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Crypto trading is going through a revolution thanks to the many innovative trading technologies being introduced in the market.

Immediate Coraldex is the latest entrant and the most disruptive trading app in 2023. The app claims to utilise the best of AI algorithms to generate returns in crypto markets.

Immediate Coraldex trades up to 400 crypto CFDs through an underlying broker. Anyone can trade crypto with it since it automates all the trading. But is Immediate Coraldex a scam or is it legit?

As usual, our team has scoured the internet in search of the truth. We have also tested the app through its free demo. The findings are meticulously presented in this in-depth Immediate Coraldex review.

What is Immediate Coraldex?

Immediate Coraldex

Automation is disrupting online trading and investment as new technologies continue to emerge. The best-automated investing and trading apps are powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

AI is the simulation of human intelligence by a computer system. AI-driven trading apps such as Immediate Coraldex mimic the intelligence of the best traders. They use algorithms that conduct trading research and order execution at high accuracy and speed.

Immediate Coraldex in particular uses Machine Learning (ML) technologies to improve its accuracy. ML is a branch of AI that helps AI-powered computer systems learn as they interact with data.

  • Trading platform type – Automated
  • Experience level required – beginner
  • Minimum investment – USD 250
  • Daily profitability rate – Unspecified
  • Safety features – encryption, SSL protocols
  • Customer service – 24/7

Visit Immediate Coraldex

Which assets does the software trade? 

Immediate Coraldex operates under independent CFD brokers offering up to 400 crypto CFDs. This explains why traders connect to a broker when they sign up on the Immediate Coraldex website.

The platform claims to use its powerful AI algorithms to identify and trade volatile and liquid cryptos. It trades popular cryptos such as bitcoin and less-known but highly volatile and liquid altcoins.

This makes it the best bet for traders interested in the highly volatile altcoins market. Immediate Coraldex trades crypto vs crypto and crypto vs fiat pairs. The fiat currencies mostly traded against crypto include the USD, EUR, JPY, CHF, CAD, AUD, and GBP.

Is Immediate Coraldex good for beginners?

Immediate Coraldex is good for all traders. As stated earlier, the software automates all trading research. Moreover, its algorithms execute all orders in the world’s best liquidity.

Newbies don’t need to learn the technical trading research process or understand any trading lingo to use this platform. Trading with this software only happens in the five simple steps listed below.

  1. Create an account on the Immediate Coraldex website
  2. Verify your information with their partner broker
  3. Fund your account via debit/credit card or any other method
  4. Test the software on a demo account
  5. Start a live session

Traders with a limited trading budget need not worry since as little as USD 250 is enough to get started. This software is also a good choice for the expert trader since it has a history of superb performance.

Who founded Immediate Coraldex?

Immediate Coraldex was founded in London UK in early 2023. The platform is operated by a trading software company with over 15 years of experience building white-label online trading solutions.

Immediate Coraldex is its only B2C software. The company behind this brand partners with international brokers to offer its trading software in 60+ countries. It’s expanding its reach fast by partnering with more brokers.

Is Immediate Coraldex a scam?

Immediate Coraldex has been investigated by many experts and they all conclude that it’s genuine.

Our investigative team has given it a legitimacy score of 95%. This implies that it’s highly likely genuine. Listed below are the five things we have considered to conclude that the software is reliable.

Legitimacy metric Score
Transparency 85%
Customer feedback 98%
Partner brokers reputation 94%
Customer service 95%
Safety 98%


Data privacy

Immediate Coraldex operations are straightforward and it has disclosed all the important information on its site. The important disclosures made on the site include;

  • Trading and non-trading fee criteria
  • Partner brokers
  • Account closure guidelines
  • Data privacy policy
  • Deposit and withdrawal charges

Any worthwhile trading platform must be ready to disclose this information. We give the platform an 85% score because the disclosures are not easily verifiable.

Customer feedback

User reviews also say a lot about the genuineness of a product or service. A legit and profitable trading software is likely to attract many great reviews.

Immediate Coraldex has superb reviews with thousands of traders praising it for profitability, ease of use, and safety.

  • Immediate Coraldex Trustpilot – This platform has a Trustpilot score of 4.6/5 after 2500+ reviews. This score shows that over 90% of traders are satisfied with the platform.
  • Immediate Coraldex Reddit – Reddit is a perfect social media platform for building communities around trading and investment products. Immediate Coraldex is one of the most followed and top-reviewed trading software on Reddit.

Trading with Immediate Coraldex – A Step-by-Step Guide

Trading with Immediate Coraldex

Immediate Coraldex is committed to making crypto CFDs trading extremely easy. Users only need to follow a few straightforward steps to run the trading system. Find a step-by-step guide to trading with Immediate Coraldex below.

STEP ONE: Signup on the Immediate Coraldex website

Registering an account with Immediate Coraldex shouldn’t take much of your time. It’s free to sign up and you. Immediate Coraldex stores all user data in highly encrypted vaults.

STEP TWO: Verify your account

This step is mandatory for all regulated brokers. It involves uploading a verification document via the attached broker’s portal. This process is self-explanatory and only takes a few minutes to complete.

STEP THREE: Fund your Immediate Coraldex account

Select a payment method from the broker’s list and deposit as little as USD 250. The funding process is straightforward and secure. Some of the supported payment methods include;

  • Wire Transfer
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Apple Pay

Crypto wallets are also eligible even though it may take a few hours for the deposit to reflect in your account.

STEP FOUR: Watch the tutorials

Master the key features of Immediate Coraldex via the provided tutorials. There are three video tutorials and each video takes about 20 minutes to watch. Practice on the free Immediate Coraldex demo before going live.

