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Coin Trade Capex, also known as Cointrade 1000 and Crypto Capex 1000, is a viral autonomous trading program.

It claims that it uses advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms to analyse the markets and make accurate decisions. But is Cointrade 1000 a scam or a sincere automated crypto trading system?

This review of Coin Trade Capex provides you with the answers. Do not register until you’ve read this post to the end. 

What is Coin Trade Capex?

Crypto Capex 1000

Cointrade 1000 describes itself as the holy grail of automated trading. It claims to use advanced AI algorithms to derive trading opportunities from the crypto industry.

The software reportedly builds trades from big market data and relays them to an order execution system offered by a broker. This explains why Coin Trade Capex users are automatically redirected to a broker on signing up.

The trading system claims to work with the best brokers in the crypto industry. These brokers provide top-notch liquidity to ensure that all trades are executed instantly. This prevents slippage hence maximising the performance of the bot.

An autonomous/algorithmic trading system is also known as a trading bot. Trading bots like Cointrade 1000 are fully autonomous. This means that anyone can succeed with them.

But trading bots are also super risky! This is because they perform fast-paced trading mostly at a leverage of up to 5000:1. For the sake of the beginner trader, leverage is debt capital offered by the broker to help the trader execute big trades at little capital.

Overleveraged trades are likely to result in negative losses in unprecedented market events. Crypto Capex 1000 claims that it comes with powerful tools to minimise the risk of leveraged trading.

Robot name Cointrade 1000, Crypto Capex 1000, or Coin Trade Capex
Tradable instruments Crypto
User experience level Beginner
Minimum investment USD 250
Supported platforms Mobile, desktop, web
Availability Up to 120 countries globally – limited daily signup slots
Customer service 24/7
Safety features SSL encrypted website, well-defined data privacy policy

Our team couldn’t establish the type of risk management tools associated with the platform. We also didn’t manage to verify the insane profitability claims associated with the platform.

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How does Cointrade 1000 work?

Coin Trade Capex reportedly studies market data to predict future price movements. The software supposedly generates trades based on this data and relays them to a broker for execution.

A statement on the Cointrade 1000 website indicates that their algorithm generates insight from news trading. News trading involves placing trades based on market expectations before and after a piece of news is released. Positive news triggers demand and price increases. On the other hand, negative news results in panic selling hence pushing the prices down.

Trading algorithms such as Coin Trade Capex can capitalise on the news before the markets assimilate the new information. Some authoritative sources allege that this trading bot studies the news through Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms.

NLP is a subset of AI that enables computer programs to read human language. The advancement of NLP explains the explosive growth of news-driven trading bots. Surprisingly, this bot is also said to study price trends for insights.

This technique is known as price action and is quite popular in trading traditional assets. It involves a study of historical prices for insights and is founded on the assumption that price patterns are cyclical.

 How to trade with Cointrade 1000

You are probably not sure how to get started with Cointrade 1000. There is no need to panic since this platform has made every trading step quite easy.

As explained earlier, it’s fully autonomous and quite newbie-friendly. Setting Cointrade 1000 for live trading is extremely easy. Follow the steps outlined below to begin trading.

#1. Register a free account

Crypto Capex 1000 create an account

Visit the Cointrade 1000 website to register. Please provide accurate info to avoid delays in the next steps. You will connect with a crypto CFDs broker during the step. Verify the signup with them.

#2. Fund your account

Depositing funds in your Coin Trade Capex account is easy. Select a payment method in the broker’s list and follow the steps to deposit. Remember that the minimum trading balance is USD250.

#3. Watch the tutorials and set the bot

Coin Trade Capex tutorials should guide you through setting the bot for live trading. The tutorials are presented in video format. Watch all the Cointrade 1000 tutorials carefully to master the settings.

#4. Start a live trading session

Running Cointrade 1000 on a live platform is not only easy but fun. The bot is ready for live trading after the settings. Test it on the demo before starting the live session. Toggle the live button only when the demo results are positive.

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Is Coin Trade Capex a scam or legit?

trading robot

Coin Trade Capex is not a con! Background checks by many authoritative reviewers show that the bot is trustworthy.

The following are some of the justifications for this platform’s legitimacy. Please note that we haven’t done any live tests on Coin Trade Capex. All the conclusions made in this post are informed by other experts’ investigations.

  1. Adheres to top-level transparency measures
  2. Has a nearly perfect reputation
  3. Observes strict online safety measures
  4. Discloses all its fees
  5. Its customer support services are top-rated
  6. All its partner brokers are reputable

Coin Trade Capex is quite reliable as is evident in the testimonials shared by verified users. We will discuss each of the justifications for its legitimacy below.

 High-level transparency

Coin Trade Capex claims a high level of commitment to transparency. All its services are reportedly offered on a blockchain system.

Blockchain is the core technology powering all digital currencies. This technology ensures transparency by documenting all activities in a public ledger. All the participants in the ecosystem can track their activities on the ledger.

Our team couldn’t determine whether Cointrade 1000 is built on blockchain. But we didn’t find any transparency-related complaints and, therefore, there is a huge likelihood that it’s built on blockchain.

Background tests on the official Coin Trade Capex website further confirm the commitment to transparency. All the information required to make an informed trading decision is available on this site.

Great reputation

Cointrade 1000 is probably one of the best-rated CFDs trading systems in 2023. The platform is currently trending top in the trading circles.

