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Immediate Lidex AI is a trending trading robot for crypto. The platform was launched a few months ago but it’s already quite popular in online trading circles.

Our investigation confirms that it’s among the best-rated automated trading platforms on the web. We can confirm that it has great reviews on Trustpilot and other popular review sites.

Immediate Lidex AI has also garnered a massive following on Reddit and other social media sites. The expert feedback is also great with the expert reviewers rating it quite well on transparency, performance, and ease of use.

This review looks at all the features of Immediate Lidex AI and provides proof to support or debunk its claims. We encourage all newbie traders to read the entire review before deciding to invest.

Also included in this review are links to the official Immediate Lidex AI website. Please only visit the site via these links to avoid falling victim to cloned sites.

Immediate Lidex AI review – introduction

This section summarises everything you need to know to use this crypto robot. The information shared here is enough to make an informed decision.

However, you should read the entire review for an in-depth understanding of the platform.

Trading platform type Automated trading bot
Minimum investment USD 250
Daily profitability rate 25% (not verified)
Availability 120+ countries
Trading platforms Mobile and web
Customer service 24/7
Withdrawal fees None
Tradable instruments Crypto

What is Immediate Lidex AI?

Immediate Lidex AI

Immediate Lidex AI boasts of being the algorithmic trading solution for the ordinary person. It is arguably the most user-friendly crypto robot on the market today.

A crypto robot is a computer program that performs all trading functions on behalf of the user. The user only needs to toggle a live trading button to start trading.

The bot does all the trading through an assigned broker and delivers the profits to the user account. Trading bots can be partially or entirely automated. Immediate Lidex AI claims that it automates 99.99% of the trading.

Its algorithms are reportedly so powerful that they are always ahead of the markets. This means that it always delivers positive trading results from all market conditions.

However, it could also make wrong choices in unpredictable and volatile markets hence leading to losses. Consequently, traders shouldn’t put all their savings in such a high-risk trading system.

The experts advise against investing more than 10% of your savings in high-risk investments. Immediate Lidex AI allows you to get started with as little as USD 250. You can always grow your account by ploughing back your profits.

The platform comes with a feature that allows users to automate reinvestments. This feature is only accessible to fully registered traders.

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Who founded Immediate Lidex AI?

We didn’t find much information about these crypto CFDs trading robot founders. A statement on their site indicates that the platform is owned and managed by a London-based trading software company.

Nothing is alarming about the platform not disclosing its founders. Most crypto trading tools and platforms do not disclose their founders.

How Immediate Lidex AI Works – Getting Started

Immediate Lidex registration

Immediate Lidex seems quite user-friendly. Many beginners claim that it has helped them trade crypto profitably.

Anyone can sign up and trade their favourite digital currencies through this bot. We have summarised the five simple steps to follow to get started below.


Signing up on the Immediate Lidex AI website is easy and safe. Your data is immediately encrypted to prevent data theft. Signing up is free and no trading licence fees are charged.

Account Verification

Verifying your data is mandatory. Take a photo of your driver’s licence or government-issued ID and upload it on their verification page. The verification may take a couple of hours.

You don’t have to wait. Immediate Lidex AI is accessible on unverified accounts. However, you will need to complete this step to withdraw your funds.

Deposit of trading capital

Funding your Immediate Lidex AI account takes less than five minutes. Choose a payment method from their list and fund your account. The minimum balance required to run the trading bot is $250.

Tutorials and demo trading

The tutorials explain the key features of Immediate Lidex AI. They also provide instructions on how to set the parameters for the best trading outcome. The parameters dictate the risk per trade. Your risk per trade must correspond with your risk appetite.

Live trading

Setting Immediate Lidex AI for a live trading session is easy if you’ve gone through the tutorials. The bot automatically trades for you when you click the trading button. You can watch the trading progress on the trading platform’s dashboard on the web or through their mobile trading app.

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Is Immediate Lidex AI a scam?

From our investigation, it’s quite clear that Immediate Lidex AI is legit. We have scrutinised a lot of data to come to this conclusion. Find below a summary of the findings of our legitimacy tests.

Please note that some of the findings are just an opinion. You may need to carry out extra due diligence to confirm their accuracy.

  • Great reviews
  • Transparent trading environment
  • Quality partner brokers
  • Topnotch customer support services
  • Fast withdrawals
  • Proven performance track record
  • Secure website and platforms

Immediate Lidex Reviews on Reddit and other sites

The first thing we have looked at is the Immediate Lidex AI reviews posted on the web. This crypto robot is undoubtedly highly popular.

Our team has gone through its many reviews on Reddit, Trustpilot, and other sites. It’s evident that many users find it quite profitable. They also praise it for being newbie-friendly and safe.

Immediate Lidex AI reportedly receives hundreds of positive reviews daily. This shows that it’s quite popular.

A commitment to transparency

Crypto Bot

Our investigative team also confirms that this crypto bot is committed to transparency.

The team has subjected the information on the Immediate Lidex AI website to authenticity tests. We were able to verify that 99% of the information shared on their site is accurate.

