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Countless individuals around the globe have turned to automated trading platforms to assist them in their crypto investments. When searching for the right software, you’re likely to come across many different claims of the potential that these robots have to offer – but how likely are you to actually make a profit with them? In most cases, this can be heavily dependent on the auto trader you’re using.

In this Bitcoin Millionaire review, we’re going to take a closer look into this automated trading system to find out whether or not this platform is worthwhile. From legitimacy to profitability, pros and cons; we’ve got all the information you need to ensure that you’re making the right decision.

  Minimum deposit: $250 (€220)

  Success rate: up to 85%

  Trading experience: not needed

  Security level: high (regulated brokers and SSL encryption)


What are the key features of Bitcoin Millionaire?

Bitcoin Millionaire Official Website

To give you a quick idea of why this Bitcoin trading platform is becoming increasingly popular among traders both new and experienced, we’re going to list some of the robot’s most notable features before delving deeper into them later on. Here are just a few of the things that have helped to make Bitcoin Millionaire such a success:

  • This crypto trading platform offers quick and easy payouts, as many times as you want, as well as the opportunity to deposit as little as $250
  • There are no commissions or registration costs associated with Bitcoin Millionaire and only a small trading fee charged on profits
  • An 85% accurate, fully automated algorithm to help make your trading sessions both easier and more profitable
  • On-hand 24/7, the customer support team is there to help you if you ever have any issues or need assistance 

Is Bitcoin Millionaire a legitimate trading platform?

Of course, none of these factors will mean much if the site is just a scam. Unfortunately, the crypto market is full of fraudulent traders, platforms, and even fake currencies, so it really is essential that you consider your options carefully before you go ahead and sign up for anything. 

So, what makes Bitcoin Millionaire worthwhile?

The positive reputation and reception Bitcoin Millionaire has received is probably one of the biggest signs of reliability. Knowing that many people have used this secure trading platform and have made a profit is certainly something that can help you to feel more relaxed. 

We’ve also run our own tests on the site and from what we can tell, Bitcoin Millionaire is a legitimate auto trading platform. From the smart algorithms to payouts; we don’t have any complaints.


How to start trading with Bitcoin Millionaire

Bitcoin Millionaire Registration

Most of those who decide to use Bitcoin Millionaire to help them with their crypto investments will be glad to hear that it really isn’t all that complicated. Here are the 3 simple steps to getting started:

Step 1: Fill out the registration form

Fortunately for those who don’t want to have to deal with a long and drawn-out registration process, signing up to Bitcoin Millionaire is a piece of cake that usually won’t take too much time at all. One of the numerous advantages of this site is that they really do make it easy for you to get started; there’s no license fee, nor any need to provide personal information. Just give them your name, email address and phone number and you’ll be good to go.

Of course, you do also need to make a password to create an account with Bitcoin Millionaire. Be sure to pick one that you’ll remember, but also secure enough that no one else will be able to get in.

Step 2: Put some money into your Bitcoin Millionaire account

Once you have an account with Bitcoin Millionaire, the next step is to deposit some cash. Trading is an investment and since this is a tool specifically made to assist you in this, you are going to have to put some money into it. On the plus side, those who want to start out small will be glad to hear that the minimum deposit requirement is just $250. 

For many traders this is incredibly affordable, especially since you don’t actually have to pay anything to sign up or deposit money, meaning that you’ll have control over the full amount that you invest. There are even multiple ways to put money into your Bitcoin Millionaire account, which only makes things even more convenient. 

Step 3: Use the demo trading feature

While you could go ahead and start your live trading session once you’ve deposited your funds, we would advise you to first take a look at the demo trader that Bitcoin Millionaire has to offer. Here, you’ll be able to try it out and get a feel for how it all works, all without having to put your money on the line. Any experienced traders will know that this is an essential feature since it gives you the perfect opportunity to test the software.

After you feel that you’ve got a better understanding of how Bitcoin Millionaire works and how to use it, you can give your live trading account a go and be far more confident in what you’re doing.


The Full Bitcoin Millionaire Review


Now that we’ve established that this is a trustworthy site and you have a better idea of how to make your own account, let’s delve a little deeper into some of the advantages that come with using Bitcoin Millionaire, as well as some of the downsides that you might want to consider before signing up.

You can sign up to Bitcoin Millionaire for free

When you create an account with Bitcoin Millionaire, it won’t cost a dime. In fact, the only way that you’ll be charged is a small commission of 1% on your profits. This means that regardless of how much you use the automated trader, you won’t have to pay for their services unless you make money on your investments. And even then, it’s only a small amount that won’t eat too much into your profits. 

