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When it comes to finding a secure and reliable crypto trading robot, Immediate Bitwave is stepping onto the market to provide everything from automated services to trading insights and even portfolio management. As it can be difficult to distinguish legitimate websites from scams, we’re going to take a look at exactly what users can expect from Immediate Bitwave. Is this going to be a worthwhile choice to improve your online trading efforts?

What us Immediate Bitwave?

Immediate Bitwave

There are many trading robots on the internet right now, but not all of them are created equally. Immediate Bitwave aims to provide a secure and user-friendly platform where users of all skill sets will be able to not only trade their chosen cryptocurrencies, but also perform tracking, charting and other tasks that will help to support the success of the overall experience. The top features include:

  • Support for Ethereum, Bitcoin, Cardano, Ripple, Litecoin and Steller
  • Advanced trading algorithms for automated trading
  • Global accessibility for traders
  • Portfolio management
  • 24 hour access to cryptocurrency markets

There are some important factors to keep in mind when deciding whether Immediate Bitwave will be a worthwhile selection, and these largely relate to the fact that the website itself isn’t particularly forthcoming with its features or services. For example, there is no suggestion of a success rate (which means the software hasn’t been audited), there is no mention of fees or a minimum deposit amount and customer service will seemingly only become available once users have registered with Immediate Bitwave. When determining whether this trading robot is legitimate or not, these are not attractive factors.

Users should beware; when trading with unlicensed brokerages (which can be easy to do without the right research), you won’t be able to qualify for investor protection.

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How does Immediate Bitwave work?

Cryptocurrency trading is widely unregulated, but Immediate Bitwave claims to be a well-appointed trading robot that brings an array of services to users around the globe for fast and secure results. On the most basic level, this type of software will use AI to scan and collect nothing short of the most important trading information and enter and execute trades in alignment with the user’s needs. Immediate Bitwave claims to use asset tracking and top tier analytics, with a focus on the cryptocurrency economy and secure, effective blockchain technology.

he aim is to simplify trading efforts and improve the frequency of profitable trades, but Immediate Bitwave users should keep in mind that these may not always be of high value or 100% of the time. Once an account has been created and an initial deposit made, this should open up both online trading and asset management. There is an array of trading options, the ability to set parameters, strategy testing protocols and more – all in a secure environment.

How to start trading with Immediate Bitwave

start trading

There doesn’t tend to be much variation when it comes to signing up to trading robots on the web. For those who are unfamiliar, you can expect the following steps:

  1. Visit the Immediate Bitwave website, where you’ll find a registration form that will take just a few seconds to fill out. You’ll be asked for your first and last name, email address and active phone number.
  2. This is typically the time where you will be contacted to verify your registration attempt. While this will vary between trading robots depending on their services, some review websites suggest that you will receive a call or email from an Immediate Bitwave representative. This is supposedly where you will be informed of the initial deposit amount and prompted to make a transaction to unlock the site’s features.
  3. Once your first payment has gone through, it will be time to take a look around the platform and get started with trading. Many provide a demo trading section where users can practice strategies, gain some familiarity with the software and trade in real-time environments without risk.

The fact that Immediate Bitwave doesn’t provide this is something that could be considered a red flag and may cause potential users to select a different provider. It can be worthwhile to take some time to look for any fees or commissions when trading, as these are not clearly defined for users before signup.

We thought it was worthwhile to mention here that there is a disclaimer under the quick signup form on Immediate Bitwave. It informs potential users that the platform may share personal information with third-parties that provide trading services (you can learn more in the privacy policy and terms and conditions). This would typically refer to a trading robot that partners with brokerages, but there is no suggestion of this to be found when researching Immediate Bitwave in particular.

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The creators of Immediate Bitwave

If you have taken some time to research crypto trading robots, you are likely to have learned that many creators and software developers prefer to remain anonymous. Immediate Bitwave is one such website and doesn’t state any names or share pictures of its founding members. It does tell us that the team comprises experienced professionals in various niches, such as AI development, fintech, compliance and finance. The idea behind Immediate Bitwave is said to be transparency and security for trading, with an innovative approach to bringing crypto trading to global communities.

The advantages of Immediate Bitwave

Market Insight

Immediate Bitwave claims to bring foundational knowledge with a secure blockchain, deep market insights and the fundamentals of cryptocurrency mining. With this in mind, the pros and cons of using this trading software will be:


  • Multi-cryptocurrency support
  • Access to advanced trading protocols with cutting-edge charting tools, signals and more
  • Global coverage (which not many crypto trading robots provide)
  • The ability to interact with real-time market insights and gauge price fluctuations as they happen
  • A secure approach to portfolio management and full user-control over trading efforts
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Instant deposits and withdrawals
  • A user-friendly interface for both beginner and expert signups


  • No mobile app
  • It’s unclear whether Immediate Bitwave partners with brokerages
  • No previews of the automated dashboard, charting tools, etc.