STEP FIVE: Start a live trading session

Set Immediate Coraldex as per the trading guide. Toggle the “LIVE” button on the top right corner of the trading dashboard to get started.

Is Immediate Coraldex legit? 

We haven’t left any stone unturned in our pursuit of the facts about Immediate Coraldex. Our research reveals that this crypto trading system is genuine.

However, there are a lot of unverified claims on its website. There is a 98% possibility that the claims are accurate. As stated earlier in this post, Immediate Coraldex has a superb reputation.

The amazing reputation quells all our doubts about the platform. But you shouldn’t take our word as the absolute truth; do your due diligence before investing. Visit the verified Immediate Coraldex website via the link below. 

Visit Immediate Coraldex

Partner broker reputation

Immediate Coraldex works with renowned crypto CFDs brokers. The experts allege that the CFD brokers are reputable.

All the brokers under Immediate Coraldex are reportedly regulated in the UK and other countries. We couldn’t verify the authenticity of the brokers since we didn’t investigate them.

Immediate Coraldex vs other trading programs

Many of the AI-driven crypto CFDs software in the market today are poorly rated.

Immediate Coraldex is among the few trading systems with many great reviews. The table below shows how Immediate Coraldex compares to less trustworthy trading programs.

Immediate Coraldex Scam trading platforms
Proven performance track record Unproven claims
Many positive reviews Negative reviews
Supported by leading brokers Mostly works with offshore brokers
Doesn’t charge fees until you are profitable Charges a licence fee on top of account maintenance fees
Easy to operate for newbies Quite complicated
Secure trading environment Many safety-related complaints
Professional customer support team Unknowledgeable and rude support team

Advantages of trading with Immediate Coraldex

Immediate Coraldex has emerged as one of the best crypto trading software in 2023. As mentioned above, this trading software is among the best-rated on Trustpilot and other review sites.

Our research team concludes that the platform stands out against competition in all the key areas.

  • Top-level performance
  • Beginners find it easy to use
  • Operates in transparency
  • It’s free for all users
  • The minimum trading capital is affordable
  • Operates in partnership with quality brokers
  • Easily reachable, knowledgeable, and friendly customer service

  Top-level performance

All the data analysed by our team indicate that Immediate Coraldex is a top performer. It seems to deliver the best results when volatility is high.

Volatility refers to the price fluctuations of a security. Immediate Coraldex uses advanced trading techniques to deliver positive results in all volatility. The software is gaining popularity as the best tool for shorting bitcoin.

  Easy to use for beginners

Immediate Coraldex automates the entire trading process hence making crypto CFD trading easy for newbies. The experts recommend this trading program to all newbies looking for positive results right from the start.

Immediate Coraldex is also a great choice for the experts given its history of generating amazing trading results. It’s said to outperform the experts most of the time.

  Free for all users

Traders don’t pay anything in licence fees to use this platform. Immediate Coraldex is a licence-free trading program.

It claims to only charge users a small commission on every profitable trade. This means that there are no charges until the user is profitable.

  Affordable minimum trading capital

Users don’t need to break the bank to use Immediate Coraldex since only USD 250 is required to get started.

Many users claim to start with the minimum trading balance and compound their profits to make fortunes. We can’t confirm these claims with 100% certainty since our team didn’t do any live tests.

  Quality partner brokers

Partner brokers

All the CFD brokers working with Immediate Coraldex are of high quality. They are said to be purely ECN and therefore charge very low trading fees.

Moreover, they are regulated and therefore guarantee all users 100% transparency and safety. We couldn’t verify whether they are regulated in tier-one jurisdictions as some reviewers claim.

  Top-level customer services

Immediate Coraldex also outshines its competition in customer support services. Our investigative team concludes that the support team is easily reachable, friendly, and quite knowledgeable.

Traders report reaching the support team in less than a minute through phone and live chat. Emails and callbacks are said to take up to 12 working hours.

 Secure trading environment

We look at four key areas when determining if a trading platform is safe. These areas include;

  • Website encryption
  • Server side protection
  • Data privacy policy
  • User Feedback

Immediate Coraldex has a perfect score in all these areas. Our investigative team finds its website to be well-secured through SSL. The program alleges that it uses military-grade encryption for server-side protection.

Their data privacy is quite comprehensive and is aligned with international data privacy laws such as GDPR. We didn’t find any complaints relating to its safety.

Visit Immediate Coraldex

Disadvantages of Immediate Coraldex

Immediate Coraldex shines against competition in all the crucial areas. However, it’s not without some disadvantages.

  • Trading with it is quite risky
  • Not available in all countries
  • Some of the claims on its website are unverified

There are many unverified claims on the Immediate Coraldex website. However, the platform doesn’t make unrealistic profitability claims.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Immediate Coraldex fraudulent?

Immediate Coraldex adheres to strict transparency and user protection measures. It’s therefore likely a genuine trading platform.

How much do I pay for Immediate Coraldex?

Immediate Coraldex is a registration-free crypto CFDs trading system. You will only pay a commission when you earn a profit with the platform.

Does Immediate Coraldex work?

Immediate Coraldex seems to have a history of delivering amazing returns for users if its ratings on Trustpilot are anything to go by. The platform adheres to strict user protection measures.

Can I use Immediate Coraldex on mobile?

Immediate Coraldex provides a web trader, a mobile app, and a desktop app. The mobile app is compatible with iOS and mobile devices. Traders only access the Immediate Coraldex app download link after signup.