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Best ICOs to Invest in 2023: Top 13

Crypto ICOs turned out to be one of the best investments in 2022, as several people who chose the right projects made significant returns. Some ICOs raised millions of dollars and earned early investors remarkable profits. Due to this outstanding performance, several crypto traders and investors are looking ahead to see what this market has to offer in 2023. 

Are you considering taking advantage of upcoming ICOs to make money and grow your wealth but don’t know how to get started? Then, this article is for you. Our experts scoured the market and examined several high-profile crypto projects to bring you those that may perform well in 2023. 

In addition, we’ll walk you through what ICO means, how it works, and where to find the best upcoming ICOs. We will also go over some of the factors we considered in making our pick. Later in the article, we will share some benefits of investing in crypto ICOs and answer some frequently asked questions we get about them. Let’s get started!

Best upcoming ICO and Presales to Watch Out For

Below is a quick look at our list of the best upcoming ICOs for crypto investors in 2023. We handpicked these projects after thorough research and analysis, and we believe they have fantastic potential. The next section of this article will provide detailed information about these ICOs, including why we think they are exceptional.

  1. Wall Street Memes – meme coin related to the 2021 GameStop bull run
  2. XRP20 – an ERC-20 variant of the renowned digital asset with an added staking functionality
  3. AiDoge – AI-based meme generation platform
  4. LoveHateInu – Project with Unique Vote-to-Earn Coin
  5. FightOut – promising Move-to-Earn platform and overall best upcoming ICO in 2023
  6. Dash2Trade – an ambitious, analytical platform for crypto traders
  7. RobotEra – hottest upcoming metaverse ICO
  8. Lucky Block – renowned NFT competition platform
  9. IMPT – upcoming ICO project aimed at protecting the planet
  10. WeSendit – innovative file transfer platform
  11. Tamadoge – one of the world’s top meme coin
  12. Kyrptview – leading research-to-earn platform
  13. Battle Infinity – popular play-to-earn fantasy game
  14. Oryen Network – a robust high-yield platform for crypto investors

1. Wall Street Memes – Promising Crypto Taking its Roots in the GameStop Movement

Wall Street Memes

Wall Street Memes is a new cryptocurrency launched in a presale by the creators of the 2021 Wall St Bulls NFT collection. The NFT collection sold out within 32 minutes, earning the founders $2.5 million. Following the NFT launch, the team continued to stay in the public eye by sharing memes related to cryptocurrency and stocks on various social media platforms. Presently, the project has gained over one million followers and has received attention and endorsements from notable figures like Elon Musk.

The Wall Street Memes token has already raised over $900K, demonstrating the strength and interest of its online community. According to the Wall Street Memes website, the purpose of the coin is to “tokenize the movement.” This refers to the Wall Street Bets movement, where millions of retail traders united to squeeze institutional investors through short-selling, ultimately outperforming them.

The Wall Street Memes token aims to recreate this historical event by enabling its community to profit from seemingly worthless meme coins. Following the principles of Wall Street Bets, 100% of the newly issued presale coins will be distributed to the community, with none being held back for the team. Half of the $WSM will be sold during the presale, while the remaining portion will be allocated for community rewards and exchange liquidity.

The initial community rewards event has already commenced, offering an airdrop of $50K worth of $WSM. The reward will be divided among five winners who qualify by completing a series of simple tasks. To learn more about the airdrop, please visit the Wall Street Memes Discord.

Pros of Wall Street Memes:

  • Experienced team and strong audience rooted in the 2021 GameStop bull run
  • Raised over $100K within minutes of launching, indicating high interest and demand from the community
  • Opportunity to purchase the token at a discount during the presale before it goes live on exchanges
  • Represents a shift from the GameStop stock rally to crypto meme coins
  • 30 rounds of the presale leading to a more sustainable price and potentially less volatility

Visit Wall Street Memes

2. XRP20 – new stake-to-earn ERC-20 token

XRP20 Presale

Leveraging the ERC-20 framework, XRP20 draws upon the legacy of its predecessor, aiming to provide a second chance to those who missed out on the meteoric ascent of $XRP. However, despite the similar name, XRP20 operates independently from $XRP and Ripple Labs.

