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A new trading software known as BitApp 24 or BTC Pro Air Trader is the latest trend in the online trading industry.

This software is said to be generating fortunes for users through crypto speculation. The robot claims that it’s the best bet for newbies since it does all crypto trading on autopilot.

But is BitApp 24 a scam or is it genuine? We have done all the necessary background checks and presented our findings in this review.

Robot type Fully autonomous and AI-driven
Is it legit? Yes
Minimum investment USD 250
Potential returns Unspecified
Availability Global
Skill level required None
Trading platforms Mobile, web, and desktop
Customer service 24/7

What is BitApp 24?


BitApp 24, also known as BTC ProAir 24 or BTC Pro Air Trader, is a trending crypto robot. A trading robot is a software program that automates online trading functions.

This robot was reportedly launched in the UK in December 2022. It served the EU markets in its first 3 months of operation before expanding to over 60 countries globally. BitApp 24 has recently announced its intention to expand to 120+ countries by the end of this year.

This trading software reportedly generates its signals from 600+ crypto pairs. As we will see below, its AI-driven algorithms enable it to build signals from the most volatile crypto pairs.

BitApp 24 serves both experienced and newbie traders. Its consistent performance allows it to beat expert manual traders. This explains why it’s quite popular among professional traders.

But the bot is more popular with newbies since it allows them to get in the game and succeed without any trading skills. BTC Pro Air 24 has done its best to explain its features but we still find many unanswered questions.

However, these grey areas shouldn’t dissuade you from trying it. The best thing is to test the waters with an amount that won’t hurt much in the event of a loss.

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BitApp 24 features

We rate this autonomous trading system highly in most of the areas that determine a good trading system.

Our investigative team has scoured through tons of data to identify the key features of this trading system. BTC Pro Air Trader appears quite advanced and could be the best trading software if it lives up to its promises. Below are its main features.

  1. Fully automated trading
  2. Intelligent algorithms
  3. Free trading licence
  4. Automated reinvestments
  5. HFT trading strategies

We will discuss the top features of this robot in detail below. Please note that these features are discussed as explained on the BitApp 24 website and in expert reviews.

You may need to conduct extra due diligence to separate facts from opinions. This review is informed by facts and opinions.

Fully automated trading

Autonomous trading programs can be partially or entirely automated. BitApp 24 is reviewed as the best fully automated crypto trading system.

Their website claims that they speculate on up to 600 crypto pairs. The program uses AI algorithms to automatically sieve through troves of data and identify the pairs with the most promise.

Intelligent algorithms 

BitApp 24 claims to use intelligent algorithms to capture the best trades in the highly unpredictable crypto markets.  This trading system is allegedly among the very few AI-powered crypto robots in the market.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the backbone of any powerful auto-trading program. BTC ProAir 24 claims to rely on ML-driven algorithms to adjust to the highly dynamic crypto markets.

Third-party experts have fact-checked the technologies behind the program and concluded that it’s AI-driven.

Free trading licence

Many traders are locked out of autonomous trading systems due to the hefty fees required to use them. Most of the best crypto robots charge licence fees plus commissions of up to 50%.

BitApp 24 is the only one in its category that is available on a free licence. Its competitors reportedly charge licence fees of up to $5000. Surprisingly, you can trade with this AI bot with as little as $250.

Automated reinvestments

BitApp 24 claims to provide a feature that allows users to automate reinvestments. Traders who start with the minimum trading capital can use the feature to grow their accounts exponentially.

The bot encourages users to invest more if they intend to withdraw a portion of the profits right from the start. You must plough back all the profits for several weeks if you start with the minimum deposit.

Some reviewers claim that the bot maintains a growth rate of 60% per month when the returns are reinvested. BTC Pro Air Trader hasn’t revealed the growth rate associated with reinvestments.

High-frequency trading

High-Frequency Trading (HFT) involves supercomputers implementing high-yield trading strategies.

Popular traders such as George Soros used HFT strategies to build fortunes within hours. Some of the HFT strategies applied by BitApp 24 include;

  • News trading
  • Price trend analysis
  • Short selling
  • Arbitrate trading
  • News trading

BitApp 24 uses a Natural Language Processing (NLP) subset of AI to trade the news. Trading systems equipped with NLP algorithms can read human language and generate insights from them.

This allows them to read volatility-sensitive news and build winning trades. BitApp 24 claims to implement this strategy at high accuracy. We couldn’t verify the truthfulness of these claims.

This trading software has also gained massive popularity due to its price trend analysis algorithms. The experts review it as the best trading system for price action trading. It also ranks top among the leading arbitrage trading programs.

In arbitrage trading, the trading program buys crypto pairs in underpriced markets and sells them in overpriced markets. This trading strategy can only be implemented by a

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Is BitApp 24 a scam?

trading robot analyzing trading charts

Our research team identifies “is BitApp 24 a scam?” as the most searched phrase on the internet. Other popular search phrases include “Is BTC Pro Air 24 legit” and “Is BTC PRO Air Trader a genuine Bitcoin robot?”

As mentioned earlier, BitApp 24 is also known as BTC Pro Air Trader and BTC Pro Air 24. As usual, we have subjected this AI trading program to our legitimacy tests to separate the facts from fiction. Our legitimacy tests focus on the areas identified in the table below. The table shows how we rate the bot in each of the 5 areas.

