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The last quarter of 2023 has seen some growth in cryptocurrency values and market sentiment is generally good. Not only are those with experience in trading looking to improve their efforts, but those with little to no understanding of how everything works are hoping to rely on AI to bring them profits in a more passive capacity. As a result, trading robots are now more sought-after than they have ever been, and there are many out there that can meet the needs of all types of users. 

Selecting one can prove to be difficult, especially when considering that the niche is rife with scam platforms. Here is a comprehensive review of Immediate Matrix to help interested users improve their chances when finding a reliable trading robot, and boost their potential when getting involved with digital finance markets.

What is Immediate Matrix?

Immediate Matrix

Before signing up to a trading robot, many users will typically take a look at their services and the potential of the software. Many will have similar features and all will be powered by some form of AI to perform automated trades, but not all are designed the same. Immediate Matrix claims to bring a more informed approach to Bitcoin trading and management, and asserts that it is a premier-level platform for providing deep data insights. 

It’s said to bring a blend of user friendly navigation and an array of data insights and charting tools, so that users can perform both technical and fundamental analysis with little effort. Establishing itself as an invaluable place for traders of all calibers; users can expect to define and explore a wealth of trading opportunities using the latest information and indicators for digital finance markets.

For those new to the industry, it can be worthwhile to keep in mind that no trading robot will promise or be able to deliver successful trades 100% of the time; the aim is more to boost the number of wins and minimise the size and occurrence of losses.

Immediate Matrix users can expect:

  1. Access to a range of cryptocurrencies, alongside Forex, commodities and stocks
  2. An easy to navigate, intuitive website
  3. A trading robot that prioritises informed and strategic trading decisions as opposed to fully automated procedures 
  4. Customisable charting options 
  5. A plethora of overlays, technical indicators and drawing tools for deeper market analysis 
  6. Simple registration
  7. A Smart Trade Automator
  8. Access to a dedicated section filled with learning materials
  9. Fast deposits and 24-hour withdrawals

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How does Immediate Matrix work?

Crypto trading

Our first interaction with Immediate Matrix shows us that it makes various claims, but there is actually no evidence of exactly what to expect when signing up or how these are substantiated. It reports to act as a gateway to strategic and enlightened crypto trading, but there doesn’t seem to be a claimed success rate, details about a minimum first deposit and similar information that users will typically use to decide whether or not a platform is a scam. 

It also seems that customer service can only be accessed once an account has been made, and while there are quite a few trading robots out there that will keep their features behind a signup and first deposit paywall, this isn’t exactly comforting. Some review sites also state that the Immediate Matrix help desk is only open from Mon-Fri between 8am-6pm.

One thing to keep in mind is that there has been some interest in the Immediate Matrix platform because it claims to offer a variety of information, statistics and educational/trading insights that will support the wider trading experience. As mentioned above, it doesn’t look like users will be able to fully automate their trading efforts (as many robots aim to do), but more so to leverage an extensive and intensive level of data and analytics to build a more profitable strategy. 

There is mention of a Smart Trade Automator integrated with Immediate Matrix, which apparently offers a blend of manual and automated trading capabilities and functions using “cyborg trading” technology. This means that it will take the top trading indicators and comply with a predefined rule set to enter and exit cryptocurrency trades. In the respect of manual trading, Immediate Matrix will function pretty much as expected when you use it to select currencies evaluate charts and buy and sell at the right time.

The advantages of Immediate Matrix


  • A wide variety of trading tools 
  • Decisive and dedicated data for a better approach to educated trades 
  • A new way to consider crypto trading and enhance manual efforts 
  • A user friendly website with intuitive interface protocols
  • No account fees from sign-up to deposits
  • Fast transactions
  • A blend of deep data insights, manual and automated trading to suit user needs
  • Apparent use of cyborg trading technology


  • No mention of a mobile app
  • The use of Immediate Matrix isn’t supported in the US 
  • No information on the developers 
  • No performance statistics
  • Limited customer service, even after signup

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Start trading with Immediate Matrix now

Immediate Matrix new account

One of the advantages of Immediate Matrix is that signup seems straightforward, so here are the steps involved for those who would like to create an account:

  • Simply go to the Immediate Matrix website, where you will find a quick signup form at the top of the home page. This will ask for your first and last name, an active mobile phone number and your preferred email address. 
  • This will take a few moments and there are reports of no KYC verification. It also appears that as Immediate Matrix provides all of its own indicators, trading charts and tools, there is no third party integration that may require additional steps for registration.
  • An Immediate Matrix customer support representative will contact you next and provide a link to make your first deposit. This is typically $250 for other websites (there is no definitive number stated with Immediate Matrix, so we’re going with the industry standard) and will give users access to everything from the demo trading area, market information, the Smart Trade Automator and other features.

