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When it comes to crypto trading, there’s no doubt that the potential to earn high rewards is appealing – but you should also be wary of the risks that can come with it. Fortunately for those who want to reduce the possibility of losing money as much as they possibly can, Bitcoin robots can often help.

If you’re interested in using an automated trading robot to assist you in your trades, you might want to take a look at our Bitcoin Storm review. From their excellent accuracy rates to security; there are several things that could make this particular trading tool a great choice.

First, before you sign up, you might want to learn a little more about this website and if it’s really worthwhile. Don’t worry, we’ve got all the information you need right here.

What is Bitcoin Storm?

Bitcoin Storm Official Website

Before we get into the details, let’s first introduce Bitcoin Storm. This platform is fairly popular among traders, due to the several advantages that it has to offer.

The automated trader claims to have algorithms that are significantly more accurate than the majority of their competitors, with a win rate of over 95%. While it is hard to verify this from usage alone, plenty of people who have used Bitcoin Storm seem to agree that it’s profitable, which is certainly a good sign.

Most users will find that there are a number of things to enjoy about this crypto robot outside of its higher chances for success, such as the SSL security system and low fees. There are quite a few other things that can make Bitcoin Storm a worthwhile choice, but we’ll get into those later on. 

Minimum deposit: $250 (€220)

Trading process: automated system based on artificial intelligence 

Demo account: free for all new users

Bitcoin Storm registration fees: none

Trading experience: not needed


Quick overview of the Bitcoin Storm App

If you don’t have time to look through a full review of this trading platform, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the advantages that you’re likely to enjoy when trading with Bitcoin Storm auto trading systems:

  • It’s a reliable platform that you can sign up to for free
  • The high accuracy rates lead to higher chances of making profits
  • This trading robot is available in multiple countries
  • The smart algorithms are not only profitable, but also incredibly fast
  • There are several cryptocurrencies and trading pairs supported on Bitcoin Storm

Of course, like all auto traders, there’s no way for you to guarantee a profit with the platform due to the nature of these assets – but we’ll cover that a little later on. 

Can you trust Bitcoin Storm?

Bitcoin Storm Live Profits Table

Finding a trustworthy crypto tool may not be an impossible feat, but it’s certainly an undertaking that can require at least a little time and effort. There are simply so many different scams out there and this isn’t limited to automated traders; you’ll often find that there are several misleading or unauthorised sites; from Bitcoin wallets, to exchanges. Because of this, it’s always best to be considerate of what you’re doing when looking for the right tool for your needs.

So, with all that in mind, how trustworthy the Bitcoin Storm app is? From our own experiences with this automated trading system, we do believe that it’s an effective way to make crypto investments more profitable and less stressful. While it can be hard to verify claims of users making up to $1,500 a day, we do believe that this site can help you to make a profit.

From closer inspection, we haven’t been able to find anything that links this platform to scams, which is a good sign. There are also many positive testimonials and reviews from users, which is always a plus in our books. Just take a look at what some of the traders on this site have to say about Bitcoin Storm and there’s a good chance that you’ll be interested.


What makes Bitcoin Storm in specific worthwhile?

There are of course a few things that help Bitcoin Storm to stand out from the rest of the crowd. Not only is it easy to use regardless of your experience level, but the site also offers more trading options than just Bitcoin, higher success rates than many other traders on the market, an excellent customer support team (that are on hand 24/7), and much more.

From all this, we can clearly see that there are several things that make automated trading systems like this worth using – and there are even more points on the way, too!  

Creating a Bitcoin Storm Account

Bitcoin Storm Registration Form

  1. Step 1: Create a Bitcoin Storm account. In general, you’ll find that signing up with Bitcoin Storm is incredibly easy to do. To register, you aren’t asked for a lot of information – just your name, surname, email, and phone number. Once you’ve put in your details, you’ll need to make a password (make sure it’s secure yet memorable so no one can guess it, or at least written somewhere safe).
  2. Step 2: Deposit some funds. Once you’ve made your Bitcoin Storm account, you’ll have one more thing to do in order to begin trading; make a deposit. The minimum amount is $250, meaning that you can invest less than £200 on your first trades with this site. Bitcoin Storm won’t give you free money, so you won’t have a choice but to use your own for your cryptocurrency market investments.
  3. Step 3: Try demo trading. While you could start making your investments after your deposit has been processed, it might be a better idea to first try the demo trader. If you’ve used automated trading robots before, you’ll know that this can be an excellent tool to use to familiarise yourself with both trading and the new platform (it can give you an opportunity to try out the trading software of Bitcoin Storm without having to put your money on the line). It’s a risk-free way to try everything out and get a feel for what you can do – and this is often too good to pass up.  .
  4. Step 4: You’re good to go

If you feel that you don’t need to try out the Bitcoin Storm demo trader, you can just go straight to the live trading account. While it can be worth having a safe trial of the software first, it’s entirely up to you. Either way, before you start your trading session on Bitcoin Storm, be sure to set the parameters of the robot to suit your needs. This way, you can still have control over what happens, even if the AI of the platform is doing all the hard work for you. 


