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Immediate Alpha is an online trading system founded in March 2023. The platform has become a household name in the crypto trading circles despite being around for less than 6 months.

Immediate Alpha claims that it provides automated crypto trading services. It claims to trade up to 500 crypto pairs. The bot reportedly identifies the trending pairs through its AI-powered algorithms.

But is Immediate Alpha a legit or scam crypto robot? Our team has analysed all data relating to this crypto robot to determine the truth. This post presents facts and expert opinions about this crypto robot.

Our opinions are neither an endorsement nor financial advice. We encourage all traders to do thorough due diligence before depositing money with any trading system. Online trading is highly risky!

Immediate Alpha Review Summary

Immediate Alpha

This summary is enough if you’ve already researched about this crypto robot. Immediate Alpha calls itself the key to success for newbie crypto traders. It claims to automate all the complicated trading functions hence making it easy for a beginner to trade.

As a beginner, you are only required to sign up, fund your account, take its simple tutorials, and go live. Everything is quite easy if you can follow simple instructions. We will discuss the trading process in detail later in this post.

Immediate Alpha alleges that it outperforms other trading software. It also claims to deliver better returns than the best manual traders. This explains why it’s also popular with experienced traders.

This crypto robot also shines in risk management. It claims to minimise trading risk by applying advanced hedging strategies. We couldn’t establish the hedging strategies implemented by this program.

While Immediate Alpha has superb ratings, it’s not risk-free. There are reports of users losing their entire trading capital within minutes. This explains why you should avoid risking all your savings.

We have summarised other interesting facts and opinions about Immediate Alpha in the table below.

Robot type Fully autonomous
Tradable instruments Crypto
Experience level required Beginner
Minimum investment USD 250
Potential returns Undefined
Customer support 24/7
Transparency Medium level
Security High level

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What is Immediate Alpha?

Immediate Alpha boasts of being the most successful autonomous trading software. Autonomous/automated trading involves the application of intelligent computer software to conduct trading functions.

The software is mostly driven by algorithms developed out of advanced trading strategies. Autonomous trading systems are more accurate given their ability to derive insights from huge chunks of data.

Immediate Alpha claims that its algorithms implement both price action and news trading strategies. This bitcoin robot also claims to generate profits through arbitrage trading and short selling.

We will explain how the robot’s algorithms implement each of these strategies below. Please note that these are unconfirmed claims and you may need to sign up with the bot to learn more.

You don’t have to worry about the technical information if you are a newbie with zero trading background. Trading with Immediate Alpha requires zero technical input.

Price action strategy

This strategy is quite popular in online trading. Billionaire traders such as George Soros attribute their success to this strategy.

The price action strategy is implemented across all asset classes. It has become quite popular in crypto trading given the cyclical nature of crypto prices. The price action strategy involves a study of the historical price patterns of an asset to predict future price behaviour.

Immediate Alpha algorithms reportedly analyse historical crypto prices at high accuracy. A white paper published on its official site indicates that it delivers up to 10 price action-driven trades every minute.

The paper further states that 8 out of the 10 price action signals delivered by this bot are accurate. We couldn’t establish if this is true since we haven’t tested this platform on the live account.

News trading strategy

Asset prices rise and fall based on demand and supply. News has a huge impact on demand and supply.

Any positive news about the crypto industry triggers a demand and hence price gains. On the other hand, negative news triggers a sell-off and hence price falls.

News trading involves capturing the news, determining how it will impact prices, and taking action before the markets can adjust. It takes powerful trading software to trade the news accurately.

Immediate Alpha alleges implementing this strategy at groundbreaking accuracy and breathtaking speeds. A good news trading program should not only interpret the news accurately but it should also be ahead of the markets. The markets adjust to news within microseconds.

Once again, our team can’t confirm if Immediate Alpha implements the news trading strategy. You need to register to find out.

Arbitrage trading strategy

It’s very rare to find a trading system that implements traditional trading strategies alongside arbitrage trading.

Immediate Alpha alleges that it implements arbitrage trading. This trading strategy involves taking advantage of price discrepancies in two different markets. The bot buys the crypto pairs in the overpriced markets and sells in the underpriced markets.

This trading strategy is quite sophisticated and out of reach for beginners when implemented manually. Immediate Alpha claims that it’s the first trading program to bring it to the masses.

We didn’t find adequate information to verify if this bot implements the arbitrage strategy. Further background checks are necessary to determine if its claims are accurate.

Short selling strategy

This is the most popular hedging strategy in all asset trading. Short selling cushions the trader from losses in the bear markets.

Immediate Alpha claims that it implements short-selling as a hedging strategy. It claims to do so at extremely high accuracy. In simple terms, this technique involves borrowing an asset from a broker and selling it high with the hope of buying it back and returning it to the broker when the prices fall.

This technique is among the most sophisticated manual trading strategies. Immediate Alpha claims to execute it on autopilot hence enabling newbies to profit from it. These are nothing but claims that may require expert verification.

Getting started with Immediate Alpha

Immediate Alpha may appear a bit daunting but it’s quite easy to use. Traders only need to follow 5 simple steps to run the bot.

These steps are self-explanatory but you must take the tutorials to avoid costly mistakes. Immediate Alpha requires users to adjust the risk control settings before going live.