A central advantage of XRP20 is the introduction of stake-to-earn rewards. Investors are granted the opportunity to stake their XRP20 tokens, contributing to transaction validation and network security, thereby receiving additional XRP20 tokens in return. This makes XRP20 a desirable choice for those seeking prolonged investment opportunities through staking.

Post-launch, a significant 10% of the total token supply will undergo burning, effectively decreasing the available token pool. Capitalizing on Ethereum’s capabilities, XRP20 ensures accessibility and user-friendliness for potential investors.

The ongoing presale opens the gateway for early investors to acquire $XRP20 tokens at an astonishingly low price of $0.000092, a fraction of $XRP’s historical low. The presale is expected to finish rather quickly, given the modest soft cap of $1.85 million.

The presale secures 40% of the total supply, underscoring the significance of early commitment. An equivalent 40% is reserved for the project’s staking pool—a pivotal aspect that enables token holders to garner passive income through token lockup.


  • Introduction of $XRP20 on a decentralized exchange (DEX) in the post-presale phase
  • Clearly defined tokenomics
  • Low token price during the presale stage
  • Raised over $1 million within the first week of presale
  • Stake-to-earn mechanics

Visit XRP20

3. AiDoge – A I-based meme generation platform

AIDoge Platform

AiDoge is a blockchain-based project that has developed an innovative meme generation tool powered by AI. The platform allows users to enter simple text prompts to create unique memes. This sets it apart from the millions of memes shared online each week. AiDoge’s platform is automated, ensuring that each meme generated is exclusive and not duplicated on the internet. Additionally, users can mint all memes created as an NFT to prove ownership, which is impossible with traditional memes. To access the platform, users need to purchase credits with the native token, Ai.

These credits are deducted for each meme generated on the platform. AiDoge operates on a simple yet highly innovative model, providing users with an AI-generated meme with a unique and high-quality image. The platform’s AI is trained on meme datasets and crypto news, providing relevant and engaging memes. Furthermore, AiDoge’s native token, Ai, has real-world utility as the main utility token for buying credits to create new memes. With 50% of the Ai token supply available through a presale campaign, investors can secure the lowest entry price across 20 presale stages. Overall, AiDoge is an exciting project that fills a gap in the market with its AI-powered meme generation tool.

AiDoge Pros:

  • The use of AI in meme generation is a significant innovation in the blockchain space, and AiDoge has proven itself to be a pioneer in this field
  • The public wall feature on the AiDoge platform allows users to share their creations and vote on other memes. This feature promotes community engagement, making it an excellent platform for social interaction
  • AI. The use of the Ai token as a payment currency and investment vehicle adds value to the project, making it an exciting platform for investors and meme lovers alike

4. Love Hate Inu – Crypto Project with Vote-to-Earn Mechanics

Love Hate Inu website

Love Hate Inu is a meme coin-based voting platform that rewards users for staking and voting on meme polls. The presale phase is underway, and it’s gaining momentum in the crypto community as investors rush to get in early. But what exactly is Love Hate Inu, and why is it so popular in 2023?

What is Love Hate Inu?

One of the most distinctive features of Love Hate Inu Crypto is its utility as a meme coin. This unique platform provides users with the opportunity to participate in exciting voting polls on a variety of topics, from politics to entertainment and social issues. Love Hate Inu also fosters lively discussions and debates to promote a vibrant community. The best part is that you can earn valuable tokens while participating.

Is it worth buying Love Hate Inu?

The presale, which began only a month ago, has already raised $2.95 million and is now in its fourth stage. Each stage lasts only 7.5 days, and tokens currently cost $0.000105. However, by the final stage, LHINU will have risen 38% in value to $0.000145, making it one of the top ICOs to invest in right now.