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A closer look at Immediate Bitwave’s features


AI capabilities

Users can expect Immediate Bitwave to bring an array of resources to assist in trading across cryptocurrency pairs. The software claims to employ robust analytics for simple asset management and trade-tracking, all within a secure blockchain database. It’s not clear whether the website supports a blend of automated and manual trading or exactly how automation works. This would lead us to assume that Immediate Bitwave allows users to set parameters and practice risk management while allowing the software to take care of the hard work.

There is suggestion of extensive crypto trading materials that include infographics, reports, market analysis and of course trading recommendations, so that users can make better educated trading decisions. These comprehensive insights are compiled through top level research and reporting with a context based, real-time approach to market analysis.

Crypto portfolio management

Many individuals who get involved with crypto trading do so to build and diversify their financial portfolios. Immediate Bitwave offers portfolio monitoring, so that profits and losses can be tracked both simply and in one place. With the ability to stay up to date on market movements and prices, users can make better portfolio management decisions and leverage smarter trading protocols to improve their overall experience and success.


One thing that stands out is that Immediate Bitwave claims to be available in a plethora of countries worldwide, which is not something that many trading robots can claim. While there is no definitive list, our research does tell us that the website has support for 14 languages and portfolios and market prices can be viewed in over 30 fiat currencies. This helps us to get a better-rounded view of its accessibility. In terms of use, the Immediate Bitwave trading platform can be accessed via desktops and mobile devices, as long as they have a reliable internet connection and web browser. The website has been designed for cross platform capabilities, but there is no dedicated mobile app.


When using this trading robot, you can expect the traditional security protocols such as SSL certification, but it also claims to employ top level encryption and security features that protect personal information and financial details. It’s not fully clear what security procedures or software are used, however.

Trading resources

Immediate Bitwave states that it has a wide array of trading resources. These include detailed trading guides, a comprehensive dashboard and access to market analysis charts and reports. The more resources that a trading robot provides, the better users will be able to learn about trading and stay on top of the latest market changes in real time.

Customer service

When using automated or manual trading services, you will want to know that you have access to customer support should anything go wrong (especially when there is money on the line). This is an area that can lack functionality for many traders, and the bad news is that Immediate Bitwave doesn’t give potential users the ability to contact a help desk. Only those who register will gain access to a dedicated team, but there is no clear information on how or operation times.

Supported payment methods

Many trading robots provide instant deposits and withdrawals within 24 hours, but Immediate Bitwave claims that withdrawals are also performed right away. Users will be able to make transactions with debit and credit cards and wire transfers, as well as Google pay, Apple pay and similar functions. It is widely accepted in the industry that $250 is the standard minimum first deposit amount, but this is not stated by Immediate Bitwave.

Is Immediate Bitwave a scam or legit?

This is one of the most difficult things for traders to determine, as there are simply so many trading robots like Immediate Bitwave out there. Scammers are extremely good at hiding their negative aspects and blending in with the rest. This means that it can be incredibly important to understand everything that is on offer.

Unfortunately, websites like Immediate Bitwave who keep their services hidden behind an initial deposit paywall are doing themselves, and the wider niche, a disservice. When all potential users have to go on is limited information that has been deciphered by third-party review websites, it doesn’t give traders the opportunity to make up their own minds on legitimacy or even functionality for personal needs without risking their cash.


Cryptocurrency trading is well-known for its volatility and the fact that traders can incur losses just as much as they can win – and these can be disproportionate to expectations (i.e profits are likely to be smaller and losses are likely to be larger than anticipated).

An important aspect for many is minimising the input and time spent trying to determine the best market moves and this is why automated software has grown in popularity. Immediate Bitwave seems to be a functional trading robot that will provide all of the typical services that a user would expect, but there is little information to go on. This may make other providers more attractive.

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Immediate Bitwave FAQ

Does Immediate Bitwave have celebrity endorsements?

One of the most common questions about trading is whether or not certain robots have celebrity backing. Many suggest that they have support from names like Elon Musk, but this is rarely verified. We didn't see any mention of Immediate Bitwave making these kinds of claims, however.

Does Immediate Bitwave support leveraged trading?

During our research, we didn't come across any information regarding Immediate Bitwave partnering with brokerages, so it's unlikely that leveraged trading is an integral part of its services. When using lenders to help maximise potential and minimise outlay, the risks of trading will be increased. This means that it isn't for everyone, so if Immediate Bitwave prioritises automation and similar functions, it shouldn't be a problem.

Is Immediate Bitwave useful for traders of all skill sets?

It's not uncommon for trading robots to offer an array of features and provide a user friendly interface, so that those new to trading will have just as much access to cryptocurrency markets as those who have extensive experience. Immediate Bitwave is said to have a worthwhile catalogue of learning materials and extensive resources that can be utilised to improve the overall trading experience, no matter how long users have been in the niche.