Legitimacy test Score
Transparency 92%
Reputation 96%
Quality of partner brokers 71%
Customer service 95%
Safety 98%

As the table above shows, BitApp 24 scores exceptionally well in all five areas. We will discuss our findings in detail below.

Transparency (92%)

We give BitApp 24 a 92% score on transparency. Our team has gone through their official website and fact-checked the information published there. This autonomous trading system has disclosed all the necessary information. The experts conclude that the info is factual.

Reputation (96%)

We give BTC Pro Air a 96% score on reputation. This crypto robot has many great testimonials on the internet. Traders can visit its Trustpilot page or social media pages to read these reviews. BitApp 24 has many Reddit threads with thousands of informative comments. Most of these comments are posted by verified users.

Quality partner brokers (71%)

We give BitApp 24 a 71% score on the quality of partner brokers. Many experts allege that the bot works with leading crypto CFD brokers. We give the bot a lower rating since we couldn’t verify the identities of all the brokers. BTC Pro Air Trader claims that it only reveals the list to fully registered users.

Customer service (95%)

BitApp 24 scores exceptionally well on customer service. This is because it provides 24/7 customer support service. Its closest competitors offer 24/5 support. BitApp 24 support is available via email, phone, and live chat. The competitors only provide email support. You can reach Bit Pro Air Trader instantly if you reach out to them via live chat and phone. Emails could take longer to get a response.

Safety (98%)

This crypto robot scores the highest on safety. Our research team finds the BitApp 24 website to be secure. The site uses the latest version of the SSL certificate. This bot boasts of military-grade server encryption. It also claims to be governed by a GDPR-anchored data privacy policy.

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Pros and cons of BitApp 24

BitApp 24 has risen quite fast having been founded in December 2022. The robot is rated among the best bitcoin robots in 2023.

It has a user base of more than 100,000 traders despite being around for less than a year. BitApp 24 claims to receive thousands of traders daily but only accepts about 2% of the requests.

But what makes this crypto robot so popular? Our investigative team identifies the following as the advantages and disadvantages of BTC ProAir 24.

Pros Cons
Superior returns (alleged) Not available in all countries
Easy to use Quite risky to use
Free trading licence  
Low minimum trading capital  
Secure trading environment  
24/7 customer support  
Supports mobile trading  

How to trade with BitApp 24

bitapp24 new account

Many traders review BitApp 24 as newbie-friendly. The bot claims to execute all the sophisticated trading activities on autopilot.

Users describe its user interface as totally beginner-friendly. Many also claim to have fun trading with it. Follow the 5 steps explained below to start trading with BTC ProAir 24.

  Signup for free

Access the BitApp 24 signup form here and fill out the required details. Ensure that you submit accurate information since you will be required to verify it in the next step. You are taken to a broker’s page on signing up on the Bit Pro Air Trader website.

  Verify your account

The broker handles all the verifications. You must verify contact details first by submitting a code sent through your email and phone number. The broker will also take you through an ID and payment method verification process. This process is described as self-explanatory.

  Fund the account with at least USD 250

BitApp 24 is quite affordable since it doesn’t charge licence fees and requires a minimum trading capital of just $250. Various payment methods are supported for deposits and withdrawals. You may need to verify some of the payment methods for them to be added to your account.

  Practice on the demo

BitApp 24 offers a powerful demo to help users master the settings. Watch the provided tutorial video before using the demo. Take the time to master all the settings on the demo before using the live accounts. You will get all the settings right if you take the demo platform seriously.

  Start a live session

Running BitApp 24 on the live markets is easy. Adjust all the settings as per the tutorials and go live. The live session begins at the click of the live trading button. You are required to end the session at the close of the markets. The markets are open between 8 AM and 5 PM EDT or BST.

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Is BTC ProAir 24 Legit? The verdict

BitApp 24 is an amazing crypto robot if the users’ testimonials are anything to go by. The trading software has many positive reviews on the web despite being launched less than a year ago.

Moreover, it claims a fast-growing user base with more than a thousand registration requests daily. The trading system has recently released a statement indicating that it can’t keep up with the demand.

Consequently, it’s planning to limit the signup slots to about 3% of the total daily requests. The available slots will reportedly be provided on a first-come, first-serve basis. Traders who want to try this bot should register immediately to avoid being locked out.

Our research team gives BitApp 24 an excellent score on transparency and reliability. The score is backed by facts and expert opinions. Please note that this article doesn’t endorse any investment and it’s not financial advice.

Visit the official BitApp 24 website here to decide whether it’s a worthwhile investment.

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Frequently asked questions

Is BitApp 24 genuine and trustworthy?

Yes! BitApp 24 scores quite well in our trustworthiness tests. Leading experts in the crypto trading industry also claim to subject BitApp 24 to thorough testing and finding it genuine.

How many hours do I need to trade with BitApp 24?

Some reviews rank BitApp 24 among the world's leading passive money-making tools. They claim that it falls in this category because very little user input is required to operate it. It takes a few minutes to set it up for trading.

Does BitApp 24 charge registration fees?

BitApp 24 doesn't charge any signup fee. The bot has been offering a free trading license since its launch. There are rumours that it's still in the testing phase and could introduce a fee when it's launched officially.

How profitable is BitApp 24?

BitApp doesn't make any profitability claims on its site. However, many users report that it's considerably profitable. Some even claim to use its compounding tools to turn their small accounts into fortunes.