Love Hate Inu is transforming the online survey industry by introducing the world’s first blockchain-based voting platform, which is capable of recording indisputable results via distributed ledger technology. With the influence of crypto memes and a robust community, Love Hate Inu will emerge as the primary online polling platform.

5. FightOut –  ICO backed by Lbank

FightOut website

Undoubtedly, FightOut is one of the new high-profile projects that generated the most buzz in the crypto world in the past few months. The goal of the project is to raise funds to create a move-2-earn fitness app and build physical gyms in locations around the world. 

FighOut will help people track their workouts and reward them with in-app currency REPS every time they complete a challenge. In addition, users can use their accumulated REPS to get discounts on their gym subscriptions or exchange them for apparel, gym equipment,  supplements, and more. 

The presale of FightOut’s native token, FGHT, started in December 2022, and we expect it to hit the exchange in the first half of 2023. FGHT currently sells for $0.016, and this price is likely to soar because of its high demand and limited supply. As a result, we believe investors who key into the project now can expect to get massive returns during FightOut’s ICO. 

Some of the highlights of FightOut are:

  • Move-2-earn fitness app that rewards users for working out.
  • Highly successful presale phase
  • Low-priced tokens with high-profit potential
  • You can purchase FGHT tokens using ETH, USDT, and Transak
  • FightOut is verified by CoinSniper and passed a security assessment by CERTIK

6. Dash 2 Trade

Dash2Trade site

As cryptocurrencies have evolved over the years, buying, selling and trading have become more and more difficult. Without the right assistance and insight, traders are having to dedicate a significant amount of time to their endeavors – but this is where Dash 2 Trade steps in to help.

As an innovative new analytics platform, users can not only buy the exclusive D2T token here, but they can access a host of features and tools to make more educated financial moves.

The pros of Dash 2 Trade:

  • Right now, no other platform has a combination of these types of tools and a native coin, and this is something that plenty of traders are voicing a need for
  • There are trading bots, regular trading signals, social sentiment indicators and on-chain analysis to be taken advantage of
  • Users can enjoy a comprehensive strategy-building function, with fully-optimized backtesting capabilities
  • D2T is heavily discounted throughout the presale phase

7. RobotEra – upcoming gaming ICO

Another token our experts believe will appreciate significantly during the ICO stage is TARO – a native coin of a metaverse play-to-earn project dubbed RobotEra. The project aims to build a sandbox-like ecosystem with seven different continents. Players buy TARO to access this ecosystem, complete challenges, and earn rewards. 

SharkTeam audited the project’s code, and Coinsniper KYC verified the team behind RobotEra. So there is a guarantee that the ICO is safe and not a scam. RobotEra is in the early presale phase; the token is just $0.20. TARO will sell for $0.30 at the final presale stage, so we recommend investing now to make the maximum profit.

Some of the highlights of RobotEra are:

  • Hottest metaverse, play-to-earn ICO project
  • Players can build robots that they can sell as NFTs
  • Project at the early presale stage, so the price is at the lowest

8. Lucky Block – renowned NFT competition platform

Lucky Block (LBLOCK) is an evolving project aimed at creating the biggest NFT competition platform, where players can win big prizes like Lamborghini, Bitcoin, or a house worth $1 million. To enter the draw and stand a chance of winning, players must own LBLOCK tokens. 

Additionally, investors can make money from LBLOCK tokens through capital appreciation. For instance, when it began trading, those who invested in the coin in January 2022 earned more than 1000% returns in a few weeks. Another reason Lucky Block made our list is the 1% token burns announcement. The developer plan to burn a percentage of the tokens monthly to reduce its supply. 

Some of the highlights of Lucky Block are:

  • Investors stand a chance to win high-end prizes
  • Monthly token burns to reduce supply and increase value
  • No sales tax on LBLOCK trades


IMPT presale

The use of digital assets has grown exponentially and every day, products like NFTs are being created on the blockchain. This can be incredibly damaging to the environment when considering carbon emissions, so the IMPT project has come up with a unique solution. IMPT is promoting a blockchain initiative that is tokenizing carbon credits to offer as NFTs to a more conscious audience, alongside a unique store and social media platform.