Moreover, the platform has disclosed enough information to help its users make an informed choice. Their partnership with regulated financial firms further cements their dedication to transparency.

High-quality partner brokers

Immediate Lidex AI is backed by financial brokers specialised in crypto CFDs trading. These brokers facilitate transactions and order executions.

We can confirm that all the crypto CFD brokers working under this bot are well-regulated. This makes it legit since scam trading robots only partner with sham offshore brokers.

We couldn’t verify if the CFD brokers are FCA, CYSEC, MiFID, SFC, or ASIC-regulated. Top brokers must be regulated by these tier-one regulatory bodies. Immediate Lidex AI is not regulated by the SEC given that it’s not available in the US.

The US laws prohibit any form of retail CFD trading. This explains why the trading robot isn’t available in this country.

24/7 Multilingual Customer Support

Immediate Lidex AI values its customers and has therefore invested in top-quality customer support services.

Their support services are available in English, Spanish, Italian, French, Dutch, German, and Urdu. Click the flag tab on the header of the Immediate Lidex AI website to access the services in your language.

Our team has tested the support services and concluded that it takes less than a minute to reach the support agents via phone and live chat. You may wait for a couple of hours to get a response through their email system.

Fast withdrawals

We didn’t find complaints relating to profit withdrawals. This is enough proof that Immediate Lidex AI is legit.

Sham Bitcoin robots usually have many withdrawals-related complaints. They are likely to make the withdrawal process quite complicated and lock users out of their accounts at some point. The first few withdrawals are usually seamless to trick you into trusting the scam platforms with a lot of money.

Immediate Lidex AI has been around for quite some time and doesn’t have any withdrawal-related complaints.

Secure website and platform

Cyberattacks targeting financial trading platforms are on the rise. It’s, therefore, mandatory for all trading platforms to invest in foolproof online safety tools and practices.

Legit trading platforms are likely to have verifiable safety measures in place. Immediate Lidex AI has invested in top-notch online safety measures including website encryption through the best SSL protocol.

Moreover, it claims that its servers are built on high-quality encryption. We are amazed by the comprehensiveness of their data privacy policy.

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Is Immediate Lidex AI a good choice for beginners?

Crypto trading

Immediate Lidex AI sells itself as the best choice for beginners interested in making money off crypto volatility.

It claims to make crypto trading a breeze by automating all the technical trading inputs. These include choosing a broker, conducting trading research, and order execution.

Immediate Lidex AI users only need to adjust a few parameters and click the live button to start trading. As we will see below, it takes about an hour and a half to master all its settings.

Immediate Lidex AI Review – Advantages

This crypto robot has top-notch features and many advantages compared to other crypto robots. We have listed its main advantages as identified in the experts’ reviews below.

  1. Superior performance
  2. Easy to use for the newbie trader
  3. Only requires a $250 deposit to get started
  4. Doesn’t charge any registration or trading licence fees
  5. The underlying broker charges very little trading fees
  6. Available in web, desktop app, and mobile app versions
  7. Secure trading environment
  8. Multilingual support services

Very few automated trading platforms have all these advantages. Immediate Lidex AI is a good choice but don’t ignore the risks of crypto trading.

The crypto markets remain highly volatile and quite unpredictable. This unpredictability translates to huge trading risks. Only invest with Immediate Lidex AI what you can afford to lose.

Immediate Lidex AI disadvantages

It would be unfair to mention the advantages of this crypto robot and fail to highlight its weaknesses.

  1. High-level trading risk
  2. Doesn’t take liability for trading activities through the partner brokers
  3. Not available in some countries
  4. Strict user verification process

While the user verification process is quite important, we believe that the bot can make it a little bit easier.

Is Immediate Lidex AI Legit?

We’ve conducted adequate background checks on Immediate Lidex AI and found it trustworthy. The robot has a strong commitment to transparency as is evident through the disclosures on their site.

As explained earlier, all the disclosures made by this platform have been tested and proven to be accurate. Immediate Lidex AI has a nearly perfect reputation with 99% of its reviews being positive. Most of these reviews are posted on Reddit and Trustpilot.

Trading the crypto markets with the Immediate Lidex AI app is a breeze. You only need to visit the robot’s site via the link below. Create an account and deposit a minimum of $250 to access the trading area.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add a payment method to my Immediate Lidex AI account?

Visit the billing page and click the change payment details link. Select your preferred method and click add. The added payment method should be available for use after 24 hours.

Does Immediate Lidex AI allow me to use my broker?

You can only trade with the broker assigned to you on registration. Immediate Lidex AI only works with a few select financial brokers. You will access the broker's list upon completing the registration.

What’s the minimum I can invest with Immediate Lidex AI?

Immediate Lidex AI is among the most affordable auto trading systems. The minimum investment is $250. You can only access the robot's features after depositing the trading capital.

Does Immediate Lidex AI have the latest software version?

Yes! Immediate Lidex AI Pro is the latest version of the trading bot. The version is also known as Immediate Lidex 360 AI or Immediate Lidex 3.0.