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Immediate Wealth is hailed by users as a revolutionary platform for online trading. It has been around for less than a year but it’s already a social media sensation in many countries.

Its popularity is spreading like wildfire as its users continue reporting consistent profits. Is Immediate Wealth a scam or a profitable online trading system?

This review provides objective and comprehensive answers to the pertinent questions about this platform.

Robot type Fully auto
Minimum investment USD 250
Profitability rate Unverified
Safety features Military-grade encryption
Ease of use Good for beginners
Customer service 24/7
Deposit and withdrawal fees None
Hidden fees None

 What is Immediate Wealth?

You must have come across online trading if you’ve been looking for ways to earn money online. Online trading involves speculating on financial assets over the internet.

Immediate Wealth

The experts list online trading as the most lucrative way to make money online.  However online trading is quite hard for the newbie trader. It’s also quite risky when you don’t have the skills to manage trading risk.

Immediate Wealth is a platform that alleges to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make online trading easy and less risky. The platform’s AI algorithms allegedly automate the hard tasks hence making trading easy for newbies.

It also claims that its sophisticated algorithms can build highly effective risk management strategies. These strategies reportedly reduce online trading risk by more than 50%.

Our research team couldn’t verify whether the said algorithms are real. But they could be real given the bot’s amazing testimonials.

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Does Immediate Wealth automate trading?

Immediate Wealth claims using AI to automate the hard tasks in online trading. These hard tasks include:

  1. Price trend analysis
  2. News Analysis
  3. Arbitrage trading
  4. Risk management
  5. Order execution

The platform conducts price trend studies by analysing historical price information for signals. The aim is to identify patterns in historical price data and use them to predict future price behaviour.

Immediate Wealth also claims to derive online trading insights from the news. It does so by predicting how a certain piece of news will affect volatility. Its algorithms also implement the sophisticated arbitrage trading technique.

Newbies need not worry about sophisticated techniques since every trading research step is automated.  An automated trading platform is also referred to as a trading robot/bot or trading system.

Immediate Wealth trading guide

Online trading with Immediate Wealth is easy. You only need to secure an account, fund it, set the bot and run it with a click of a button. The trading steps are explained in detail below.

1) Register with Immediate Wealth

Register on the official Immediate Wealth website by filling out the signup form. Countercheck the information you submit via the signup form since you will be required to verify it later.

Immediate Wealth create new account

Your account will be suspended if you deliberately provide inaccurate information. Immediate Wealth connects you with an online trading broker on registration.

2) Verify your account

The authentication is in line with global KYC laws. These laws require any deposit-taking platform to verify all their users. The broker will take you through this process.

Immediate Wealth stores all users’ data safely. The platform secures its site, login page, and servers via military-grade encryption.

3) Fund your account with a minimum of USD250

Select a payment method on the broker’s deposit page. The underlying broker reportedly supports up to 12 payment methods.

All the supported payment methods are free. Moreover, funds are processed instantly. Online trading is risky and it’s therefore always prudent to start small. A minimum deposit of $250 is required to get started.

4) Familiarise yourself with the bot via the tutorials

The Immediate Wealth tutorials elaborate on the settings. You should test all the settings in the demo before applying them to the live account.

The settings that deliver good results on the demo are said to have a high chance of success in live trading.

5) Start a live session

Immediate Wealth’s trading interface is quite easy to navigate through. This trading system’s main focus is to make online trading easy for beginners. You are required to set the trading system as learned in the previous step before running it on the live markets. Live trading starts with a click of a button.

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Which assets does the platform trade?

Immediate Wealth calls itself an online trading system. It alleges providing hundreds of tradable instruments in five asset classes. These asset classes include;

  • Forex
  • Stock
  • Market indices
  • Commodities
  • Crypto

But Immediate Wealth appears more popular with crypto speculators. The bot claims trading all the asset classes through derivatives known as CFDs. Don’t worry about the technical details behind CFD trading since this bot automates the entire trading process.

Can I trade with Immediate Wealth on my smartphone?

Many people have asked us if they can use Immediate Wealth on their smartphones. Online trading is more fun when you can access the markets while on the go.

The best trading platforms invest in highly intuitive mobile trading apps. Immediate Wealth claims to provide a mobile app that supports Android, iOS, and Windows operating systems.

Mobile Robot trader

The bot also supports web trading through its award-winning web trader. Immediate Edge claims that the web platform is compatible with popular browsers such as Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, and Brave.

Also available is an intuitive and lightweight desktop app. You can use it on Windows, MAC and Linux.

Immediate Wealth fees and commissions

Immediate Wealth boasts of being a low-cost automated trading program. This is awesome given how costly trading robots are.

The closest competitors to this bot charge annual licence fees of up to $5000 on top of commissions of up to 20%. Immediate Wealth only takes a small commission from profitable accounts.

The bot hasn’t specified the commission per profitable trade rate; the reviewers claim that it’s 2%. We couldn’t verify the exact rate. It’s important to note that the underlying broker charges their fees separately.