Compared to some of the other auto traders out there that have sign-up fees or take a percentage of their users’ investments without being upfront about it, it really is a bonus to know exactly how much you’re paying to use Bitcoin Millionaire (as well as the fact that it’s usually not going to be a significant amount in any event).

The incredible accuracy of the trading algorithms

Featuring an 85% success rate on trades, you can generally relax knowing that the odds are in your favour when leaving your investments to this site’s artificial intelligence. With the advanced technology, we have access to today, it’s not surprising that many crypto experts have tried to create trading robots that increase the efficiency of trading – but Bitcoin Millionaire is one of the few sites that deliver on their promise of profit.

The algorithms on this site are fully automated and while you will have to set your trading parameters for trading risks and profits, you generally don’t have to do anything else. You can let Bitcoin Millionaire do all the hard work for you, while also providing you with an opportunity to do more than you would alone. 

This site performs its actions fast, thanks to its ability to analyse data at incredible speeds. Essentially, you’ll get to enjoy quicker and more accurate investments whilst also taking a step back and leaving all the work to Bitcoin Millionaire to do.

An excellent customer support team

Customer care is something that can be essential to almost anyone, new or experienced when it comes to crypto trading. When you’re leaving your investments in the hands of someone else, whether it’s a company or AI, it’s crucial to know that there is a team there ready and waiting to assist you should you need it.

As one of the more popular cryptocurrency traders out there, Bitcoin Millionaire is well-aware of the importance of a good customer service department. Available 24/7, you can relax knowing that there is a team of experts who can help you out.

Withdrawing your profits is easy

As we mentioned earlier, depositing with Bitcoin Millionaire is generally a simple task. Even more important for many traders is the fact that you can also withdraw your funds without any hassle.

It’s quick and easy to do, costs nothing and usually takes no longer than 24 hours. All of these are fantastic, especially in the fast-paced world of the crypto market. When you consider the fact that there are many exchanges and platforms which limit the number of withdrawals a user can make, the unlimited payouts Bitcoin Millionaire offers are certainly a nice feature to have. 

  Your security and safety is in good hands

Being able to earn a decent sum of money might sound good, but it won’t mean much if Bitcoin Millionaire isn’t secure. With the number of hackers who target crypto platforms of all kinds, it’s always important to make sure that your investments aren’t going to be at risk. Considering the number of cyber-attacks that have actually happened over the years, it’s a significant issue that you need to be aware of.

According to the team behind the Bitcoin Millionaire app, users won’t have to worry about their safety and security when using this auto trader. There’s not just high-grade security protecting your money, but also layers of protection to keep your data safe, too. Using SSL security, AES 256-bit data encryption and regulation by CySEC, you can generally rely on this crypto trading platform to protect you and your funds.

All of this, alongside their antivirus and malware programs, means that the creators of Bitcoin Millionaire have got you covered on all fronts. 

Multiple trading options to choose from

When it comes to investments, especially the cryptocurrency market ones, it can certainly be nice to have the opportunity to diversify your portfolio by putting your money into different coins. There are plenty of digital assets to choose from, but not all platforms provide their users with the chance to invest in them. 

Bitcoin Millionaire may not have the biggest range of cryptocurrencies to choose from, but there are a few; most notable of which are the staples of the crypto marktet, like Bitcoin and Ethereum. You might miss out on some of the more obscure and exotic coins, but if you’re not looking to take any big risks, this might not be too much of a let-down. There are also different cryptocurrency pairs too, which is certainly a nice touch that you won’t find on many other platforms.

  There are several excellent features

There are so many more points that help to make this an excellent automated trading robot overall. Features like the time jump technology (putting it ahead of the majority of the market by 0.01 seconds), the ability to backtest strategies, portfolio management tools and much more are all just a few of the things that help to make Bitcoin Millionaire the best possible auto trader it can be. 

Generally, both the big and small things can make a difference when it comes to your experience with the site, so it really is worthwhile to consider some of the little bonuses that you get to enjoy. Even the fact that the website is incredibly easy to use is another notable aspect that makes your time spent on it better.

There isn’t a mobile app

While available on your browser on any device, some people might be a little put off by the fact that there isn’t a mobile app for Bitcoin Millionaire. It would certainly be convenient for those who want to go about their trading business on the go, but it shouldn’t affect your experience using the tool too much. 

You can still trade from pretty much anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection and access to your account (so again, this shouldn’t be too much of a limitation).  

