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Is Trade Edge AI Legit? A Detailed Review by a Trading Expert!

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Trade Edge AI is among the highly innovative and disruptive crypto trading solutions in the market today.

The platform reportedly offers its users premium third-party Artificial Intelligence (AI) trading tools. Its partnership with third parties allows it to offer premium tools for free.

Trade Edge AI is said to help ordinary people invest in crypto successfully. The platform is alleged to link investors with the best trading courses.

Investors can master the tricks of crypto investing quickly by taking these courses. We investigate if Trade Edge AI is legit and if it’s a worthwhile investment platform.

What is Trade Edge AI?

Trade Edge AI, main.

Trade Edge AI calls itself the one-stop shop for beginner and experienced crypto trader needs. The platform offers;

  • AI-driven Trading research tools
  • Trading Risk control tools
  • Reinvestment tools
  • Investment education

This investment platform reportedly boosts the trading outcome by a huge margin. Many traders seem to have hit the home run with it. The platform hasn’t made any profitability claims and none of its investigators has proved the profitability.

There are many great Trade Edge AI reviews on the web which is a clear sign that it keeps its promises. We have discussed the features that put it ahead of the competitors below.

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Crypto investing research tools

Investment research helps the investor determine the market positions to take. The Trade Edge AI research tools help the user implement data-driven trading research. This increases the quality of trades generated from the research.

Artificial Intelligence is at the core of any accurate big data analysis. Data-driven trading is the gateway to success in the highly volatile crypto markets.

Risk management tools

Managing your trading risk should always be a top priority. You should have risk management in mind when building trading strategies.

Trade Edge AI partners with renowned platforms to offer tested and proven crypto trading risk management tools. These tools use AI to help traders build and test their risk management strategies. Moreover, they minimise risk by filtering out emotions from trading decisions.

Reinvestment tools

Trade Edge AI helps users grow the sizes of their accounts through the less-risky reinvestment strategy.

The platform uses a third-party AI tool to calculate the amount that the user should reinvest. This third-party AI tool determines the appropriate reinvestment strategy by taking into account the user’s risk appetite and financial status.

Some reviews claim that the reinvestment tool ensures steady growth while maintaining a steady cash flow.

Trading education centre

Trade Edge AI has also secured collaboration with some of the best crypto education providers.

Amazingly, the partnership allows the platform users to access the premium trading education courses for free. The courses are fun and ensure fast learning by filtering out unnecessary materials.

Investors can reportedly master the basic tricks of crypto trading within a day of taking the courses.

Trade Edge AI Review – Tradable Instruments

Trade Edge AI claims that it offers the resources to help users trade or invest in crypto successfully.

The tools under the platform allow users to analyse hundreds of crypto assets. These crypto assets are provided by a third-party broker. Trade Edge AI claims that it’s in partnership with these brokers.

The tradable products include spot crypto and crypto derivatives such as CFDs, swaps, futures, forwards, and options. Trade Edge AI claims that it helps newbie traders master the tricks of crypto derivatives trading fast.

A person sitting in front of a desk with an open laptop and doing some cryptocurrency trading online. The person is wearing a headset and looking at the screen with concentration. The laptop shows a graph of the crypto market and some numbers. The desk has some papers, a pen, and a coffee mug. The background is a modern office with a window and a city view.

Trade Edge AI App and Platforms

You can use this platform’s resources on the go via its Android or IOS app. Users claim that its smartphone apps are quite intuitive.

The platform alleges making the app lightweight to ensure compatibility with all smartphone devices. Trade Edge AI also supports desktop trading via its state-of-the-art desktop app.

Very few traders have reviewed the desktop app and it’s therefore hard to tell if it’s of good quality. Many traders either use the Trade Edge AI mobile app or the web trader. The web trader is compatible with all the well-known browsers.

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The Pros and Cons of Trade Edge AI

Pros Cons
High success rate Crypto investing is generally highly risky
Newbie friendly trading Not available in some countries
Doesn’t charge licence fees  
Only a minimum of $250 in trading capital is required to get started  
No hidden fees  
Great user reviews  
Quality customer services  
Safe trading environment  


Trade Edge AI website and login security

User safety is paramount when selecting an investment platform. Crypto trading platforms have been a major target for cyberattacks for many years.

This explains why it’s vital to determine if a platform has the necessary safety features before investing. Our investigation finds the official Trade Edge AI website to be adequately secured.

Website security is the first line of defence given that most attacks begin at the website level. The Trade Edge AI website safeguards users’ data via state-of-the-art Comodo SSL encryption.

Further background checks reveal that its servers are secured via unbreakable encryption. The platform highlights all its security measures in its data privacy policy.

Trade Edge AI on social media

Social media sentiments say a lot about an investment platform or service. Trade Edge AI has generally positive social media sentiments.

The platform is heavily followed on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Reddit. We measure social media sentiments by analysing the reviews posted on Trustpilot and Reddit.

