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Digital currencies have certainly surpassed expectations in the last decade, for both those in the fintech environment and everyday users. Where crypto is widely used and accepted in lieu of cash (as initially intended), trading has now emerged as a popular endeavour undertaken for additional financial gain. To meet the needs of traders and help the niche to continue to grow, software known as trading robots have entered the market and help to facilitate fast, potentially more successful activities that require little human input. 

Of course, as the crypto niche is still widely unregulated, some of the platforms offering automated trading won’t always be legit. We’re looking at Quantum Code to see if this could be a safe choice for your needs.

What to Expect from Quantum Code

Quantum Code

At first glance, the Quantum Code trading robot is comprised of AI and machine learning software that scours the financial markets and identifies the trading opportunities that are likely to make the account holder the most profit. These will meet the specific parameters set and will be executed in a matter of seconds (or less). 

Using both fundamental and technical indicators alongside current and historical data to facilitate trading digital currencies, Quantum Code stands out from the slew of robots on offer as it gives users the ability to set the level of automation they need. This adds an extra layer to trading capabilities that similar software simply doesn’t provide.

Here are the main features:

  1. A range of trading strategies can be implemented, with scaleable automation
  2. Access to crypto markets, as well as Forex and stock markets
  3. Powerful software with more reliable outcomes, with a stated 84-90% win rate
  4. Support for 20 crypto assets, including big names like Ethereum, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ripple
  5. Some review websites suggest partnerships with CySEC-regulated brokerages

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How does Quantum Code work?

Quantum Code aims to bring top functionality to traders of all skill levels by offering full automation via a user-friendly website, as well as the ability to set manual trading capabilities for more experienced users who would like a little extra control over their endeavours. Automation removes the human element of trading, increasing not only the potential for more frequent profits but faster market entry and execution. This is especially helpful as the niche grows and more and more individuals are making trades.

Analysing larger amounts of data than an individual could, the Quantum Code trading robot will work using the rules and parameters set to execute trades efficiently while incorporating risk management.

How to start trading with Quantum Code

Quantum Code Create an account

Step 1 

Go to the Quantum Code website and fill in the quick sign-up form, which states you can get instant VIP access by entering your full name and email address. Some reviews report that you will be given an account manager, whereas others claim on-screen prompts will appear for you to follow to complete registration. The fact that KYC verification is used was consistent, however.

Step 2

Once an account has been created, we believe that, as with all trading robots, an initial $250 deposit will be necessary to gain access to the trading software.

Step 3

Users will have to set up a variety of trading parameters before letting the Quantum Code trading system get to work. This can include trading strategies, risk management protocols and gaining familiarity with how the site and software functions.

As seems to be the theme with Quantum Code, there is mention of a free trial and mixed reports of a demo trading account section once sign-up is complete, but neither of these is verified by the website itself.

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The Advantages of Quantum Code


  • 24/7 access to a host of financial markets, including crypto
  • Automated trading
  • Free sign up
  • Fast transactions (within 24-48 hours)
  • Simple UI
  • A mobile app for trading on the go
  • Demo trading account
  • KYC verification for additional security upon sign up


  • There is little information on the Quantum Code website, so it can be difficult to determine exactly what’s on offer before registration
  • No information regarding fees (although signup is free and the standard $250 initial deposit is expected)

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To expand upon these points, those visiting the Quantum Code website will be met with a 27-minute video about the trading robot, featuring the industry name Michael Crawford. This details how the software works, introduces the creator/team (without naming names) and provides an overview of how much money can be made using the robot. 

There are a lot of bold claims regarding how much money you can make using Quantum Code and this can be a big red flag. On the other hand, there is a lengthy disclaimer at the bottom of the homepage about the risks involved with crypto trading, which can be a good sign when determining whether a site is legit.

As mentioned in the main features above, some review websites suggest that Quantum Code partners with CySEC-regulated brokerages, but this is not verified. This means that there may be fees associated with trading, as these will have their own requirements in place. There will also be the additional risks that come with using leverage (which is often offered via CFDs), so doing your own research will be especially important.

A closer look at Quantum Code’s features

Trading robot concept

  1. Unique software. Quantum Code claims to use the latest in quantum computing technology to execute trades via advanced algorithms and principles that surpass the capabilities of other trading robots. The software is believed to identify profitable trading opportunities by leveraging complex mathematical calculations, using quantum algorithms and following patterns in the cryptocurrency markets to maximise potential. It claims to analyse vast data sets, including historical price movements, market trends and relevant market/economic news to generate real-time trading signals and perform better than you could hope to alone.
  2. Trading via automation and manual mode. While some trading robots will allow users to continue to manual trade when the software is in use, Quantum Code differs in that the level of human input is scaleable to meet various needs. This is due to the level of parameters and risk management protocols that can be set (and managed) at any time for ultimate control and peace of mind.
  3. Security. Quantum Code implements a host of security protocols, including SSL encryption, two-factor authentication, manual account verification by a Quantum Code representative, encryption, anti-virus and anti-phishing tools, account lockout processes and even cold storage for users’ funds. This is a well-appointed system for users’ peace of mind.