Bitcoin Millionaire can’t guarantee a profit

Like any other auto trader, there’s no possible way for Bitcoin Millionaire to offer a 100% guaranteed win rate – and if they did, we would be very skeptical of their services. Bitcoin is a volatile asset by nature, which is part of the reason why it has the potential to be so successful. The same goes for losses too, which is why it’s essential for anyone getting into trading cryptocurrencies to be aware of the risks.

Bitcoin Millionaire might be able to help you to increase your chances of making money on your investments, but you need to keep in mind that this doesn’t mean you’ll always be making a profit. There are some market fluctuations that traders simply can’t predict and situations where trading robots won’t be able to find any profitable trades. 

It happens with all automated trading platforms, but it’s still important to mention these potential pitfalls. You should always be careful when it comes to your investments, and you should always think carefully before making any rash decisions.


Is Bitcoin Millionaire available in your country?

Bitcoin going up in price

If you’ve used other crypto-related tools and apps before (this could be online wallets or even just an ordinary exchange), you might already be aware of the fact that not all of these sites are accessible worldwide. Due to the varying rules and regulations that different countries have, some crypto platforms won’t be available in certain places, for reasons that are largely out of their control.

One of the benefits that Bitcoin Millionaire has to offer is that it’s accessible in quite a few different places around the globe. A small selection of these destinations are:

  • The United Kingdom
  • Central and South America
  • Africa
  • Europe (Spain, Germany, Switzerland and many more areas) 
  • Canada
  • Australia

Your options include, but aren’t limited to, the countries listed above – and that’s quite a lot of places when you consider the restrictions that many other platforms have to deal with.

Is it worth using an automated trader?

Bitcoin Millionaire Profits Table

For the most part, those who use these types of trading platforms are likely to find that there are several benefits to doing so. Some of them are more obvious than others, like the fact that you can generally leave the artificial intelligence to do its job and take a backseat with your investments. However, you’ll often find that there’s a lot more in store for you when using these crypto trading tools.

For example, most of these platforms will have an incredibly high accuracy rate, allowing you to rest easy knowing that you’ll be successful on your trades most of the time. In many instances, you’ll find that the AI is capable of processing far more data than a human could in next to no time, which certainly helps in making the right trading decisions.

There is also the fact that leaving it all to an emotionless trading robot takes out the impulsive aspect of trading that is often apparent when humans are involved with money. Whether you’re new to it all or consider yourself to be a more experienced investor, humans are highly sensitive creatures and are not immune to mistakes – many of which we will make based on our emotions. Taking that out of the picture can often be an excellent way to improve your chances of making profits on your investments.

Out of all the options, why choose Bitcoin Millionaire?

With several good choices out there, why exactly is Bitcoin Millionaire worthwhile?

Well, the high accuracy that Bitcoin Millionaire provides is definitely one of the key points. There may not be a guarantee of a profit, but there is a higher chance of earning money on your investments when using a site that’s proven to have an 85% success rate.

Also, another small but notable point, you really shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to use the services that Bitcoin Millionaire has to offer. We already mentioned the sign-up process earlier, but it really is a significant advantage that you shouldn’t overlook.

Several other features, like their high-grade security and a regulated team of brokers, are all other factors which help to make Bitcoin Millionaire a good choice for a wide variety of crypto traders who are looking for an effective tool to help them with their investments.

How to make the most out of Bitcoin Millionaire

Many Bitcoins

Want to ensure that you get the best possible experience when using this automated trading platform? If so, here are a few pieces of advice that you might find to be useful:

Check up on your account regularly

While you can leave the artificial intelligence of Bitcoin Millionaire to get on with the hard work for you, it’s often worth keeping yourself up to date with how things are going. In most cases, it’s worth taking just half an hour a day to see how much you’re investing, how much you’re making and overall see if any adjustments need to be made before you get on with the rest of your life. This platform can do a lot for you, but you need to remember that you’re still in charge.

Never invest more than you can afford to lose

This can be an especially important point for any beginners out there. The fear of missing out is something that can cause a lot of new traders to not only invest more than necessary but also lose higher amounts for no reason other than impulsiveness. Bitcoin Millionaire can help to remove the emotional aspects of trading, but you still need to be careful with the amount of money you’re putting into your account.

Take the advice of the site’s brokers

Bitcoin Millionaire has a team of experienced brokers for a reason. If you find yourself in a position where you’re not sure about what to do, it could be well worth asking them for guidance.


Our verdict on Bitcoin Millionaire:

From the high success rates to the general benefits that come with a reliable automated trader like this; there’s a lot that makes Bitcoin Millionaire an all-around good choice. There might be several competitors out there, but from everything we’ve discussed in this review, it’s not hard to see why this auto trader, in particular, has gotten so much attention in the Bitcoin community.

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