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Cryptocurrency & secure messaging platform built on the Stratis blockchain.

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August 1st 2017 To August 26th 2017
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United States
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The project seeks to solve the systemic inefficiency that pertains with existing communication mediums and platforms. Despite efforts being made by existing messenger applications and software, they keep getting hacked and even sometimes breached by authorities who seek to snoop on users. Obsidian is presenting the world with the most effectively secure communication channel yet. The Obsidian project will provide a firmly knit platform that is unrivalled as far as private and secure communication is concerned. The project will couple its messenger application with the unique features of its cryptographic coin to activate a decentralized communication network. This decentralized approach to communication privacy, secrecy and security ensures that the Obsidian platform and servers are more or less immune to attacks. The platform runs on a mechanism that ensures that anyone can host it and earn Obsidian coins as compensation – It can be equated to a shape-shift form of communication to escape hacks. This decentralized modus operandi thereby ensures that the communication network is neither owned nor operated by a single entity, it is instead run and coordinated by thousands of individuals globally; by altering the architecture of communication platform operation from server-centric to a decentralized one, Obsidian has taken user privacy and security to the Eldorado.



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