Important information about Quantum Code

Customer service

The websites that suggest Quantum Code partners with brokerages state that users will be given an account manager that will help them with the signup process beyond the initial account creation request and if this is true, they will act as customer support. Outside of this, a team is said to be available 24/7 via email and phone, but whether or not live chat is an option isn’t verified. This may open up after the initial deposit is made or could be provided by the brokerage you are partnered with, but so far, there is no information to support this.

Quantum Code’s developers

We briefly mentioned earlier that there is a 27 minute video on the homepage of Quantum Code and while this shows Michael Crawford talking to a man who claims to be the founder and a boardroom scene that shows a development team, there are no names or verifications of identity for those behind the software.

Supported payment methods

As you’d expect, Quantum Code supports debit and credit card payments, wire and bank transfers and accepts the standard fiat currencies such as GBP, EUR and USD.  

Celebrity endorsements

Of course, Michael Crawford is well-known in the cryptocurrency niche, so this is one name that is officially affiliated with the Quantum Code trading robot. Aside from this, there has been mention of the site making many celebrities rich and a host of millionaires who have earned some notoriety, but again, specific names aren’t mentioned. This means that it is safe to say that the likes of Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and similar individuals haven’t given their public endorsement to Quantum Code.

Is Quantum Code a scam or legit?

Futuristic robot, artificial intelligence CGI for stock exchange market trading

During our research, the legitimacy of Quantum Code has been a difficult question to address. At first glance, it seems to have the right blend of technology, risk management protocols and suggested success rate – and as it utilizes unique quantum software, it could be the way forward for trading robots. Having said this, there are quite a few red flags that may point to a scam website and this is largely the fact that information is limited. Users will want to look for a trading robot that is transparent or failing that, reviews that are consistent and align in the features and functions that a platform is supposed to have. This isn’t the case with Quantum Code, so it may be worthwhile to proceed with caution.

There does seem to be some positive support for this trading robot from real users on a few review websites, but there is no dedicated page on TrustPilot and Reddit doesn’t have anything favourable to say. In the digital age, social media pages can be a great indicator of a site’s reputability.

As the crypto environment is volatile and still widely unregulated, it can be especially important to do your own research before signing up to protect your assets and finances from those who are hoping to take them from you. As long as you select a reputable website, properly manage your risks and never spend more than you can afford, there are ways to make a profit from crypto trading – and robots can be of help with your endeavours.

Final thoughts

The fact that there is no concise information regarding Quantum Code’s use of brokerages is significantly holding us back from promoting its credibility as a trading robot. This alone will change how trading is undertaken by the user, so it is a key factor to define before signing up. For instance, you will need to consider a wide range of aspects and attributes if brokerages are supported by a trading robot that a more basic software provider simply won’t have. There will also be extra financial risks posed, so even more, caution should be practiced before making a decision to sign up to a site that does facilitate leveraged trading.

There doesn’t seem to be any definitive way to find out exactly what you’ll be gaining access to once signing up, so unless you want to potentially lose your initial $250 deposit to a scam website, it may be a good idea to find a trading robot that is more transparent and gives you better insights onto what you can expect from their services.

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Quantum Code FAQ

Can I use Quantum Code with no experience in crypto trading?

While Quantum Code suggests a high win rate for users that is supported by a user-friendly website, the fact that quantum-level AI and machine learning are used may make it a bit too technical for those who are entirely new to the niche. In these instances, using the demo account feature would be suggested to gain familiarity with the way things work, but there is no definitive information on whether or not Quantum Code offers this. This means that new users especially should proceed with caution.

Why is the ability to trade manually a plus point for Quantum Code?

While the point of automated trading is to leave the software to function for you, many experienced traders prefer to have at least some level of involvement in how they trade. Quantum Code claims to offer broader access to the features and functions that are key to manual trading, albeit with the ability to blend these with advanced AI, algorithms and machine learning for a better trading experience. It is advisable to always check in on the trading parameters you set from time to time to ensure everything is running smoothly. The more features you have to tweak to suit your needs, the more you are likely to get from your endeavours.

Does Quantum Code support leveraged trading?

There are a lot of mixed reviews around the web, with some sites stating that Quantum Code does facilitate trading with leverage and others making no mention of such a feature. This will only be possible if the site connects you with brokerages that offer trading products like CFDs or spread betting - and whether this is the case isn’t clear at all.

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