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For many of those who are looking for a way to get into the crypto market, but aren’t quite sure where to begin or even how to buy, sell and properly invest in these digital assets, it can often seem rather daunting. It can even be difficult for seasoned traders sometimes, especially as the market fluctuates and changes so rapidly. Because of this, investors of all experience levels choose to utilise automated trading tools, such as BitProfit.

With everything that this site can do for its users, it’s no surprise that this particular trading platform has gone up in the ranks as of late. From the advantages to the downsides, here’s our full review of the BitProfit website and what it aims to bring to investors and users.

Quick overview of BitProfit

BitProfit official website

Don’t have time to do extensive research and want to get a general idea of what to expect from this site? We’ve got you covered.

BitProfit is a fairly new platform on the auto trading scene and so far, it seems to have a lot of promise. From its algorithm’s accuracy, to non-existent fees; there’s quite a lot that has helped this crypto bot to gain attention. Here’s a quick list of some of the key points that have enticed users to give BitProfit a try:

  1. There are quite a few cryptocurrencies on the site, including some of the lesser-known tokens
  2. This trading platform claims to have a win rate of over 80%, allowing plenty of room for profit
  3. The customisable trading settings make it easy for just about anyone to get what they need from BitProfit


Is BitProfit a legitimate site?

Unfortunately, the cryptocurrency market isn’t always the safest place. Many scams and hackers are waiting for the opportunity to abuse weak security. Because of this, you should always use due diligence when choosing a platform to help with your investments. All that being said, is BitProfit a good choice?

Looking into some of the information online, we found that there isn’t a lot to go by. BitProfit is still a fairly new bitcoin trading platform and as a result, there aren’t too many reviews on it just yet. In that regard, it’s harder to say for sure whether this is a trustworthy crypto trading bot. However, there does seem to be a lot going for it and you could have the opportunity to find a real gem. 

Better yet, when you consider that there’s no minimum deposit fee, you may just find that there isn’t much to lose when using this platform – which is certainly a benefit. As with anything to do with crypto, from currencies to platforms, you need to weigh up the pros and cons and decide if BitProfit is going to be worthwhile.

BitProfit key features Excellent customer support team, no trading skills are required
What is BitProfit? Bitcoin trading system for new and experienced crypto enthusiasts 
How does BitProfit work? The trading algorithms are based on the crypto market fluctuations and volatility

How to create an account on BitProfit

Interested in seeing what BitProfit has to offer? If so, you’ll be glad to hear that signing up is usually a fairly simple process. Most will find that it won’t take any longer than a few minutes to get enrolled – and with how quickly this website processes payment, you could get trading far sooner than you expect. With all this in mind, here’s a quick step-by-step process of how to start your crypto journey with BitProfit:

1. Create an account for free

Before you can start taking advantage of everything that this platform has to offer, you’re going to need to sign up. Registration can usually be done in the space of a few minutes, and you’ll only need to give your name and contact details (just your phone number and email address). Once your account has been verified, you should be good to go.

2. Deposit your funds

Before you can begin trading, you’re going to need to have access to some cash. After your account has been registered, you can make a deposit – and since there’s no sign-up fee or minimum deposit requirement, you can put in as much as you want without having to worry. We’d suggest that you start small at first while you get used to how everything works.

3. Familiarise yourself with the site

For many people, it’ll be a good idea to first take some time to get used to the platform before making any investments. One of the best ways to do this is with the demo trading feature. With this, you can make investments with fake money. While you won’t earn any profits from it, it will offer you an insight into how the algorithms work, which might help to give you a better understanding of how best to utilise all the features.

4. Start trading

When you feel comfortable enough with the crypto trading  bot, you can start making some real investments on it. With some practice, you’re likely to find that it won’t be too difficult to do at all – and you may even be able to implement some different strategies to enhance your profits.


What are some of the advantages of using BitProfit?

Bitcoin and a mini bitcoin miner

As with most automated trading platforms out there, some benefits come with using these tools. Here are some of the most notable ones that you may experience while using BitProfit:

The accuracy of the algorithms

BitProfit wouldn’t be quite as prominent as it is without the incredible AI. This artificial intelligence software is exceptionally good at its job, providing users with an 80% win rate. As a result, you just can’t overlook the amount of ROI (return on investment) that this auto crypto bot can provide.

Making a deposit is easy

As we mentioned earlier on, you won’t have to worry about any minimum deposit requirements or fees, but there’s much more to enjoy. For example, there are several payment methods to choose from, and deposits are usually processed quickly too, which generally helps to make it even better for new and experienced investors alike.

Withdrawals are stress-free

Much like deposits, you’ll generally find that making withdrawals aren’t going to be an issue for you when using BitProfit. In general, payouts are processed in the space of 24 hours, which certainly helps to ensure that you’ll have an easier time trading and that you’ll get your money without any hassle.