IMPT’s staff comprises a host of leaders with varying expertise – and as they are open about who they are, users are getting an unrivaled level of transparency.

Here are some of the advantages on offer:

  • Over 10,000 leading companies already support IMPT’s efforts
  • These NFTs are displayed in a decentralized ledger, so users can track them for ultimate transparency
  • With the phase 1 pre-sale selling tokens for just $0.018, it could prove to be a worthwhile investment

10. WeSendit – Innovative File Transfer Platform

WeSendit (WSI) is another option to consider if you are looking to invest in an upcoming ICO with high-profit potential. Using web 3.0 technology, the developers created a secure, fast, and convenient platform users can use to share large files. 

As of the time of writing this article, the platform has over 3.5 million users. One of the pros of WSI is that you earn WSI tokens when you use its premium service. The developers are planning to host a 15 million token airdrop soon, and we firmly believe those who key into this project early will make good profits. 

Some of the highlights of WeSendit are:

  • Innovative, convenient, and fast file transfer platform
  • 3.5 million users from 150 countries
  • Earn WSI tokens when you use its premium service
  • High-profit potential for early investors

11. Tamadoge – one of the top meme coins 

Tamadoge (TAMA) is a meme coin that stood out from the pack by offering users some utility and rewards. It is an NFT game where players climb the leaderboard by feeding, exercising, and breeding digital pets. You earn TAMA tokens every time you complete a challenge on the game and can exchange these tokens for real money.

The project had a successful presale in 2022. Early investors made about 2000% profit on their capital when the price of TAMA tokens hit an all-time high. Although the token’s value is presently down like other tokens in the market, we expect it to rise significantly again when the market’s bearish run ends. 

Some of the highlights of Tamadoge are:

  • Rated one of the top meme coins in 2022
  • Early investors earned 2000% gains 
  • Meme coin that offers some utility and rewards

12. Kryptview (KVT) – leading research-to-earn platform

Kryptview is another ICO project created to solve real-life problems. According to its white paper, the platform will gather information about digital tokens from money sources, analyze them, and use its result to provide insights for crypto traders. Users who contribute to the ecosystem by submitting feedback on digital tokens will earn rewards on the platform. 

With KVT, investors can get accurate information about digital assets before committing their hard-earned dollars. The ICO for Kryptview is expected to start in the first quarter of 2023. You can buy KVT using EUR and RNB. We believe now is the best time if you are looking to invest in this project.

 Some of the highlights of Kryptview are:

  • Provides accurate information about digital assets
  • KVT makes it easier for users to research tokens
  • Rewards users for sharing their assessment of each researched token

13. Battle Infinity – Popular play-to-earn fantasy sports platform

Battle Infinity Site

Battle Infinity (IBAT) is a play-to-earn gaming platform integrated with the metaverse world called the Battle Arena. Players worldwide can battle against one another and explore the metaverse’s beautiful virtual world. 

There are several benefits to owning the IBAT token. First, you can use the platform’s staking feature to lock your tokens for some time and earn rewards. Second, you can swap the rewards you earn from Battle Infinity with other currencies or use them to purchase in the platform’s marketplace. 

Third, investors in this project can participate in IBAT premier league, which is launching soon. With this league, you can build your team, battle with other users worldwide, and earn rewards.

Some of the highlights of Battle Infinity are:

  • World’s first NFT-based fantasy game integrated with the metaverse
  • Multiple ways to earn rewards
  • Allows you to battle with other players worldwide

14. Oryen Network – a robust high-yield platform for investors

Last but not least on our list of our best upcoming ICOs to watch for in 2023 is Oryen Network. It is a fully automated staking platform that guarantees daily 90% APY on your investment. According to the project’s white paper, ORY tokens will be available for interested investors throughout the three presale phases. 

Our experts expect the prices to increase at each stage as there is high demand for the token. The main features are its compounding abilities and fast payouts. The platform pays every 60 minutes, making it the staking platform with the highest return and fastest payout time in the market. 