It has also become a social media sensation with many discussing it on X, Facebook, and Reddit. Background checks indicate that Coin Trade Capex is trending on X in more than 10 EU countries. It also seems to be trending in parts of Asia and Australia.

Cointrade 1000 is reportedly accessible in all countries with regulations that support crypto CFD trading.

Top-quality partner brokers

Cointrade 1000 genuineness is also evident in its choice of partner brokers. Authoritative sources reveal that the bot is supported by reliable CFD brokers. These brokers are reportedly under the regulatory watch of tier-one bodies.

Once again, our team wasn’t able to establish the identities of the said partner brokers. But this shouldn’t scare you away since the platform has great testimonials. Many users claim that the assigned brokers are top quality.

Quality customer support services

Crypto Capex 1000 investment in customer service also shows its genuineness. The platform claims to offer 24/7 customer support services.

Traders can contact them at any time through mobile, landline, live chat, callbacks, or email. Most users allege that it takes about a minute to connect to Cointrade 1000 support agents through the phone.

Live chats are also fast with most users alleging that it takes less than a minute to connect to an agent. You can chat with the agents on the Crypto Capex 1000 website or through their verified social media pages.

The support service is available in English, German, French, Italian, Dutch, and Russian. Users need to change the website language by clicking on the flag in the left corner of the site to get connected to agents that speak their language.

Safe trading environment

Crypto Capex 1000 commitment to user safety is evident through the online safety measures it has implemented.

Our background checks show that the Cointrade 1000 website is built on top-level SSL. This prevents data theft at the registration and login page. Website security is crucial since 99% of cyberattacks begin here.

Crypto Capex 1000 has published its data privacy policy on its site. This policy is built on stringent regulations such as the GDPR.

CoinTrade 1000 vs. other trading platforms

Our investigation confirms the superiority of Coin Trade Capex. The platform has proven itself in most of the areas that define a good trading platform.

The table below shows how Cointrade 1000 compares to the many less trustworthy trading platforms in the market.

Coin Trade Capex Other trading platforms
Proven performance track record Unproven profitability claims
Amazing reputation Poor reputation
High-level transparency Operates in opaqueness
No hidden charges Hidden charges
24/7 customer support Customer support is mostly unavailable
Safe trading environment Unsecured trading platforms
Reliable partner brokers Sham offshore brokers

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Advantages of Cointrade 1000

Coin Trade Capex claims that it’s the holy grail of autonomous trading. This means that it provides the most advanced automated trading algorithms.

These algorithms reportedly maintain positive results in the highly unpredictable crypto markets. This explains its alleged superior performance. Coin Trade Capex claims profitability in falling and gaining markets.

But it doesn’t prove how it achieves these results. Nonetheless, there is a huge possibility that it will keep its promises since many users report a positive trading experience.

This crypto trading system beats its competition in many areas. Find the advantages of Coin Trade Capex as highlighted by the experts below.

  • High-level profitability (alleged)
  • Easy to use for newbies (automates all trading)
  • Supports mobile trading
  • Doesn’t charge registration fees
  • Affordable minimum trading capital requirement
  • Reliable partner brokers
  • Secure website and platforms
  • 24/7 customer support service

Disadvantages of Cointrade 1000

Cointrade 1000 has great testimonials with many of its users alleging that it generates positive trading results.

But the platform also comes at great risk. Crypto trading in general is quite risky given the level of volatility involved. The risk is magnified when the trades are leveraged. Coin Trade Capex trades at a leverage of 100:1.

This implies that you can trade a position worth up to $100 for every $1 invested. Leverage magnifies the trading outcome, whether positive or negative. A leverage of 100:1 magnifies the trading risk by 100%.

Another disadvantage of Cointrade 1000 is the limited registration slots. Only a few lucky traders secure an account with the platform. This platform has also not verified some of the claims on its site.

  • High-level trading risk
  • Limited registration slots
  • Unverified claims

The Pros and Cons in a nutshell

Pros  Cons
High-level profitability High-level trading risk
Easy to use Limited signup slots
Supports mobile trading  
Doesn’t charge signup fees  
Affordable minimum trading capital  
Reliable partner brokers  
Secure trading platform  

Review Verdict

Cointrade 1000 appears to have a proven performance track record. Its reviews are generally positive with users alleging that it’s a great performer.

However, the platform hasn’t provided any proof of its profitability claims. Nonetheless, there is a reason to give it a try given the positive testimonials. Our investigative team hasn’t found red flags that would make us discourage you from trading with it.

But please don’t take our conclusions as a recommendation or financial advice. We aren’t qualified to advise you on investment matters. It would be better if you could do your due diligence and only put your money when completely convinced. Visit the official Cointrade 1000 website here to learn more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Coin Trade Capex legit?

Coin Trade Capex has all the hallmarks of a trustworthy trading platform. Investigations by highly authoritative experts reveal that the crypto robot operates at a high level of transparency.

Is CoinTrade 1000 available in my country?

CoinTrade 1000 claims availability in 120+ countries worldwide. All the countries where crypto CFD trading is legal are supported. But signup slots are few and hence you may not secure a slot on the first attempt.

How much should I invest in Coin Trade Capex?

The broker behind Coin Trade Capex requires a minimum deposit of USD 250. You can start with this amount and grow your account by reinvesting your earnings. Start with more if you can afford it since this will help you grow fast.

Is Coin Trade Capex compatible with Android?

Coin Trade Capex supports mobile trading via its Android and iOS apps. These apps are quite device-friendly. This means that you can use Coin Trade Capex on any Android and iOS smartphone or tablet.