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Secret Crisis Blueprint is a popular crypto trading system reportedly delivering a windfall of profits through automated trading. It has great reviews on the web, with many traders claiming it has helped them earn profit.

The bot allegedly generates highly effective trades from big data analysis. At least 80% of the trades the system generates are supposedly accurate. The bot appears popular with newbies as well as experienced traders.

But is Secret Crisis Blueprint a scam or a reliable online trading robot? We have analysed many pages containing information about this bot to separate the facts from fiction as well as tried it out ourselves. This article presents factual information about this bot.

What is Secret Crisis Blueprint?

Secret Crisis Blueprint

Many of the trading bots in the market offer a semi-automated trading approach. Secret Blueprint Crisis is among the few trading bots that provide fully automated trading services.

A fully automated trading bot doesn’t require skills to operate. Secret Crisis Blueprint is, therefore, a perfect bet for newbies. As usual, our team has analysed user feedback to determine if the platform is easy to use. Our analysis confirms that this bot is popular with newbies.

Secret Crisis Blueprint is a hot subject in online money-making blogs. Most blogs focused on helping people earn money online recommend this platform. They list it top in the list of the easiest ways to make money online in 2023. According to these blogs, any user could generate handsome profits from day one of trading.

But the robot also comes at great risk. This is expected, given the positive relationship between risk and reward. The higher the reward, the more risk you should be ready to take. Secret Crisis Blueprint comes with tools to help you manage risk.

These tools enable you to align your trades with your risk tolerance. Traders with low-risk thresholds should take the lowest risk per trade. The lower the risk per trade, the lesser the potential profits. But it’s better to start small and grow gradually than to take a huge risk and lose all your capital. 


How to trade with Secret Crisis Blueprint

Secret Crisis Blueprint makes online trading easy and fun. Newbies can easily navigate through its platform. The robot is available in web trader that works on almost all browsers. Only use well-known browsers because they are safe.

You can use this trading bot on Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, and Brave. Most Secret Crisis Blueprint users prefer its mobile app. The app is lightweight and works well on Android and iOS devices. Secret Crisis Blueprint also comes with a desktop app.

This app is for Windows, Linux, and MAC devices. Your trading journey with Secret Crisis Blueprint begins in four simple steps. These steps are discussed in detail below.

Register a free account

Secret Crisis Blueprint create an account

Visit the official Secret Crisis Blueprint website here. Create an account by filling out the signup form on the homepage.

Users must use their best email and a working phone number. Please note that you must verify these details in the next step. Your phone number is verified via a code sent to your phone.

You are required to copy this code into the verification box. A similar process applies to email verification. Secret Crisis Blueprint communicates all the important information via email.


Verify your account with a broker

This process happens through a local broker and involves uploading a scanned document for proof of identification. You automatically connect to this broker on signing up on the official Secret Crisis Blueprint website.

The verification process could take several hours, but you don’t have to wait. This bot lets you proceed to the other steps on an unverified account. However, the verification process must be completed for withdrawals to go through.

You have nothing to worry about if you’ve submitted accurate verification information. The account verification process prevents third parties from accessing your account.

Deposit at least USD250

Fund your Secret Crisis Blueprint account through the broker. A minimum investment of $250 is required to get started.

Choose your payment method from the provided list and complete the funding process. This robot claims that all deposits reflect in the trader’s account instantly. Moreover, there are no charges for deposits made through popular payment methods.

Most e-wallets and bitcoin wallets may attract a small deposit fee. Please note that you can deposit any amount for redeposits.

Take the tutorials and practice on the demo

Go through the tutorials that accompany Secret Crisis Blueprint. Set the bot as explained in the tutorials and run it via the demo platform. The demo should clearly show what to expect in a live account.

The settings that fail to deliver good results on the demo are likely to fail in live trading. You should therefore take the demo quite seriously. Only trade with the settings that deliver positive results on the demo test.

Start a live trading session

Secret Crisis Blueprint is newbie friendly. You should find it easy and fun to use after practising on the demo. As a new user, you will be assigned to a dedicated account manager to help you master the platform faster.

Run this bot for up to 8 hours daily for the best results. Live trading should strictly happen between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM.

Do not leave the bot running overnight, on weekends, or during public holidays since this could attract rollover fees.

The Pros and cons of Secret Crisis Blueprint

Secret Crisis Blueprint has many advantages and a few disadvantages. As discussed below, its advantages make it worth the risk. This robot has gained popularity quickly, having gone viral within the first three months of launch.

It’s expected to maintain the top trending position as it continues to roll out many other interesting features. The bot has recently announced that it will be launching more features to enhance the trading experience. Among these features is a tool that allows users to build communities and compare real-time performance.

This robot is among the fastest-growing bitcoin robots in 2023. The official Secret Crisis Blueprint website receives up to 10,000-page hits daily. Data from authoritative sources indicate that web visits are growing exponentially.

Secret Crisis Blueprint performs well in our legitimacy checks. The bot meets our expectations of transparency and safety. As observed earlier, this online trading system operates in a blockchain-based ecosystem. All activities in this ecosystem are instantaneously recorded on a DLT ledger. Traders can check the activities flow through the immutable ledger.

