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ChainWizard AI is a viral crypto portfolio management platform launched in May 2023. Many traders allege using it to build highly profitable crypto trading portfolios.

The platform reportedly provides AI tools to help users research and place trades on multiple cryptos. 

But is ChainWizard AI a scam or can it be trusted? Find out in this unbiased and detailed investigative report.

What is ChainWizard AI?

ChainWizard AI

ChainWizard AI is a platform that helps traders build powerful crypto trading portfolios. Its website shows that it helps traders manage a portfolio of up to 20 crypto pairs.

Users can analyse each pair with a click of a button and manage all trades in a single dashboard. ChainWizard AI claims to support the trading of up to 400 crypto CFD pairs.

The crypto CFDs are provided by select brokers in partnership with the platform. Any trader using it is assigned to any of these brokers on creating an account with the platform.

ChainWizard AI is developed for any trader with an interest in crypto. It’s said to be great for newbies and expert traders. Newbies only take a few hours to master its basic tools.

The basic tools are enough to kick-start the trading journey. Users upgrade their trading game as they keep interacting with the tools. The experts claim that ChainWizard AI improves the chances of success by more than 60%.

We can’t verify if these claims are authentic since we’ve not tested their tools on a live account. But they seem quite promising in the demo.

Platform type AI trading tools provider
Tradable instruments Crypto CFDs
Ease of use Newbie friendly
Registration fees None
Trading fees Commission per profitable trade
Minimum investment USD 250
Potential daily return rate Unspecified
Trading platforms Mobile, desktop, and web
Partner brokers  Purely ECN CFD brokers
Customer support Multilingual/24/7
Hidden charges None
Availability Global

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How ChainWizard AI works

It takes quality trading research to build profitable trades. However, trading research is not as easy as it may sound. You need to build and test many strategies to identify the best.

The traditional strategy-building process is quite technical and out of reach for beginners. ChainWizard AI introduces AI-powered tools to simplify trading research. Unconfirmed reports indicate that the tools reduce the complexity by more than 70%.

ChainWizard AI not only helps you build trades faster but also ensures high-level accuracy. Our team couldn’t confirm if the trades developed through these tools are superior to those built through manual trading.

But they could be since the platform’s research tools are Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven. AI ensures quality data analysis by eliminating biases. Moreover, AI models can analyse big data sets for quality decision-making.

How to trade with ChainWizard AI

ChainWizard AI new account

ChainWizard AI makes the crypto trading process quite easy. As mentioned earlier, the platform is a good choice for newbies and experts.

Below are the simple steps to follow to trade a portfolio of cryptos with this state-of-the-art trading platform.

  • Register a free account

Signing up should be a breeze. Ensure that you are registering on the official ChainWizard AI website by only following links on verified sites. Some fraudulent sites have been observed to masquerade as ChainWizard AI.

  • Confirm your ID

Verify your details by uploading a photo of your ID or DL through the broker’s portal. You are redirected to the broker’s portal on creating an account with ChainWizard AI.

  • Fund your account

Deposit as little as $250 with the broker to access all the ChainWizard AI tools. The amount deposited with the broker is the trading capital. You can use your debit/credit card, e-wallet, or bitcoin.

  • Watch the tutorials

ChainWizard AI provides video tutorials to help you master its tools before using them on the live account. The tutorials are offered in plain language for everyone to understand. You need at least 1 hour to go through all the tutorials. Test each tool on the demo after the tutorials.

  • Start a live trading session

You should be able to build your crypto trading portfolio easily after the tutorials. The chances of success are extremely high when you use the tools as instructed. While the platform may seem quite easy to use, you need to be extra careful since any misstep could lead to a bad trading outcome.

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ChainWizard AI trading tools

This platform calls itself the perfect solution for crypto portfolio management. It claims to offer tools that make multiple crypto trading easy for newbies.

Traders can reportedly manage a portfolio of up to 20 crypto pairs using its dashboard. Its tools also supposedly allow users to analyse multiple pairs simultaneously.

Many users report that it’s quite easy to build trades using the ChainWizard AI tools. Seemingly, no trading experience is needed to analyse the pairs and build trades through the tools.

ChainWizard AI CFDs Brokers

Multiple expert tests show that ChainWizard AI is genuine and reliable. Highly authoritative sources claim that the platform is backed by the best crypto CFD brokers. These brokers ensure adherence to strict trading regulatory guidelines.

We couldn’t verify if the brokers are regulated by the FCA, ASIC, and other tier-one bodies. This is because ChainWizard AI doesn’t disclose their identities until you are fully registered. Unfortunately, we didn’t test the platform on live trading.

It’s important that you conduct some background checks on the linked CFDs broker before going live.

ChainWizard AI trading platforms

ai trading robot

Traders can use ChainWizard AI on the web, desktop, and mobile. Its web version works quite well with most browsers but the recommended ones are Chrome, Brave, Safari, and Mozilla.

