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As gambling makes further moves into the digital portal, cryptocurrencies seem to be the natural progression for the niche. As the blockchain can offer fast transactions, secure payments and much more without losing out on functionality or the games players know and love, it is fast gaining popularity with gamblers worldwide.

While many sites started off offering industry giant Bitcoin alone, the need for more options, including altcoins, is becoming necessary for sites to remain competitive and offer users more ways to interact with their pastimes. Right now, Litecoin is becoming the focus for many. So, let’s take a look at the top Litecoin casino sites.

Top Litecoin casinos

Lucky Block 

Lucky Block Litecoin Casino

For those who like to gamble online, Lucky Block will likely have come up in conversation. While it has recently come into the fray of Litecoin casinos, it has fast established itself as a market innovator by launching a blockchain-driven crypto lottery – and has only gone from strength to strength from there. With humble bingo beginnings in January 2022, it now caters to the needs of gamblers of all creeds with over 4,800 slot games, 40+ live casino games, access to over 35 sports betting markets and more. It supports over 12 cryptocurrencies and has a simple-to-use interface that will suit both new and skilled players alike.


  • Lucky Block has a wealth of great reviews and an ever-growing online community that lends to not only its credibility, but also the fact that it is a worthwhile choice for those betting with digital currencies 
  • The website is inclusive, supporting multiple languages for a more diverse player base (this is accessible right at the bottom of the homepage)
  • Gamblers can enjoy secure, instant deposits and withdrawals thanks to the KYC verification process and can use their credit or debit cards to buy Bitcoin directly, or a trusted eWallet like Binance or Trust Wallet to buy Bitcoin and then deposit
  • It has already shown that it is ready to innovate and push the envelope to keep players interested and offer a top gaming service



Cloudbet Litecoin Casino

Going from a new industry player to an old one, Cloudbet has the advantage of being one of crypto’s first gambling sites. As it was established in 2013 and has worked hard to provide a safe betting environment with strong player ethics at its core, it is widely used and well loved in the community. There is support for anonymous playability, some of the strongest security protocols available and a great range of games and gambling options, so users feel safe in the knowledge that their details, deposits and funds are well protected.


  • The website is secured with SSL certificates, two-factor authentication when logging in and RNG functionality on all casino games
  • Cloudbet has designed a host of progressive jackpot slots – and these are so good that they are featured on other leading gambling websites
  • It has the additional security of a well-appointed customer support team, so players always have access to professional support should they run into any issues
  • Users have access to a propriety mobile app, so it can be simple to play on the go


BC Game

BC Game Litecoin casino

As the crypto niche didn’t start off with LTC casinos in mind, many players often have more diverse needs than simply being able to game with their favourite tokens. BC Game understands this better than most – and as a result, is one of the only gaming websites to blend its gambling features with a fully functional exchange and crypto vault. This means that users can enjoy their usual trading endeavours alongside playing live casino games, bingo and sports betting any time they want. The good news is that this website has been designed with usability in mind, to make integration between all of the options as seamless as possible. 


  • BTC Game offers great gambling incentives for both new and existing players, with additional perks for VIP members
  • Players can get involved using over 150 cryptocurrencies (including Litecoin, of course) 
  • It is one of the few Litecoin casinos s out there that is accessible to US players



Metaspins Litecoin casino

Jumping back to one of the newer Litecoin gambling sites, Metaspins had the difficult role of entering the niche after Lucky Block in November of 2022 – but that didn’t stop it from quickly gaining traction. While many sites are sticking to the desktop, Metaspins has a proprietary mobile app and can also be accessed via other gambling apps and desktop sites, so users won’t be limited on how and when they play. This hasn’t particularly been seen as a plus for many players however, as it is also one of the most regulated platforms and doesn’t have betting rights for a myriad of countries and locations.


  • For those who can use Metaspins, there are over 2500 games to be enjoyed across the site
  • There are fair play protocols in place with RNG capabilities and a secure website that uses SSL certificates for peace of mind
  • Metaspins has an attractive loyalty program where players can level up their rewards the more they play. There are 6 tiers to level up through by wagering with real money (or your selected token)


BitSlot casino

It’s no secret that the crypto gambling niche is highly unregulated and that there are plenty of scam websites out there – and when doing research on the Litecoin casinos to avoid, Bitslot is likely to crop up. As another new site to the niche in 2022, it has faced its fair share of criticism; the biggest being that it is currently operating without an official license. This is a good reason for many gamblers to turn to other sites, but there’s a catch – Bitslot does have a supportive online community and is powered by leading industry names like Betsoft and Evolution Gaming (to name but two). It does support a host of cryptocurrencies and has a simple-to-use design that players love, so it can still be worth a shot.