Trade Edge AI Trustpilot Reviews

Trustpilot is a highly valuable resource when looking for feedback about an investment service or product.

The platform boasts of being the world’s biggest review site. It claims that over a million product/service reviews are posted on its platform daily. Trade Edge AI is top-rated on Trustpilot.

Many Trustpilot reviewers rate it 5-star on performance, ease of use, reliability, safety, and customer service. These are the areas to look at when determining if a trading platform is genuine.

Trade Edge AI Reddit Reviews

Reddit is one of the social media platforms we pay attention to when reviewing trading platforms and investment products.

Many investors use Reddit to share their experiences with different investment products. Most traders prefer building communities and sharing feedback on Reddit.

Trade Edge AI has a huge following on this site. Its Subreddits confirm that it’s helping many crypto traders hit their goals.

Trade Edge AI vs other trading platforms

Trade Edge AI Other trading platforms
Proven performance track record Unproven performance claims
No outrageous profitability claims Makes outrageous profitability claims
Operates in high-level transparency No transparency
Only works with reputable brokers Works with sham offshore brokers
Doesn’t charge registration fees Charges trading license fees
Offers 24/7 phone, live chat and email support Only offers email support
Safe trading platforms No verifiable safety measures


Getting started with Trade Edge AI

Now that we know that Trade Edge AI is legit, let’s discuss the steps to get you started. This trading platform alleges that it makes crypto trading easy for all.

Its many great reviews confirm that it’s the best bet for newbie investors. The platform is also highly rated by the experts. Many expert traders claim that it helped them boost their trading success by more than 50%.

These claims haven’t been proven but we don’t doubt them since they correspond with the positive user feedback. Trading crypto via Trade Edge AI happens in simple steps as explained below.


Trade Edge AI, learn more.

The first step is to register on the Trade Edge AI website. Registration involves filling out the signup form and verifying your contact information. The contact information verification process is straightforward.

You will also be redirected to a password creation page. Follow the platform’s safe password creation guidelines carefully to fully secure your account. You will link to one of Trade Edge AI partner brokers on finishing the signup.

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ID verification

The broker will take you through an identity verification process as required by the global KYC regulations. These regulations require all deposit-taking platforms to verify the identity of their users.

You will deposit your trading capital with the broker and so the ID verification process happens through them. The ID verification process is also smooth and only takes a few minutes.

Account funding

Funding your account via the partner broker is also a breeze. You are prompted to select a payment method from their list and follow the prompts to deposit.

Remember that you have to deposit a minimum of 250 USD to access the trading area. You can deposit in your local currency and it will automatically be converted into US dollars. The funding process is also very straightforward.

Tutorials and demo trading

The tutorials explain how to use the Trade Edge AI tools in trading. You need to watch all the videos to be able to use the tools accurately.

A link is also available to a renowned third-party trading education provider. Trade Edge AI claims that it’s in agreement with the education provider to offer its premium courses to its users for free.

The partner broker offers a demo for users to test the trades built through Trade Edge AI before applying them in live trading.

Live trading

Applying the trades built through the tools and resources provided on this platform is easy.

Live trading reportedly begins in a few simple steps. Users are required to adjust several settings before going live. A guide is available to help you navigate through these settings.

Trade Edge AI Review Verdict

The experts have compared Trade Edge AI to tens of similar trading platforms and concluded that it’s the best.

We are amazed by its highly effective trading research tools and well-equipped trading education centre. The platform attributes its success to its partnership with the industry’s best trading tool providers.

Trade Edge AI has secured the best partnerships in the industry. These partnerships enable it to offer AI-powered investment research and risk management tools. Moreover, it connects its users to quality third-party news providers.

The news helps the crypto investor take advantage of news-driven trading opportunities. Accompanying the news portal is a blog that offers up to 5 market commentaries every day. These market commentaries help investors derive insights from the news.

This trading system also claims that it helps crypto investors derive insights from price trends. It reportedly uses AI technology to generate accurate price trend signals. Visit the Trade Edge AI website to learn more and try your luck in crypto trading.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the Trade Edge AI education centre?

Trade Edge AI claims to connect its users to a premium trading education platform for free. The third-party trading courses cost thousands of US dollars when accessed directly. You don’t pay anything to access them via Trade Edge AI.

Does Trade Edge AI offer newbie trading education?

Trade Edge AI claims to offer crypto investing resources for newbies, intermediate, and expert traders. Newbies can reportedly master basic trading skills within hours of taking the trading courses linked from the platform.

Can I use Trade Edge AI through any broker?

Trade Edge AI works with select crypto brokers. You are assigned to a broker in partnership with the platform when you sign up. This means that you can’t use the Trade Edge AI tools under resources through any broker.

How fast can I master the trading tricks?

Trade Edge AI alleges to help users master the tricks of crypto investment. You need to take the trading courses provided under the platform to master the tricks. The platform claims that it only a few weeks to master the basic trading tricks.