Furthermore, a smart contracts program implements transactions through the facilitating brokerage. The program ensures the accurate execution of predetermined trading conditions. Find a summary of the advantages and disadvantages of the Secret Crisis Blueprint below.


  • High-level profitability (alleged)
  • Transparent trading environment
  • Available on a free license
  • Easy to use
  • Requires little trading capital to start trading
  • Offers 24/7 customer support
  • Secures all users’ data through the best encryption


  • High-level trading risk
  • Only available in a few countries

Secret Crisis Blueprint fees and commissions

trading robot

Secret Crisis Blueprint is offering free signup opportunities for users in some countries. You should visit its official website to determine if your country is supported.

The robot’s signup page is only accessible in supported countries. You should signup immediately since the free registration offer could end anytime. High-performing bitcoin robots such as Secret Crisis Blueprint are offered on an annual license fee of up to $5000.

These license fees are charged on top of trading commissions of up to 20%. Secret Crisis Blueprint only charges a 2% commission per profitable trade. You must be profitable for the company behind the robot to earn money.

As is expected, trading fees apply via Secret Crisis Blueprint partner brokers. The trades generated by this bot are passed to the partner broker for execution. All brokers under this trading program reportedly adopt the ECN model.

They provide competitive spreads from as low as zero pips. This means that the trading costs are insignificant. Secret Crisis Blueprint claims to work with reputable brokers. Our preliminary background checks show that all the brokers working with this platform are reliable.

Most expert reviewers recommend that you treat the assigned broker independently. Investigate each of the assigned brokers before investing.

Secret Crisis Blueprint for newbies and experts

Secret Crisis Blueprint has very few competitors in the entire online trading industry. Expert reports show that only some online trading bots can match the technologies implemented by this trading system.

The best currencies to trade right now

Secret Crisis Blueprint is reportedly a powerful program built on Artificial Intelligence (AI). Some reviewers claim that it delivers better results than WST’s best traders. This could be true, given the awesome reviews from users.

This trading robot is also easier to use than its alternatives. You need a bit of online trading experience to use most of the competing platforms. Any newbie can reportedly earn profits with Secret Crisis Blueprint right from the start.

Another strength of this robot is its product offerings. As previously stated, this online trading bot trades multiple asset classes. Many reviewers claim that it offers up to 500 tradable instruments. Secret Crisis Blueprint claims to offer hundreds of assets in all the online traded asset classes.

This bot operates under the best trading conditions provided by its partner brokers. This review confirms that the trading bot is powered by reputable brokers. Secret Crisis Blueprint only operates in countries where it has a partner broker.

Secret Crisis Blueprint vs competitors

As noted above, this bot outperforms competitors in most areas. The table below summarises its features compared to those of close competitors.

Secret Crisis Blueprint Competitors
Proven performance track record Vague profitability promises
Safe trading environment Unclear data privacy policy
Newbie-friendly platform Sophisticated user interface
Fast order placing Complaints about negative slippage
Affordable minimum trading capital You need at least $1000 to get started
Transparent and fast profits withdrawals Withdrawal delays

We offer unbiased and detailed robot reviews to help you identify the best bitcoin robots. Most of the trending online trading robots are reviewed on this site. Moreover, we update our reviews regularly to let you know when new features are introduced in a trading system.

Is Secret Crisis Blueprint legit? Final word!

We have subjected Secret Crisis Blueprint to all the important tests and didn’t find red flags. This auto-trading system is legit and worth it.

Users rate it highly, which means it could be insanely profitable. The profitability claims are supported by most of the experts who have reviewed it. Secret Crisis Blueprint is among the most expert-reviewed bitcoin bots on the web.

This platform continues to feature in leading mainstream and crypto publications. It has also gone viral on social media. Secret Crisis Blueprint reviews on Reddit are enough proof of its popularity with users from all walks of life.

This is the best time to try this online trading robot. It has recently announced a free trading license offer for users in all the supported countries. But signup slots are limited and are only awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Secret Crisis Blueprint genuine?

Background checks by many experts reveal that Secret Crisis Blueprint is legit. This online trading program is transparent. We have gone through the information on its site and found it accurate. The info is fact-checked by many third-party experts.

How many hours should I work daily?

Secret Crisis Blueprint reportedly requires very minimal human input. Its algorithms trade for you and deliver the returns straight into your account. You only need a few minutes to set the robot for live trading.

Does Secret Crisis Blueprint work on Android?

This trading system supports multiple devices, including smartphones and tablets. You can download the Secret Crisis Blueprint app via a link shared on their site. Unfortunately, its app is not published on Google Play or Play Store.

How much can I make with Secret Crisis Blueprint?

Secret Crisis Blueprint has a history of delivering mouthwatering returns. However, the trading outcome is always unpredictable, and it’s impossible to tell how much you can earn daily. You must always treat this trading system as highly risky.

How do I close my Secret Crisis Blueprint account?

Navigate to the settings and select deactivate or close the account. Fill out the form that follows, and your account will be deleted within a few hours. Account deactivation happens almost instantly. All the funds in your account on closure or deactivation are sent to your bank account.