  • Instant payouts and an array of attractive bonuses for new, existing and even VIP members (including a 10 tier loyalty program)
  • Bitslot has some of the highest bet limits in the niche and no KYC protocol, so playing can be both advantageous and anonymous
  • There are no transaction fees when depositing or withdrawing


betflip Litecoin casino

As LTC gambling is the focus of this article, Betflip deserves to feature on this list – as it is the leading Litecoin supporter in the niche. Thankfully, it is a fully licensed website that aims to bring a high level of security and fair play protocols to its members by performing regular provably fair results checks, undertaken by none other than internationally accredited, independent agency eCOGRA. Betflip goes even further with this by providing a strict set of rules and regulations for players to adhere to, so only serious crypto gamblers will be able to use the site with ease. There aren’t many platforms out there that prioritise this level of governance, so it is a safe bet for those looking to ensure they have a great way to gamble without the worry of potential risks.


  • Access to 24/7 live chat support
  • Betflip has one of the highest withdrawal limits on the market
  • Well-appointed bonus incentives that are backed up with simple, yet functional deposit/withdrawal methods


ThunderPick Litecoin casino

Thunderpick is a great crypto gambling website for players who prefer to hedge their bets against sports, as opposed to casino games and bingo (although casino games are still available on the site). It has all of the leading sporting wagers available, including football, tennis, American football and baseball, but goes the extra mile to its competitors by giving odds on more niche games like darts and ESports. There are an array of worthwhile sports betting incentives on offer, though new sign-ups may find the initial bonuses lacking in comparison to other online casinos.


  • Players can expect a high RTP ratio on all casino games despite its focus on sports betting
  • Thunderpick has an active online betting community with great reviews
  • The registration process is simple and diverse; users can even sign up anonymously with their Google, Twitch and Steam accounts

How to choose a reliable Litecoin casino

We have listed just seven of the top LTC casinos out there, but there are also many more on offer. This can lead to a difficult decision for players, as one website may suit the needs of one person while being impractical for another. With this in mind, gamblers will need to define the features they are looking for before deciding to sign up. Let’s take a look at the factors that can influence making the right choice:

Game variety

Of course, game variety should be up there when making a decision on the right crypto casino, but not everyone will be looking for the most games per site. Many gamblers will have their preferred games in mind, so it can be a good idea to check for these, but don’t forget to browse the selection of similar ones to ensure there are more for you to enjoy as you learn things like payouts and more. For those that prefer sports betting, check out the range of options such as live betting functionality, the ability to spread bet and even if score and totals bets are supported.

Software and UX design

It’s no secret that the better a website functions, the more gamblers will want to use it, as no one likes factors like slow load speeds or difficulty finding where to deposit. The software used for playability should be fast, intuitive and the website layout simple to navigate for the best possible overall experience.

Bonuses and player incentives

While gambling is a well-loved pastime, it can certainly be an expensive hobby, so the bonuses and incentives can prove to make or break people’s decisions when signing up. Everybody likes to get something for free and the more on offer, the more likely players will be to come back – but there can be some pitfalls to consider with LT casinos – namely that there can be some significant rules and restrictions when claiming. This can be troubleshot by always reading the fine print and the terms and conditions to ensure you are getting the incentives you really want when playing.

Payment options

If you find a website that ticks all of the right boxes and sign up without first checking the payment options, you might be setting yourself up for failure. Supporting a host of payment options will not only ensure access to a greater range of players, but also add an extra element of reputability to the site, as they will be demonstrating the desire to broaden their market.


As briefly mentioned above, the crypto gambling niche is still heavily unregulated and this has led to a wealth of scam websites trying to take money from players with little consequence. This means that it can be important to check for licensing and security protocols (license or registration numbers should be prominently displayed, often at the bottom of the site’s homepage).

Reviews and testimonials

You may not think that reviews and testimonials can be a deciding factor, but these can be especially helpful when narrowing down searches. For example, if you are struggling to choose between two sites with similar features, the opinions of others could be the key to selecting the right one, as you’ll likely want to go with a Litecoin casino that has a good reputation over one that has some negative connotations attached to it.

Mobile functionality and cross-platform capabilities

Crypto gambling websites should feature cross-platform capabilities as standard to allow users to game straight from the web no matter the device they use, but that doesn’t mean that they will also have mobile apps to better support gaming on the go. With advancements in tech and the ability to take your smartphone anywhere, being restricted to online gambling may not be the end of the world, but it can be a big deal for those who want better access on the go when not only playing, but depositing and withdrawing too.