Most reviewers claim that the brokers are purely ECN and hence low cost. We couldn’t verify whether these claims are true.

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Do Immediate Wealth users need any trading experience?

You may be wondering if Immediate Wealth is the right choice for you as a newbie. Our investigation reveals that this platform is quite popular with newbie traders.

The platform is ranked as one of the most beginner-friendly CFD trading software. Users reportedly only need a one-hour tutorial to master this trading platform. Its demo platform should help you test your understanding before risking your trading capital.

Some claim that the demo perfectly simulates the real-time trading process. We couldn’t verify the validity of these claims.

Advantages of using Immediate Wealth

Immediate Wealth has very good reviews on the web with users praising it in most of the areas that matter.

The feedback shared by users is confirmed by the experts who have tested the bot. This bot has gone through thorough expert testing. The expert feedback is shared in reviews posted on highly authoritative financial publications.

Highlighted below are the core advantages of online trading through the Immediate Wealth system.

  • Superior performance (unconfirmed)
  • Beginners find it easy to use
  • Many can afford it since the minimum investment is USD250
  • Doesn’t charge any fees apart from a small commission on profitable trades
  • No hidden charges
  • Amazing user testimonials
  • Superb expert reviews
  • Secure trading environment
  • 24/7, multi-lingual, and highly responsive customer support service

You have all the reasons to try this platform but please take its risk disclaimer seriously. The possibility that you will blow up your trading account when trading with this bot is high.

But remember that risk has a positive correlation with reward. It’s always prudent to test the waters with a small amount and grow your account by reinvesting the profits.

Is Immediate Wealth a scam?

Identifying scam online trading robots is not easy for the untrained eye given the fast evolution of such trading systems.

That’s why it’s always important to consult expert advice before investing in any trading platform. Our review of Immediate Wealth is informed by the opinions of different experts.

Many experts report great satisfaction with the measures put in by this bot to justify its legitimacy. We conclude that Immediate Wealth is legit because it scores highly in all our legitimacy testing areas.

Legitimacy test Score
Transparency 95%
Quality partner brokers 88%
User Feedback 92%
Expert feedback 92%
Safety 99%
Customer service 97%
Reliability 95%

We give Immediate Wealth a score of 88% on partner brokers because it only reveals their identities on signup.

But there is nothing to worry about since the experts rate this bot highly on partner brokers.

Is Immediate Wealth a get-rich-quick scheme?

trading robot and human hands

Some misleading posts call this bot a wealth loophole that the big banks don’t want you to know about.

But this is not true! Immediate Wealth doesn’t make unrealistic claims on its official site. The unrealistic claims are on the cloned websites which are obviously a scam. These clones use the Immediate Wealth name to lure unsuspecting investors to sign up with them.

The clones market themselves as get-rich-quick schemes backed by Hollywood celebrities, renowned entrepreneurs, and politicians. You won’t find such claims on the official Immediate Wealth website.

Immediate Wealth Elon Musk

Run if you find a headline claiming that Elon Musk is invested in this bot. The official Immediate Wealth website doesn’t confirm these claims. The links in posts with such headlines are likely to lead to the clones.

Immediate Wealth Jeff Bezos

The Amazon billionaire is also mentioned in the misleading get-rich-quick posts. But Jeff Bezos hasn’t shown interest in Immediate Wealth or related platforms. Moreover, the official Immediate Wealth website doesn’t confirm these claims. Please avoid them at all costs and get all the information from the official site.


All the facts to support the authenticity of Immediate Wealth are discussed in this review. We have not only outlined the facts but also offered expert opinions on the platform.

Our investigative team has provided proof to show that this online trading system is genuine. The users have also provided enough feedback to support its profitability claims.

Our research also reveals that the experts are happy with this online trading software. Their reviews are generally positive with many praising it for its performance. But they also warn about the huge risk involved with trading with it.

Immediate Wealth boasts of powerful algorithms capable of cutting down online trading risk by 50%. But the risk is still high compared to many other investments.

You can try Immediate Wealth but with only a small investment. A $250 investment is a good starting point. You can always grow your investment by ploughing back the profits.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Immediate Wealth genuine?

Immediate Wealth has all the qualities of an authentic trading system. It also has great feedback from users which means that it could also be profitable.

How much does Immediate Wealth cost?

Immediate Wealth boasts of being a low-cost autonomous trading system. The platform provides a free trading licence and only takes a commission when the account is profitable.

Can I lose money with this bot?

Profitability is said to depend on the settings and luck. Immediate Wealth is reportedly less risky than other online trading platforms. Nonetheless, it still carries significant trading risk.

Does Immediate Wealth work on mobile?

This bot offers Android and iOS mobile apps for mobile trading. Download links to Immediate Wealth apps are available when you complete the signup.

Do I pay any trading fees?

Yes! Trading fees apply via Immediate Wealth's linked broker. Remember that this bot accesses the tradable instruments via the broker.