Bitcoin Storm trading platform; The full review

Bitcoin and its price chart

Those who want to take a closer look into the advantages that this platform can provide, as well as some of the downsides, will find everything they need to know below.

High success rates

As mentioned earlier, the Bitcoin Storm trading system offers success rates higher than 95% – which is exceptionally good when you compare it to some of the other options on the market. As you can imagine, this is an important consideration when choosing auto trading platforms, since the higher your odds are of making a profit, the better your investments will be (which is the whole point of trading in the first place).

No auto trader can ever offer 100% accuracy, due to the volatility of cryptocurrency, so a win rate of 95+ percent is certainly close enough to a guaranteed win for those who want to make the most out of every trading session. 

The smart trading algorithms

One of the main reasons why your investments with the Bitcoin Storm trading system are likely to be so fruitful is because of how the algorithms on this platform work. The high success rates are only possible thanks to the smart technology that goes into each and every trading decision this robot makes, which is based on several different crucial factors.

For example, this is one of the few trading robots out there that uses an arbitrage trading algorithm, which basically allows it to examine up to 15 different cryptographic exchanges all at once to calculate the values and price differences between them. This leads to traders that take advantage of undervalued transactions and selling at times where the market overvalues an asset. 

This isn’t the only algorithm that this platform uses either. Bitcoin Storm makes use of nest trading algorithms and even performs price trend analysis, based on historical data of fluctuations to make the most accurate decisions without a moment of hesitation.

A fast and reliable auto trading platform

Knowing that you can trust an auto trader is one thing, but being able to relax knowing that you’ll get a return on the majority of your trades whilst also knowing that the algorithms are incredibly fast only makes things even easier.  

Not only are there several algorithms at work, but Bitcoin Storm is also able to compute and calculate data faster than any human, ensuring that you get your trades on time before any market shifts ruin your profits.

High-end encryption for your safety

Worried about hackers and thieves? Looking into the history of cyber attacks on exchanges over the years, it’s hard not to be. This is one of the main reasons why Bitcoin Storm has taken extra care to ensure your safety on their site. Not only is there user data encryption to ensure that no one gets a hold of your personal information, but the site also utilises SSL security to prevent hackers from breaching their defenses.

The site is incredibly straightforward

Being able to navigate a website is something that you just can’t overlook in the modern world, especially when your investments are involved. Poor design, badly implemented features, and a lack of overall user-friendliness is something that you just can’t accept.

Being a well-known and fairly popular platform, you can probably already guess that Bitcoin Storm has taken the time to ensure that its website is as clear and simple as can be. You should have no trouble finding your way around or adjusting your trading system settings, which ensures that you can go about your business without any hiccups.

Quick and easy deposits/withdrawals 

There’s nothing better than being able to deposit money whenever you need it, except for the option to withdraw your earnings at any time. If you’ve ever used an exchange that limits your withdrawals (of which there are several), you’re likely to know what we mean. Bitcoin Storm processes payouts within a day, so whenever you need to take out your winnings, it won’t take too long at all – and you can do so at any time you like. 

The same goes for making investments; if you ever need to make a quick deposit to take advantage of movements in the crypto market, you won’t have to wait too long for your funds to be transferred to your account.

No need to pay any money to use it

If you’re worried about any subscription fees taking a chunk out of your profits, you’ll be glad to hear that this automated trader doesn’t take anything from their users, outside of a small 0.01% fee on your profits. There aren’t even any hidden fees, so you can use the platform without fear of having to pay anything significant out of your winnings.

There are several trading options available

Of course, when you’re making investments, assets are one of the most important aspects to consider. When it comes to trading cryptocurrencies, there are a variety of different digital coins available. Despite this, most trading platforms stick to just Bitcoin or perhaps a few of the other stable coins, like Ethereum or Litecoin.

One of the interesting benefits of Bitcoin Storm is that they offer multiple options, including a few fiat-crypto pairs and more exotic coins that you might be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.  