Are LTC casinos a good alternative to traditional gambling? 

The core principles of gambling with cryptocurrencies differ from traditional gambling, as players will be subject to the rises and fall in the value of the coins they use. This means that the risks can be higher than when using normal money, but the rewards can also surpass expectations under the right conditions. Keeping track of how Litecoin is performing could maximise the gains realised if users withdraw at the right times, but they can also end up proving costly if values drop below the purchase price.

One of the best things about crypto gambling websites on the other hand is that they are typically designed in much the same way as traditional ones, so that users won’t miss out on the overall experience. This means that new players won’t be walking into an entirely new niche and have to get used to a new way of gambling – and it helps to maximise the provider’s potential within the industry. The differences are often found when it comes to deposits and withdrawals and the speed, security and privacy of crypto alternatives, because of the wider functionality of blockchain technology.

It is all of these factors that are attracting more and more players each year and making crypto casinos a more worthwhile alternative.

The benefits of using Litecoin for gambling 

crypto casino with litecoin

As Litecoin gambling is becoming increasingly popular, it can be worthwhile to take a look at the benefits that can come with it. The top ones are:

  • A wider variety of games when compared to sites that use fiat currencies
  • More transparency within the industry when selecting reputable providers
  • Anonymous trading potential
  • More well-appointed bonuses and incentives
  • Fantastic promotions with more variety in prizes
  • Wins can prove to be more lucrative in the long run, as crypto values often change

How to gamble using Litecoin casino sites

Sign-up processes are typically pretty standard across LTC gambling websites, but there may be slight variances between providers. As a general guide, here are the most common steps to get started with gambling Litecoin:

  1. Create a crypto wallet. This is essential when using cryptocurrencies as your chosen gambling method, so do some quick research online to find one that suits your needs. Upon registering, you will be given a dedicated digital address to store your coins and you’ll be able to use them however you see fit.
  2. Make your first deposit and check out the bonuses. Many crypto gambling websites require an initial deposit to activate the account, but the funds are still yours to play with. Different websites will offer different signup bonuses, so be sure to check these out to see what you’re entitled to (some may even offer no-deposit bonuses). With your coins in your crypto wallet, you should simply be able to log in and buy the coins you want in your native currency.
  3. Start playing. Once your account is accredited, it will be time to peruse the site, get a feel for the games on offer and start gambling away!


What to keep in mind when using Litecoin for gambling

Some litecoin gambling websites will look legit on the face of it, as many shady providers have learned to copy from the best and have done their research to learn regulations and the loopholes they can take advantage of. The good news is that there are an array of features that may help you define the scams, like a minimalistic approach to customer service, bold claims of win rates, and even no licensing.

When gambling, you will already be running the risk of losing money, but this is maximized when putting crypto funds on the line, as the market is extremely volatile. It can be a better option to use gambling endeavors over trading Litecoin, as you won’t have to worry about the risks of leveraging and similar factors, but the principle of cashing out while the iron is hot still remains.

Overall, always practice caution and if you start to notice that your losses are far outweighing your gains, it may be time to take a break from gambling.


Gambling has been a popular pastime for centuries and advancements in tech have allowed things to move into the online environment, so adding functionality for crypto is simply the next step forward. The good news is that the more the market grows, the more it will become regulated and offer a secure experience for all. This also means that crypto casinos are evolving and will continue to improve the niche as time goes on. 

One of the biggest factors attracting gamblers is transparency and provably fair games – and if traditional gambling sites don’t make some necessary changes to keep up, they could end up becoming all but obsolete.



Do Litecoin gambling websites have minimum deposits and maximum withdrawals?

If a website states that there are no minimum deposits or maximum withdrawals, they are likely to be scams, as this is rarely true. Some will have lower margins or higher caps than others and should be affordable while being worthwhile when playing. These numbers will typically be converted from fiat currencies to crypto, so keep this in mind.

Which crypto casino should I use?

There is no right answer to this question as your individual likes and dislikes will dictate what websites will be best for your needs. This can be especially true in instances where you have no interest in sports betting for example, so Thunderpick won’t likely be the right choice.

Can crypto gambling online be anonymous?

The answer to this is yes, Litecoin casino sites won’t always ask you to give out your personal information upon sign up and often, you will have the option to play anonymously if you want to. Withdrawals on the other hand will be made privately.