Some of the highlights of Oryen Network are:

  • Fully-automated staking platform
  • Pays investors every 60 minutes 
  • The price is currently $0.335 and will be $0.50 at its launch

What is an ICO?


Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is a popular method that blockchain-based companies use to raise capital for their crypto projects. It works like Initial Public Offerings (IPO), where public limited companies raise capital for their business by offering shares to investors. However, in the case of ICOs, the company offers digital tokens, not shares.

The advantage of ICOs for investors is that they can acquire the tokens at a low price and make very high returns if the project turns out successful. For example, Ethereum was less than $1 per token during its presale phase. Today, Ethereum is worth over $1,200. 

Visit Wall Street Memes

How do crypto ICOs work?

When a blockchain-based company decides to raise capital by selling tokens, it starts by setting a date for the ICO and determining the goal it wants to achieve. Then the company announces the information. Once the ICO starts, the process usually involves the following:

  • Interested investors visit the project’s official website to find more information about the ICO and decide whether they want to invest.
  • The website displays the token’s price and provides a crypto wallet for investors to make payments. You can make payments for most ICOs using ETH, BNB, and USDT.
  • Once you pay for the number of tokens you want and you submit your wallet, the platform will credit your digital tokens to your wallet. 

How to find the best upcoming ICOs?

There are two main places we recommend checking if you are looking at investing in upcoming ICOs but don’t know how to get started. First, you can check CoinMarketCap. This website provides updated information about upcoming ICOs, including their presale dates, price, cap, etc. Second, interested investors can check social platforms like Twitter and Reddit. Most companies make their ICO announcement on these platforms. One of the launches that is expected to be one of the biggest crypto presales of 2023 is AIDoge, a meme-generation platform.

However, please note that not all upcoming ICOs succeed. Like other crypto investments, ICOs are also risky. Some companies even start ICOs to scam investors. Hence, we recommend researching extensively before deciding whether to invest in an ICO. epic 電子タバコ emili リキッド for sale a great deal more delightful.

The good news is that we have done the leg work by bringing you ten upcoming ICOs with the highest profit potential in 2023. So you can get started with any of the ICOs on our list. Be assured that we only recommend ICOs after our experts must have scrutinized the project, examined its white paper, and investigated the team behind the project to confirm its authenticity and profit potential. 

Benefits of investing in crypto ICOs

So now that you know what ICO is, how it works, and where to find them, let’s walk you through some of its benefits. 

  1. The main advantage of investing in crypto ICOs is the opportunity to buy the tokens at the lowest price and earn a high return when the price increases. Some investors have made 100%, 200%, or more gains on their tokens within days of their ICOs.
  2. The top upcoming ICOs allow investors earn passive income. While some allow you to earn rewards via staking, others pay you interest on your holdings.
  3. All the ICOs on our list offer some form of utility. For instance, FightOut rewards you for working out, and Dash2Trade tokens give you access to its crypto analytical platform. 

Bottom Line

Crypto ICOs earned investors significant profit in 2022, and there is potential for higher returns in 2023. However, the challenge most investors have is how to spot profitable upcoming ICOs. In this article, we shared our top ten picks for the best upcoming crypto ICOs so you can get started right away. We recommend investing in these projects because they have great profit potential and offer users some utility. 

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Frequently asked questions about crypto ICOs

What are the best upcoming ICOs to watch for in 2023?

After thorough research, our picks for best ICOs in 2023 are FightOut, Dash2Trade, RobotEra, Lucky Block, WeSendit, Tamadoge, Kyrptview, IMPT, Battle Infinity, and Oryen Network. 

Are crypto ICOs good investments?

Yes, you can earn above-average returns when you invest in crypto ICOs. However, you should research extensively before investing in any ICO to avoid committing your money to projects that are not viable. 

How do I invest in crypto ICO?

You can invest in crypto ICOs by clicking on any of the projects we listed. This will take you to the project’s official website, where you can get more information and buy the tokens you want.