that research and a cautious approach may be in order before signing up to ensure the security of your capital.

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Bitcoin Billionaire FAQ

Who is behind Bitcoin Billionaire?

As is the case with many trading robots, there is no information on the website about the developers and you won’t find much around the web either. While this can be a red flag (plenty of platforms will give info about the people behind them), it isn’t uncommon but worthwhile to keep in mind.

Do any celebrities endorse Bitcoin Billionaire?

Currently, there is talk of celebrity support including Elon Musk, Richard Branson and Martin Lewis, as well as from TV shows such as Dragon’s Den, but none of these claims are verified.

Can I use Bitcoin Billionaire with no experience in crypto trading?

Yes. It is possible for those new to the niche to use Bitcoin Billionaire and see some success on trades, but it is always worthwhile to do some research and use the demo trading feature to gain at least some knowledge and experience before putting your money at risk.

Is leveraged trading via Bitcoin Billionaire a good idea?

Leveraged trading can be a good way to get involved in crypto and this is facilitated on Bitcoin Billionaire as the software can be integrated. Again, it can be important to do your own research on CFDs before entering contracts, so that you understand the risk vs reward. Leveraged trading isn’t for everyone, so you will need to keep your trading goals in mind.