Traders who prefer using a PC can download its desktop trader. The trader should work well on MAC, Windows, Linux, and a few other operating systems. ChainWizard AI desktop app doesn’t require much computing power to run. This means that you can use it on any device.

Those who prefer trading on mobile should download its mobile trader app. The download links to the mobile traders are published at the footer of its trading platforms page.

You can use the ChainWizard AI mobile app on Android and iOS devices. These apps are also lightweight and therefore compatible with most devices.

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Is ChainWizard AI a scam? 

ChainWizard AI meets the experts’ criteria for a genuine platform. The platform ranks quite well in the areas listed below.

Legitimacy determinant Score
User reviews 94%
Expert reviews 91%
Customer support 92%
Charges 96%
Partner brokers 88%
Safety 95%
Transparency 90%

 Read on to learn about the criteria used to rate ChainWizard AI on the above metrics. Please note that some of the feedback shared here is nothing but our opinion.

Transparent trading environment

ChainWizard AI seems committed to high-level transparency. As you can see in the table above, we give it a 90% score on transparency.

This is a good score for a trading tools provider that has been around for less than a year. Our investigative team reports that the platform has made the necessary disclosures on its official site.

Military-grade safety measures

A legitimate platform always prioritises the safety of its users. ChainWizard AI has adequate safety measures in place to protect your data.

Its site uses the best SSL protocol and it claims that its servers are built on military-grade encryption. We’ve come across reports claiming that third parties have performed penetration testing on the platform and found it foolproof.

ChainWizard AI’s data privacy policy is quite detailed. The platform claims strict adherence to global privacy laws including the GDPR.

Top-quality partner brokers

ChainWizard AI claims to secure partnerships with reliable brokers. We can’t confirm if this is true since we couldn’t access these broker’s lists.

However, the feedback from other expert reviewers is generally good.  The brokers are reportedly genuine, transparent, and stringently regulated.

Regulation should be the deal breaker when choosing a trading broker. A trading platform that works with quality brokers is definitely genuine.

No hidden charges

Untrustworthy trading platforms are likely to have many hidden charges. Such platforms usually have many charges-related complaints on the internet.

ChainWizard AI has stated all its fees. It seems that they only take a commission when you profit from their tools. The platform doesn’t have any charges-related complaints on the web. 

Quality customer support

The ChainWizard AI support team is easily reachable. Traders can contact them 24/7 through the contact form on their website.

They also provide support via live chat, phone, and email. Our investigation shows that they respond within minutes. Their agents are quite knowledgeable and very friendly.

Great testimonials

The feedback shared by verified users should also tell you a lot about a platform. Top-quality platforms have many positive reviews.

ChainWizard AI has gone viral on social media and review sites such as Trustpilot. Thousands of users rate it highly in areas such as performance, ease of use, safety, and affordability.

Amazing expert feedback

It’s also good to look at expert feedback when choosing a trading platform. A good platform has superb expert feedback.

We have read several expert ChainWizard AI reviews and they are all positive. Some experts claim testing it on the live markets and earning a profit. We aren’t sure if they did the tests or not.

Is ChainWizard AI profitable? 

AI trading analysis concept

We couldn’t verify if the profitability claims are accurate since we didn’t test ChainWizard AI on a live account. However, there are enough testimonials to show that the platform is profitable.

You can bank on these testimonials and test the waters with a little investment. The minimum you can invest with ChainWizard AI is USD 250 and the maximum is $10,000. You must reinvest vigorously for fast growth if you decide to start with the minimum amount.

A prudent investor diversifies their portfolio accordingly with less risky projects taking less than 10% of the total amount invested. The crypto markets are quite volatile and therefore extremely risky to trade.

It’s also possible to earn fortunes trading these markets given the strong positive correlation between risk and reward. This review presents facts and opinions about ChainWizard AI.

Our opinion on the platform shouldn’t be mistaken as financial advice. Moreover, this post is not an endorsement. ChainWizard AI operates under third-party crypto CFD brokers.

Treat the linked broker independently and subject them to thorough background checks before investing. Visit the official ChainWizard AI website here for more information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is ChainWizard AI regulated?

ChainWizard AI is a tools provider that operates under-regulated brokers. Its brokers are reportedly tier-one regulated.

How much does ChainWizard AI cost?

ChainWizard AI is free for all users. The platform claims to only take a small commission when a trader is profitable.

Does ChainWizard AI support mobile apps?

ChainWizard AI supports mobile trading through its IOS and Android apps. The links to download these apps are shared on signup.

Is ChainWizard AI genuine?

ChainWizard AI has all the characteristics of a genuine platform. It’s transparent and thousands of users review it as quite profitable.

Which payment methods does ChainWizard AI support?

ChainWizard AI supports up to 12 payment methods including debit and credit cards, e-wallets, and crypto wallets.