There aren’t any fees on BitProfit

Unlike many of the automated trading platforms out there, you don’t have to worry too much about BitProfit taking too much of your earnings. The developers of this crypto bot don’t charge you anything for their services. This benefits anybody who wants to keep as much of their profits as possible (which is essentially everyone). There are no deposit fees, sign-up costs, bonus subscriptions, or anything else to worry about.

The variety of trading options

Luckily for those who like the idea of having quite a few different tokens available, BitProfit supports several cryptocurrencies. On this site, there are over 12 coins, including some lower cap options that you may be interested in giving a try. From the best-known ones like Bitcoin and Ethereum, to altcoins like ZEC and DASH; you’ll have several digital tokens to choose from.

The ability to backtest your strategies with demo account

Thanks to the demo trading account feature that we mentioned earlier on, users are able to not only get comfortable with the site itself, but also test which currencies are best for them, different kinds of strategies and so much more. Regardless of your experience level, we’d advise you to at least spend a little time with the demo account trader on BitProfit.

BitProfit platform is incredibly easy to use

Another factor that appeals to many people is the simple trading process and efficient user interface. Whether you’re a beginner or you consider yourself to be a cryptocurrency expert, you can relax while the site’s algorithms take care of your investments for you. No previous trading experience is required for BitProfit users.

Are there any downsides to BitProfit?

Bitcoin coin and handshake

Of course, while there are several things that the BitProfit app has in its favour, it’s not exactly perfect. There are a few things that some people may not be too keen on. For example, there isn’t a mobile app for this platform, so you’ll have to access it via your smartphone’s browser if you want to use it on the go. While not a dealbreaker, it can be a minor inconvenience for some users.

Another one of the main issues with BitProfit is that there isn’t too much information available on the site, which makes it harder for people to determine if it’s a legitimate crypto bot. This is likely to change in time but for now, it’s a little harder for beginners to get an idea of what to expect.

Of course, there is also the fact that there’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to earn a profit on your investments. Like with all these automated trading bots, there’s still a chance that you’ll lose money. In fact, with the volatility of cryptocurrency in general, you’ll always need to be cautious and prepared for a loss. It’s not a fault of BitProfit in particular, just something to consider for those who are interested in trading, since far too many people go into it without realising the risks that can come with investing in digital vehicles such as cryptos.

Amazon and BitProfit

Some refer to this site as BitProfit Amazon, but there is no affiliation with the eCommerce giant. With all the references out there, you might expect that the site is owned by, or at least in some way connected to, the company. However, from our research, we couldn’t find any direct association with Amazon. Someone likely added the moniker simply to gain more attention, rather than having anything to do with the brand.

In general, we’d advise you to be a little wary of any crypto sites or tokens that actually claim to be associated with Amazon. As of now, there aren’t any Amazon-backed cryptocurrency platforms or coins – but there are some scams pretending to be.

Final verdict: Is BitProfit worthwhile?

After looking into everything that BitProfit has to offer, there’s no doubt that it seems to be a decent automated trading bot. While it’s still a new platform without too much information, many people are willing to give it a try for everything that it promises. 

Of course, as with anything crypto-related, we’d suggest that you take your time to determine whether or not BitProfit is the right crypto robot for you. Do some research of your own and see what other users are saying – while there aren’t a lot of testimonials currently out there, asking around in crypto trading communities can be a worthwhile idea.


BitProfit FAQ

What is BitProfit?

Essentially, BitProfit is a tool designed to help individuals to invest in cryptocurrency. As an automated trading platform, it has advanced AI and algorithms to make decisions on your behalf, allowing you to leave it running as you go about your day-to-day life. Software like this will give you freedom from your phone/laptop when trading, without the stress of worrying about losing significant amounts of money.

Is BitProfit legit?

Since there’s little information on this site right now, it’s hard to say for sure whether or not BitProfit is a legitimate trading bot. There’s a lot that it has going for it, but you should also be considerate of the risks if you’re interested in giving it a try for yourself. Like with any investment decision, it’s important to take your time and do your research before diving head first into anything.

Has BitProfit been endorsed by celebrities?

While there are claims online that BitProfit has been endorsed on social media by celebrities, especially on Reddit, there isn’t much to back this up. From Elon Musk, to Martin Lewis; none of these rumours have been verified or found to be true, so just keep that in mind.

How much can you earn money with BitProfit?

Usually, the amount that you could potentially make from cryptocurrency will vary greatly depending on a variety of factors – and the same applies even if you’re using BitProfit. Several things make this particular platform stand out from the crowd, like the low fees, excellent accuracy rates and much more.