#1. Register on the Immediate Alpha website

Immediate Alpha new account

Visit the Immediate Alpha site here and fill out the signup form as required. Ensure that all the details you submit are accurate. Click next to redirect to the next step.

#2. Upload the requisite documents to verify registration

This step happens via an assigned broker and involves uploading your ID for confirmation. The broker confirms your account by comparing the details you submitted on registration with those on your ID.

#3. Fund your trading account with USD 250 or more

Go ahead and fund your Immediate Alpha account with a minimum of USD 250 as the broker processes your ID details. Select from the provided list of up to 10 payment methods. Deposits do not incur any charges.

#4. Watch the tutorials and test the bot on the demo

The demo allows you to master the trading interface without risking your capital. Watch the tutorials published on the resources page carefully before trading on the demo.

#5. Adjust the settings and run the bot on live markets

Adjust the settings as explained in Immediate Alpha’s tutorials and go live. Live trading reportedly starts when you click the live button. We didn’t test the robot’s interface and, therefore, can’t ascertain if live trading is easy.

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Advantages of trading with Immediate Alpha

Robot hand Artificial intelligence trading stock

Immediate Alpha advantages supersedes its disadvantages. This explains why many experts recommend giving it a try.

Find the pros of this crypto robot below. Please note that some of these advantages have not been verified.

  1. Superior performance
  2. Great user ratings
  3. Amazing expert feedback
  4. Reliable partner brokers
  5. Safe trading environment
  6. Quality support services

Only a handful of crypto robots have as many advantages as this one. We will discuss each of these advantages below.

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 Superior performance

We are convinced that Immediate Alpha is a great performer. Our opinion is backed by the experts who have reviewed the platform. Please note that this is our opinion and it may not represent the truth.

A disclaimer on the Immediate Alpha website indicates that it’s a high-risk trading system. While it may generate amazing trading results, you could also lose your trading capital.

Great user ratings

Immediate Alpha has some amazing ratings on the web. Its reviews on Trustpilot and other independent consumer review sites are amazing. This crypto robot also has a strong social media presence.

Many traders have posted positive feedback on its social media sites. The review should encourage you to try your luck.  However, other traders being profitable doesn’t automatically mean that you will be profitable.

Amazing expert feedback

Immediate Alpha has also attracted amazing expert reviews. Some of these reviews are published on high-traffic sites.

You should be extra careful when doing your research since some posts are clickbait to cloned websites. Only rely on reputable review sites when seeking information about a trading system. Avoid the clones by visiting and bookmarking the official Immediate Alpha website here.

Reliable partner brokers

Trading software such as Immediate Alpha accesses the markets through brokers. They must secure quality partnerships to gain the much-needed trust in the industry.

The quality of brokers behind an online trading system says a lot about its genuineness. Only genuine trading software will secure collaboration with regulated and quality brokers.

Immediate Alpha claims to operate under tightly regulated crypto CFD brokers. We couldn’t establish if all its partners are regulated.

Safe trading environment

Immediate Alpha also pays close attention to user safety. Their website and login page are SSL-protected. Expert reviewers claim that they are powered by the best SSL protocol.

Some experts claim to conduct penetration testing on the site and servers and find them secure. The bot alleges using military-grade encryption for its site and servers.

Immediate Alpha’s data privacy policy is also a big plus. This policy dictates how they interact with your data. They claim to store data safely and destroy it securely at the end of its intended purpose.

Quality support services

The support services provided by a trading system also confirm its legitimacy. Many autonomous trading programs only provide support through email. Moreover, they take up to 48 hours to respond to emails.

Immediate Alpha stands out since it provides 24/7 support via multiple channels. Traders can call them via phone numbers published on their site. They can also chat with their agents on their site or social media pages.

Immediate Alpha also provides email support. Our research team reports that they take up to 12 hours to reply to emails.

Is Immediate Alpha a scam? The verdict

Immediate Alpha legitimacy is proven by the experts who have investigated it. Our post is informed by the feedback shared by these experts.

This crypto robot has demonstrated a commitment to transparency by disclosing vital information on its website. Background checks indicate that all the info shared on the site has been fact-checked.

Immediate Alpha has earned many positive reviews despite being around for a few months. This crypto robot’s popularity is growing by leaps and bounds. A statement on their site indicates that they have limited the daily signup slots because they can’t satisfy the explosive demand.

Many experts review Immediate Alpha as a highly profitable crypto robot. The bot is, therefore, worth the risk even though not with all your savings. As stated earlier, crypto speculation via CFDs is quite risky.

This review merely states the experts’ conclusions. Some of the conclusions made in this post are our own opinion. We do not endorse any platform and our opinion doesn’t qualify as financial advice.

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Frequently asked questions

Is Immediate Alpha available in my country?

Immediate Alpha was initially only available in European countries. It has recently expanded its reach to more than 80 countries in five continents. Check if it’s available in your country on their site.

Does Immediate Alpha charge hidden fees?

Immediate Alpha seems quite committed to fee transparency. Its fee guide explains each fee charged. Users seem satisfied with its fee criteria and there are no complaints relating to hidden charges.

Can I use Immediate Alpha on my smartphone?

Immediate Alpha claims to allow users to trade while on the go through its intuitive mobile apps. Users should click on the links at the footer of the resources page to download the app.

Does Immediate Alpha offer forex trading?

Immediate Alpha only trades crypto CFDs. This bot has announced plans to introduce other asset classes in the future.