Accessibility in countries around the world

Unlike many pieces of auto trading platforms which are largely limited on availability (due to the differing laws and restrictions on crypto around the globe), Bitcoin Storm is available in quite a few destinations. From the US to Australia, Africa to Spain, there are plenty of countries where you can sign up to Bitcoin Storm without any hassle.

You’re not guaranteed a profit

One of the main reasons why Bitcoin (and the crypto market as a whole) is such a profitable investment asset is because of its volatility. It’s unpredictable, just like Bitcoin’s rise to fame. This doesn’t always work in a trader’s favour though. Of course, it can help to provide you with an excellent opportunity to earn money, but it can also lead to situations where you have no choice but to lose some cash.

Automated trading platforms can often make a significant difference to your chances of making a profit, but there’s no way to completely override the changeable nature of this asset. After all, it’s part of the reason why the possibility exists to even make money from buying and trading cryptocurrencies. Just be wary of the fact that using Bitcoin Storm won’t allow you to bypass all the risks that come with trading, even if it can help to reduce them.

The platform hasn’t been endorsed by any celebrities

If you’ve seen that an entrepreneur like Elon Musk or Richard Branson has endorsed this cryptocurrency trading system, you might feel far more inclined to trust them. However, from a closer look into the matter, we haven’t found any links between celebrities and this particular platform. 

The same goes for any enterprises or TV shows – whatever rumours or claims you’ve heard, we’ve found no evidence to back them up, which is certainly disheartening.


How much profit can you make from Bitcoin Storm?

In general, the profits you’re able to earn will mostly be dependent on how much cash you put into your endeavours. The more you invest, the higher your potential returns will be. 

With the high success rates, it’s not hard to see why Bitcoin Storm is a good choice for making money – but we’d always suggest that you start off small and work your way up. You can’t make a profit if you lose your kitty to a spot of bad luck, so it really is worth going with the minimum deposit amount and seeing how things go.

Our advice for anyone starting out with Bitcoin Storm

One Bitcoin Coin

If you’re just beginning your crypto journey, we have a few pieces of advice that might give you a helping hand. These aren’t exclusive to Bitcoin Storm either; you’re likely to find that the tips we share will apply to other automated traders on the market. With this in mind, here are a few considerations that we think will assist you in your trades in the cryptocurrency market:

Separate your profits from investments 

It’s always a wise idea to set your earnings aside since it can be a great way to see how much you’ve made from your trades and have a clearer idea of what your trading capital is. Being able to evaluate your options before making moves is essential, and separating your investment funds from winnings can be a great way to encourage this.

Follow any crypto-related news

Even if you’re leaving all the hard work to Bitcoin Storm, it can still be worthwhile to keep up to date with any happenings in the world of the cryptocurrency market. This is an important habit for any trader to have for several reasons, so it really is worthwhile to keep yourself aware of how the market is moving and any other related news that could have an impact on your trades.

Keep an eye on your auto trader

As well as the market, it’s also worth checking up on your Bitcoin Storm account to learn a little more about how much you’ve earned and just how things are going (with a live trading session, it can be pretty easy to keep an eye on your account’s dealings). You don’t have to put too much time into this, since the robot can operate just fine without any interaction, but it is worth coming back and making sure that everything is going smoothly.

Always start off small

In any situation, it’s best to only begin with a small amount. It goes without saying that you should only ever invest what you can afford to lose. While you can rely on Bitcoin Storm to help take the emotional aspect out of trading, you still need to be sensible and wise enough to know how much to put into your investments, taking into consideration your potential for profit and loss equally. Despite how high the rewards at stake might be, they might not be worth the significant losses. 


Our verdict: is it worth using an automated trader like Bitcoin Storm?

Overall, there are several reasons why traders, both new and experienced, can benefit from using an auto trading system like this. For one, there are numerous advantages that come with crypto trading robots in general, all of which you’ll be able to enjoy with Bitcoin Storm.

Of course, there’s the simple fact that these systems use smart technology to make trading decisions, taking emotions out of the mix – which is an important factor to consider, especially for beginners. Factors like FOMO (the fear of missing out) are common mistakes that are made purely because of human error and emotion, both of which are entirely negated when using AI technology.

There are other great features that are common with most platforms, like backtesting, 24-hour trading, higher risk control and quick execution. All of this can be essential to improving your odds of making a profit, which is why so many people are choosing to use auto trading platforms moving forward.

From the tests, we have run on this platform, and the opinions of other traders using it already, we think that there’s a lot to love about Bitcoin Storm. Low fees, high accuracy, and more all add up to create an excellent tool for pretty much any cryptocurrency market investor – which is one of the main reasons why so many people are turning to Bitcoin Storm for their trading needs.

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