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A closer look at Immediate Matrix’s features

Trading capabilities

When it comes to the trading features on offer with Immediate Matrix, users won’t be accessing the typical AI driven processes that this type of platform typically provides. Instead they will have access to a suite of trading tools and services that help users to make the most of market analysis and monitoring to manage cryptocurrency assets in the most educated way. There is a focus on connecting users with fast and reliable data streams that are not only accurate, but entirely up to date. 

This is based on real-time market information that are compiled using six unique indicators that detect and define immediate patterns in the market and identify changes as and when they happen there is suggestion of a Smart Trade Automator, that is said to adapt to the trading styles of the user using cyborg trading technology, executing trades based on preset market circumstances and regulations. Exactly how this functions on Immediate Matrix, or how well, is not clear however.

Demo trading

Some review websites suggest that Immediate Matrix has a demo trading feature where users can get to grips with the unique Smart Trade Automator. This is reported to have a range of features that are compiled to bring streamlined trading operations for an array of assets. This can be a great feature for a trading robot to have, as it acts as a supporting aspect of a good risk management strategy.


During our research, Immediate Matrix claims to have a focus on security and implements the top security measures and protocols, so that everything from finances to personal information will be secure. While for many websites, both within and outside of trading niches, this will typically include aspects like SSL encryption, we couldn’t find the exact protocols or measures used.

Important information about Immediate Matrix

Crypto information

Customer service

We touched upon Immediate Matrix’s customer service protocols above, but it’s worthwhile to state again that users typically won’t be able to contact customer support outside of an online form if they don’t have an account. Some review websites state that users will then have access to 24/7 support, but there are quite a few that suggest that the help desk will only be open at restricted times (typically Mon-Fri between 8am-6pm).


It’s no secret that crypto trading robots aren’t legal to use in many countries around the world due to digital finance regulations, so it can be worthwhile to be aware of the locations where Immediate Matrix is supported. There is actually no definitive information on where you can use this platform, but the website does state that it’s not available to US audiences. Many traders get around these restrictions by using location changing software such as VPNs, but this isn’t widely advised, so you may want to reach out to the Immediate Matrix customer support team and inquire about eligibility.

Immediate Matrix’s developers

There are some mixed reviews on the developers of Immediate Matrix. The website itself does provide some information on the About Us page about the vision behind the platform and its potential without revealing any team member identities. As the platform is relatively new and doesn’t have much in the way of social media reviews to support information, we can only assume that the founders are, like many others in the niche, choosing to remain anonymous.

Supported payment methods

Once again, during our research, we were unable to find any specific information on the available payment methods on Immediate Matrix and can only assume that users will be able to perform transactions through the typical methods such as credit and debit cards, bank transfers and potentially e-wallets like PayPal.

Is Immediate Matrix a scam or legit?

When it comes to deciding whether a trading robot like Immediate Matrix is a scam or a legit website, there are so many factors that need to be taken into account before making a decision. Those in the know will typically advise those hoping to find a reputable provider to do in-depth research and create a shortlist. It’s a good idea to keep your personal trading needs in mind and ensure that the robot has all the tools and features that align with your particular requirements, such as support for certain cryptocurrencies and trading styles. 

There are some key points about Immediate Matrix that should be taken into account, such as the fact that it’s not a traditional trading robot and that there is very little information to be found both on the host website and around the web with third party and real user reviews. Many individuals are now looking towards the opinions of social media users on platforms like X (formerly known as Twitter) and Reddit for the reputability of platforms, as these can be great places to find accurate and more trustworthy overviews of what a trading robot really provides. 

If Immediate Matrix does in fact offer the things that it claims (and that reviews on the site are to be believed), it certainly has a fresher take on what users should expect from a trading robot, but there are certain to be many who want more extensive AI trading assistance. There seems to be a greater focus on trading insights and learning materials to help users place more educated manual trades, which would typically mean it is likely to cater to more experienced users, but Immediate Matrix does state that it has a user-friendly interface that makes it suitable for novices.

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Immediate Matrix FAQ

Does Immediate Matrix partner with brokerages?

Even though the website isn't exactly clear on its features and functions, we can tell that it is a trading robot that has been designed to offer trading insights and has a degree of manual and automated parameters to assist with crypto trading efforts. This means that it not only doesn't partner with brokerages, but it also doesn't support leveraged trading, which may be an attractive trait for some users. It also negates extra considerations such as fees, the potential to have to contact multiple customer support desks and can even make sign-up processes quicker.

Can I fully automate trading with Immediate Matrix?

Unfortunately, the answer is no, but many trading robots offer blended services or will need at least a small amount of manual input and overview to ensure that everything functions as the user would expect.

Do any celebrities endorse Immediate Matrix?

It is a common misconception that celebrities like Elon Musk and well-known TV shows such as Dragons Den in the UK show support for crypto trading robots. This type of rumour is widely seen in this niche and sadly is rarely grounded in any truth, so be sure to take any endorsement mentions with a pinch of salt. It can be a more worthwhile idea to look at the developers of platforms and the opinions of real users over celebrity support.